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My Dear Readers, 

I think I finally discovered the reaason I am having such a hard time 

dealing with this recent weight gain…

It’s not so much the weight as I’ve had fluctuations before that didn’t make me crazy like this one has.  

The difference????? 

Menopause, or more specifiaclly that dreaded middle age spread….

This weight gain in my waistline has completely changed my body shape, 

which has always no matter my weight , remained hourglass…


This was a recent Mom on the Go Look… 

My photographer took it on a wonky angle, lol.  

To make my dilema with this body more clear, I liken it to an artist always using a rectangular shaped 

canvas in different sizes for decades only to be given a circular canvas….

That’s how I am feeling because after all, I am using style as my artistic expression.  


My t-shrit from says: 

“Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude,  Just Breathe ” 

I wanted another crossbody purse and indulged in this one from QVC …

Enjoying my boho beach wave hair!   

_20160630_160025uschia and Navy is a favorite color combo of mine 

and quite franly wearing this outfit felt the best I’ve felt in awhile.  

I think the swingy fun of cullottes was part of it.  


I am grateful that my niece will start coming every other week starting next Tuesday!  

I am grateful for the fun of bowling with my two sons.  

I am grateful for the bond between my two youngest as they found a new bond in playing chess, the best part is they are playing it on their phones so when my son heads back for summer classes in college, they can still do this.   

I am grateful for the fun anticipation of the long awaited Journey concert!  

I am grateful for dear friends and how they build me up with their compassion and kindness. 


Back in December Groupon offered Tickets for 

Journey/ Doobie Brothers/ Dave Mason 

and I bought them for my husband as a Christmas Present. 

Well Friday is the big night and I spent tonight on You Tube getting in the mood.

As I was about to turn 50 , my husband I began talking about bucket lists and one of the big 

things we decided was that we wanted to start seeing some of the old bands before they were gone. 

This coming concert surely meets that goal as this is 70’s Rock n Roll we all grew up on. 


Check out their long hair and all those mustaches, lol..

Should be a fabulous concert with this Trio, sure to bring back feelings of 

my youth and days when my father who died in 1979 was still with us.

Dear Readers, I hope you enjoy this little sampling of what I’ve been doing tonight for the past few hours checking out a lot of videos and getting myself prepared for a fun night with friends.  

Today was a pretty good day that began with a trip to the bowling alley to use our Summer Pass that gives us three games each day for the price of just $31.95.  We pulled into the parking lot and all said , “oh No!” at the same time… The first thing to greet us was the sight of 5 yellow school busses which were empty except for the lone driver in each one.  We went inside to ask when these kids in the city summer camp program were going to be leaving the premises.  The noise level was beyond what we were prepared for and we got our answer and high tailed it out of there .  

We just flipped our plans for the day and headed to BJ’s for a few groceries we needed.

It was nice and quiet when we returned at 12L30 just as the last two buses were loading up to leave.

So we learned not to use our Summer Pass on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, lol…

In the afternoon it was all about cooking as my son home from college made us his potato soup that he tried for the first time this year living in his first apartment.  I spent the time making Veggie Frittatas and the Oatmeal/Banana Power Bites to help myself and DH stay on track for the week…

Thank Goodness I have a long island in the kitchen as my daughter decided this was the time and day , that she too needed to bake Pumpkin/Nutmeg/Applesauce treats for the dog…

A silly rainy day in the kitchen with my kids was so wonderful as I realize that times like this will be disappearing as they all go their own ways.  

And you should have seen me dancing as my daughter put a music channel on cable.  I definitely burned a lot of calories during my afternoon that led to evening of baking cause I didn’t finish until 7:30.   

Just for fun, I will leave you with my stroke of Mom Genuis that happened today..I see thngs that can help my teen bowler, yet he doesn’t appreciate my wisdom and actually gives me nasty looks and gets all moody… I know what I have to say is of value, cause I am one smart woman and a great observer, but what I was doing was obviously not working… So when my daughter ran out to get a few groceries for her doggie treats, she picked me up a little notebook that I can carry in my purse.  The plan is to write down my helpful observations and discuss them with them when we aren’t at the bowling alley and he is much more receptive… Problem solved and he loved it… My saying,  “Give me a Problem and I’ll Jump at the chance to find a Solution! ”  Now I am just bragging cause my kids all know the truth I really do excel in that arena and they quite often are surprised at how creative my solutions can be… I may not like my weight right now, but no worries folks, I love myself!  

IF you got this far , Thanks for reading my musings of the day….

I didn’t blog recently because I am feeling the weight gain and seeing it in photos

and frustrated and quite frankly embarassed…

I am not being hard on myself or inflicting any blame as I know that this is truly to this 

crazy change of life period called Menopause and the lack of sleep that causes carb cravings.

 Trying to eat healthier? Try this simple recipe for Homemade Paleo Dark Chocolate. With just 4 simple ingredients, it's inexpensive, very easy to make, and delicious! With no dairy, soy, or refined-sugar that's found in regular chocolate from the store, this homemade version is perfect.

I am sticking to low carb, low sugar and for the first time ever have my husband on board. 

My dear husband works long hours and has the worst eating habits ever, but because he has an hour or so 

in the day to commit to going to the gym, he’s in the best shape of his life.  We as a family however are so concerned that 

he eats so healthy for his meals, but then after dinner (late night)  he goes crazy on desserts and I mean eating portions 

that we all find shocking.   Now that he is on board with low sugar, I knew I had to find a solution for his sweet tooth.  

So of course it’s off to PInterest, where I found this recipe


I used what I had on hand and subbed some Muscle Milk Powder in with 

the cocoa as I’d seen other recipes that used that ingredient.  

My pack rat daughter saved three of these trays that she doesn’t remember what was originally

in them, but kept as part of her baking supplies.   


My husband loved his new treat and kept asking me the ingredients.  

He ate five of these and I am fine with that as I know it’s better than the amounts of crap he was eating.

My other new thing is making what I call Power bites I tried this recipe as I had the items on hand

I did change it up a bit with adding in Collagen powder for more protein and 

quite a bit of cinnamon, sorry I don’t measure just go by eye.

I do think next time I will add in Vanilla protein powder for a bigger protein kick.  

Our consensus was to wipe off the peanut butter as it took away from the taste.  

I baked these at 350 for about 12 minutes in my mini muffin pan, flipping them at 6 minutes in.

My husband tried one that night when he came home and loved it,  He tried a bite cold and said the flavor was ruined. 

He took them to work and had them warm and said they were ok, but reheated in the microwave was his favorite way. 

Our plan is to make all kinds of varieties , switching them up each week for him to pack for afternoon snacks as his days are very long and can last from 9am to 10-11pm….  You can finds so many options on Pinterest if interested….

Proud to say DH has stayed on track with me this week!  


And in more fun, I bought these prints on for just $4.99 for the set.  

You can’t see well as my lighting is off , but they are in Sepia tones and I matted them 

with an olive mat and black frames I had on hand.  

I’ve literally been dreaming of prints like this for awhile and am thrilled with the results.  


They are keeping my beloved lone boat picture company….

I am so grateful that my rough and tumble boys did not break this picture 

growing up, as they sure broke a lot of other things, lol   

Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping By, Wishing you all a Fabulous Weekend! 

Some Bloggers would consider this outfit

too matchy-matchy with orange accents everywhere…..


I absolutely could have switched out the purse for a blue one and in fact , 

almost did, but in the end I wanted to get more use out of the butterly tote, 

which makes me feel my mother’s spirit.  

_20160615_143620 (1)

My blue espadrilles would have paired nicely with this oufit as well. 

When you added fun orange ones for the season, one can’t help but delight in using 

that pop of color when possible.  


This floral tank with greens and oranges is one I bought from, 

in my continued effort to get less form fitting ones into my wardrobe.  

The orange sweater is one I thrifted a few years ago and a necessity 

for my trip to the frigid AC at the bowling alley this afternoon.  


I am grateful that my Oberweiss Delivery of greek yogurt came before I had to leave for bowling, as they put it in the porch in a cooler,but with this kind of heat , I wouldn’t trust it for very long….

I am grateful for the funny moment when we had all rushed to get ready for the 11am bowling and were in the car when I looked at my phone and saw I had missed a Facebook chat where our group had changed it to 3:30.  

I am grateful for Netflis and my Smart tv that DH won for his sales success, I am having so much fun finding BBC shows. 

I am greatful for sunshine and summer days that are a definite slower pace with college kids home.  

I am grateful that I finished this blog post right before heading out to bowling and won’t have to try to squeeze it in after dinner. 

All I could thnk of when I put this look together was the fun element 

of texture in the open weaved knit sweater ,

the moto detailed pants, the necklace and the straw hat. 


I love adding black with pastels, but since it’s summer, 

I added a few elements of white into the mix with the purse,

a white bracelet, the silver necklace and the navy and white striped hat.  


I have been loving the look of the moto style pants for a long time, 

but every time I’ve seen them they’ve been around the $40 mark and I 

just wasn’t sure I like them enough to warrant that cost.  

Alas kept having them on repeatedly for $34.99 , so I finally indulged.

In fact , they are currently available Here

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will love these a lot more with the weight loss I am 

currently working towards.  

Today was a very low key day, just hanging out and relaxing with my kids….

With all the days we’ve been going bowling to help prepare my son for his State Tournament 

this weekend , it was a nice break for us all.  

Tomorrow is another day of bowling practice, lol…

This week leading up to the bowling tournament is going to be busy, but the good news is that 

it’s close to our area this time( last year was 5-6 hours away)  and we don’t have to get a hotel for the two day event.

 He is also not bowling first thing in the mornings,

so that makes it easier for us to travel the 45 minutes to an hour for the two different locations.  

With him taking first in individuals for his division  and first overall in City, the pressure is on.  

I love this sport because he gets to bowl based on his average and how well he does above that average,

so he’s really just trying to do his own best score.  

This Weekend I went to Norfolk’s Harborfest 

where I had VIP Tickets for Rick Springfield.

I went for ulitimate comfort in my outfit choice. 


I knew two things to begin with, that I would wear my Clark’s Slip-ons,  which are sold out currently.

They do have some AS Is ones available here 

My Harold Feinstein crossbody bag is also sold out but here is what Amazon offers by his line. 


I love this Susan Graver Chffon Top

It comes with the tank , but I wore it in spring over a black long sleeved tshirt. 


 I added my Halston Lariat necklace because I adore it and can’t wear it enough, lol!  

It’s currently available only in gunmental

If you are a regular reader, you know I adore Summer Festival Season and Music.

 I danced for the entire time Rick Springfield played and had a fabulous time.


Not the best picture as I had a few drinks and not the steadiest hands….

The night even ended with Fireworks that went through music from each era , so I chair danced and sang throughout….  my favorite moments of that was when they played David Bowie’s-Starman and Prince’s- Purple Rain, 


It was a very hot 90 degree day, so I added a fedora for the event. 

My freind Sue and I waiting for Rick Springfield…


I am grateful for the fun night with my friend. 

I am grateful to my husband for giving me the VIP tickets to take a friend. 

I am grateful for the fun today (Monday) at my son’s bowling clinic where I challenged him to get a 200 and he succeeded with a 204!   

I am grateful for a fun Monday night taking my 3 children out to dinner.  

I recently saw a few t-shirts with positive sayings that match messages 

I value and want to put out in the world 

on and am delighted that they began arriving yesterday. 

Be on the LOOK OUT for another saying or two coming soon….


When I was in my 3o’s I dreamed of creating shirts like this, 

so it’s only natural that now at 50 ,

 that I am embracing them ! 


This sayng holds a very special place in my heart because I think

it’s been a message I was forced to come to terms with on my own

when at the tender age of 13 my father passed away.  

Upon mourning the great loss throughout my teens I really looked at the 

relationships my peers had with their fathers and saw immediatley the blessing. 

It was in early adulthood that I began saying, 

” I had more in my 13 years with him that many people will ever have”  

My father was one special man and I know it’s because he too lost his father when he was young and he was the youngest 

child with three older sisters and the youngest one was 17 when he was born.

He use to say that he was raised by 4 mothers.  

It truly made for a very compassionate man whose legacy of love is dear to my heart and has given me such strength to stand strong at times when I’ve wanted to crumble…. 


There truly was Joy in the journey of even something so wretched in losing my father. 

I was very much a Daddy’s Girl and didn’t have much use for my mother, his death opened up 

a most fabulous relationship with my mother that I doubt would have been found had he lived. 

I also saw my mother grow in ways that too wouldn’t have been needed had she had him to lean on.  

My Attitude of Gratitude comes from knowing that if you look deep enough there is joy in every part of this journey of life. 


I am grateful for the support and love among my homeschooling bowling Moms. 

I am grateful for getting up before my alarm and fitting in a Pilates workout before taking my son bowling. 

I am grateful for the fun anticipation of spending tomorrow at Harborfest with a friend and to my husband for giving me the VIP passes from his customer to use for myself and my friend.  

I am grateful for the fun and laughter that I share on a daily basis with my 20 year old son home from college, he really has the best sense of humor!   

Wishing My Dear Readers A weekend filled with Sun, Fun . Laughter and Love! 

All of my tank tops prior to the additions I’ve made this season, 

were just layering pieces and tighter . 

I love these looser styles that can stand on their own.  


I have had great success with TJ Maxx to acquire several at wonderful prices. 

This one by August Silk is just $14.99 , which I bought

in size Medium according to the size chart for my 

39 inch bust size. 

Scoop Neck Tank With Keyhole Front

I didn’t buy this one, but it too is at the same price point . 

Colorful Creations Quilted Totes - Orange

My tote is actually a set of 12 by Willabee Ward that comes each month in different colors. 

They are quilted and have different patterns and colors, all with a little sparkle. 

The designs are just on the front and the back is solid with quilting.  

I love how light the fabric totes are for days when my back is bugging me and I want a lighter purse.

Truth be told I have been considering a life of traveling in a RV for retirement and thought these would replace purses and save space should that indeed be in my future…..


I love this very flowy vest that I picked up last year at the end of the season and 

didn’t get to wear that much.  

An added perk to the way I shop clearance sales on QVC,HSN and Evine is that 

I buy either at the end of the season and get to enjoy it for a short time and feel like it’s 

almost brand new when the following season comes around.  

I also buy from those places right before a season begins from last year’s inventory that is on clearance still, which is how I got the fuschia pants I am wearing.  


I am grateful that my problems are so small compared to what others in my life are facing right now. 

I am grateful for the fun my daughter and I had watching “Gran Hotel” ( a spanish show on Netflix with subtitles) as we stayed up for nights watching the three seasons.  It’s nice to have a girl back in the house!  

I am grateful for AC it’s so nice to be cool when the heat and humidity come.  

I am grateful to my son home from college who is supporting his brother with lots of trips to the bowling alley to practice for his State Tournament coming up on Father’s Day weekend.  

I am grateful that my hot shower helped my sinus pressure headache disipate.  

I was singing Styx  to myslef all day, 

 I just couldn’t help myself…


I just chased my kids all out of the den by playing this loudly, lol 


I just knew I had to add this shirt to my wardrobe when I saw it on the TJ Maxx website.

There really is something about living in a beach and Navy town that make my heart soar and has created a love of nautical fashion items.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t like nautical outfits.  I know that my mother loved it as well as she felt strongly about it as a Navy wife.  There was always something so special about the news stories on tv growing up with families going to meet the Navy ships coming in and the kids all dressed in sailor inspired outfits.  I loved it so much that I found cute nautical outfits for my children when they were babies.  


You can’t see very well, but I added these anchor print pants for the season and you can be darn sure, 

that I am going to go very kitchy and pair them with my “Sail Away” top.


I found this cute zippered hoodie vest on TJ Maxx, but alas it sold out.

I just got it in the mail yesterday and was so hoping to post photos quickly enough , but

that’s what happens with limited quantities of stores like TJ Maxx.  

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my Just Fab nautical purse is sold out as well.   


Wishing all my Dear Readers a Wonderful Weekend

to Recharge and Fill your Soul! 


I am grateful for Sunshine and warm days that aren’t too humid, cause trust me they are around the corner! 

I am grateful for a fun afternoon taking my son bowling and hanging out with homeschooling mother’s .  

I am grateful for  a fun grocery shopping with my two sons on our way home, it’s nice to have the company of both boys together instead of it just being me and my youngest.  

I am grateful for the sense of humor in our family and the giggles and laughter that fill our home and the car as we traveled around today…

I am grateful that I have reached a stage on the 17 day diet where I feel better and that it will be easy to maintain now that the cravings for carbs and sugar are gone!  




With many solid bottoms, it’s fun to find a shirt that already has the 

Pattern Mixing done for you.  

Alas this one is from and is always gone by the time it’s delivered to me. 

Be Honest, My Dear Readers, Did I make this too much like Halloween with the 

addition of the black vest?  LOL



I must say that taking photos and starting up blogging is going to 

be great motivation to keep me eating right and exercising.  

It’s impossible to see photographic evidence and not stay on track, 

so despite whehter I am thrilled with an outfit or not, 

I am going to post with glee knowing that I am on the path to 

changing and hoping to go back and see the differences 

in glaring truth that the mirror fails to show, but a camera shouts in alarming tones, lol. 


One of my favorite things about the wardrobe I created from

this blogging journey are pieces that allow me to create different silhouettes. 

In just days I’ve done a short straight skort, cropped pants and now the flowy long skirt. 

This is so important to my not getting bored and using clothes as my artistic expression. 


Dear Readers, I am having success with the 17 Day Diet, losing over half a pound a day.  

Here’s what I ate to day to give you an idea of how I am being successful. 


2 hard boiled eggs


Green Tea


 Greek Yogurt/Strawberries/ Green Tea Smoothie


Salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and grilled chicken 

Green Tea


Greek Yogurt -100 calorie

Tazo Chocolate Chai Tea 

The recommendation is to have 4 cups of Green Tea and I drink 12 oz at a time.  On some days if I feel hungry I will get another snack which I’ve done Tuna & Celery or a Nectarine.   This Phase one is very restrictive with just poultry and fish for proteins, 2 probiotics , 2 fruits and plenty of veggies.  

After Day 3 the cravings went away and I am not feeling deprived at all. 

Phase Two has you add some healthy carbs every other day. 


I am very grateful to my daughter who got started today helping to homeschool my youngest with Math and Science. 

I am grateful that my 20 year old loves to cook and made Turkey Burgers for his siblings and father tonight. 

I am grateful that my husband had a late appointment, giving him the opportunity to sleep in and still have time to change out the water in the Turtle Tank. 

I am grateful for a quiet peaceful moring all to myself as the rest of the family slept til noon. ( I am really happy there are no witnesses to my morning ballet moves in the kitchen, lol) 

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