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Today’s GYPO Style Challenge Outfit 

was the most unlike my style as you could get , 

so of course I had to make adjustments

as to ensure that I had that “Pep in My Step” 

that I strive to achieve daily when putting together my oufits.  


The outfit was suppose to be black top and bottom with grey cardigan and red plaid shoes. 

I woke up this morning and checked the Facebook group for early birds who posted and knew 

immediately that my fears regarding this outfit were real.  

It was just too bland for my liking, I truly like color and pattern too much to be happy with that.  

Adding my leopard cardigan and even tying the sweater added an extra feature. 

I will say that without the GYPO Style Challenge, I most likely would have paired this with black pumps or ankle boots. 

The addition of my floral Aerosoles wedges really is a nice change from my norm.  


Both my sweater and necklace are from Susan Graver’s line via QVC

My necklace is sold out , but I love the sparkle and here is her current line of necklaces. 

She also has a lot of cardigans available for this season. 

Only these two photos , as I didn’t like any of the other ones ,

it’s hard to take photos when you aren’t happy with your weight… 


I am grateful that my son made it home tonight, after calling about some car trouble this afternoon. 

I am grateful for a silly night getting Chik Fil A and touring Whole Foods together. 

I am grateful that with my son home from college, the rabbit is back as well. 

I am grateful for Ibuprofen and how it helped my shoulder, neck and back pain today. 

I am grateful for my burst of dancing, which didn’t help my aches and pains , but was fun while it lasted .

Here is the link to the song that was on the Today Show this mornig and lifted my spirits.  


When I Saw The Inspiration Photo , 

I just knew I had to do my own version of the look. 

The great thing about using Pinterest for Inspiration is 

that it’s not about copying the look exactly, It’s about using things 

in your wardrobe in ways you might not have thought to do. 

Well at least this version is in that category, other times it is more about copying. 


If one pair of fringe booties is good, than two is even better, right?

Well at least in girl fashionista world, it is!  

You can find my boots on Amazon, HERE

Grey pants paired with Tan jacket, wouldn't have thought of that combo:


Here’s the inspiration, what appealed to me was the color combination 

of grey with tan along with the bonus leopard print. 

Of course I used my more casual Old Navy pants(no longer available)  for my Mom at home lifestyle. 


I also took the liberty of subbing a tan very open weaved sweater. 

This my dear readers was the perfect weight for my indoor temperatures 

when dealing with these crazy hot flashes.  

My sweater can be found at Jolly Chic , HERE

The arms of this sweater are long for my petite height, so if yours are longer no worries! 


It was fun to wear something that I wouldn’t have thought to do myself. 

Some days a fashionista just needs some outside inspiration.  

I really loved changing out the black purse and shoes in the inspiration for 

my boots and Dooney purse.

My You Look Fab women taught me that this shade bookends my hair color. 

I highly recommend Angie.s site as she is so informative as a stylist herself and has a very active forum of very supportive fashionistas who give honest but kindhearted feedback, should you have questions.  Be Sure to check out her site!  

Dear Readers, Speaking of YOU LOOK FAB, Style Guru Angie put forth a challenge to start with tomorrow and not waiting for just a holiday party to get festive for the season.  She proposed that we could do it for the entire month leading up to Christmas.  While I probably won’t do that many looks, I will try for a few here and there.  

She specifically said to dress down for your lifestyle or work appropriate looks, but to have extra sparkle or texture , anything with extra pizazz even red lip gloss qualifies.  

While Sparkle and touches of Fur are obvious, I instantly thought of velvet, so that’s where I will start. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as I embrace the Challenge for the first time


I am grateful that my homeschooling has been so successful as my reluctant reader picked out a book to read when he was at Bjs and even began reading it in the car on the ride home. This is the first time he’s reading for his own pleasure and not an assignment from me! DH and I are delighted and feeling like we recieved an early Christmas present!  

I am grateful for a dear friend and our fun Facebook chats , we do so often and today we had quite fun laughing and imagining oursleves doing something more daring.  

I am grateful that my daughter called me when she was feeling like giving up and distraught over applying to PHD programs and that after our conversation and problem solving that she had direction and was empowered. 

I am grateful that I will get the chance to hug my daughter tight and see her relax for a few days.  

I am grateful that the fever I had this morning broke and that I was feeling well enough to get some housecleaning done.  

I am grateful that DH moved the turkey from the freezer to the frig, saving me from lifting that 22lbs.  This might just be the first time he’s ever taken it upon himself to do such a thing… unless you count the year my sciatica was acting up and he and the kids did all the dinner prep for the holiday while I sat on a heating pad, lol! 

Well it looks like we are heading into a week of  Highs in the 40’s to 70…..

Go figure, I will have to check daily to see what to wear, lol! 


I am glad I took photos of my Saturday outfit, as Sunday it was raining!  

I don’t know where my bangs went in this shot and almost didn’t use the picture because of it.  

Alas I have a hair appointment for Monday, but not sure I will make it. 


My bangs came back out, lol!  

I love these burgundy paisley embossed skinny cords and have had them for 

a few years now and will continue to get great use from this season. 

My sweater and vest are both from Just Fab, bought at the end of last season.  

The vest is still available, HERE 


My fringe boots are the first ones I grab these days, neglecting the ones

I bought in Ireland last Fall.  

I am carying my Issac Mizrahi leather wallet (comes in 6 colors)  , as I was headed for a 

short walk to the store to pick up last minute Thanksgiving items.  


I am grateful that I can count the days til my kids come home from college. 

I am grateful for kind hearted compassionate, giving friends. 

I am grateful for the closeness of my family.  

I am grateful for a mostly headache free day.  

I am grateful for my husband and son being out getting haircuts and shopping together, while I had time to write this post with no interruption or distractions.   

I love trying out dresses from

This is one I got from there and it’s a gauzy lined one with 3.4 sleeves and aztec embroidery. 

I assumed when looking at this one, that it would indeed be too short for me to wear as a dress,

but would make a great tunic and layering piece for Fall/Winter.  


It was quite a windy day and made for fun trying to get my 

sweater to cooperate.  I love the multi media sweater I bought on clearance 

over the summer because it is lighter weight and a good option for these days of hot flashes. 


The good news is that is was a wonderful Sunny Day!  

I want to note that as a petite woman, it works best when layering this length ,

to have the dress or tunic and sweater length to be similar , creating only one 

horizontal break. Shorter jackets or sweaters just make for the wrong proportions. 


My burgundy leggings are by Kate & Mallory found HERE, 

and part of my switching from cheap F21 leggings to Ponte knit versions.  

I’ve had great sucess with both these and the Old Navy ones. 

My purse and shoes are both thrifted items , which I get a lot of use from.  

Dear Readers, two days with no migraines makes for a happy Tracey, lol! 

I was able to do a make up coffee date, which turned into mall walking and  dinner too,

7 with a dear friend before she takes off for a 3 month

trip to see her children and grandchildren, which made for a good day!  

Wishing You All A Fabulous Weekend!!!!  


I am grateful for a fun day with a dear friend. 

I am grateful for a fun chat with my daughter as she discussed things she wants to do when she comes home for Thanksgiving!  

I am grateful for the extra sleep (I fell back asleep after an inital 8am. wake up and awoke at 12:45!) 

I am grateful for the love of family and friends, and for my Dear Readers and fellow bloggers. 

On Instagram there is a 




Today’s look was all about Neutrals.  

It gave me a great time to debut a few pieces I bought over the Summer in 

preparattion for Fall.  Luckily these are two lightweight options that work for 

this seasonably confused November temperatures of the 70’s. 

Starts tomorrow! Love these ladies! #wearwhatwearnovember  @wearwhatwhere @prylb @blondieesquire @poshlula44 @whatnicolewore @morganlschadegg:

Here is the montly challenge if anyone wants to play along or is in need of 

outfit inspirations.   After all getting dressed each day should be fun! 

DSC_2138 (1)

                                My sweater is G by Giulana and comes in several colors                               

                             At the time I bought this one and a coral one as well.      

                               It’s on Clearance , HERE for 24.95 and comes in several colors.            

I love them and would adore another color, but alas I’m not buying now and I cut back to

          buying in multiples by limiting myself to only two of each.  

My blouse is by Liz Claiborne NY and can be found HERE , it too is on clearance at $24.83 

and comes in three different colors.  I purchased this neutral one because I thought it could play 

nicely with a Steelers football look in addition to wearing it any other time.  


Too sunny to see clearly , but I am doing a bit of pattern mixing with my

tiny houndstooth print Payless Comfort Plus heels.   

Dear Readers , Confession Time…

I broke my no shopping ban , less than two months in, lol.  I absolutely have no regrets! 

You see I’ve been wanting a black leather jacket since I lost weight and have been holding out for 

the right one, serdiously looking for the past few years, but never seeing one that I had to have , 

enough to justify the cost.  That all changed when I had QVC on in the background and an Issaac Mizzrahii, 

model came out wearing a quitled cable leather jacket that made me drool…. I mean I couldn’t stop thinking about that 

javeket and since it was just on screen for a brief moment and not being presented I didn’t even know it was leather. 

I went in search of it and couldn’t help myself when it was on 6 easy pays and real leather…

It came today and is incredible!  In fact my teen son said to me,

“I have never seen you so happy over anything, you’be ever bought before! ”   

DH didn’t have an appointment until late today and was still in bed, 

so I went in to confess my transgression, but like I knew he would, 

he was totally supportive and didn’t even flinch at the price.  

So want to see my coveted reward for my initial weight loss?  

Check it out HERE, It’s actually called DARK CHARCOAL

Isaac also makes a similar version that is Paisley Quitled found HERE

Unfortunately the easy pay option on these is not currently available.  


When I saw this look a few days ago on 

A Pocketful of Polka dots by blogger Jennie

I was immediately inspired to put this look together since

I own pieces similar to these. 


Here’s the look that inspired me.

A windowpane print tunic, burgundy leggings and black boots. 


My shirt is done on the diagnol instead of the windowpane print. 

I also added the ruffle sweater for warmth as it was bowling day where I freeze.   

No joke, I brought my trench coat and used it to cover my legs and another mom 

brought a blanket in from her car.  


It was actually raining this morning, so I actually wore my windowpane 

rainboots when I was at the bowling alley.  


Some days a girl just wants to rock a pair of legggings.  

I know they get such a bad rap, but when you cover your bum and wear 

taller boots you hardly see any of the actuall legging….

With temps near 80 my taller riding boots are staying put on their shelf, lol! 

I could replicate this later in the season with my burgundy cords , but this crazy warm weather is driving me nuts. 

My Dear Readers, Well I Did It!  

Today I got my butt into gear and ran on the treadmill.  I hate cardio but no more excuses, 

I am going to commit to really taking care of myself and do cardio at least 3 times per week.  

I’ve been maintaining this stupid 15 pound weight gain for way too long and am over it… 

I have a 25 year wedding anniversary coming in January and I want to go on a cruise and 

feel comfortable in a bathing suit.   Just the motivation I need to get started, but this needs 

to be a permanent change in my life and one I am committed to making.  


I am grateful that when someone heard an exaggerated description of events, that a call was placed to find the reality. 

I am grateful that my husband bought me that treadmill several years ago and that I am motivated.  

I am grateful that my son actually stayed after for extra practice game of bowling today.

I am grateful that my husband is working much less hours and for quality time he is spending with us. 

I am grateful that my husband was home when our son called from college today and that I was able to pass the phone off to him for a lengthy fun conversation.   I am blessed to get to talk to him a lot and want that for my husband too.  



While I love the comfortable Waterfall Cardigans, 

I was happy to add a few versions for the seaason that were a more 

streamlined silhouette. 


This one by Susan Graver is just what I had been looking to acquire. 

It’s length is perfect for wearing with dresses as well as skinny jeans or leggings. 

It’s a poly/spandex blend , with pockets and side slits.  

I love that when you push up the arms , it stays in place and has a great drape. 

I ordered it to replace a long navy one I’d had that was worn out and with so many 

color options I also got a brown one since I was missing that shade in a cardigan.  

Please remember Dear Readers, no compensation for me, just sharing what I like for myself. 


I loved the shades that came together to make this outfit. 

My F21 grey sweatshirt dress was a perfect background for the scarf and goes nicely with Navy. 

Pulling the vibrant shade out of the scarf is a favorie way for me to choose accessory optoins. 

In this case, my 31 purse that was a gift from a dear friend.  

They have several silhouettes of purses in this color they call “Palace of Jewells” 

We are doing a fundraiser for the bowling team with the 31 gifts company

Absolutely no pressure my Dear Readers, but if you find something you like for yourself or as a gift, 

all the profits will help our Youth Bowling League , which is a fabulous group.  

I am thinking of ordering a few of these to store my sweaters on a shelf in my closet

, folded up in the Konmari method

DSC_2020 (1)

This was a perfectly put together outfit for going to the bowling alley 

for my son’s Saturday Leaugue.  

I had fun breaking out my Ireland bought blue booties.  

I wore them two days in a row and got compliments on them both days.  

I love that they extend the legline in this outfit, as any other color footwear would

have broken it up and made the proportions for my petite height off… 

Dear Readers, It’s been one year since DH and I went on our 3 week Ireland venture , that also means it’s been a year since his coworker passed away.  We prayed all around Ireland for him and had only been in the house for a few moments when his previous boss called him with the news that he had just passed.  He was such a wonderful person and we will always tie our memories of our Ireland trip to an opportunity to remember his beautiful spirit.  For now I know, Mike you are having a blast in heaven awaiting the time when you will meet us all again… It may be awhile, in the meantime your family and friends live with your memory strong in their hearts and the laughter of cherishing moments with you. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are refreshed and ready to begin your week! 

Work Hard, Play Hard, Balance is Everything! 

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