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I hope you all had a sonderful weekend!

It’s time for Visible Monday, so many bloggers to see and enjoy! 

get-attachment (30)

This was what i wore for a Girl’s Night Out to an art show.

All I can say is, I am completely sold on Ponte Knit blazers and want to yell from the rooftops about how comfortable they are.

I now own 4 of them and know they will be workhorses for this Fall/Winter Season.

get-attachment (31)

Trouser Jeans are such a nice break from Skinny Jeans.

 Ponte Knit Jacket – Christian Sirianno

Trouser Jeans – Diane Gilman

Shoes and Top both from Goodwill

Purse – Steinmart

get-attachment (30)

I am finding it much easier to leave off necklaces when the top has details like this one with the colors and buttons.

Dear Readers, I saw a preview for a news story this afternnoon about a little boy with a terrible disorder that makes him allergic to most foods. In fact there are only five foods he  can eat.  That made me stop and think, If I was only limited to 5 foods that I could eat, what would I choose?  My Immediate Answer was,

Bacon and Chocolate

Then my practicle side said I’d need something to sustain my body and I chose the remaiing 3

Chicken, Mushrooms and Onions.  

So Dear Readers anyone else want to play, What would your choice of 5 Be?  


I am grateful for a weekend filled with girl fun, an art show and thrifting.

I am grateful that I found my daughter’s “Ice Princess dress ”   she wanted for Halloween on my thrifting venture and on the first try!

I am grateful that my weight loss has resulted in lower blood pressure , which I keep checking to make sure this change is real and lasting, and guess what It Is!!!   

I am grateful that my weekend ends with the Football Game tonight ( sure hope they can pull out a win…)


Week three of my new blog feature asking questions from Chat Pack, a set of questions I found at the craft store


Today’s Question:  

If you could be the spokesperson for any product on the market,

What product would you choose to enthusiastically represent?  

My Answer:

Katie Byron’s book detailing The Work

I mentioned this once before a while ago on my blog, but couldn’t help repeating it as I really see the value in it.

Her work challenges us to pay close attention to those little voices in our heads and to ask ourselves four questions to check our thinking that can make us unhappy and behave in ways we wouldn’t normally do if we didn’t believe that original false thought. 

People who do The Work as an ongoing practice commonly report:

  • Alleviation of depression: Find resolution, even happiness, in situations that were once debilitating.
  • Decreased stress: Learn how to live with less anxiety or fear.
  • Improved relationships: Experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, and yourself.
  • Reduced anger: Understand what makes you angry and resentful, and become less reactive, less often, with less intensity.
  • Increased mental clarity: Live and work more intelligently and effectively, with integrity.
  • More energy: Experience a new sense of ongoing vigor and well-being.
  • More peace: Discover how to become “a lover of what is.”

What I love about Bryon Katie is that she gives enough information on her site Here, that you can begin the process without purchasing anything.  

Dear Readers, this means so much to me because I have witnessed people I love who have a stranglehold on themselves due to thoughts that destroy their lives and cause them much pain.  My answer to this question is a bit deep…. much like me.

Please, Please my Dear Readers, do not feel pressure to endorse a product of such magnitude… Be as light and carefree about is as suits your personality… Is there a skin care prodcut you love,  a book you’ve read, a shampoo,  a pair of shoes that are to die for comfortable, an album that makes you dance, a product that makes your life easier.  The possibilities are endless, there are no right or wrong answers,  Trust your gut , you never know what reaching out and responding to this question will do for another person.   

Join in and make this conversation one of a variety!  

Thank You so Much for your Participation!


I am grateful for the inspiration to start this blog feature

I am grateful for those who have particpated or  read my responses to the questions.

I am grateful for the upcoming weekend and surviving another homeschool week.

I am grateful to those of you who are inspired to comment and make this conversation fun! 

Today, is my 48th Birthday and one year since this blog started to become a reality.  I hadn’t posted yet, but had picked out the name and the domain.  I’ve learned so much in this past year and gained a confidence I can’t even begin to describe.  I remember feeling so awkward taking those first photos and having trouble smiling.  In public places when people would look,at me I would visibly shrink…

Linking Up today with Visible Monday! 


Now, I take photos and people stare and I just laugh and get on with it…  I’ve discovered poses that I like and the process takes just 5 minutes or less.  Posing today in the three pieces I purchased for my birthday.  All from Metrostyle , leather jacket    ,  dress and shoes


I wanted nothing more to do on my birthday than to watch the first game of the season for my Steelers!   They lost but I still love the game of football and appreciate the time spent having fun.  


As for my outfit… I love each piece and know that they will all be so versatile in my wardrobe.  I love the swing , volume and colors of the dress that allows for a lot of versatility for toppers.  I will never wear the green jacket without channeling memories of my father as this was his favorite color.  Nothing feels better than colored pumps for the Mom who only had neutrals and didn’t invest much in her own clothing as she was giving so much to her children.  


I ‘ve been missing my mother so much this past week.  My entire adult life she would call me at 10:04 am , the time I was born to wish me a Happy Birthday!  When she became sick I knew this would be coming to an end and I appreciated it even more those last four years.  Wiping tears now….

Dear Readers, I began a new Feature on my blog last Saturday called BE a Part of the Conversation and think perhaps I should switch it to another day, so would love it if you would check out the links here and here  and join in the fun of answering the question for yourself in the comments.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!   Looking forward to week two of homeschooling Connor!


 I am grateful for the memories of my parents that birthdays evoke!

I am grateful for the strength my parents love provides.

I am grateful to my chidlren for cleaning up their game room for my birthday.

I am grateful for relaxed time with my family today..

I am grateful for my 48 years and the growth I’ve managed in that time. (My father died when he was just 42, so to me anything after that is a super bonus!)


Week two of my new blog feature for Saturdays,  where I pose a question from the CHAT PACK I found at the craft store…


Today’s Question

Aside from any family occurence (marriage, anniversary, birth of a child, etc) , 

What event or accomplishment would you consider to be the highlight of your life thus far?

My Response

I took this question to mean what accomplishment am I the most proud of and really struggled to narrow it down to just one. 

I hope you bear with me while I explain Three that have really been life altering…

The first would have to be helping my son overcome anxiety and OCD symptoms that began when he was 12 after he had been sick and was dehydrated which caused low blood pressure so every time he stood up he felt dizzy and panicked,  This transferrred to overwashing his hands and full blown panic attacks.  I was hypervigilant about watching him and talking him through it and it never set in. Now 5 years later he is my most confident and has the least anxiety of my children… In fact he is the only one who could have a future as an eye surgeon as he has nerves of steel!  

The second would have to be delivering my mother’s eulogy after I was discouraged by well meaning friends, family and even the Priest at the church who didn’t think I could do it without falling apart.  I held up beautifully and only shed a tear after leaving the pulpit and kissing my hand and laying it on her caskett.  I didn’t just deliver that eulogy, I was so strong, confident and animated as it was my final gift to Mom and I nailed it! I had my husband on standby to rescue me if I fell apart and was so relieved that I did it !

The third would have to be choosing to homeschool my youngest and taking him from a child who couldn’t read and was told he had a learning disability to a child who now declares, “They had a teaching disability!”  He is reading nightly without my having to beg or threaten, something I could never imagine. We still have a ways to go but each year it is increasing in leaps and bounds and now on year three I feel so confident that he will indeed make it to college and be able to choose a future that matches his intelligence… something that I couldn’t see before with what was happening at school.  The reason that I am so proud of this is that I was terrified, but knew I had to try and my husband was worried as well. Thank God he supported my trying! 

Dear Readers, It’s your turn to BE PART of The CONVERSATION!

I look forward to reading your comments and hope you will come back and read the comments from anyone inclined to share!




I bought this dress from NoMoreRack along with another maxi dress My chevron dress is no longer available so the link goes to my maxi dress which is by Cato.  

IMG_1695. Had to wear spanx with this number as it hugs every curve… 


I loved pairing it with the orange accessories.  I am sporting Denver Broncos colors, which is fitting since they are playing tonight against the ruvals of my Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens.   (thursday)

I thirfted this orange purse recently and was so happy to find this color !  it ls a Liz Claiborne NY, which is QVC more expensive line than what JCP carries. 

sideviewFall weather will be here soon and then i’ll have to pack up my wedges.  I will miss them, but it’s easy to let them hibernate when in return I will be taking out all the boots and booities.  A fair trade !  


Dear Readers. I hope you will join me for tomorrow when I do my second ” Be a Part of the Conversation” and ask a question in hopes that you will take the time to leave a comment and make this a fun addition for Saturdays.  This is my birthday weekend as I turn 48 on Sunday! 


I am grateful for conversations with my sister in law who can totally finish my sentences and predict her brother’s behavior.  

I am grateful that it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!  ( Have the game on behind me as I type this!)

I am grateful for Friday and the end to the first week of school.

I am grateful to my daughter for helping me with my blog photos.

I am grateful that the sciatica pain that flaired up in a big way today has subsided to manageable levels after Ibuprofen 

I am grateful that Denver won!

What are you Grateful For?  What plans do you have for the weekend?

  When I was in my twenties i carried around a book called 

I also carried around it’s sister book

Both are available on Amazon….

I now have two  children in their twenties…

graduation 4

From Left to Right, my oldest Ryan 26, Ashley 22, youngest Connor 13, DH, Tom and Nicholas 17

I still have these books and will probably never part with them…I do however wish to introduce my  children to the wonderful world of getting together with friends or family and asking conversation starter questions.  

 I was happy when this week I went to A.C. Moore craft store and found this at their register


I have had so much fun asking these questions with my niece and children… We couldn’t stop asking questions and kept it going for a much longer time than I anticpated and for that reason I was inspired to share this experience with you My Dear Readers!  

So a New Feature for Saturdays on my blog is going to be 


So we begin right now with the first question…


My answer to this was : Kindness Matters 

I stopped in Burger King where there was a line ten deep and the manager was fumbling through the ordering process.  By the time he got to three people in front of me he had hit his stride and was executing it perfectly.  After he completed my order I said, ” For this not being your regular job, you got your groove on and nailed it!”  He was shocked but laughed and stared after me in amazement.  After getting my order and grabbing some napkins he made sure to get my attention and thanked me telling me to have a wonderful day.  

This is nothing new for me, I strive to acknowledge the efforts of cashiers or others in public service positions.  I love seeing people’s reactions and spreading kindness to the world.   I think I get as much happiness from doing it as the receiver gets. 

Your turn , My Dear Readers, Join in with your very own answer to this question and know that by doing so you will bring much delight to my heart and great conversations when I share them with my friends and family.  Come back and read what others say and share them with your family and friends if you are so inclined… The more of you who share the bigger and better this gets! 

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