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A week ago we had my sister, Kelley’s Memorial Service 

and thanks to her friends who stepped up and told great stories 

that made us laugh, it was everything I had hoped for her….


Through my tears and heartache,  I am trying to hold onto the 

beautiful vision I had of her in the loving embrace of our parents.  


The necklace she is wearing here is one she made and loved and the first thing

I went to find to hold close and feel her with me…


She didn’t have kids of her own, but sure loved mine, this was the one birth 

she actually made it to , with my youngest….


It’s so hard to understand how someone so vibrant is gone.  

She was so active and I grabbed her tennis shoes and have been wearing them as some days like the day

planning her service at the funeral home, I needed to walk in her shoes…

One day I went for a walk and i swear her shoes carried me and I actually felt a pep in my step, 

that was definitely not coming from my broken heart….


She really got into biking after her divorce and I love this powerful picture 

of her celebrating Day 2 and still going strong…. 

I picture her riding on to a new journey…

Dear Readers, Taking it one day at a time as the shock of this sudden unexpected loss of 

a healthy 53 year old sister sinks in…. 



My sister suddenly passed away and my heart is broken to the core.

Not sure when I will feel like blogging again.,,,

We all have experienced disappointment when our favorite

Candidate lost , but this reaction is beyond reasonable. 

It was sad to see friends attacking each other on Facebook and threatening to 

unfriend any supporters of Trump or 3rd party candidates. 

 I think it’s hit a new low when Grubhub puts out a company email

calling for the resignation of those who support Ttump or Macy’s cancelling of  Trumps clothing line.  

I am not going to get political here,but going to just stand strong in my faith in our Democracy.  


I decided to wear my flag scarf today , as I pray for those disappointed in the

election results to find peace within themselves as it is something we all can relate to

and have experience with (unless like my son who experienced the craziest of first elections )  


I learned a new way to wear a infinity scarf from my private style group. 

Normally,  just put it twice around my neck and fluff it….

Today I hung it over my neck then twisted it twice before putting it 

back over my head the second time.   


I kept my boot color the same as my pants here to extend the leg line , 

which is important as a petite with the length of the sweater. 

The hi-low front is a help in creating good proportions as well. 

I have this sweater from last year in two colors and so does my daughter. 

The good news is that it is back for the season and available HERE 

Dear Readers please don’t leave comments getting into a political debate or 

venting your frustrations, there are plenty of places to do that and my blog is not one of them. 

I’ll leave you with one last thought I saw on Facebook yesterday : 

” We should all wish President-elect Trump well ,  as he’s like a pilot of a plane

we are all on together. ”   

P. S.   Let me know if my directions on how I styled the scarf or if you

would do better if I made a video for you? 


I am grateful for my friends and the wonderful support they offer in so many aspects of life. 

I am grateful that I took a nap yesterday and didn’t get caught up in any toxic discussions on Facebook. 

I am grateful that I did express compassion and a solution for more peaceful thoughts to someone. 

I am grateful for this country and the wisdom of our forefathers who designed our government. 

I am grateful for the conversations that this election process has brought out with my adult and teen children. 

I am grateful that the stock market is doing well with the election results. 

“Sometimes a woman has experienced too much life to have any blush left in her cheeks,

but the man who puts it there is someone not easily forgotten.”
Dannika Dark, Five Weeks

Check out other bloggers at 

Turning Heads Link up. 


I’ve always had a love for pink and quotes, so thought today 

as we await the election results that I’d do a post with both.  

“Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.”
Mark Twain


My sweater is Halston via QVC on clearance found here 

The vest is Chadwicks and is on clearance for just $12.99 found here. 

“He had been searching for it his entire life. He had devoted himself to poetry to find it. Now, in the middle of his life, he found it. It was in the face of the love of his life, his daughter. She who had never blushed before, now blushed. And in that blushing, he knew, was the existence of God. That was the day her father learned what God was. God was pure beauty, God was his daughter’s face when she blushed.”
Roman Payne


I originally had planned on wearing grey riding boots with this outfit, 

but at the very last minute switched to the espadrilles as I know the time to keep

wearing them is drawing close, but we were in the 60’s today!  

My Favorite Quote regarding the color Blush is: 

Wearing a Poncho with Flared or Boot-cut  Jeans is one 

of Rachel Zoe’s classic silhouettes and I adore her style! 

Poncho with wide leg jeans:


She definitely rocks a boho chic look better than anyone else!  


So , of course I had to add my floppy hat to my outfit, lol! 

I am not all about the darks and appreciate the creme turtleneck

and lighter wash jeans to create a look more my style.  

I do however see a dark wash jean and navy turtleneck as another option at some point. 


I love the added special touch of my turtleneck sweater  by Spense , which I found in three colors

last year at Bj’s. After a quick search on  the net , I discovered this brand at Belk , which you can 

find here in four colors and two striped versions here. 


I scored this wonderful steel necklace from a style sister private group, 

which always makes me think I should check out my local boutiques as 

that is where she found it. 


My poncho is one of my Summer purchases that I love to find online from

the previous season, so I get deals on clearance.  

QVC, HSN and EVINE are my favorite places to scour off season clearance items,. 

This one is by OSO casuals and only left in size 1x/2x ,

but comes in other colors with more sizes available, found HERE. 


Sadly, my Indigo thread from Evine jeans were

a clearance purchase as well and sold out. 

Rachel Zoe has a line on QVC and here is her floppy hat if your are interested. 

Dear Readers,  as we go into voting and ending this election fiasco, I just want to take a moment 

and pray for the future of our country and the reparation of all friends and family relationships,

which have been strained due to this most polarizing and insane election in my lifetime.  


I am grateful that my husband and I are on the same page on this election.  

I am grateful that after a Sunday of a migraine , that so far this morning I am pain free.  

I am grateful for Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that are a delight and a calm in the storm of life. 

I am grateful that when testing my blood sugar levels this past week that I can relax , as I gestational diabetes with 3 of my pregnancies and check myself every year or two.  This menopausal weight gain had me worried….



A big trend for the season is a long Duster cardigan. 

In addition the bell sleeves are also a big part of the 7o’s trend. 

When I saw this cardigan at TJ Maxx I knew it was the  perfect addition for me 


I am loving this creme shade a lot lately , so decided to do a column of it 

and just add the duster over it.  

I may have gone to matching with my blue ankle boots , but I will take  any excuse 

to wear my boots bought in Ireland!  

Aztec Printed Duster

This is one currently available at TJ Maxx 

Cable Duster With Wide Collar

Or this solid burgundy one.  

Check this link for some bell sleeve tops that are on trend as well.  


We had an unseasonably warm day again today

and are scheduled to get even warmer tomorrow.

This sweater is lightweight and worked well

for being inside the cold bowling alley. 

My house also held onto the cool weather from last night , so this was perfect .  


I am heading off for a Parent’s Night Out dinner at Jason’s Deli 

where I will indulge in a fabulous salad bar and stay on track with eating right.  

Dear Readers, I have to say starting up blogging again has been a good wake up call , seeing my weight

gain in photos and I am determined to bust butt and get moving more in this month of November.

I think it would be great to end the year with weight loss rather than starting off in January.

I am going to post a recipe or two of new things I am trying. 

Hope I can stay on track!  


I did a quick change 15 minutes before leaving for my Parent’s Night out

into the navy peplum top.  


I am grateful for Wednesday bowling days and the midweek break it gives my homeschooler. 

I am grateful for starting back up the Parents Night out after several months off. 

I am grateful for these warmer sunshine filled days , as too soon we will wish for one. 

I am grateful for friendships and the women in my life!!  

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