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Last Year Pantone’s Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid 

and I bought this lovely cardigan, but every time I went to style it,

I ended up taking it off and not using it…


Then a dear friend gave me this fabulous purse for my birthday.  

She is a 31 Gifts consultant, you can find her site here.  

31 has great purses and decorative storage solutions. 

Canvas Crew Tote - Navy Anchor:

This wonderful tote is on my wish list from 31

Honey if you read this blog, you could make note of this….


Before I go further, I thought I would share my daughter, who won 

Best Dressed  Saturday night for 

a 1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner. 

She bought the dress on Ebay for just $20 , spent over an hour getting

the soft curls in her stubborn hair and even got the red lip of the times. 

DSC_1544 (1)

I was so delighted with this look and was thinking of other 

ways I could wear this sweater and

how the purse would really pop with 

any neutral outfit.  

I also had fun pairing it with my Vegas trip 

Charming Charlies Necklace.  


With my year of no shopping in the works, and accessory shopping allowed,

I embraced that for the first time Saturday night when I made a jewelry purchase. 

This purchase will definitely work well for the purse and sweater.  


We went to our Town Center where they were having an Italian Festival. 

I met a wonderful Capodimonte artist , who began this wonderful art form when he was just 

14 yrs old and has been doing it for 45 years!

 His love of this art was so apparent in our conversation

, and all I could think was ,

what a wonderful life to do what you love and have so much passion and pride in.  

 Check out his Website for some other wonderful necklace and earring sets at very reasonable prices.

There may be another purchase from his line in my future! 

Dear Readers, I had a fun weekend with my son coming home for 9 days of Fall break on Friday, The Italian Festival on Saturday and going to Dave & Busters to watch football with family and friends.  

With homeschooling starting back up it’s really important for me to make weekends fun to have that balance between being the teacher in my son’s life and just having fun time.  

I’d say we did a good job of that this weekend.  

I hope you all find some activities to do together and increase your Happiness Levels,  

If you’re not doing so , please give it a try , It really is important! 

If you are good at this share some things you do by commenting ,

perhaps it will inspire myself or others! 


I am grateful for time with family and friends. 

I am grateful for my dear husband who was very thoughtful and completed my birthday surprises Saturday night by presenting me with a book of photos from my week of activities.  Priceless!  

I am grateful that my son liked his coaches humor and style Saturday… he is quite animated and funny, which is so different from my son’s personality, but he quite enjoyed him.  

I am grateful to have this entire next week with my son, home from college. 

After this Weekend in Roanoke for My Son’s Bowling Tournament, 

I’ve been taking a few easy, breezy, lazy days..

A blogger needs a break every now and then…


This is what I wore yesterday for a very hot day…

The sheer polk a dot top is one I thrifted, and in the interest of true confessions,

is actually mint color and not the teal shade I thought it was, lol.  

If you are very observant you can get a tiny peek at the nasty bruise near my knee.

I have no idea what I did, but since I haven’t had a bruise in awhile, I guess I was due! 


This is the outfit I wore the day before our trip and hadn’t posted yet. 

I love pinks and browns together. 

Plum Tree Dressy Wedge Shoe | Women's SALE Dress Shoes | Aerosoles

I was tickled pink , when I saw these Aerosoles on Sale. 

With the extra 25% Off Sale they are only $22.49. 

They even have a knee They even havehigh boot or two for about that price, so you may want to check out the Sale. 


Just for fun, here are my three traveling companions for the Roanoke trip.

I took this photo right after we came out of our tour of the Dixie Caverns. 

From left;  Nicholas my 19 year old at VCU, Connor 15 my homeschooling -bowler and Tom, my husband who has been sporting the beard ever since October when we went to Ireland (he’d been clean shaven for the 24 yrs previous, lol) 


I am grateful that we had a wonderful trip to Roanoke with quality time together, as well as fun with the other team families. 

I am grateful for our love of road trips and that this time we were in my husband’s new car with Sirius Satellite Radio. Music is a big part of our road trips and it was so nice not to be searching channels.  

I am grateful that my son, who threw up Saturday night, was determined to bowl and finished the tournament on Sunday (not his best bowling day, but he didn’t let it get him down). 

I am grateful that my oldest son gave us piece of mind by staying at the house and taking care of the dog, rabbit and turtles. 

I am grateful that I only gained a half a pound on our three day trip. 

I am grateful that my 19 year old who will be voting for the first time in the next presidential election came to me yesterday and told me all about this research and reviews of each candidates.  

I am grateful that my 19 year old has his mother’s sense of wonder and actually pointed out how funny it was that I could sit on the couch on my phone and transfer money to his account, while he sat on the other couch immediately afterward and ordered bedding from Amazon for his first college apartment.  I quite often stop and point out the wonder of things like this…

I joke that this printed tank that I thrifted is as close to Camo print as I am ever going to wear…

DSC_0216 (2)

I love the muted shades ,pops of blue among the neutrals,

the ruffles and what you can’t see is that it is actually a sort of floral design….


I’ve been waiting to pair this with my olive cargo vest for a casual nod to the camo look.  

I am tickled pink that I dared to try on these brown capris that were from last season, and that I was able to get in them after losing a few pounds.  Of course they are tighter than I’d like but I wore them anyway as inspiration to where I am heading in my weight loss journey!  


Any time I get the chance to wear these four vintage bracelets I bought on ebay  awhile ago, I fully indulge as I love them and they can make any look have a boho vibe, lol. 


I am happy with the colors in this look and how the brown bottoms , copper bracelets and cognac touch in my shoes all reflect well with my hair color… 

I also like the small touches of blue in my earrings and shoes.  

Looking forward to seeing these bottoms loosen up a bit as I continue my goal to get back down before my 50th b’day in September!  


I am grateful for a fun day watching my youngest at his bowling lesson and seeing his progress throughout the lesson , since we didn’t bowl for a week, he started off slower than normal , but really picked it up by the end. 

I am grateful for these bowling lessons and the fact that she doesn’t let him get away with anything and that he has a teacher besides myself- something important for a home-schooling teen! 

I am grateful for my adventurous husband who didn’t laugh at me when I suggested our Saturday night date night be going to a rodeo, something I’ve never done, but I love trying new things- except foods, where I am picky! 

I am grateful for this last week with my daughter before she heads back to Boston for a summer class. I am also grateful that she will be done and back again in just 6 weeks.  

I am grateful for Jet Blue and cheap flights to Boston as I have every intention of going to see my daughter for her b’day July 5th!  

When I say, 

The Weather Inspired Look of the Day,

I am not just referring to myself, it seemed like a lot of us had the same idea for today..

You see my trip to the grocery store was a fun surprise when about every other woman I encountered,

had broken out either a maxi dress, or skirt…

It was a delightfully funny indicator that we are all ready for Spring! 


I began with this thrifted skirt, that speaks very much to my boho side. 

My top is actually a tunic that I knotted at the side. 

My favorite thing about putting this look together was no need for a jacket and the 

opportunity to stack my vintage bracelets, one of my favorite things about warmer temps.  


Any time I have a chance to grab my Dooney and Bourke purse, 

I happily indulge…

It was a complete accident that the shoes I chose match the tones in the purse.  

I only noticed it after taking the pictures, happy accidents, gotta love ’em! 


The only thing more fun than the swishing of wearing a long skirt, 

is the fun pictures created on a windy day. 

Dear Readers, I still didn’t make it back on schedule to do my morning walk, as my sinuses in the a.m. are just miserable..

It must be really bad, as my husband who doesn’t suffer from allergies is having problems,

as well as my youngest, who has mild issues normally.  


I am grateful that I recognized the severity of my headache early enough to take over the counter migraine medicine, as later in the day I avoid it or it messes with my sleep. 

I am grateful that my husband had a second day in a row with no day appointments and spent some quality time with our son, and had such interesting and educational conversations. 

I am grateful for a late night call from my son away at college last night, I love hearing his voice. 

I am grateful that my sister-in-law is such a strong woman and is speaking up for herself while in rehab center after foot surgery, as they are totally incompetent and there is drama daily.   

Today was Parent’s Night Out, 

so I opted for another opportunity to wear  a dress. 

I purposely opted to play down the dress and wear it a very casual way…


Typically a sweater dress hugs all your curves and can be quite figure flattering…

I chose to play that down and pair it with my Old Navy Olive Utility Jacket. 

Since I have olive fleece lined tights I couldn’t help myself… 


I tried several scarves before settling on the brown and olive one. 

I really am lucky to have such a wonderful scarf collection! 


Pairing this with this sweater dress with the utility jacket and the riding boots, 

created a much more casual look for the occasion.  


I am grateful that my son away at college is feeling better, as he was having sinus issues over the weekend. 

I am grateful that my husband was able to reschedule and make it to my son’s private bowling lesson today. 

I am grateful that my sister in law is doing better today, after a seizure last night.  I am grateful that she called me and that my daughter was able to call her an ambulance while I stayed on the phone with her. 

I am grateful for Parent’s Night Out and our supportive, kindhearted group. 

I am grateful that tomorrow is bowling day!  I love Hump Day!  

Awhile back I put together this look,  with browns and added

Burgundy due to the coloring in the print….


I loved these colors together, so much that they really stuck with me.

 That prompted me to give them another go..

Here’s the result…


It was really fun to remake the color scheme without relying 

on the easy way of adding shades from a print…


I even mixed a brown and red lipsticks to come up with a burgundy…

In addition I changed my black prescription sunglasses for a tone more appropriate. 

Like my windblown look?  


I was happy to get another chance to style my Joan Rivers velvet blazer 

Velvet and corduroy textures definitely add an element to this look,

as does the snake skin purse.

Dear Readers, there really are so many ways a blogger can come up with inspiration for outfits.  

I like adding this one into my repertoire.

 There are so many times that colors I put together are due to pulling a shade from a print , something I recall was my mother’s favorite way to style… Even at her funeral a woman she babysat for told me she marveled at how my mother would pull a shade from an outfit and add it in a sock color for her baby boy.  I remembered my mother coming home after those babysitting days with pure delight at the compliments she received.  I remembered that and have used it so much in my life… I even used it when putting window displays together for my consignment store. I once had an customer come in while I was putting a display together and ask me if I had an art background.. For someone who was never strong at art, this was a huge compliment and I credited it to observing my mother put together outfits.  

It is so funny when I sit down to write a blog post, I never know where it’s going to bring me..

Today it brought me to lovely memories of my mother.


Of course I have to start with being grateful that today’s post allowed me a wonderful moment to remember my mother.

I am grateful that the taxes and FAFSA forms are done!  

I am grateful for a very lazy Sunday spent reading. 

I am grateful for the chance for snow and hope we actually get a little this time..

I am grateful that my college children send texts and pictures to their younger brother, making him feel loved and not forgotten.. 

What ‘s a Football Fan to do on Sunday’s,

Once the Season is over?  

Linking up with Visible Monday


Well, this mother is supporting her son’s bowling and upcoming  

tournaments coming in April,  by getting in some extra practice time…

I sat out and just watched, as my sciatica is getting better, but still acting up,.


I am wearing the Old Navy Sweater for the first time, which Dear Readers, is currently on Sale…

We had a beautiful sunny day near 70F , so I opted to also wear my Just Fab flats,

I recently purchased , but was saving for Spring… 

If my sciatica wasn’t acting up, I would have paired this outfit with orange pumps to bookend the scarf..


The Jeans are my beloved Diane Gilman brown ones with zippers down the side…

The brown fur vest I purchased as my first reward for my weight loss and cherish it for that reason..

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

As I’ve mentioned before I receive no compensation for this blog. 

I wanted to mention that I’ve bought several purses from Just Fab, and was fearful the shoes would not work for me, possibly rub my foot the wrong way and cause blisters.. I recently braved these flats and can say they are very comfortable and I had no problems with blisters!  I would consider buying another pair of shoes and giving them a try in the future…


I am grateful for a chat with my daughter  who is at Boston College and getting even more snow…

I am grateful that my daughter  agreed and even laughed when I told her that this experience of going to school in these snowy conditions is something she will always remember and give her confidence as it is a self esteem booster… 

I am grateful that the headache I had for the past few days was completely gone today!  

I am grateful for  a relaxing laid back two days. 

I am grateful for a sunny, breezy warm day in the coldest month of the year! 

I am grateful for wonderful music playing on the Grammy’s as I typed this post…

Tuesday was our first Homeschooling Parents Night Out for our Teen Group

I knew right away that I was going to wear a dress or skirt 


I opted to make it more casual by adding riding boots 

and an aztec print thrifted jacket.  


The parents night was just what we all needed…

We laughed so hard when we exchanged stories and realized all of us that are not single, 

protected this as a girl’s night out when the men in our lives questioned about it….

We planned another one for next month….


I really enjoyed this outfit today as browns have always been a strong color in my wardrobe…

I’ve worn this dress twice now and kept it with all browns both times…


Here’s the last time I wore it…

By the way this dress was purchased on Jane .com 

I love this site for great casual day dresses…

The inventory changes quite frequently as items sell out quickly. 

Dear Readers, I succeeded again today in meeting my exercize goal and did a workout with hand weights..I love doing strength training and my fluidity ballet bar because I feel the burn after those workouts… Cardio on the other hand has never thrilled me, but is something I need to do 3 times a week for my heart. so that’s the plan for tomorrow…I think I am going to do Rockin Body by Shaun T as my option since dancing is more fun than the treadmill…  A few years back I joined the Y and went three days a week to water aerobic, deep water and finning classes and loved the pool workouts, but as a homeschooling mother, I can’t spend 3 hours  at the gym three days a week… Alas maybe I’ll do that again in the future once homeschooling is done, in 4 years…..

What’s your favorite Cardio exercize?  


I am so grateful for the Parents Night Out as it lifted my spirit and was something as a homeschooling mother that was much needed…

I am grateful for the laughter and fun each of us bring to the conversation…

I am grateful that I get to hang out again with these Mom’s tomorrow at Bowling. 

I am grateful that my daughter called and booked her flight for her Spring Break – she’ll be home in less than 6 weeks! 

I am grateful that my son did lessons on the piano today and seems to like it… 

I am grateful for a wonderful sunny 60 degree day!

After a two week break for the holidays, 

today we went back to our home-school bowling league. 


We had colder temps today that actually had “feels like 27” and after sunset “feels like 14”

That’s a big deal for a place that rarely gets below freezing… 

We even saw a few snowflakes on the drive home from bowling…


It was cold, taking my jacket off for this…

I actually tried this look this morning without the scarf and layering a pink blouse underneath..

I squashed that idea when I tried making my bowling moves and felt constricted by the blouse..

I wanted another layer, so the scarf and jacket idea came into play, along with the pink hat…


I wore the tan boots to bookend the tan in the sweater…

Then noticed it went well with my tote for my bowling shoes…

IMG_2527 I am glad that I opted to purchase the pink utility jacket in addition the the olive one last year,

as the utility jacket is a great style and this pink color is so fun.  

I bought mine from F21 and sadly when doing an online search can’t find anyone else who has one.

Dear Readers, These cold temps today were a shock to our systems… none of us wanted to go back out… I even took a nap this afternoon as the sinus pressure felt like a precursor to migraine level.  The good news is that after my nap. the nausea was gone and the pressure and headache was at a milder manageable level..   This season has been tougher on my sinuses.. i need to get on a better regiment of the vitamin C that I’ve done in past years with great success.. 


I am so grateful for this homeschooling group that is so wonderful and that my 19 year old was able to join us and he too was impressed with the group for his brother and how nice and social everyone was.

I am grateful for the fun, laughter and support among the parents- laughter is so good for the soul!

I am grateful for my son’s sense of humor and am going to miss him when he leaves to go back to college this weekend..When I went to take my nap today, he piped up with “Don’t do it, Freddie Kruger is waiting for you!”  

I am grateful that after waking up from my nap that my son actually reheated the Calzones for us all- no cooking at all for me today! 

I am grateful that my daughter had a chance to hang out with a high school friend she hasn’t seen in years, today! 

I am grateful for the moment I had with my daughter today, just seeing her chilling out on the couch and telling her my thoughts of how nice it was to see  her relaxed, as I know she will go right back into school mode and stress when she gets back to graduate school… It was a nice moment as  I ran my fingers through her hair.  all anyone in this world needs is to know that they are seen, valued and understood…

I seem to have a much easier time in warmer months,

to embrace my Boho side… but today was just in a mood to break that out…


I thought this thrifted sheer tunic would be a good start…

I layered my Steampunk style necklace with floral and wooden beads chain.  

Leggings, riding boots and a comfy sweater complete the look and satisfied my boho desire for the day..


My hair actually started of looking nice…

The windy day tousled it about for the rest of the photo shoot…

After taking photos I headed for a walk to the store to get groceries

to satisfy my son’s dinner request for tomorrow..

I added a brown bucket style hat and kept it on the rest of the day,

feeling even more bohemian..


I layered the sheer tunic over a dark brown tunic top for extra warmth…


I really like wearing cozy sweaters especially when we have major temperature swings…

Yesterday it was 74, today 47… 

Dear Readers, this last week with my college children is all about making their favorite meals…Today was fulfilling my daughter’s love of bacon with my Barbecue chicken, bacon, tomato and cheddar sandwiches ( I actually eat mine without the roll)  and tomorrow is my son’s request for Calzones-two types.. one with Ricotta, Mozzarella and Parmesan and the second one with ham slices, sauteed onions and Sharp Cheddar… I learned how to make these from an Italian mother of one of my husband’s high school classmates about 23 years ago.. I don’t make them often, which makes them even more special. 

I am hoping my oldest, who is a Pescetarian, will join us for the cheese version..


I am grateful that my children have tasked me with making their comfort foods this last week of their vacation. 

I am grateful that my son noticed how much I am running the dishwasher with them all home, and suggested next time they are all there, that I go to paper plates and cups…

I must add that everyone has pitched in with dishwasher and is not just leaving it all to me and for that I am grateful.

I am grateful that my husband’s  company appreciates him and his work abilities and ethics.  He actually had the crew working a 13 hour Sunday to install 3 of his jobs… they normally have Sunday off.. 

I am grateful that the owner of his company was in awe of his last year’s sales numbers and has challenged him with a full year in the field to sell a million dollars ( it’s doable based on his past and current progress and the challenge is something that works well for my husband) 

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