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As a mother of three sons, I have always been careful about show cleavage in my tops. 

                                                                                       I love a good v-neck and wear them often, but fell in love when Amelia James came out with their

Sedona Wrap Top.  I actually have three now, that is how much I adore it.

Posting all the styles and sizes I have available at the bottom of this post 

Three of any one style is my limit as I use to shop and get multiples like a crazy person when I liked them.  

This pretty floral is one I have worn most often. I paired it with Leatherette 

Leggings when I was in San Diego for the Amelia James REP retreat for a fun date night look. 

I have also worn it with white jeans and a black skirt, I have yet to pair it with grey, but every intention as

another way to style this top.   I am also wearing Amelia James Alyeska dolman sleeved cardigan. 

My pants are new for the season, Crepe pull-on  cargo pants by  Lisa Rhinna 

The Sedona wrap top has one snap at the top to keep it in place, cute balloon sleeves with bows at the wrist.

The bottom of the top is also elasticized, which allows it to blouse over perfectly.  You can’t tell here, but I am showing a bit of cleavage, lol 

A recent customer reported back that her husband adored this as a date night top, 

but like that she could wear it with a cami and a skirt to see million dollar clients. 

 We had temps near 70 today, sunny and gorgeous!  

I also bought Lisa Rhinna Cargo pants with the banded bottom for a jogger style and wore them all Summer! 

Note to self, don’t put hands in your pockets, lol 

To purchase simply email me @ with size, style and color info and

I will email a PayPal invoice and ship it right out to you, Fingers crossed I get a website in January. 

Sedona Tops run true to size :

XS 0-2, Small 2-4 Medium 6-8, Large 10-12 Xlarge 14-16 2X 18-20 3X 22-24 

Retail for $50- $52 all on sale for $40 


Last two Sedona Tops in this Pink Floral color sizes Large or Xlarge. 

Retail $50 sale price $40 


This was so popular when it launched that I only got two! 

Size Small and Large, again $40 on sale 

This green print would make a very subtle nod to the holiday season, but 

still perfect for wearing for 3 seasons, easily,   

Available in Size Small, Medium, Large and XLarge 

Sale price $40 

This Olive version has a ribbed texture. 

Available in size XS, S, M, L, XL $40 

This version is 3/4 sleeve and has a bigger bow detail. $40 

Purple: Size 4X 

Marigold: Size 2X 

  1. Olive:3x
  2. please indicate 3/4 sleeve as not to confuse with other olive versions. 

A Fabulous one in great Fall/Winter shades 

Sizes S, M, L, Xl, 2X and 3X 

$ 40

The Alyeska Dolman Sleeve Cardigan. You can downsize in this one as it runs big.

I am typically a medium and can wear a Small or X-Small 

Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL    Retail $50 sale $40 Super Soft!  

Grey $40 

Sizes S, M, L(2) 

XL(3)   , 2X , 3X


Blush marbled with grey $40 

XS, M(2) , L, XL , 3X 






Today’s Challenge was to wear Anything Leopard

and I knew I wanted to pair it with Burgundy as wearing my 

Creme Boots yesterday , made me want to wear my Burgundy ones today.

Linking up today with Turning Heads Linkup


I bought the dress from and like it , but it is 

definitely one that has to be worn with tights as it has no lining. 

I actually searched amazon for burgundy tights at the beginning of the season…

Gotta love Amazon!   


I added a pink and gold necklace Charming Charlies necklace to the look , 

another option to accessorize would have been to add a belt and forgo the necklace. 

Leapord Jacket is by Joan Rivers via QVC ,

It’s currently on clearance for just $26 in smaller sizes.

It does run big as I have a 39 inch bust and wear an XS very comfortambly

and can easily button this jacket as it has 

elastic gathering at the waist, a favorite feature of thsi jacket.    


I think this would make a great Valentine’s Date Night Outfit! 

I definitely styled this look just for the challenge and not for my day

home with my teen homeschooler, lol.  

DH didn’t go to work until 2pm , so he did get a kick out of it .  

When trying to figure out a purse, my son immediately suggested I go with something pink. 

He couldn’t believe I took his suggestion and I swear he stood taller when taking my photos.  

Self Care

I was in a real funk today… Perhaps the lack of sleep…I didn’t let that stop me 

and made the commitment to eat only fruit, veggies and protein today. 

I succeeded in that!  


I am grateful that this morning first thing I had an e-mail from Weight Watchers explaining that they were counting points of fruit and vegetables in smoothies because when blended they don’t offer the same feeling of fullness.  I guess they think you will indulge in more fruit throughout the day so counting it in smoothies will offset that. My smoothie with Chia seeds, green tea and Greek Yogurt along with fruit keeps me full until lunchtime, so still pondering going back to WW. 

I am grateful for a phone call from my brother as he gets ready to leave for a trip to Cancun, lucky guy will be spending his birthday on this work reward trip for all his success.  Nice to share in his joy! 

I am grateful for the anticipation as we  countdown for Thursday Night when my daughter who will  be home. 

I am grateful that I am hearing on the news, that my bimonthly water bill is going to be switching to a smaller bill every month… more convienent for so many.   

I am grateful for the awkward moment when my next door neighbor was walking his dog during my photo shoot, the first time that’s ever happened and made for a good laugh between my photographer and myself!  

My Spin Off Private Facebook Group has really been 

helping to inspire some great outfits this weekend!  

Saturday was Dark Florals….


My beloved Isaac Mizrahi leather that was a highly eleusive wish item

for several years.  I actually broke my no buy in November to purchase this and have 

no regrets and the full support of DH who knew how long I searched for the right one. 

This color says dark charcoal, but looks black to me! 


Funny , but when I see this outfit, I think everthing except the handbag which was a gift,

are all online purchases, the blouse is Liz Claiborne NY via Qvc ( I am wearing a small)  , the pants are Old Navy Pixie’s

and my fringe boots are Non- Rated via Amazon.


I love that in waiting for this jacket that I got something unique and special and 

best of all not a classic motto jacket, which is what I thought I wanted… 

I was lucky to get it when it was on a 6 month payment plan and am still paying it off… 

Sunday’s Outfit Inspiration from my group was to wear footwear that you love

but hasn’t been worn enough recently. 


The creme boots I bought last year, fit that dexcription perfectly.  

Having turtlenecks, that I still giggle about finding at BJ’s , in my wardrobe this season

opens up the door for me to go boho and wear my beloved tunic that I’ve had for several years now 

and had to reserve in warmer temps with the tank it came with.  


I love wearing creme in Winter and DH loves my creme boots, 

so this group is inspiring me to have fun with my outfits recently….

 These are from Chadwicks and only remain in a few sizes… 

Dear Readers, Do you have a footwear item that  this could spark you to style for a look this week ?  

While my group is private for only style challenge alummi, I hope my fun in finding outfit inspirations

can spark some joy in your own daily venture to be creative with what’s in your closet….

I think we could all use some Outfit Inspiration! 


I am grateful that this Sunday morning, I woke up, look at the time and saw 10:01 am, meaning I had a full 8 hours of sleep , a true rarity for this woman who loves sleep and has been struggling due to menapause.  

I am grateful for a fun phone call with my daughter last night as she anticipates coming home this Thursday and a dream she shared that the entire family would attend a Boston Comicon convention in costume with her in the next year or two. 

I am grateful that when I turned and shared that dream with DH and DS , they were both on board and we have that to look forward to… If you are a regular reader you know I put high value on the anticipation of future events or trips as a key strategy for happiness.. 

I am grateful that prior to the Superbowl that we made a run to Home Depot and got a new garbage disposal.  

I am extremely grateful for my hardworking , successful husband and never take for granted his contribution to our family which allows me to be home and available to homeschool our youngest. I am grateful for this every day, so bear with me if this one gets repeated every so often, lol…  

Yes, I am well aware that “Irelandly”  is not a real word, 

However, it was the cute repsonse my son had

when I came out in this outfit , yesterday.  

With my kids all growing up and my youngest being 15, the days of such fun

ways of expressing themselves have gone away,mostly….

So when they do arise, this mother delights in it and is grateful!  


With temperatures in the 50’s yesterday, 
I practically ran to my room to put this outfit together. 

It’s been in my head since I purchased this sweater in anticipation of Fall. 


I have a lot of sweaters, but none that make quite a statement as this baby does.  

I love everything about it, the shawl color, the gold buttons on the sleeves, the 3 button closure, 

the length, the waistband knitted design in the back. 

It’s an Antthony, “Highlander Sweater Coat via Hsn,

and comes in 8 colors and sizes xs – 3x .

I loved this so much that I bought my daughter a different color for Christmas.  

Shhh, don’t tell her, it’s safe for me to post , as she is way too busy in graduate school to

bother to read her mother’s little blog…lol!  


My blouse with the gold detail was actually part of a grab bag of items from

I must say that grab bag came with two very ugly pairs of the softest leggings ever, that are now pj bottoms.  Too be expected when ones dares to gamble on a grab bag, lol. 

I must say that these fun fringe booties by Not Rated via Amazon were a great addition to my boot collection, 

and even DH makes a comment about them every time I’ve worn them.  He also said that I need to repeat this look for a date night , soon…. you don’t have to twist my arm baby!  

 Dear Readers My ponte knit leatherette detail leggings are Old Navy from last year.  

While on the topic of leggings, if you have not yet ditched those cheaper thin versions, 

I highly recommend you invest in some ponte knit ones, they are so much thicker, warmer and 

to a great job of sucking everything in… Yes they do cost more , but in my opinion are worth it! 

Old Navy has two options Here and my newest favorite line on Evine, Kate & Mallory has 

a leatherette side panel option, HERE  and either slim leg or bootcut versions HERE

Please note, I make no compensation for my blogging, so give these recommendations based solely because I adore something!  


I am grateful for the one blustery cold day that appeared , yesterday that allowed me to debut my sweater, gotta say this fashionista is so ready for Fall and getting out my leathers and jackets… 

I am grateful for a fun Sunday of watching Football, our teams were both televised and on at the same time, which made for a fun run to the other room or shouting at each other our games progress.  It was fun when his game finished and he came to watch the nail biting end to my Steelers win!  

I am grateful that despite being away at college that my Nicholas was keeping up with our games and called and was chatting with us about them. I loved giving me phone to DH and hearing the two of them having a long discussion and watching his game together.  I love that my kids don’t just call Mom, but talk to their father too!  

I am grateful that I found a dresser on a local Facebook online garage sale. I really needed an option for my sweaters and also wanted someting to off set the dresser my husband has on  his side of the bed for symmetry.  

I am grateful for my husband for taking me to get the dresser after our games were over and for his fun dash to Home Depot just 8 minutes before they closed to obtain shelf pegs that it needed, so that I was able to put all my sweaters away last night….. Okay Fall/Winter I am really ready now!  

Happy Monday Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping By!

 Comments are much appreciated and make my day!  

When I was a teenager, My Mother bought me a Boom Box. 

Boy do these kids not know what it was like to have that fine portable radio/cassette player, lol! 

I also got the REO Speedwagon Greatest Hits Album and use to sit on my fronch porch with friends, 

belting out “Tough Guys” , It felt so rebellious to sing the one line in the song that says, 

“They think they’re  full of fire, She thinks they’re full of shit”, lol

Eventually I memorized every word to every song on that entire album and last night I belted them out with just as much enjoyment, maybe even more so with life experience and fully understanding the meaning.  

Linking Up With Visible Monday

IMG_4147 (2)

I went for a 70’s type look with my flared jeans and a sheer floral boho blouse. 

I saw several women sporting similar silhouettes. 

It was fun seeing so many women in their 50’s standing in line at the restroom. 

I wish I’d have been brave enough to ask to take some of their photos… 

IMG_4148 (2)

For the very first time I felt uncomfortable about my youthful skin, 

as I felt uncomfortable with some stares I was getting from women ,

who I am sure thought I was younger than they were.  

I definitely looked like the youngest woman in the restroom. 

It reminded me of when I was 21 and pregnant and wanting to get a tshirt proclaiming

“I am not a teen mother” as I saw so many judgemental looks when I was out and about. 


We had 4th row seats and got some great photo opportunities.

DSC_1936 (1)

It was really incredilbe to see how much enthusiasm and energy Kevin Cronin brought to the stage.

He was throwing out guitar picks after every song… One bounced right off my husband’s lap and onto the floor in

front of us, so I now have a great memory piece.


With the Reo Speedwagon Logo and his signature on the back.


I was able to see a little back stage and the cases of guitars that were there.

They traded guitars for every single song, it was incredible to see them all…


At the End of the Concert, the drummer brought 6 drumsticks to the front of the stage 

and passed them out to people in the front row.  

It really was a wonderful night and I am so happy that I accidentally found this concert when looking up something to do for the weekend.  

IMG_4152 (2)

Going to see REO Speedwagon was the first thing off the bucket list

I have in my head, since I turned 50 last month.

Dear Readers, Do you have a Bucket List?  

If so , how about sharing it by commenting. 

After all,  bloggers love comments to know someone is reading them, lol! 


I am so grateful that someone’s ill intentions actually turned out to a new direction that was much needed and the universe correcting itself.  Cryptic, I know, but not my story to tell…

I am grateful for the strength my husband and I share when life throws us in a new direction, it’s always a chance to come together and stand strong together. 

I am grateful for a strong faith and the reconfirmation present when things that should knock the wind out of you, push you in a better direction and give you just what you’ve been asking for. 

I am grateful for weekends and fun times that lift the spirit, like music and football, especially when both our teams win. 

I am grateful that my son who wasn’t feeling well yesterday, is doing much better today (huge shift with cooler temps moved in and messed with his sinuses, but since he rarely gets sick, seeing him sleep the day away was worrisome) 

 Three Weekends In A Row filled with Neil Diamond, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Billy Joel, has been so fabulous and I have to say the effects last long after the music has ended…

I hope I continue to find music events to enjoy for the Summer.


This outfit is all new from this new line I have really fallen for this season.

It’s called Kate & Mallory from Evine , previously known as ShopNBC

If you’ve been a Dear Reader for awhile, you know of my love of third completer pieces that I value to balance out the curves in my hourglass figure.   When I saw this vest on a live tv presentation, I practically drooled.  

While I have a jean vest that I love, nothing is more fun to me than creating outfits of opposite juxtapositions , what I refer to as Ying/Yang.  Moto jackets and dresses have been a favorite silhouette for Fall/Winter.

It only makes sense that I couldn’t get this vest out of my mind and after debating whether I really needed another jean vest, I just had to go online and order it.   


This pose was just for my photographer of the Day, my husband who had parked his car in my usual posing area..

The bad thing about watching fashion presentations in the Kate & Mallory line, is that I am attracted to so many items. Take in case , my dress, which again I couldn’t get out of my head and ordered along with the vest.  

I feel very blessed with my petite 5’3″ height,  that includes longer legs, allowing me not to have to purchase petite bottoms,.  I can’t help thinking of those petites who don’t fall into that category and wish this line would make items in Petite Sizing. The length of this dress on me, means I probably will wear it with wedges or heels to keep the proportions right.  

There is power in numbers and I know that if enough petite women make comments requesting it that other tv lines like this have stood up and paid attention….

I love dresses that I can wear with flats, but it doesn’t hurt to have one in this category and it has such a fun swingy skirt that wearing it with heels will make it move more, so it’s all good.   


I really enjoyed wearing this dress and vest today and you can be sure that I will find other ways

to style both these pieces for the season. 

I would also like to note, that I am really loving my haircut and getting use to not having such a neat look and think this ones suits my personality so much better.  


Having fun with our friends at the Billy Joel Concert

We met some really fun people and danced a lot, this was my husband being very silly as the woman behind us offered to take our picture!  


I am so grateful for the fun events my husband and I have had these past few weeks and that this time we brought along dear friends. 

I am grateful to my husband for dancing the night away with great enthusiasm, in the past he has done so to make me happy, but this time he was really enjoying himself.  

I am grateful that my husband and I are on the same page with loving these music events, he told me he already is eyeing a few more concerts.  I am just as happy at the free beach events and there are tribute bands this weekend! 

I am grateful that my oldest came over today, I really do miss him since he moved out late last Summer and was very busy with school and work.  Seeing him twice in a week was  a real treat. 

I am grateful for the fun we had talking about recipes as my three adult children have all been trying new things and have dishes to share, so we arranged a night for them each to cook for us. 

I am grateful that my husband supports my passion for fashion!

How lucky is it to have your birthday fall on a Sunday, to extend the celebration for the entire weekend?  

It’s been so fun to have my son home from college to join us for the weekend. 

I kept it a secret that he was coming , so when the doorbell rang, I told my birthday guy that he a delivery…

He gasped, and threw open the screen door almost knocking his brother to the ground with his exuberant  hug. 

A perfect start to the Fun! 


I bought this new maxi for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge, to fit the suggestion for a floral skirt. 

The outfit suggestion was a chambray top with the skirt for Sunday,

so I opted for a dressier version here for dinner with 3 of my guys.  

Both the skirt and top are new for the challenge from Burlington Coat Factory. 


I fell in love with this skirt as I saw so many potential ways to style it.

This is probably the dressiest of the batch.

I am sure there will be another pairing in the challenge,

so it won’t be long before I get to play with it again..


I had a wonderful dinner at the birthday child’s choice at Olive Garden, 

followed by a shopping trip to Old Navy, where all three of the guys picked out a few things. 

Can you believe I didn’t even look for me? 

We ended the night out with a stop at Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  

The guys finished the night with a movie on Netflix.  

Dear Readers, I usually write posts Sunday, but my son’s birthday is tomorrow and my son heads back to college and I didn’t want to spare a moment away from them. 


I am grateful for the fabulous Sunny Warm Day! 

I am grateful that my son was able to surprise his brother for his birthday weekend and the joy I have as a mother watching the two of them interact.  

I am grateful that we were able to go bowling Saturday afternoon to get in the third day practice, since next weekend is the first bowling competition. 

I am grateful for the fun we all have together and the laughter.  

I am grateful for the admiring looks we got in Sears as others saw our playfulness and smiled and joined in our joy. 

I am grateful that my daughter called while we were driving in the car, so was a part of our evening. 

I am grateful to a manager of the bowling alley who blessed me with a fabulous ball, with the New England Patriots Logos in the exact weight my son uses to make up for the fact that the other one we ordered wasn’t here on time for the birthday celebration. ( the other one was a higher weight and will be in next week)

I love Performance Art!  

This season it looks like I am blessed to have a few events in that realm…

Much to our surprise my husband was given a package from a customer whose company sponsored 

The Virginia Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, 

which included dinner at Ruth’s  Steakhouse and a night at The Westin.  

Linking up with Visible Monday, so stop by and see other fabulous bloggers mainly the over 40 crowd! 


I used it as an excuse to wear my new grey leather skirt from Metrostyle.

I paired it with a Chadwick’s metallic rose embroidered jacket, which I’ve had for several years , I love it and was thinking  how it’s such a classic that I can hold onto it for even longer.  The hostess at Ruth’s Chris complemented my jacket…

To finish it off I wore a black lace top and my thrifted booties.. I loved this option of bootie as it has a lower vamp, which makes it less chunky and dressier.  


For Jewelry I wore my Ying/Yang onyx and mother of pearl necklace, ( it’s still in stock at my local BJ’s) 

My Earrings are from QVC and are Joan Rivers Pave Inspired

Joan Rivers Italian Inspired Drop Earrings with Pave

My silvertone version is on waitlist..


I took a side view so you could see these great booties, still can’t believe my luck in thrifting these and the fact that I found a very similar low vamp version in grey at Goodwill as well…

Dear Readers, The Ballet was fantastic and our box seats offered an incredible view!  My husband’s fabulous customer service truly paid off and I had a wonderful time… However my migraine kicked back up right after the show… Sunday afternoon during game time for football, again the migraine surfaced…. Definitely PMS related…. Since I don’t sleep well in hotels, I am glad my husband thought to bring a sleeping pill for me and it knocked me right out despite the terrible headache and gave me a full night’s rest!  


I am grateful to the attorney who gifted my husband with his sponsor package.  

I am grateful that I saw the homeschooling mother at the ballet who first began our bowling last year, but had disappeared as she put her twins back into public school… If it wan’t for her initiating our meetup the current group would not exist! 

I am grateful that we knocked out a few Christmas shopping gifts after checking out of The Westin, since it is right across from a mall…

I am grateful that when my migraine came on Sunday, that it was early enough for me to take migraine medicine, if too late I don’t want the caffeine to interfere with my sleep.

I am grateful that the Steelers won, again!   

Today there is no outfit post because I spent my Sunday afternoon and evening in Workout Gear…

You see, I tried on my coated skinny jeans for the Ireland trip and they were tight due to my 8lb weight gain…

I did a 2.5 mile walk around my neighborhood…

Then in the evening my husband suggested a walk at our beach boardwalk…

The King Neptune Statue - Photo Credit:  © 2007 George Alexander, licensed to, Inc.

King Neptune Statue 

And I jumped at the chance as there is nothing better than our beach once tourist season is over…

Our night started with a stop into a store that had all kinds of Sports Products,

Where we each picked out something for out Ireland Trip


Luggage Tags for our Checked Bags!  


Notice my Steelers picture came first and is bigger…LOL!

The funniest part about that store is that we didn’t notice until coming out that it was previously owned by my best friend and one I worked in after closing my consignment store , when she was pregnant and having my now adopted 8 year old niece. 

As we walked a few blocks we heard music and of course he looked at me and asked if I wanted to go there!

Silly Question, I LOVE BEACH Concerts!!!!

Lo and Behold it was Our Favorite Local Band

The Deloreans, An 80’s tribute band… Their Facebook Page Here

Picture from my husband’s cell phone…

So, My walk on the Boardwalk turned into an hour and a half of dancing!!!!

Hence my blog post title, Happy Accidents! 

It was such a fun time and we loved it!!!

Dear Readers, I am happy that my first day back to exercising went so well, and it’s a lot more fun to dance than any other form in my humble opinion…So wish me luck as I try to workout and see how much weight I can drop in the next 3 weeks before our trip!


I am grateful for a nice morning of thrifting and coffee with a dear friend!

I am grateful for my friend’s inspiration  , as she has been walking, which led me to change clothes and do my 2.5 mile neighborhood route…

I am grateful that my husband suggested a walk at the beach…

I am grateful for the artists in our life that are dedicated to their art and struggle financially to entertain us and do something they love! 

I am grateful to my husband for indulging me and buying me a Deloreans t-shirt in shocking 80’s pink…look for it for future styling..

I am grateful for a fun night with my husband and for music where you know all the words!   

Happy 46th Birthday to my Dear Husband!  Looking forward to our Ireland trip and you taking time off from work!

Well, coated jeans actually, but that didn’t sound nearly as edgie…

This outfit very much reflects my love of feminine with an edge looks and I almost wore more sexy caged sandals, but to be painfully honest, I had played around with pastel blue nail polish and was too lazy to change it… 

Linking up with Visible Monday


I bought this lace tunic top around Christmas time at Ross and gave my dear daughter a duplicate one in white.  It will get a lot of use this Summer, but it’s fun to wear it now when we had a tease of Spring temps…


Whenever I get the magic formula right,  of an outfit with femininity and a touch of edginess,  I always think and quite often use the phrase Ying/Yang, which is why my very astute husband gifted me with this necklace of mother of pearl and onyx.  It was quite fun to wear it knowing the meaning and connection.


I think even the leopard print on the purse was yet another touch of edgy to make up for the fact that I didn’t go with the caged sandals, which my dear husband would have preferred.


My pointed toe pumps are the Comfort plus line from Payless and their name really does fit them…

Dear Readers, I love date nights and the chance to indulge in something fun to wear.  What is your favmorite date night???  

We went to dinner at Fire and Vine and I had a fabulous chicken dish with Truflle Mac and Cheese, which I only ate a few bites of , but it was heavanly…  I would say this restaurant offers a fine dining experience but not a stuffy atmosphere .  Afterwards we went to a late showing of Divergent.  I have to say I really thought it was a great story line and acting and thoroughly enjoyed it..


I am grateful to have a DH who called me Friday afternnon with surprise dinner reservations!  

I am grateful for our bowling on Saturday with our two youngest boys, 18 and 14.  We use to go quite often,but hadn’t gone in a few years..We bowled 3 games and I was actually sore afterwards!!!!

I am grateful that I felt better and began exercising again…

I am grateful that I spent Sunday at a Kids Pallooza art event with a freind and her daughter and my husband and youngest.  

I am grateful that at the event, they had a room of local groups offering Summer Camps and am thrilled that my son is interested in the Triple R Ranch , an overnight weeklong camp….. He will have a wonderful time and it will be the first time away from us…

I am grateful to my DH for cutting up everything for our turkey and green salad dinner night when I had yet another incident of Vertigo (it had gone completely and came back last night, aaagh milder this time…) 

I am grateful that my DH also made me a wonderful Ameretto Sour with fresh squeeze orange juice like they make at Ruth Chris Steakhouse…

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