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Angie at YOU LOOK FAB put together an outfit forumla to wear these three colors together, 

and here is my version

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I have seen several Pinterest looks of layering two shirts or a shirt and cardigan under a jacket and have wanted to try the 3 layered look, and since I had  two shirts in the lilac color, I ventured forth.

I loved wearing the 3 layers and it was a windy and cold day which was perfect!  I would definitely attempt this 3 layered style again!  Can’t believe I coveted it so long and that it took me so long to do so…. As any true fashionista knows there are so many creative ways to put together outfits and not enough days in a season!!!!


I love that my two shirts played so well together and that the stipes addesd extra interest to the look.  If you are a regular reader, you notice I wear hats alot because I hate cold temps and they really help me feel warmer during photo shoots and it really is my real style as I never go out in winter without a hat….


There really is something about wearing heels that ups my mood and makes me feel Spunky!  I love riding boots a lot this season and my Mom on the Go looks, but it is nice to break out of the mold, especially for a movie date night….

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  My husband and I went to movies both Friday and Saturday night, seeing “American Hustle” , then “The Wolf of Wallstreet”.

 The Wolf of Wallstreet was excellent and hit very close to home for us.  You see my husband was a stock broker and the first company he worked for was much like  the firm depicted in the movie,  he, however ” did not drink the Kool-aid” and in fact gave evidence to the FBI and SEC after he recognized what was happening.  His firm changed their name several times, putting different people in charge and had 7 offices all doing the same stocks at the same time. My husband felt a huge responsibility to his clients and moved to a reputable firm and made all his clients whole.. With only one client not returning his calls, he still kept an eye on things and left him a message of when to sell out in time to make a profit…. He was young, in his mid 2o’s at the time and I was so proud of him and impressed with his integrity!  So, as someone who had a real experience like this movie, we were both very impressed with it and Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance was incredible!!!  He has really grown as an actor and really deserves the Best Actor nomination! 

Can’t help mentioning Matthew McConaughy’s appearance in this movie and how unsettiling it was to see him so thin and sickly looking.  He has been a favorite of mine and I cringed during his scenes.  I understand he did this to play and Aids patient in a movie, but the shock of how unhealthy he looked haunts me…


I am greatful to Angie at You Look Fab and the wonderful inspirations she takes so much time and detail in putting together.

I am grateful for  our movie nights and our chance to remember that time in our lives and how we stood strong in our morals and did what was right!

I am grateful that my husband is loving his job so much,  as he really thrives when in a position of making things flow in a company and promoting a positive workplace.

I am grateful to share my story , with you my dear Readers!!!!!   


Wow, seems so crazy to think that we have spent 23 years together, time really does go by so quickly!

When dressing for our date, I decided to humor my husband’s love of my feminine with an edge style! 


After putting this together, I felt great about it for dinner, but panicked about the appropriateness of it for a show at the art center and asked for the advice of my daughter, who told me that she thought it was fine and would be the first to tell me otherwise… still feeling apprehensive, I asked my 18 year old son and his answer showed such insight for a young man of that age… He told me that right now I look awesome in this style, but before too long, I might look like I was trying to hard , so I should enjoy it right now.  I have amazing children!!!!!!


My husband wholeheartedly approved of my outfit and complimented me all night!  Can’t get better than that!

We had a fabulous dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and afterwards a short walk to the arts center to watch IONA, a Celtic group that was absolutely wonderful!  I love the fiddle and that guy played his heart out tonight!  Their name is pronounced, Eye-own-a and they cleverly had t-shirts that read “IONA T-shirt”  It was fun to think about our upcoming trip to Ireland…. These ten months waiting until that trip are going to whiz by, but for now it sounds so far away…


I was feeling pretty sassy in this outfit and had a lot of fun wearing it!

Dear Readers, Just a quick note to say that 23 years of marriage feels like a huge accomplishment and I would attribute our success to the fact that we both firmly believe this is a marriage of a lifetime and that it takes two good forgivers and the ability to laugh at yourselves.  


I scheduled a long overdue hair appointment  today, but my guy is busy , so have to wait two weeks…


I am grateful for 23 years of marriage and looking forward to our future!

I am grateful to my dear husband for always supporting me in everything from craft shows I did when the kids were young, to my opening a consignment store and even now with my blog.

I am grateful that despite misgivings that he backed down and allowed me to homeschool our youngest and thanked me for it after a year of seeing the difference in our child. 

I am grateful that he has always been a great provider and that I have had the ability to choose to be a stay at home mother.

I am grateful for the fun and laughter he brings to our children and the great love he has for them. 

I am grateful that after all these years that he can still look at me with wonder and amazement.

I am grateful that my husband’s boss took over the calls from the sales team in the field tonight, so that we could have a fabulous night together.  

I love the look of coated jeans and  last year, kept dreaming of owning a pair.

The expense and being on a weight loss journey prevented me from indulging, but when I found them over the summer at a super cleaarence price I scored these leather looking skinnies!

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I paired them with my thrifted purple poncho , cashmere sweater and pointed toe sueded pumps! 

This look cost me a total of about $30 , not including the bracelets and necklace. 


Not the best pictures since they were taken at night, but I was very happy to finally rock these coated jeans. 

I was even happier at the fit, as I purchased them when I was 5lbs heavier and hadn’t tried them on since then. 

Now if I can only hold onto this weight loss and not gain any this week…


This houndtooth jacket was purchased last year from Burlington Coat Factory and is a favorite, as it is heavy and warm and even has a hood, which I used last night when the winds were whipping up after our movie. 

Dear Readers, I was so happy to finally wear these and really love them paired with the loose purple poncho. I wonder what else I can pair with them in the future.  I don’t own a lot of looser tops that would be appropriate as my new weight loss wardrobe concentrated on showing my new body shape.  

Have you tried leather looking bottoms , yet?  Do you intend to or is this a trend you are steering clear of?


I am grateful for a movie night and a chance to laugh as Tom  finieshed his training for the new job and the anticpation of next week when he begins the job full force.

I am grateful that my daughter came to me and discussed a struggle she is having and gave me the chance to comfort her, not something she does often as she is pretty self reliant.

I am grateful for the suppport of those who understand this shift in our lives and how important time is with our children before they spread their wings next year and go off to college and graduate schools.

I am grateful for a Sunday nap, as myhusband is getting better and I am now getting sick.

I am grateful that my dear husband made dinner

How appropriate that I chose this look on a day when our temperatures rose to 70 degrees?  

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I opted for a zebra print instead of the leapard  from the original and the black purse as well. 

IMG_6024 by levell333, via Flickr

This original is from Mix and Match Fashion that I Pinned in my Spring Looks but hey, I now own the cobalt pumps.

I love this with the leopard and saddle colored purse and would definitley repeat it that way as well.


My husband loved this look!  

Like a lot of men, he loves a woman in heels!  

These are my latest acquisition from Payless

Dear Readers, Today was definitely Hump Day, so making this a short and sweet post!  

Not ending this before I do my Gratitude Post, as on days like this it is even more important! 


I am grateful that despite having to take a cold shower, I was out the door on time!

I am grateful I am a strong , vibrant . loving woman!

I am grateful that I am at a wonderful stage in life as a mother when I can see my chidlren making such great choices for themselves!  

I am grateful if my weight loss inspires even one person to love themselves and take steps to better self care. 

I am grateful that my husband wanted to take me to see Terry Bradshaw toinght , even if  it didn’t work out. IHard not to hear his name and see myself as a child learning about football from my father and watching the Steel Curtain in their late 70’s hey day)

I am grateful that my husband was home early tonight and able to see the final game of the World Series and share the expereince of watching the Red Sox win with his sons.   

I spent last week writing about Happiness Tools, 

things you can do to create more joy in your life.

I was motivated by the coming of winter when so many are faced with less sun and colder temps , that can lead to higher rates of depression. 

My Previous Posts can be Found, Here, Here, Here and Here.

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Movie Date Night – My 17 year old said, “Looks like Fall!” I hugged him and told him that was a perfect compliment!

To complete the Happiness Tools Series I would like to mention three more that have been a huge part of my toolbox for most of my life.   They are Music with Dancing, Loving Myself,  and the God Grant Me the Serentiy Prayer.

Music and Dancing has been one I use whenever I need a pick me up.  My kids just laugh at me,but they love seeing me happy, so sometimes join in.  After my mother died I was in a lot of pain and turned to spiritual music of Claudia Carawan who I was lucky enough to meet and see my friend put together a music video for More Than You Know.  The woman at the gate and tiniest ballerina are my best friend and her daughter ( now 7).   

My husband and I use to do dance party nights with our children and it was always so much fun! I like this tool as it is one to use whenever needed and gives immediate results.  Whether alone or with others,it still works.


There is a fine line in fashion between Bookending and being too Matchy-Match

Others may think my boots and jacket crossover to be too matching, but I really have to say that I like matching!

My Next Happiness Tool is Loving Myself and this was my father’s legacy! He took me for walks and talked to me so much about wanting me to have that in my life. Loving myself is all about accepting all the parts of me and if I make a mistake to not beat myself up, but to forgive myself and move forward.  They say people who talk negatively to themselves do so a hundred times a day.  I can’t even imagine how painful that must be although I do see others doing so.  Being as kind to ourselves as we are to others is a huge key to happiness!  

We can get off track and forget this sometimes if we carry the burden of something others have said with us. I don’t let what others say bother me much and use the phrase, “Consider the Source”  meaning would I seek their opinion.  There will always be people who because of their own journey try to dump on you, Steeling yourself from this is key to being happy. 

If I teach my children only one thing this would be my desire!


Dear Readers, My Last Tool for Happiness would be to remember the God Grant me the Serentiy Prayer. Remembering to control what I can control and releasing everything else is the greatest gift my mother gave me. There is another great gift from her, but it doesn’t fit this discussion so will save for later.   Letting go of things not in your control and accepting that there are those things that aren’t really is a huge tool that I wanted to share last with you , as like the dancing one it can be used with immediate results.   

I hope you enjoyed this series as I have enjoyed writing it !  

Here is a Link to the Article I used for the previous tools I listed


I am grateful that my husband had a successful work week with three deals and is trying hard to make up for last month and get back into earning us our first ever Cruise Vacation.

I am grateful that my husband texted me Saturday and told me to dress up for a movie night.

I am grateful that as soon as our movie ended and we were in the car, we listened to the radio of when the World Series play off game took a turn and the Red Socksscored four runs taking the score to 2-5 and the joy as my Husband’s team made it to the World Series.   it was incredible to hear that crowd! 

I am grateful that it’s football Season and my husband and I spent the day watching game of our rival teams! (next week we will be on opposite couches as our teams play each other!) 

With Days and Days of Rain and cloudy, grey skies,  people have a tendency to fight the blues….

As someone who has made a conscious effort to choose happiness, I rely heavily on tools like

the Gratiude Journal I share daily on my blog. 

I researched other ways and one really struck me….

It suggested planning a vacation or trip even if it’s just a small one has a tremendous boost for happiness levels.  

I guess that means I’ll continue to be on Cloud 9 for the entire year between now and the lifetime dream of going to Ireland!  

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Dinner out with Friends…. 

I love the beginning of season and weather changing that allows for me to debut new items that I’ve has since July and August…


Debuting the grey faux leather I picked up at the Wislon Outlet store  and the new scarf from ebay. 

I started this outfit with the grey and black , knowing I would pop a color with it and chose the green .

I could do this same outfit changing out the accessories for cobalt, oraange, red, yellow, pink or purple… 


I hope you don’t get sick of my anticpation of the Ireland trip

and how my thinking is revolving around it so much these days….

I mention this because thinking of all the color ways I could mix this outfit up is preplanning

for how to pack for that two week trip. 

Dear Readers, I really like this tool for happiness and know the power of it as I’ve taken several trips in recent years and even one a short drive away to the North Carolina created  months of joyful anticipation for all of us. I’ve seen it in my  two oldest children .My son  recently took a trip to California and my daughter took a small trip to her alma matter.  Just wondering if you my dear readers recognize how this has done the same for you?   If  you have no vacation planned or limited funds, I think the anticipation of even a one day drive to an interesting location in your neck of the woods could have the same results. In fact research showed that planning and not going still had great results. I disagree with that idea as  last months fiasco with my husband’s job meant a huge dent in the possibility of us going on our first ever cruise and that felt terrble and sent me into a real funk!  Ireland trumps the cruise any day, but vacations with my husband’s coworkers are always delightful….

I’ll be including other tools for happiness this next week so stay tuned! 


I am grateful for a weekend of time with friends!  I had two girls days and then a couple night out and it was wonderful!

I am grateful for couple friends where we genuinely love both parts of the couple as in times past we have tolerated one partner but not truly loved them both…LIfe in your 40’s is Amazing!!!

I am grateful that I scored the best hiking boots while thrifting for my Ireland trip- pictures will be posted on Friday! 

I am grateful that my husband is eating healhier and we are both caring about our health and getting our bodies in shape, he’s lost two inches this year and is maintaining it! 

I am gratefuol for Pinterest and homeschooling bloggers who provided exciting new information and helpful insights! 

When my husband came home, I was out taking these photos and he kept complimenting my outfit.  He couldn’t stop looking at me, so I suggested he take me out tonight (Sunday).  

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He Just loves these shoes!!!  


I love the crisp white skinny’s with my new hi-low sheer plaid top… Funny thing was my husband mentioned that he isn’t a fan of plaid, but the green and sheerness changed his mind on this one… 


The lighting wasn’t great for these photos… I don’t know if you can see it but there is an orange stripe running through the plaid and I like how the shoes bring it out.  I chose gold jewelry to match the hardware on my purse.  How lucky that I purchased this wonderful green purse last year with Green being so big for Fall???  

Dear Readers, I had a wonderful vacation, but didn’t take too many picutres… My Son took the camera on his trip to CA, so we had phones and my tablet… So glad my oldest took that trip and had a wonderful time going to a Karaoke fundraiser for a politician, a wine tasting in the Sonoma valley, visited San Fransico, a social event for 20 somethings at a science musuem, etc.  and may eventually move there…..He has a friend in Davis going to graduate school and the culture is so much better for my genius art brained son!  He is stiffled here. Even his wardrobe fits better  and he received lots of compliments while there.  Just wish it wasn’t all the way across the country, but I’ve known he has the traveling bug since he was a young teen. 


I am grateful to everyone who shared their gratitudes and hope you will continue to do so!

I am so grateful to my husband’s boss for providing us that beautiful beach house vacation!

I am grateful for the friends who joined us through the weekend

I am grateful for the fun in the sun and waking up daily to the beautiful picture windows looking onto the beach.

I am grateful to be home and that my oldest had such a great trip to CA.

I am grateful that my husband celebrated 7 years with this company while on this trip and that it was recognized by the company. 

I am grateful for my husband’s enthusiasm and compliments regarding my outfit that led to our movie night!

Please feel free to continue to share your own gratitude, I loved them!!!!!!

Movie theaters are always so cold for me and a perfect excuse to break out some colored jeans…

It’s time for Watch What I’m Wearing and Visible Monday so please stop by and visit these lovely bloggers! 



I love these yellow Liz Claiborne jeans, and the combo of yellow and cobalt.  I have a pair of cobalt ballet flats but keep wondering if I shouldn’t get a pair of heels…


I love the chevron sheer blouse.  Sheers are such a staple for me this summer.  


My chariot awaits… I accessorized with a cobalt pendant I picked up at Michaels Craft store and a simple sterling braid bracelt and the white Nine West Purse.  I am so happy to finally have a great white purse!  


Dear Readers, Do you find movie theaters cold and embrace pants even when the temps outside are down right steaming?   I also brought a goldenrod  Lands End boyfriend sweater which I draped over me like a blanket…. I’m not even going to discuss the movie as our friends picked it and it just wasn’t us… We both had the same thought that we should go watch another movie to get rid of that one out of our system… Next time we pick the movie!!!


I am grateful that my husband and I both felt the same way about the movie and had a great laugh that we both thought about seeing another one. 

I am grateful that my husband took my photos at midnight and I even got to stand in the street this time!

I am grateful that I have a kind husband who went over to his customer’s house along with my two youngest son’s to help the over 80 year old couple cut back their bushes and trees.   A good way for my boys to give back in this world! 

I am grateful the man they helped was so grateful and made a point of addressing the boys. 

I am grateful for the fun interaction at the movie parking lot who saw that we had dropped something out of the van and pointed it out to us.  When I thanked him, he said, “You’ d the same for me , right?”  If he only knew what kind of people we really are?  

I love Polk a Dots and today’s look is an easy way to do them using an accessory…


I’ve worn this Loft thrifted dress before,  but this time chose a polk a dot belt and red floral ballet flats by Aerosoloes that I was able to score online sale for just $19.99. Mine are no longer available , but this one is a great subsitution.

 I highly recommend checking out Aerosoles website as they do great sales often and send you info in your e-mail… Three years ago my daughter and I were able to get boots in the middle of the summer for just $14.99 on  a one day clearance.  

I guess I was dancing and being silly before these photos and my necklace is askew in every photo…


This Necklace is a saphire from Samuel B via  Shop NBC 

There is nothing like this one in his collection online right now, but he comes several times a year with more, so you could check back…


I changed out the ballet flats here for a pair of  heels for a more appropriate look to go out to dinner with my husband.


In my second look I am mostly thrifted here… All from Goodwill

 Loft Dress- $3.50



Nine West purse- $4.00

Total GoodWill  Cost of $13.50 

My sterling bracelet was purchased via Ebay for just $ 5  and my Necklace was $40…

Outfit Total:  58.50

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I had a lot of  fun with my neice this week,but was so tired after only 3hours of sleep last night that I took  a  3hour nap as soon as she left today. So glad my children are all older and fended for themselves for dinner. As soon as I saw this outfit,  I thought I should have saved it for July 4th…:)


I am grateful that I was able to take a 3 hour nap tonight and was back up by 9pm.. I could have slept longer and been up in the middle of the night again (like the 3am wake up that caused the need for this nap..)

I am grateful for my 3am wake up as my 17 year old was also awake (he had passed out at 8:30pm and was wide awake) We had the most amazing quality conversations about how he assimilated information as a child and what he took from things and experiences… I am truly impressed with this young man and future eye surgeon. 

I am grateful that my children unloaded and loaded the dishwasher during my nap and cleaned up the kitchen after cooking themselves dinner. 

I am grateful  for my oldest opening up to me about something he misinterpreted years ago and that has made him suffer needlessly and that he is now free of it…makes me  want to spread the word again about Byron Katie’s “The Work”   

I decided to show today’s look in two ways… This was what I put on to wear for family outing to dinner…

Linking up with Style Elixir


The black and white trend can be done in so many ways and today, I decided to mix patterns for a more modern version of the trend..


As my husband was taking these photos,  it occured to me that these shoes are very much what I would choose to go out with the entire family, but what could I do to take this to a date night look???IMG_0528

I decided a simple switch into my newest thrift store shoes would do the trick.. Am I living up to my blog name today???


Well, of course my husband wholeheartedly agreed!  

Dear Readers, this was such an easy and fun transformation…. Look for more of those kind of transistions in the future…So for those of you who are mothers, can you relate to this idea at all?   Would this little trick work for your world?  Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  


I am grateful that I have my ten year old niece every other week for the summer.. I miss her so much during the school year!!

I am grateful for the walk (exercise) I took with my niece to the craft store looking for some summer fun!  

I am grateful that my brother has freinds looking for a cheaper way for me to get an entirely new heating/cooling system, which we were told today, needs replacing….

I am grateful for my strong faith and the fact that this “bad news” didn’t even phase me..

I am grateful that while the air conditioning repairman was here that he added coolant to my husband’s van.  

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