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With this mourning my sister process I have missed blogging and my Gratitude Journal at the end of my posts.  

In addition I miss doing the Inspirational sayings too….

Jumping Back into some normalcy , so what better to leave you with for the weekend 

than some sayings that touched me in some way…. 

When we really think about it, we all know that we'd rather connect with the people around us than the screen in our back pocket... But that pull is real! Read here for 5 strong reasons to forget your phone more often.

My Sister really Nailed < “Work Hard, Play Hard”   In fact she had a little sign that reads, 

“Working for the Weekend”   

What are some plans you have that will make you forget to check your phone and social media accounts?  

I am sure this weekend I will be helping my husband on his new business venture and finishing up his website.

I hope to fit in a break and just head down to the beach for some music and sea air!  


41 Motivational And Inspirational Quotes You're Going To Love

I believe very much in Divine Order and like a lot of women who have reached 50 and more, 

I have a clearer picture and confidence that experiences are all part of helping us grow.  

I am who I am because of every life experience and I cherish the growth and wisdom life brings. 

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This reminds me so much of certain times in my life, like the moment when I snugggled a newborn, 

a first kiss, a tender hug when the pain of loss is unbearable, the beauty of standing on a beach in St, Maarten, 

the Moment of taking in the first sights of Ireland,   the moment when I finished my mother’s eulogy, 

the moment of seeing my daughter graduate from college.  I realize I could fill a book with moments where I have 

closed my eyes breathed deeply and felt so blessed to be in that moment.  

I most recently felt this leaving my sister’s condo for the last time and walking on the Boardwalk and imagining

her taking those same steps to the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach she loved.   

I have this in my thoughts a lot in the last few years as 3 of my 4 children have reached adulthood 

and I see my role of raising minor children coming to an end.   I know I need a dream and a new purpose, 

I am starting a business for that exact reason, but who knows if that is it , or if there is something else, 

time will tell!  

Dear Readers, I wish you a fabulous weekend, filled with laughter and love and hope you are recharged and ready to face the week!  


I am grateful for sunshine and a fun trip to the grocery store with my son Nicholas who is home for just a few weeks before heading back to college. 

I am grateful for a goodnight’s rest and sleeping in today. 

I am grateful to my Upline support system in the Amelia James business and can not wait to meet her in San Diego at the end of September. 

I am grateful that my migraine today calmed down and nausea went away.  


I recently saw a few t-shirts with positive sayings that match messages 

I value and want to put out in the world 

on and am delighted that they began arriving yesterday. 

Be on the LOOK OUT for another saying or two coming soon….


When I was in my 3o’s I dreamed of creating shirts like this, 

so it’s only natural that now at 50 ,

 that I am embracing them ! 


This sayng holds a very special place in my heart because I think

it’s been a message I was forced to come to terms with on my own

when at the tender age of 13 my father passed away.  

Upon mourning the great loss throughout my teens I really looked at the 

relationships my peers had with their fathers and saw immediatley the blessing. 

It was in early adulthood that I began saying, 

” I had more in my 13 years with him that many people will ever have”  

My father was one special man and I know it’s because he too lost his father when he was young and he was the youngest 

child with three older sisters and the youngest one was 17 when he was born.

He use to say that he was raised by 4 mothers.  

It truly made for a very compassionate man whose legacy of love is dear to my heart and has given me such strength to stand strong at times when I’ve wanted to crumble…. 


There truly was Joy in the journey of even something so wretched in losing my father. 

I was very much a Daddy’s Girl and didn’t have much use for my mother, his death opened up 

a most fabulous relationship with my mother that I doubt would have been found had he lived. 

I also saw my mother grow in ways that too wouldn’t have been needed had she had him to lean on.  

My Attitude of Gratitude comes from knowing that if you look deep enough there is joy in every part of this journey of life. 


I am grateful for the support and love among my homeschooling bowling Moms. 

I am grateful for getting up before my alarm and fitting in a Pilates workout before taking my son bowling. 

I am grateful for the fun anticipation of spending tomorrow at Harborfest with a friend and to my husband for giving me the VIP passes from his customer to use for myself and my friend.  

I am grateful for the fun and laughter that I share on a daily basis with my 20 year old son home from college, he really has the best sense of humor!   

Wishing My Dear Readers A weekend filled with Sun, Fun . Laughter and Love! 

Food for Thought

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery" James Joyce Pinned by | ‪#‎WednesdayWarmth‬ via @ProjectHappiness


and if any of you fellow sufferers need help finding it...I am here for you- anytime

Don't stop until you're proud


Happy Weekend!  

I hope you enjoyed these, Any favorites?  

Since the day flew by and I didn’t get photos….

It’s a good day to do some Inspirational Sayings…

I hope some spark something in you my Dear Readers


Something my father taught me in his lessons on being my own best friend…

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light


Reaching for Gratitude in ALL things is truly the key to happiness


This one came in handy to me today and I am on a high over it…

When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.


“I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again!”

"You can't start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last."


Letting Go is important to moving forward


Something we’ve  all experienced at one time, but a reminder never hurts..

...and always remember, you might be the closest thing to Jesus that others will ever see.


Everyday we start anew! 

Can’t resist sharing that my dear daughter buried in Boston’s snow, commented that hers is now dotted with all the evidence of the dogs in her neighborhood….LOL 

Dear Readers,  I hope you are having a good week!  

Thanks for stopping by!


I am grateful that my sciatica was alright today and I was able to join in the fun of bowling! 

I am grateful that I saw my oldest and had phone calls from both children away at college… Mid-week Fabulous-ness! 

I am grateful that the Superbowl Championship t-shirt arrived and my youngest is loving his!

I am grateful that I learned one of these quotes today… ” the one about the freedom that comes with not taking anything personally…”  seriously I am smiling and standing taller!  

I didn’t get blog photos today,

cause it’s Cold Outside!  

I hope you are all staying warm and

enjoy a little inspiration to begin the weekend!

life quotes

Kindness is my choice,

as I value liking my reflection at the end of the day…

Go the extra mile...

The masses are mediocre, 

choose to stand out..

Law of attraction- Create the life you want have with "Unlimited Abundance". Click here....

Talk is cheap, 

It’s what we actually do that makes a difference

"Beauty in the ugliest days." | It's always right there to find. Yeah....

My Gratitude Journal has certainly taught me this , 

some days it’s a huge stretch , other days is flows in abundance..

The value is in the days when it doesn’t come easy, but I persevere…

Made by Folks

I thought with so many New Year’s Resolutions 

flying around that this was appropriate..


This one is close to my heart as I send my daughter and son back to college on Sunday…

Dear Readers, I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of family, laughter , love and fun to recharge to do it all over again next week… Next week I get back into homeschooling after a 3 week break… Not going to be easy , but I am prepared..The tricks up my sleeve are Gum ( helps him concentrate and never ceases to make us giggle about how lucky he is to be homeschooling), an indoor trampoline ( for a jump break if he is feeling stressed),  Yoga pose break, ( if he is feeling overwhelmed and needs a break) , Compassion (in empathizing that this week is tough to get back on track), My sense of humor( saying something silly to lighten the mood or perhaps breaking out in a silly made up song- he creates his own songs too – so funny!)  and Patience (its hard being Mom and teacher, but I am Mom first and foremost).  


I am grateful that last night when our electricity went off for a minute , that we remained unplugged and for 3 hours just chatted and acted silly instead of turning the computer and tv back on… precious quality time!

I am grateful that the electricity didn’t remain off for long, since we are having record low temps and I like heat!

I am grateful for the love, support and compassion in my children.. I am so blessed to have these amazing children in my life.

I am grateful that we decided to hibernate today due to the cold and put off our errands for tomorrow…

I am grateful that I still have two more days with my children before sending them off to Virginia Commonwealth University and Boston College.

I am grateful that I chose to share my Gratitude journal when I began blogging, as it helps keep me accountable! 

Feeling under the weather….LOL.. Literally the dramatic drop in temps from the 70’s to freezing messed up my sinuses..

So here’s so Inspirations since I did not get outfit photos…

Photo - Spiritual Inspiration

This reminds me of a country song I love..

Unanswered prayers by Garth Brooks

A leap of faith...

We’ve all struggled at times and need to remember this one...

Legend says...

I wonder whose dream I’ve been in these past few weeks, LOL…


Only a true Optimist could appreciate the truth of this one….

It really is about how we chose to frame things…

This one is to honor my dear mother, who taught me by example 

Dear Readers, Wishing You a Fabulous Day!  


I am grateful that despite my missing the Homeschooling Holiday Feast that my oldest took my youngest…

I am grateful that after my youngest left near 11am that I went back to bed and slept until after 2pm… I miss the days when I had children in school and napped on days when I wasn’t feeling well… Now on 4th year homeschooling and I don’t do that anymore…

I am grateful to my dearest friend for texting me a message of pure love, and she didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling well!  

I am grateful for having all the Thanksgiving grocery shopping is  done and not having to fight the throngs of shoppers next week…

I am grateful for tea and hot chocolate and sweet moments of sharing a cup with my son….

I am grateful that a 20 degree warm up is on it’s way…even if it brings rain!

My Dear Readers, I haven’t done anywhere near as many Inspirational Sayings Posts…

Since I’ve loved sayings since my teen years, I am going to more fully embrace this love and share with you 

in Sunday Inspirations Weekly…

Jay Danzie

Nature Quote Print - John Muir - The sun shines not on us but in us. $15.00, via Etsy.true

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.

Being good to yourself is the first step in being good to the world. #inspiration

We leave Just One Week from Today!  

To celebrate I thought I would share some wonderful 

Travel Quotes…

#travel #quotes

Start your adventure.

We couldn't agree more.

Where are you going next?

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." Gustave Flaubert

Travel changes you for the better.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I am ready for Fall and am just not feeling inspired to dress

and photograph  outfits to suit my summer like temps…

I thought you my Dear Readers Could Benefit on a post from guru stylist Angie at You Look Fab

I think it is great for Stay at Home Mother’s and Women over 40

who aren’t addicted to fashion, but want to look current and not out of it completely…

Four Shortcuts to a More Current Style

And Now Some Sayings to Get Your Weekend Started…


Yup she's a cheater and always will be

Best Laughter Image Quotes And Saying

people in our life...

15 Inspirational Quotes of the Day 1

Dear Readers, Any of these resonate with you?  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, fun , family and friends! 


I am grateful that for homeschooling today we pushed through a tough math assignment of definitions when all he really wants to do is get to the problems!

I am grateful that the UnviersalClass has a lot of writing assignments since this is his biggest weakness…

I am grateful that he is also really utilizing note taking for the first time.

I am grateful that the Old Navy order came in with a new jacket and two shirts for my youngest who loved them! 

I  am grateful for nice phone call from my son at VCU today and his text letting me know he was watching and cheering my football team on tonight..

After Color and Print,

A third way to Incorporate Trends into Your Style is with 

Modern Silhouettes

I think by far this is of most importance for my age group in the over 40’s category

This Season’s silhouette  trend for tops is the Cross over blouse 

H&M calls  them Wrap Style.

A sleeveless version in floral , also H&M

Chunky Cable Knit Sweaters are Also Trending

Women's 3/4-Sleeve Cable Sweaters | Old Navy

Here is a version from Old Navy

Another top trend is the sweatshirts in so many options, from stripes, to florals, one’s with sayings.

The sweatshirts are being paired a lot with skirts 

Women's Lightweight Terry Sweatshirts | Old Navy

Old Navy version

Women's Side-Zip Terry-Fleece Tunics

Check out this Tunic Version, Also from Old Navy

Women's Dolman-Sleeve Terry-Fleece Dresses | Old Navy

How about a sweatshirt dress for a New Trendy Silhouette

I couldn’t help myself and ordered this from Old Navy

When it comes to Jackets, the hit of this upcoming season is the Baseball Style

Women's Wool-Blend Baseball Jackets

This is Old Navy’s women’s version of the one my 18 year old son picked up recently

Women's Color-Block Fleece Baseball Jackets

A more colorful one with contrast sleeves

Also from Old Navy

Dear Readers, There are other silhouettes for pants and skirts i will address later..I hope you are enjoying these posts as, I am enjoying putting them together and taking a break from outfit posts…

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

When you make a mistake there are only three things you should ever do about it quote by Bear Bryant

  This is What I hope I’ve taught my children as they make their own way in this world! 


I am grateful for a fun day homeschooling French, as it is the language I chose for high school and brings back memories.

I am grateful for phone conversations with my husband during the day.

I am grateful that when the heavy rains and storms came that I had the comfort of knowing my husband’s job no longer requires him to face the elements of nature…

I am grateful for the nap I was able to take today , after only 4 hrs of sleep …somedays a nap is the best medicine!

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