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Yes, I really was teasing my teen photographer by 

Singing in the Rain 

as we did our Photo shoot on this grey Monday


We not might like raining Mondays, 

but the squirrels have been happily digging in the yard 

and scurried up the tree as I came to pose here.  


I love this scarf with the navy and seafoam green coloring.  

I can’t wait for winter to pair it with my new seafoam leather jacket. 

I also like adding the tasel necklaces to infinity scarves as it 

definitely has a slimiing effect with the addition of the vertical lines . 


Just for fun , here is my Hallowwen Costume 




And my Daughter who is at Boston College and Spent the day 

in Salem getting stopped numerous times to have her picture taken.  


I am loving this Susan Graver Cardigan I bought in both this Navy color 

and in Chocolate Brown.  

With the poly/spandex material, it really is working well for 

my menopausal hot flashes.. 

In fact I originally styled this look of the day with a sheerling black vest, 

but was too warm and had to forgo it.   

Dear Readers, I must share with you that I made the commitment last week to run on the treadmill at least three days a week in a push to lose this darn menopausal weight gain before my anniversary in January. I succeeded and even did my last on on Sunday when my sinuses were acting up.  I hate caridio, but really need to get that into my routine and am loving that I am pushing myself and proud too.  


I am grateful for a fun weekend with our bowling friends! 

I am grateful for our lazy Sunday, watching football. 

I am grateful for my son setting his own homeschooling schedule today,opposite of our plan and still taking responsibility to get it all done. 

I am grateful that my husnband is doing well and happy with his new job and away from toxic chaos.  

Yesterday, After taking a package to mail off to our daughter at graduate school in Boston, 

My husband surprised me with a stop in a wonderful tea shop,


I haven’t worn my soft jogger pants as much this season I did last year.  

DH said he loved them with my Clark’s wedges much better than the flats I wore them 

with last season… 


Quintin’s Tea was a delightful place and we had so much fun smelling all the loose leaf

varieties.  We both chose a flavor and enjoyed a cup in the quaint tea room.  

I ended up buying a Harney & Son’s tin of Birthday Tea, 

which we plan to enjoy on our birthday’s which are just a week apart.  

You can see their website here, but if in the Virginia Beach area , you should stop in just for the experience. 


It was very fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.  

I know we will do so again very soon, as I make plans to create a tea and coffee bar .  

My very sentimental husband took a sharpie and wrote the date on the bottom of the tea tin,

to commemorate the event.  


I love this shocking pink shade of my Isaac Mizrahi peplum top

Dear Readers,  I am a day behind because my darn modem was messing up last night.  After hitting it a few times, my son got it back to working again today, lol.  He saved us from going out to buy a new one today….

And now onto my thoughts for this very sad day….

Here in Virginia a gunman shot a reporter and her photographer on live tv 

all on behalf of creating a race war and my heart is very heavy. 

The country that I love that has a strong history of creating social change via 

peaceful protests is in trouble .  

I fear greatly that this is how groups like ISIS are formed by those wanting destruction.  

I pray that some strong leaders come forth to lead in a positive manner to honor 

the legacy of Martin Luther King.  

I don’t get political on my blog, but just wanted to put my prayer for this country out there. 


I am grateful to my DH for investigating and finding a tea shop right in my own neighborhood and surprising me with a fun afternoon. 

I am grateful that my oldest stopped by today for a chat, as he is very busy with school and work. 

I am grateful that my son cooperated and got started back on finishing his Geometry class. 

I am grateful for a fun chat with my daughter and her calling to share her new adventure internship counseling at a brand new charter school.  

I am grateful for the Uber driver who worked with my DD when she requested a ride today, after missing her bus, in the rain and not even knowing where she was to direct the driver (apparently she had to walk away from the bus station due to all the NO STANDING signs to a nearby parking lot)  

I Can’t believe I wore shorts two days in a row, lol..

I am not a big fan of them and less so with this weight gain 


I was in a boho state of mind and just knew I wanted to wear this kimono

You can’t see well, but the grey tank top actually has white polk a dots for a subdued pattern mixing. 

If going boho, my gold hoop earrings come into play , as do a couple of gold bangle bracelets.  


Not a good hair day with our humidity back in full force, so a soft  headband does the trick. 

In fact it enhances the boho look when in combination with the hoop earrings.  

My daughter noticed that my hair was very red and asked me about it..

I did nothing different, but I do need a haircut very soon….


Wearing my Clark Wedges , sure helped the case of not liking myself in shorts…

I love the teal handbag from Nine West I bought a few years ago at the outlet store. 

Dear Readers, with my son already back for his sophomore year and my daughter leaving tomorrow, this is a tough time of year for this emotional Mom.  I am getting use to this and have to say this year was better than last year.  I still can’t believe my youngest and I survived the other 3 kids moving our or heading to college all within weeks of each other. The quiet house was awful!  What  a difference a year makes, as my youngest is looking forward to having me back all to himself.  It is nice that he gets this experience of an only child these last years of homeschooling high school.  

Speaking of homeschooling, he chose American Sign Language as his foreign language and we just got the dictionary yesterday and are so excited about doing this journey together… We are even planning to do some binge watching of “Switched at Birth” , gotta love the beauty of homeschooling!  

This year he also gets to do Drivers Ed and our DMV site actually has a section for homeschoolers, this movement is growing in leaps and bounds as more parents make the decision to take on this role.  I never thought of it as a movement when I chose it, just knew that school wasn’t working for my son. 


I am grateful that my son’s ankle swelling is going down and that he is now walking on it.  

I am grateful for these experiences my children are gaining as they go away for college.  

I am grateful for this time for them to learn money management skills and how well they embrace it. 

I am grateful that there is so much excitement for my son in getting back to homeschooling. 

I am grateful that this year is easier for us all to deal with this parting. 

I am grateful that my knee is better and that when exercising yesterday, it did ok. 



I’ve been wanting a few Gingham tops, so when 

I was at Goodwill and saw this one and another in black 

by Old Navy I was smitten.

(my internet was acting up, so I didn’t get to post this yesterday

before I headed to Richmond to drop my college son off for his sophomore year.  )


Not only was it a color I love, but I also wanted it to be larger sized than 

I would normally wear , so I could easily tie it at the waist or

use it in Fall/Winter under a sweater. 


I paired it with an orange necklace , I’ve had for awhile and you can’t see very well, but

I am also wearing stud earrings from Walmart that are mock Kate Spade in Coral. 


This felt like a wonderful summer combination, but when I get anything new,

my brain is filled with the question,

“How can I wear this across other seasons?”

Quite often I use Pinterest as my Visual Tool to help answer that question.

Black Stripes White With a Bright Checkered Shirt. This actually looks great together!


Cobalt Skirt with Orange Gingham Shirt


nice for fall...even with the white. you can wear white people...just FYI


Interested in an orange gingham top of your own?

Here is an option found of Amazon.

Here is a Plus Size Orange Gingham Top from Amazon


I am grateful that I slept in later today.  Yes, sleep is not to be taken for granted…

I am grateful for wonderful compassionate friendships. 

I am grateful for a dear friend who loaned a scooter for my son to take while he has to wear a walking boot ,

to tool around campus, should he feel the need for it. 

I am grateful that my niece will have the fun of seeing her cousins apartment as she accompanies us to Richmond. 

I am grateful for my daughter who took it upon herself to order pizza for dinner tonight. 

I am grateful that I got started finalizing homeschooling curriculums and went over the weekly schedule with my son. 

I am grateful that even our DMV has online options for Driver’s Ed for homeschoolers!  

I joke that this printed tank that I thrifted is as close to Camo print as I am ever going to wear…

DSC_0216 (2)

I love the muted shades ,pops of blue among the neutrals,

the ruffles and what you can’t see is that it is actually a sort of floral design….


I’ve been waiting to pair this with my olive cargo vest for a casual nod to the camo look.  

I am tickled pink that I dared to try on these brown capris that were from last season, and that I was able to get in them after losing a few pounds.  Of course they are tighter than I’d like but I wore them anyway as inspiration to where I am heading in my weight loss journey!  


Any time I get the chance to wear these four vintage bracelets I bought on ebay  awhile ago, I fully indulge as I love them and they can make any look have a boho vibe, lol. 


I am happy with the colors in this look and how the brown bottoms , copper bracelets and cognac touch in my shoes all reflect well with my hair color… 

I also like the small touches of blue in my earrings and shoes.  

Looking forward to seeing these bottoms loosen up a bit as I continue my goal to get back down before my 50th b’day in September!  


I am grateful for a fun day watching my youngest at his bowling lesson and seeing his progress throughout the lesson , since we didn’t bowl for a week, he started off slower than normal , but really picked it up by the end. 

I am grateful for these bowling lessons and the fact that she doesn’t let him get away with anything and that he has a teacher besides myself- something important for a home-schooling teen! 

I am grateful for my adventurous husband who didn’t laugh at me when I suggested our Saturday night date night be going to a rodeo, something I’ve never done, but I love trying new things- except foods, where I am picky! 

I am grateful for this last week with my daughter before she heads back to Boston for a summer class. I am also grateful that she will be done and back again in just 6 weeks.  

I am grateful for Jet Blue and cheap flights to Boston as I have every intention of going to see my daughter for her b’day July 5th!  

I am not a big fan of shorts, but I found a way to wear them that I actually feel Great!  

The magic formula is a 7 inch length shorts  with a peplum top!  

Every combination I tried like this I loved, of course the wedge shoes help, too! 

Longer shorts and wedges really are best for my petite height , especially with the longer top


With my style descriptors as “Feminine, Colorful, Sassy, Boho and Maximal”

This looks hits them all…I feel the most sassy in skirts and dresses, but these peplum tops 

are similar to a dress in feminine flair, which is why I am in love with this silhouette.  

My top is Isaac Mizrahi via QVC  and comes in several colors… I now own it in green and hot pink too!


I missed my youngest son taking my pics today and settled for my daughter, but she isn’t the perfectionist that he is , as he would have caught my necklaces being off to the side…

The life of a Mom Blogger!


My shorts are from Old Navy found, Here! 

I had to settle for basic colors for them as they don’t come in brights, but that’s just fine!  

Still taking pics on my phone as my missing camera has not turned up!

Dear Readers. It feels like such a relief to have a way to wear shorts and feel my best self, somethng I’ve been searching for.  I do live in a very humid, hot area , so shorts are something I am glad to have in my style in a more comfortable way than in years past.  Of course wearing them with Kimonos for my boho side will be on the horizon soon as well.. 

Do you like shorts or have you given up on them?  


I am grateful for my daughter’s help in cleaning out one of the coat closets today, as we continue our whole house purge. 

I am grateful that my oldest was here for the entire day, hanging out as he waited for his car repairs to be done. 

I am grateful that my husband calls me throughout his work day in between appointments. 

I am grateful that my daughter helped my youngest by keeping him on track with his homeschooling today! 

I am grateful that my home-schooler started back up today after a few week break when his sibling first came back from college.  

I am grateful that as the countdown begins to saying goodbye to my daughter as she heads back to Boston College for Summer school, that she understands how hard that is for me and reassured me that she was coming back for most of August   

I’ve been feeling so uninspired to create outfits lately.  

There are several reasons behind that including  my weight gain and wonderful bottoms from last year that don’t fit me. 

Coming home to the newly done bedroom and bathroom has sparked a strong need for me to clean out all drawers, cabinets and closets, who feels like getting dressed for that!  I must say that I am getting dressed as I do go out to the store and even went bowling.  

If those two aren’t enough I have two more things going on…

My camera is missing… Don’t ask me what happened during my time in Vegas, but I know everything from my room and closet was moved to other parts of the house for re-carpeting and painting, so a huge chaos for other parts of the house. Somehow my camera has been misplaced.  I do however have my new phone with 21mp camera, so not a real excuse. 

And the final reason is that my dear son home from his freshman year in college requested a room of his own. He has always happily shared a room with his brother as there was really no other option. With my oldest moving out last year, I had taken over his room as my dressing room… Yep, I am a great mom, cause I readily gave up my dressing room and have been cramming my stuff back into my walk- in closet , dresser and new under the bed drawers.  

I am sure this is a temporary thing, so in looking for inspiration I thought I’d share with you. 


Alison from Get Your Pretty on is starting a new challenge with the shopping list coming out next week. I hope to shop my closet and think I am in good shape.  What’s so great about this is the private Facebook page with all the very supportive, kind hearted women.  

Next up for Inspiration is Pinterest of Course

Casual Outfit


With my Vegas purchase from Charming Charlies of a similar hat, I couldn’t resist this look.

Mine is sold out online, but they have this version. 

I don’t have jean shorts, but could use capris or a skirt.  

Love it great fall outfit


I love the simplicity of a white top with blue bottom and cognac accessories. 

"Bermuda's, Baby!" by rockreborn on Polyvore


A striped top with animal print shoes, what’s not to love? 

Ooohhh, awesome! I would wear a slightly larger sweater so it wasn't so tight, but otherwise this is cute!!


Since I bought mint pointed toe flats and a navy striped t-shirt dress this season, I could pull this off. 

"Cool Colors" by archimedes16 on Polyvore


Yet another option for my mint flats. I  would do this with my orange boho skirt.  

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed we figure out the electrical problem we are currently having that includes my bedroom and the bathrooms.  I’d like to add, no lights in my closet as another bump in the road towards getting inspired, lol!  


I am grateful for the Summer Style Challenge to look forward to in the next few weeks. 

I am grateful to my daughter who has been by my side during all my purging and closet cleaning. 

I am grateful to my husband for putting his Navy background to work and spending late nights replacing electrical outlets. 

I am grateful for the home school testing being done and the fantastic results where my son finally achieved a perfect score in vocabulary, something he missed by one question each time.   A great self esteem boost.  

I am grateful for a Parent’s Night Out dinner for next week to look forward to, as our bowling group is suspended for the Summer.  

Today I went for a classic black and white Outfit, 

that was comfortable and easy for another day of sciatica and 

wearing a back brace.  


This is a new pop over version blouse from Kate & Mallory via Evine.  

It was on clearance for $9.99 , so is now sold out…

My capris are linen from Old Navy found here.  

My leather flower sandals are last year’s from BJ’s , but they have them again this season. 


Say good-bye to this hair as I am getting a cut and color with highlights tomorrow… 

Just in time for my Vegas trip in less than two weeks!  

Wish I had worn shorter earrings these are too much with the necklace.  

Speaking of the necklace, you can find it here in a set with a bracelet,

that I like because I use it to extend the necklace. 


I loved the ease of linen pants and a loose fitting top today.  

I must say, my dear readers that today is the best day I’ve had yet with pain from the sciatica,

so perhaps I am on the upswing to healing.  

I sure hope so!  

Dear Readers,  Today I began the end of year testing for my homeshooler and have to say the stress over testing doesn’t even exist for us any more…. I guess with three solid years of experience and knowing that he excels in math and has a wonderful vocabulary as well as strong foundation for punctuation and grammar.  With our college children coming home this weekend, we are finishing things up, though he will be homeschooling year round since our year has been a mess with my Ireland trip, and the other children coming home for vacations… We learned a lot this year and recognize that most of the school year gets done by Christmas and that worked with our schedule with college kids in the picture.  So, no more month long vacations for me in October, lol….


I am grateful for a huge reduction in my sciatic pain today,

I am grateful my husband bought a fabulous Tens Unit while in Vegas, and it really did help with my pain!  

I am grateful for the fun and anticipation this week of my two away at college being home this weekend. Anticipation of events is almost as fabulous as the actual event….

I am grateful that my husband installed a new dishwasher for me last night!  

One of the few things I purchased for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge was these fantastic

orange flats and I have to say I adore them and can’t wait to see how many ways I can style them…


Today’s outfit for the challenge was suppose to be a white top and bright cardigan, 

cold enough here for a long sleeved tee and another chance to wear my favorite poncho before packing it away…

Let’s face it my summers are too hot for this baby!  


I had a knee brace strapped on for the day, but removed it for photos…

That back of my knee injury from exercising feels much better when i wear a brace,

but then I am moving about a bit more,  so perhaps not the best thing…   

I don’t do well at sitting still… I vividly remember many years ago,  my broken foot when I was pregnant with my daughter and me crawling around on the floor constantly cleaning up as I was in the nesting mode…

I am taking it easier this time as I want to heal before this Vegas trip on May 16th! 


 I have been loving this challenge and am sad to say , it will be over in just a few days. 

I won’t be joining the next one as I have too many summer clothes to style and don’t any limitations. 

If interested she will start a Summer One Soon and is selling past ones on the linked page at the top of my blog post. 

Dear Readers, No close up shots today, as my eyes are swollen… not sure if that is allergies or perhaps the tears that were flowing this afternoon.  I was listening to both Journey and Neil Diamond today to get in the mood for Vegas. As soon as I put on the first Neil Diamond song, “Sweet Caroline” , the tears came on like an avalanche that couldn’t be stopped. Quite often I can tear up at missing my mother, but nothing to this level since the early days of mourning.  

Neil Diamond is so tied into my mother as he was her favorite and she played Elvis and Neil on Sunday mornings while we would get ready for church.. If we were ready early we got to dance with our parents… Smart Strategy as I loved dancing with my father.  I remember the early years of standing on his feet.   

After my father passed away, my mother played music even more, I think the silence was too much.  Neil Diamond was a huge part of my childhood.  Upon my high school graduation, I took a rode trip to Canada with my mother, blasting his songs and singing at the top of my lungs… it’s a long drive from Virginia to Canada… 

Years later a dear friend and I took our mother’s to see Neil Diamond in concert…

That was a huge deal for my mother and I know she cherished it.  So do I!  

Now if only I can get through the concert without breaking down, time to buy waterproof mascara!  


I am grateful for the wonderful memories that filled my head today, as I listened to Neil Diamond for a few hours today. 

I am grateful that my reluctant reader found himself lost in a book today and read twice as many chapters as I instructed him to and wants to read more at bed time!  

I am grateful that I am homeschooling my youngest and the strength I find every day to make this work. 

I am grateful that my husband came home early and took my youngest out for awhile giving me rare time alone. 

I’ve been taking it easy after injuring the back of my knee when exercising

and aggravating my sciatica by standing for two days of bowling competitions…

Walking is fine standing in one place,not so much..


Thank Goodness for the GYPO Spring Challenge, as I could get dressed without too much thought. 

Today’s outfit formula was a floral skirt, black top and colored sweater.  

With temperatures still cooler, I opted to wear the maxi, I bought for this challenge.  


Even with my pain, getting dressed made me feel better…

Wearing a fedora and my Ying /Yang necklace can do that to a woman!  

I am loving this orange sweater I thrifted and the reason to wear orange blush and lipstick. 


Doubling up on silver bracelets took warmed my boho side…

Dear Readers, I happened upon a wonderful website for Man Style!  

Looktastic is a wonderful site that allows you to add pieces your man owns and then shows you ideas on how to style them and even offers options for a new piece to add that would work well.  I can’t wait to explore this more and add in more pieces that are currently in my husband’s closet.  


I am grateful that my pain wasn’t as bad today as it was on Monday. 

I am grateful for the muscle rub cream my husband strategically used for my shoulder and lower back. 

I am grateful that my husband had most of the day off and hung out at home, even if it did mess up our homeschooling day. 

I am grateful for a new program on Executive Training for Adolescents that I got in hopes of helping my homeschooler take more responsibility for his education.  

I am grateful that my homeschooler started a new book today and read 6 chapters and hope he keeps it up.  

I am grateful for the laughter I shared with my daughter as she called me squealing from her apartment near Boston College, where she had just encountered a mouse in her bedroom…

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