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If you are a regular reader, you may remember these houndstooth cords from last season. 

I love them because like any white and black pattern it can be worn with any color top. 

I highly recommend a black and white patterned bottom to increase versatility in your wardrobe. 


This was Monday’s outfit in which I was feeling ok, until late afternnon,

when a slammin migraine hit and I didn’t get a blog post done for that day.  

I was having auras and light sensitivity all day Tuesday as well. 


The fun part of this outfit is the black scarf that when added to my sweater,

looks like it’s almost part of the sweater. 

I liked the added fringe element to coordinate with my fringe boots. 


Just for fun, here is what I wore on Sunday when we took a rode trip to near our son’s college, 

to meet with him to celebrate his birthday and watch both my game and his father’s back to back, for a 

total of over 7 hours spent at Dave & Busters.   It was a great day with my guys!  

DSC_2255 (1)

Who would have thought you could take a classic mens wear houndstooth 

print and add elements like fringe and a hobo bag to give it a boho vibe?  

Leave it to me, my boho side is strong!  


I am grateful that my husband was available to take my son to is bowling group today. 

I am grateful that I didn’t have a migraine today, but alas sinus issues have set in, lol. 

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny 70 degree day today. 

I am grateful that I was feeling ok enough to spend Sunday with my son to celebrate his 2oth. 

I am grateful to my son’s friends for putting together a surprise party , sneaking in and decorating his apartment, and making him a cake on his actual birthday, and the fun family group texting that went on when he sent us all pictures. 

Dear Readers, Humor me today and ignore my bad hair day

and non vibrant smile, as I was in migraine hell, yesterday.  

I can’t believe I actually put a look together, lol


Jogger pants, citron top and cozy aztec print sweater.  

Comfy cozy for a day on the couch…


Over the summer I pinned this look and thought, I need a little citron in my wardrobe. 

I found my top on a JollyChic, a site that has asian sizing so be careful, I even size up one from my measurements , 

as this top I’m wearing has a white longer layer that I tucked in as it pull tight across my hips.  

While I may not have the right citron top, I wanted to feauture the color as it really is versaitle.

It pairs well with Grey, Navy, Cobalt, Olive , Green, White, Brown, and even orange.  

I made a Pinterst Board Here for some fun visuals.

Stylish printed black and white cardigan with leather long boots:


This very popular pin was one I saw over the summer too and prompted 

me to search out my sweater.  

I found mine from OSO CASUALS , HERE


Here’s hoping my migraine is better today, cause this has been going on 

for too many days now.  It’s more sinus related due to these huge swings in

our temperatures, along with menopausal sleep disturbances.  


I am grateful that my son finally went to financial aid and straightened things out, he’s been so busy and they had taken a two week break, so it’s been a long time issue, but over now!  

I am grateful to my brother for scoring me the perfect master bathroom vanity for a much needed makeover.  

I am grateful that when DH had all day off yesterday, that he was productive and helpful around the house, I now have a lamp next to my make up table, lol!  

I am grateful that my husband ended his day with a late appointment and a sale, gotta love time with family and still being successful.  This is why he made the career change two years ago!  

I am grateful at how responsible my homeschooler is being this year with getting his work done independentally and without my having to nag!   Knock on wood , this continues and we are over that hump!  

I am grateful for Halmark Channel and the Christmas movies that have been keeping me company these last few days of not feeling so well… 

When I saw this look a few days ago on 

A Pocketful of Polka dots by blogger Jennie

I was immediately inspired to put this look together since

I own pieces similar to these. 


Here’s the look that inspired me.

A windowpane print tunic, burgundy leggings and black boots. 


My shirt is done on the diagnol instead of the windowpane print. 

I also added the ruffle sweater for warmth as it was bowling day where I freeze.   

No joke, I brought my trench coat and used it to cover my legs and another mom 

brought a blanket in from her car.  


It was actually raining this morning, so I actually wore my windowpane 

rainboots when I was at the bowling alley.  


Some days a girl just wants to rock a pair of legggings.  

I know they get such a bad rap, but when you cover your bum and wear 

taller boots you hardly see any of the actuall legging….

With temps near 80 my taller riding boots are staying put on their shelf, lol! 

I could replicate this later in the season with my burgundy cords , but this crazy warm weather is driving me nuts. 

My Dear Readers, Well I Did It!  

Today I got my butt into gear and ran on the treadmill.  I hate cardio but no more excuses, 

I am going to commit to really taking care of myself and do cardio at least 3 times per week.  

I’ve been maintaining this stupid 15 pound weight gain for way too long and am over it… 

I have a 25 year wedding anniversary coming in January and I want to go on a cruise and 

feel comfortable in a bathing suit.   Just the motivation I need to get started, but this needs 

to be a permanent change in my life and one I am committed to making.  


I am grateful that when someone heard an exaggerated description of events, that a call was placed to find the reality. 

I am grateful that my husband bought me that treadmill several years ago and that I am motivated.  

I am grateful that my son actually stayed after for extra practice game of bowling today.

I am grateful that my husband is working much less hours and for quality time he is spending with us. 

I am grateful that my husband was home when our son called from college today and that I was able to pass the phone off to him for a lengthy fun conversation.   I am blessed to get to talk to him a lot and want that for my husband too.  



When I was a teenager, My Mother bought me a Boom Box. 

Boy do these kids not know what it was like to have that fine portable radio/cassette player, lol! 

I also got the REO Speedwagon Greatest Hits Album and use to sit on my fronch porch with friends, 

belting out “Tough Guys” , It felt so rebellious to sing the one line in the song that says, 

“They think they’re  full of fire, She thinks they’re full of shit”, lol

Eventually I memorized every word to every song on that entire album and last night I belted them out with just as much enjoyment, maybe even more so with life experience and fully understanding the meaning.  

Linking Up With Visible Monday

IMG_4147 (2)

I went for a 70’s type look with my flared jeans and a sheer floral boho blouse. 

I saw several women sporting similar silhouettes. 

It was fun seeing so many women in their 50’s standing in line at the restroom. 

I wish I’d have been brave enough to ask to take some of their photos… 

IMG_4148 (2)

For the very first time I felt uncomfortable about my youthful skin, 

as I felt uncomfortable with some stares I was getting from women ,

who I am sure thought I was younger than they were.  

I definitely looked like the youngest woman in the restroom. 

It reminded me of when I was 21 and pregnant and wanting to get a tshirt proclaiming

“I am not a teen mother” as I saw so many judgemental looks when I was out and about. 


We had 4th row seats and got some great photo opportunities.

DSC_1936 (1)

It was really incredilbe to see how much enthusiasm and energy Kevin Cronin brought to the stage.

He was throwing out guitar picks after every song… One bounced right off my husband’s lap and onto the floor in

front of us, so I now have a great memory piece.


With the Reo Speedwagon Logo and his signature on the back.


I was able to see a little back stage and the cases of guitars that were there.

They traded guitars for every single song, it was incredible to see them all…


At the End of the Concert, the drummer brought 6 drumsticks to the front of the stage 

and passed them out to people in the front row.  

It really was a wonderful night and I am so happy that I accidentally found this concert when looking up something to do for the weekend.  

IMG_4152 (2)

Going to see REO Speedwagon was the first thing off the bucket list

I have in my head, since I turned 50 last month.

Dear Readers, Do you have a Bucket List?  

If so , how about sharing it by commenting. 

After all,  bloggers love comments to know someone is reading them, lol! 


I am so grateful that someone’s ill intentions actually turned out to a new direction that was much needed and the universe correcting itself.  Cryptic, I know, but not my story to tell…

I am grateful for the strength my husband and I share when life throws us in a new direction, it’s always a chance to come together and stand strong together. 

I am grateful for a strong faith and the reconfirmation present when things that should knock the wind out of you, push you in a better direction and give you just what you’ve been asking for. 

I am grateful for weekends and fun times that lift the spirit, like music and football, especially when both our teams win. 

I am grateful that my son who wasn’t feeling well yesterday, is doing much better today (huge shift with cooler temps moved in and messed with his sinuses, but since he rarely gets sick, seeing him sleep the day away was worrisome) 

I love my Old Navy Polk a Dot Pixie Pants.  

They are  the perfect way to add pattern into an outfit, 

and since it’s black and white ,versatile with any solid colored top.

Of course there are also possibilities for pattern mising tops as well. 

Just for fun, trying saying my blog title of the day , three times fast, lol!


You can find this pant in the ankle length, Here.

My top and purse ( sold out) are both by Iman via HSN.  

The top comes in 7 colors and is actually much longer ,

but it drapes nicely and is perfect for faux tucking the way I’ve done here.

I actuaally bouth it in Marsala ( Pantone’s color of the season) and Gun Metal Grey.

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Luxury Draped Top  

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Luxury Draped Top

Notice the styling of the Marsala one tucked into a pencil skirt,

while the Grey one shoes the ful length over jeans. 


My happiness factore was high with this look once I finished it off with my 

Cato vest and the tassel necklace with purple beads also from Cato ,

which my daughter gave me for my birthday.  

The vest has been on clearance for awhile as I  bought it in July and is still available for $10.99. 

I must say that it runs small as I bought the medium ,  but wear it open as it’s too tight for my  size 8 hips.


I look forward to styling these pieces so much more as we move into 

Fall temperatures which seem to elude us despite the leaves beginning to fall .  

Dear Readers, I am getting myself into full Cardio gear, moitviated by a comptetition between myself and my homeschooling son, age 15.  I decided that he goes on the treadmill first and whatevver he does, I have to do the same.We are going to do this three days a week, which will benefit us both.  

I love strength training, but not cardio ,so hope this keeps me accountable and moving more.  

My 5oth birthday passed without my losing the 15 pounds I’ve gained, so now I am setting a new goal.

My 25th anniversary is January 15h and I would like to go on a cruise, so need to lose this before I get into a bathing suit! 

I had better succeed at this one or I will ruin my 25th celebration!  

Wish me luck! 


I am grateful for the support of my youngest in getting to my new goal. 

I am grateful for the past week with my son home on his college Fall break. 

I am grateful that he took our rabbit with him for a week , but will come home for a bried time next weekend to return her. 

I am grateful that I scheduled a Parent’s Night Out for homeschooling parents and it’s Tuesday, so I have something to look forward to all day.  

I am grateful that my husband had a nice break this afternoon, which allowed him to revive afternnoon movie with a coworker, something they use to do somewhat regularly, but had gotten away from.  (this way the wives don’t have to go to horror movies we dislike and they are not feeling deprived)  

I am grateful that my oldest came over on Sunday to visit with his brother before he went back to college and for the conversation we all hadt together.  

I am grateful for another win for my Steelers team and that Roethlisberger’s knee injury was not his ACL, which would have put him out the remaninder of the season.  


Sunday we had temps in the mid 70’s … 

You have to love temps that aren’t in the mid to high 80’s!  

Linking up with Visible Monday! 


To celebrate I went for some new items I bought for Fall….

These jogger pants are from Old Navy in the color of the season, Marsala . 

The t- shirt is Jones New York that I thrifted and the long vest is clearanced item from Cato.  


We even had a nice breeze today and low humidity.  

   My Necklace is a Susan Graver via QVC, no longer available ,but 

you can check Here to see her current necklaces. 


My purse from Just Fab and peep toe booties are both from last season. 

I went grocery shopping with DH today and all he was doing when I walked towards him

was looking in admiration at my feet….


I am grateful for a wonderful birthday week, filled with family , friends, fun and laughter. 

I am grateful that Tuesday I get an opportunity to celebrate with my DH as he turns 47.  

I am grateful for all my husband’s great efforts to make my 5oth a special event. 

I am grateful for bowling starting back up for my son and that I get to spend two days a week with my favorite bowling mom who has become a great friend!  

I am grateful to be home making my own meals and getting back on track…

I am grateful that I’ve already lost one of the three pounds gained during my celebration week. 

I am grateful for the anticipation of a cruise for our 25th Anniversary in January and the motivation it gives me to get my butt in gear and lose this darn weight!  

One of the Trends for Fall is Black and White Pattern Mixed Prints 

graphic one


Since I am not about to run out and find a new piece that is a mixed print,

I got to thinking why not pair together black and white prints already in our closets 

for pattern mixing?  

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 19 - Walking in Grace and Beauty


Of course I turned to Pinterest and found a few examples to share 

This one show cases, stripes, plaid and herringbone prints.  

Graphics on graphics? Done. Mix two bold black-and-white prints for double the impact.


A graphic print sweater with a floral skirt

Love Her Outfit! Star Looks to Steal | GWEN STEFANI | We know, we know: So many of the pop star's looks are "For Gwen Only." But we think you can translate this look into your own life using some key elements of her patterned pants/embellished top formula: Stick to the same color palette (in this case, black and white). Pay attention to proportions (she teams voluminous pants with a fitted top). And when all else fails, add a killer red lip and a little swagger.


Polka dots with windowpane print

Polk a Dots and Stripes 

Friday Favorites | lauren conrad | #niciasonoki #fashionista


Any prints work well and this pop of color with the shoes can be done with any option.

I own quite a few black and white print options Including: 

Polka Dots







and Graphic Prints

 I look forward to combining them  to create interesting looks this Fall/Winter Season.   

Dear Readers, Do you like the idea of black and white print pattern mixing?  

Feeling Inspired?  

I keep picturing options with things in my closet and am happy that this is exactly what I want to create by 

Not Shopping for a year ,  except for Accessories after September 8th, my 50th birthday! 

Culottes seem like they are going to be big for Fall/Winter 

worn with knee high boots, so these are the only bottoms I’ve added for the season.


Mine are by Kate & Mallory found here , on clearance and almost sold out. 

They also have another option found here

These definitely have to be worn with wedges or heels, at least for us petites. 


It was fun to pair them as soon as they arrived today with a 

sequined tank and blingy vest for their first outing.  

The best part about a black and white outfit is being able to pair it 

with whatever purse color and getting a lot of use from my

Joy & Iman purple one brings me joy.  

This purse comes in a variety of wonderful colors.

 Black Wide Bermuda Culottes

Here is a sample with boots for Winter


My apologies for no standing frontal view of today’s look..

My young photographer went outside barefoot and was hopping around on the hot sidewalk, 

which made for blurry photos, lol

I usually check them before going inside, but not always and today was a busy day cooking a full

turkey dinner to use up the one in the freezer before the kids start heading back to college. 

For other ways to style culottes check out this Pinterest Link


I am grateful for all my children pitching in to make the dinner and the fun of all of us in the kitchen together. 

I am grateful for the fun reaction when my husband came home as I was writing this  blog post and exclaimed with joy at seeing all the dinner fixings awaiting him.   He was on the phone at the time and had to explain his reaction, lol! 

I am grateful for the fun my daughter had doing facial peels with her brothers tonight.  I love the relationships my children share with each other.  

I am grateful for my oldest insisting when he was 14 and they youngest was a baby, that my husband and I go out for weekly date nights. It resulted in my foursome having harmless fun adventures with no parents and creating a bond that is so special.  I don’t take this for granted especially since each child is about 4 and a half years apart.  

My Husband’s Company Treated us for a Night of Baseball with our local

Tidewater Tides


We had a wonderful time especially hanging out with our two youngest.

I think my husband’s favorite part was spending the Tides bucks that came with the package his company provided us, as he and my youngest indulged… cotton candy, ice cream, nuts , cracker jacks were the snacks they ate and that was on top of hot dogs and Italian sausages.  


I decided to wear linen capris, my new striped peplum top from Ebay and my bejeweled vest. 

I couldn’t wear wedges or heels to help the proportions of the cropped pants and my petite height, 

so I opted for the very low wedge pointed toe metallic’s .   

I wasn’t sure if we would be sitting in the sun, so my fedora was a must.  

Turned out we had great seats in the shade, but I loved wearing the hat, as I have been thinking lately that 

I haven’t worn as many hats so far this Summer.  


Can you believe that I am so use to taking blog photos, that I didn’t feel at all funny about taking

this among all the people?  

It’s a first time I didn’t feel that twinge of self consciousness.  

My trusty cross body adorned with the blue butterfly art by Harold Feinstein

was the perfect finish for the activity of the night. 

Dear Readers, I tried something new for the first time tonight, by wearing bracelets on both arms. I’ve been wanting to try it and with the sleeveless look of the day , it just felt right.   

Have you ever worn bracelets on both arms, do you like this trend? 


Enjoying our Dippin Dots…


I am grateful for a fun weekend of family time spent, bowling and at a baseball game. 

I am grateful that my husband finished patching the holes in our bedroom from the electrical issues and repainted and finally moved all the furniture  back into place. 

I am grateful for a fun day hanging out with a dear friend on Saturday, thrifting and checking out the new Tuesday Morning.  

I am grateful that for the anticipation of next weekend as my daughter comes home and my son gets his keys to his first college apartment. 

Well, Dear Readers, I Must Say that Today’s Outfit,

Made Me Very Happy…

I feel like it is a definite “Tracey”  look, something I have been struggling to find

This Summer…


This had just the right amount of feminine touches like the lace and blinged out vest , 

along with the edginess of the the mostly black to feel the Ying/Yang I crave from outfits.

Sometimes in Summer I feel like the looks are getting too sweet with out the contrast that feels more like me.


The top is one my daughter bought via Burlington online, here and wanted to return but didn’t.  

I rather like it , so glad I could confiscate it , after all I did pay for it…

I knotted it for today with the cropped pants for a more balanced proportion with capirs, but will layer it for fall worn long. 

The  linen Crops  are by Old Navy and my favorite shoes of the season my

Clark’s Wedges are via


It was so nice to finally feel like I was in an outfit that made me feel good and more like myself.  

It seems like maxi dresses and skirts aren’t the only look I can count on.  

I really think adding in the vest for third completer piece is a huge key to my happiness levels, 

as even in sneakers yesterday, I felt better with the white vest.   

Third completer pieces truly are a big part of my style and I want them even in the heat of Summer…


I am grateful that despite my 6am wake up this morning after three hours of sleep that I managed not to go for a nap and have high hopes for an early bedtime and better rest tonight…I never take sleep for granted, lol! 

I am grateful that after trying to go bowling very late in the afternoon and getting rejected for a lane due to league nights, that we opted for Chik Fil A for dinner to at least make something of our outing…

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter and hearing her positive attitude to disappointment and chaos. 

I am grateful for my insight and clarity about my dependency on third completer pieces, which now gives me a clear plan to move forward for the remainder of the season.   

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