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Fall may be taking it’s time to arrive, 

but this blogger has had enough and is breaking out her boots. 

 I have them all unpacked and ready to go , and ankle boots can be worn year round. 

I however can’t stand them in our hot humid Summer’s.  

The Good News is that Mid 80’s in October is without the awful humidity. 

Linking up with The Mix today! 


One of the big trends in pants right now is of course the cropped version 

or even cropped flared or boot-cuts and wearing them with ankle boots is all

the rage for Fall trends. 

I can see it for Fall, but my legs aren’t going to like that for winter, 

so now is a good time to try out the trend for the first time. 

I have to say I had a pep in my step breaking out my fringe boots from last year. 


My arm party with two bracelets that have both silver and gold and the one 

with words actually says each of my children’s names with hearts in between each. 

I ordered that from Jane. com awhile back.

As I’ve mentioned before Jane changes daily , so you have to stalk it 

for something specific as things that sell well do tend to be featured again.  


It looks like my favorite tree photos are going to be complete

with my own photo bomber in the form of this Frankenstein 

character DH attached to the tree trunk ….


After seeing the outfit pictures,  my artistic eye instantly cringed and 

I wish I had only worn the Halston lariat necklace (sold out) and left off the

Ying Yang mother of pearl and onyx one. 


My long flowing vest is such a fun boho piece and I am so glad I found these last year 

and indulged in getting it in both the black and the creme. 

It’s by Indigo Thread Co , which is a line at Evine Live that has wonderful 

pieces for a boho lover like myself. 

While my version is last years version , they have this similar version in fun colors now. 

Check out this link to see the entire Indigo Thread line. 

Dear Readers, Comments welcomed and appreciated. 

Are any of you lucky enough to have Fall weather Yet? 

If so what is your favorite thing about dressing for FALL? 


I am so grateful to have my son home for a few days from college as their is nothing better than hearing the laughter among the three kids that are home. 

I am grateful that that son loves to cook and is currently chopping up stuff to make Broccoli, Potato and Cheddar Soup.

I am grateful that my husband is having a successful trip to Northern Virginia and sounds so cheerful when we talk on the phone.  

I am grateful for fun running of errands with just myself and my son home from college while my youngest worked on some CLEP homeschooling work.   


Well, I loved this outfit in the mirror, 

but don’t think I quite captured it right…

First of all I took photos in the morning around 10:30am and that was a mistake…


This outfit has a lot of matchy-matchy elements with the blue flats, purse and necklace,

but that’s  precisely what I liked about it.  

I like a column of color like the creme top and bottoms and the addition of a printed topper all in neutral shades and then the addition of a brighter pop of color in acessories.  

It’s a different way of doing color than I’ve done in the past.  

Definitely an outfit formula I’d like to explore more. 

Perhaps I could have chosen a plain silver or gold necklace instead to be less matchy. 


Here is a close up of the new Joan Rivers Cardigan in brown. 

This line runs very big, as I am wearing an XS.  

It comes in a black and white and magenta and black.  

I love browns a lot and know this one will be very versatile for me. 

Ollio Women's Ballet Comfort Light Faux Suede Multi Color Shoe Flat(7.5 B(M) US, Blue) Ollio

These are my shoes from Amazon,

Blues are so big for the season and I need flats for my Mom on the Go style. 

Dear readers, I hated the other pictures I took of this look, as I pulled the sweater closed instead of letting it hang naturally, which meant it didn’t create the vertical lines I need to break up this stupid menopausal weight gain in my mid-region.   I just couldn’t see me posting pictures I wasn’t comfortable with.. All this experience did was make me grateful that I am on day three of my banana and protein kick start and for my commitment to Pilates exercizing.  


I am grateful that my son got a new high score of 191 at howling today , as he inches closer to the goal he has of reaching 200.  

I am grateful that we decided to just stay after the morning bowling league instead of going home , then back out the the bowling clinic in the late afternoon.  We are both having sinus issues and crashed later in the day! 

I am grateful that my husband is supporting my needs for proteins on this current diet I am using to kick start my way off carbs and took me shopping to BJ’s to stock up. 

I am grateful that I ventured outside today to pick up those pesky newspaper ads that were in my driveway at the exact time my mailman came to deliver and that we shared a short chat and a laugh!  He actually joked about no packages today, as I’ve been ordering clothes for my son and some kitchen gadgets and other items along with some new things for myself.  

I am grateful for the love and support of our homeschooling team and how it benefits not just me, but has given me Mom of teens friends!  

The Push to get this 15lb Weight Gain is Now On!  

 I have Just two months from today to get myself back into shape 

after this menopausal weight gain…

I took before pics, this morning and I can clearly see the midsection gain and loss of my curves, 

which explains my current struggle in styling outfits.  


I will not be revealing the before pics by themselves, 

so hold on for the next 6o days when I do the reveal…

I am loving this as I am finally really motivated!  


Today, I went bowling yet again, as my son’s competition is next weekend 

and he is getting use to his new performance ball.

Today we  met up with his homeschooling group and an extra group lesson 

with his private coach, which helped him tremendously.

Another practice bowling day set for Thursday and then a private lesson on Friday.  

It’s a good thing we all like bowling and are enjoying this crazy week of so much of it!  


Upon my arrival to the bowling alley, I was met outside by an employee on a break who shouted, 

“I had shoes like that back in 19… I’m not gonna say when!  It would Shock You!”   

I laughed and said, “Yes, like all things they are back on trend!”  

Wearing my thrifted black and colbalt top paired with two pieces from of the very lightweight sweater,

which even has pockets…. and my linen jogger capris..   

I found this necklace at Walmart on clearance for just $3 and the purse is from Amazon , here

Dear Readers,  I could really use accountability for the 2 month countdown to lose this darn weight, so please chime in with a comment to cheer me on and help keep me motivated!!!!

 I’ll be putting more details out about my plan and course of action along the way. 

First Up is the Addition of Warm Lemon Water First thing in the Morning,

Why , you ask, Read this article for the benefits.  


I am so grateful that I’ve found the motivation that has seemed to allude me, despite my strong desire to get rid of the 15lbs  I’ve gained. 

I am grateful for having my niece this week and the fun we are all having going bowling and our one day we made it to the beach.

I am grateful for phone calls from my daughter who is back in Boston for graduate school. 

I am grateful for my friendships with the homeschooling mom’s and seeing them today, but also knowing I get to see them again for a Parent’s Night Out, Thursday!  

Once again I am doing a twist on the GYPO Spring Style Challenge, 

and this time it was due to not having a great pair of dark straight or skinny jeans. 

To be more specific, not a pair that fit me right now.  


Today’s Outfit suggestion was to embrace the Denim on Denim Trend.  

This was the one that caused the most stress among the challengers and I wish I had been able to pull it of myself. 

Super simple outfit and I love the choice of shoes!


This is a great example of how the rend looks, of course for those in the challenge, a pair of bright flats are more suitable for the Spring vibe…


Speaking of Spring Flats, I purchased these from Amazon just for the Spring Challenge. 

My Chambray top is from Old Navy and again my bag is from Just Fab

As for my Jeans, what can I say, I am addicted to my Diane Gilman Jeans!  

They never disappoint and have stretch that works for this frustrating time of weight fluctuations.  


I loved this color combo and my new shoes are going to get a lot of use…

I have several ideas already for them… 

If you haven’t added bright flats to your Spring Wardrobe, I highly recommend them. 


Keeping it real, I added the jacket as the temperature was cool enough to warrant 

it for my walk to the grocery store.  


I am so grateful that I went back to bed this morning and caught up on some much needed sleep.

I am grateful for the fun of the Style Challenge and making these looks all my own. 

 I am grateful for the mess up and one pound weight gain from yesterday, as sometimes we can get complacent and wake up calls are good motivation.

I am grateful for the fun of going to the grocery store with my son to pick out fun marinades for Chicken, we have our two favorites and picked up two new ones as well.  

I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday, it’s a long week,when you are waiting for birthday surprises for your child and I still have to wait for Sunday for most…

Let’s just say I am by nature a Rebel…

When it comes to certain things and I am finding myself being just that,

when it comes to styling looks for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge

white maxi

Today’s Outfit formula was white jeans, a sweater, black tank and scarf.  

I changed it all around, I couldn’t help myself..

I wanted to finally wear this maxi that I’ve owned for two years and never worn due to it’s sheerness. 

I finally got white capri leggings to wear underneath it. so couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I knew I wanted a printed sweater, so when this when caught my eye this morning, I opted to go for color in my tank. 


I’ve had this sweater for several season’s and never tire of it.  

Pairing it with the cobalt is a first and all due to the challenge.  

Grasping a chance to wear my beloved Ying/Yang necklace of onyx and mother of pearl, made my day.


My purse is one of my finds on Just Fab and the floral wedges are Aerosoles and no longer available.

Every time I wear these wedges I get compliments and hate that they aren’t sold anymore. 

I’ve had them for a few seasons and with colors of cobalt, green and red, they are so versatile. 


I am so grateful that the bowling alley made good on not ordering the balls last week in order for me to have it before my son’s birthday… He’s now getting a big surprise!  

I am grateful to the mother, (Katie) who brought a card for everyone to sign for my son’s b’day at our bowling group today! 

I am grateful that I talked to my two middle children away at college today, when this happens I always think, “my cup runneth over”

I am grateful for all the deliveries that arrived today, my shoes for the Spring Challenge, and surprises for my son’s birthday, which is Sunday.  

I am happy that cobalt is still a strong color for the season. 

I love it and think it pairs well with so many colors.  


I recently thrifted this color blocked black and cobalt tank.  

I bought the cobalt shoes last season from Payless Comfort Plus Line. 

Here is this year’s offerings in that line. 

I am loving the yellow ones, but my shopping addiction is on overload for Spring so I am resisting. 


This yellow statement necklace is the one I bought on a walk last week to Burlington ,

my youngest went with me and helped me pick this one out. 


My pants are Old Navy Pixie Pants and I have to say I am so glad I tried pants from them,

as I love them and have bought several this past year.  

I swear the majority of my pants are now Diane Gilman Jeans, Old Navy Pants and a few Spring soft pants from F21.  

I do have a few other sources, but these are my favorites.  


I have to laugh at this photo, as more often than not in this pose, my heel comes out of my shoe and my observant teen photographer usually notices and tells me to adjust….

Today, however I asked him to leave a computer game to take my photos, so I guess it’s to be expected. 

Dear Readers, As a stay at home mother I don’t get to wear heels as often as I would like, so today when my son was suppose to have a private bowling lesson, I took advantage of it.  Since it is Spring Break, the coach cancelled, thinking it would be too crowded to get a lane.  My husband was at an appointment this morning when he got the cancellation call and instantly took the opportunity to ask us to go out to lunch.   I loved that I was dressed and feeling great. I never take for granted or forget the times when I didn’t take as good care and get dressed daily and am so glad I’ve forever changed that. I can see how happy it makes my entire family, as they all never cease to compliment me.  


I am glad for the cancellation of the bowling lesson and time for my husband to spend with us. 

I am grateful for a trip to BJ’s  and finding a new maxi skirt there. 

I am grateful for the kind responses to yesterday’s post. 

I am grateful that a few more people joined my Facebook Group looking for support to lose some winter weight.

I am grateful that my husband supports my love of fashion and compliments my efforts. 

While the first Picasso Painting was grey. black and white this one is full of color.

picasso paintings | picasso paintings – can never have too much picasso

I was inspired by the flower print so wore my print pants


Well, I’ve  said often enough that I Love Color…

These Diane Gilman stretch jeans are so forgiving with my weight gain,

but will still work when I continue to lose..


Seriously this day of drizzle was the first day of Spring???

This jacket and the orange shutter pleat blouse were both items I found at BJ’s…

Don’t leave out those type of stores for great items and prices…

Shoes are Payless and Dooney bag was a gift…


This weather is not great for a girl’s hair…

It was fun to be inspired to put all these colors together… 

I might have done this look with no prompting myself by leaving off the scarf…

Dear Readers, Wishing YOU a wonderful weekend, 

Thanks for stopping by!

More Picasso LOOKs Coming Next Week! 


I am grateful for the  possibility of a homeschool cruise for October 2016 leaving right from our neck of the woods when Carnival brings their line back to Norfolk…

I am grateful for a fun day reminiscing with my homeschooler about his love of performing and encouraging him to sing for a talent show I am hoping to put together for our homeschool group.  

I am grateful for my dear friend who is always there when I need her.

I am grateful for  the weekend and days of just being Mom, not teacher…

I am grateful for Pizza and wings delivery, cut my finger on the blade of my Ninja blender.. not cooking tonight…

When you live in Virginia Beach,

any snow on the ground is a Big Deal!

I almost feel guilty at the delight my homeschooling teen and I had over the snow, 

Knowing my daughter in Boston is getting another dumping of the stuff!  


We rarely get temperatures under freezing and with our highs today at 20,

I instantly knew today was the day for my cashmere turtleneck sweater!  

I am not much for turtlenecks, but I am also not much for freezing….


I had full smiles going on today ,

as the snow had just begun to fall and my son’s joy was contagious…

My young photographer mentioned my smile as some days he peers through

the camera and tells me he needs a “real smile”   

He then proceeds to make crazy dancing antics to illicit a satisfactory expression… 

I love that he notices that and cares so much!  


Any day I get to wear my cobalt tribal print jeans from Diane Gilman is a good day…

I never get tired of these and liked adding the F21 necklace to play off the shapes in the pants.

I have to mention that an outfit with two strong colors is very pleasing to my eye. 


My daughter choose a new, more body con black leather jacket this year for Christmas

and gave me this one since my black one has decoration and this plain one is more versatile. 


I am grateful for the fun mood in my house today, in anticipation of snow!  

I am grateful for all the texting today with my college kids sharing the joy with their brother and me.  

I am grateful with a nice Facebook conversation with a girlfriend from my teen years. 

I am grateful for a great day of connection as  also texted with my best friend, making plans to spend this weekend with her and even chatted with my sister-in-law in Boston.  

I am grateful for the fun my dog had going out in the snow… he didn’t want to come in… 

I’ve had these cobalt tribal print jeans by Diane Gilman for a few years now…

And realized today, that I’d never tried pattern mixing with them…


I added the Chevron scarf and liked it and even liked adding the white sweater, as I’ve always worn these pants with black, grey, or brights like yellow and orange… 

I’ve shared my love of Diane Gilman Jeans before, here is her current selection 

Much like Not Your Daughters Jeans, these are great for the 40 plus among us…I will note that I usually size down one in her jeans, but make sure to read reviews to see if anyone says they are running large or small…


My happy accident was discovering in the daylight that the scarf is actually navy and white, not black and white…

I already own a navy and white striped knitted unity scarf, so now I am going to gift this one to a dear friend…

The set of scarves I bought from No more rack actually had two in this shade and I gifted the other one to my niece…


We had another cloudy day, so two days in a row without sunglasses, a rarity..

I wore my Rachel Zoe for Qvc black trench, also a few years old…

In fact my white sweater found at Bj’s and purse by Just Fab are new,

while even my booties are from Payless last year.  

Dear Readers, I bowled for the first time since Summer and got my highest score to date… Now don’t get me wrong I am not that good.. My normal scores range from 100 to 120 , but today I scored 155… We are starting a 14 week league for the parents that I’d been pushing for , so glad to get back into it… Why should our homeschool kids have all the fun?


I am so grateful that the young girl in the homeschooling group who dislocated her knee today is at home sleeping tonight. 

I am so grateful for this wonderful set of homeschooling mothers, it’s so rare to get such a kind,fun -loving, supportive, non judgmental and  compassionate group of mother’s  together.  

I am grateful that as you read this today (Thursday) I will be with my hairstylist getting a cut and color for the holidays.. yes I had to book the first week of December to get in!  Pics tomorrow! 

I am grateful that my migraine went away FINALLY around 5pm…the nausea was terrible, these darn weather changes are terrible…My daughter called today from Boston with the same complaint…

I am grateful that my daughter called today and sounded so relaxed, as all major papers and projects for the semester are done and her exams are all take home papers.  

I am grateful that my son passed his ROTC PT testing today, as he didn’t think he could muster the strength for the 60 push ups…he’d been doing only 20, but somehow found the determination to push forward and not give up.. He is very sore tonight, wish he was home so I could set up an epsom salt bath for him…. 

After trying on several looks today, I finally settled on this one..

Not that this look is settling…


As a woman with curves, shorts are the hardest  thing to style…

It’s all about balancing my hips…

What better way than with a sheer kimono that ties at the waist?  


I bought this sheer kimono from Steinmart a few years ago around Chirstmas time when it was on their clearance racks and I had an extra 50% off coupon, making it around $4.  

My necklace is a recent purchase from Ebay of the beautful blue stones wrapped in silver.

I hope to get several pendants like these and a silver chain for my dear niece as a great way for her to accumualate many colors to indulge her passion for fashion.   

I’d also like to note that I love this deep color on my lips…

It’s just a cheap Wet/Wild brand I picked up at Walgreens called, Mink Brown. 


I wanted to wear flats today, but after a few attempts realized these pointed toe ones worked best with the shorts.

There really is something about those pointed toe that help elongate the leg…

This look is a wonderful blend of  thrifted items with my shorts and shoes from Goodwill…

My Purse is still available on Just Fab, Here. 


I guess I wore a very similar combo last summer with these shorts and kimono…. 

So funny!   

Dear Readers, Well, I finished all 4 seasons of Dowton Abbey and can’t believe how caught up in it I became… I think it proved my point about getting into watching entire seasons on Netflix the way the rest of my family does… I won’t be doing that any time soon as I didn’t like how addicting it felt.. I stayed up late, like seriously late… last night I was up unitl 5 am!    So lesson learned!  

Still standing strong and have had no diet soda!   


It may sound silly , but I am grateful I finally found an outfit I liked today after 5 or 6 tries…. No wonder I was into my easy skirt and top looks this week…

I am grateful that I sent the kids out for KFC instead of cooking tonight.

I am grateful that my daughter and son worked together and put the first of her items into the trailer our friend lent us to take her to Boston…A queen size mattress and box spring that was in the house and in my way…

I am grateful that my youngest was so patient with my taking over his computer these last few days to watch Downton Abbey, keeping him away from skyping with his friends and playing Minecraft… 

I am grateful that my youngest is such a willing photographer and takes doing a good job for me seriously…He actually took this pose from several angles…Looking forward to him taking a photography class soon.

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