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It’s been awhile since I’ve indulged my love of Inspirational Sayings ….

Since It’s Friday, A great Way to Start the Weekend…

My Son comes home from VCU in time for dinner today! 


I have to say that my Father’s lessons in being rich in the things money can’t buy really stuck with me!

Inspirational quotes to motivate

I thought of our experience moving our son into his dorm where parents are higher floors had to wait in elevator lines for hours…

We were lucky enough to just use the stairs to go up one flight… We came across parents berating the young college volunteers, complaining about the wait times.  Upon hearing their outrage we all agreed that it’s all of what you make of it and that we would have spent the time goofing off and just being silly.  It’s no surprise that most of my family shares having Quality Time as a strong love language…

'Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.'  #Quotation #Workout

A huge distinction in purpose and the thing that kept me going in my weight loss journey! 

Can’t believe Boston College won’t give Graduate students access to the gym , unless they pay $400 a year! 

Shame on Them!


I love being at this stage of wisdom in my life and seeing the puzzle pieces fitting together..

No one ever injured their eyesight by looking at the bright side of things  #life #quote #positive #motivation

So True…

wake up

As children ,we often did this, as adults we have to make a choice to do this….

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend! 


I am grateful that will all these predictions of  winter being a bad one, that my husband is no longer in the home improvement industry and long gone are the days of measuring outside in all weather, with lights clipped to him and hot hands in his pockets.

I am grateful that my husband had the guts to take a huge leap outside his comfort zone and make the career switch, losing so much in the process of  the people. While we miss them, it doesn’t beat the relief the job was having on his body and soul.  Did I ever mention my Dear Readers, that my husband was hit by a large pick-up truck in the Home Depot parking lot several years ago and thrown back about 10 feet, leaving him with knee and hip issues?

I am grateful for his time in the home improvement industry, the fun we had and the things we learned along the way. It really was on the whole a good experience and one we will cherish.


Dear Readers, I did not get blog photos yesterday , so am honoring the amazing life of someone who touched so many and truly lived life in a beautiful way and leaves a tremendous legacy that will echo for generations to come. 

Maya Angelou #quotes #success

Maya Angelou quote

Beautiful words by Maya Angelou #quote

Maya Angelou quote

Maya Angelou quote #inspiration #motivation #motivationalquote

giving back.  maya angelou  quotes.  wisdom.  advice.  life lessons.

Maya Angelou quote via

Character is revealed in certain, sometimes subtle, ways. For example, pay attention to how people treat waiters/waitresses and anyone in jobs of service. If they give them a hard time, order them around, etc., it speaks volumes about their POOR character. Yet, when confronted with this, they always justify their behavior. RUN, don't walk, far away from these people.

Maya Angelou Quote

And a Hero she was!  

May she spread her wisdom and joy among the angels as we cherish her memory and her words 

She is with out a doubt on my list to seek out in the afterlife for a chat!

Dear Readers, if you are a regular on my blog , you know I put a lot of value in being grateful and the wonderful results that happen to your happiness levels when done faithfully .

I saw this Pin many months ago and thought of a great idea for a year long project that is easy and takes just moments , but could be a big boost for the entire family!

30 Days of Gratitude | Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Instead of just 30 days I am going to do it starting today, Jan 1st and continue all year. New Years next year it will be time to open it as a family and read them !  Of course I probably won’t make my family read all 365 of them, lest they all revolt, but maybe a few each day for the twelve days of Christmas… I may come up with other ideas by then, things in my life are always fluid… then agan I am a woman and reserve the right to change my mind…

So many variations can be done here, as the mother and matriach of the family you could take this all on your own and do it for the family… If you are a wife with no children or all grown up ones, how sweet would it be to just share with dear hubby on New Years!  If you have children you could get them involed and have everyone have their own jars or do a family jar and instead of daily do it weekly.   There is no wrong way to do this , whatever works for your family!

It's not happy people who are thankful. It's thankful people who are happy. via endlesslyinspired #Quotation

When my kids were younger we did family meetings weekly where everyone wrote one thing in each other’s journal and we read them sitting around in a circle. It was fun and great self esteem builder.

Gratitude #quotes

I think losing my father when I was just 13 has led me to live a life of gratitude and not take anything for granted. Since beginning my blog and writing them daily, I have really reaped the benefits. I’ve always been a postive person, but this has changed it to an entirely new level and a funny side effect has been increasing my faith that everything is going to work out just fine.  Not something I beleived before, the flip side effect of my father’s sudden death.

via shobhas secrets |

So my dear readers, why not make 2014 a year of gratitude and see where it takes you and your family?

What are you grateful for today?


I am so grateful to have this blog and place where I can share easy things that have the potential to  bring more  joy.

I am grateful to the wonderful readers who like my post or take great effort to leave me kind comments that let me know there is someone out there reading this stuff…

I am grateful that we chose a low key stay at home New Year’s Eve celebration with our two youngest ( we althernate going out and staying home) 

I am grateful for this Promotion and the happiness levels it has given our entire family during the holiday season. 

I am grateful that this holiday season was easier and mourning my mother is now less painful…

I am grateful that I have been truly blessed with four amazing children.

I am grateful that I have had the priviledge of being a stay at home mother. 

I am grateful for my single mother friend and the gratitude which she lives each day despite all the chaos swirling around her and the lessons that it’s taught me.  If she can have gratitude and a positive outlook on life after these last four years, anyone can!!!!!

I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to take photos…. And I really liked my Outfit

No worries, it’s just and opportunity for me to bring you words of Inspiration! 

worth remembering.

I learned this so well from observing the lives of single mothers. 


For me this sounds like the words of my childhood that so inspired me in the song so many of us sang in church,

“This little light of mine, I’m gonaa let it shine!” 


I chose this one personally for myself as a reminder that sometimes, it really is just that easy!

Carl Jung

Those of us in the Western world have concentrated more on the outside than on the inside and even heart surgewons these days are recommending meditative practices. Making sure our thoughts create positives instead of chaos is key to happiness in this life!

quotes about christmas (1)

I had a key experience in life in which I made the choice to be rich in the things that money can’t buy , so ending todoay with Christmas Gifts  that need no wrapping paper or money. 

Dear Readers, I have collected sayings like this beginning as a teenager and love sharing them.  My goal is to be a beacon in reminding myself as well as others that happiness is ours to choose.  As a woman whose parents have both passed on and a sister in law who greatly misses her btother in law, this season can be a tough one.  Turning to inspirational words and seeking peace of mind is one way I handle that pain. Ensuring a wonderful Christmas for my children , sibllngs and neices is another. Writing my twice a year letter to my husband’s uncle and the one responsible for our upcoming Ireland trip next October is another. Relying on my strong faith that my loved ones are happy and that i will be with them when it’s my time.

  I know there are so many out there missing loved ones this season, what helps you?  


I am grateful for the pain that comes with this season of missing loved ones, because it offers the opportunity for memories to flood me. 

I am grateful that I have amazing children who light up my world and ease the loss.

I am grateful that I have a family who delights in the holiday and that we have been planning how each family member is going to help make our holiday fantastic…We host breakfast and dinner for my siblings, so a lot of work and they are all excited to pitch in.

I am grateful to be at this fabulous stage in life with three of my four children reaching adulthood and all having great goals for themselves and staying out of troubles that can plaque this age group. 

I am grateful that even with the new job, that my husband will be taking his normal week off between Christmas and New Years! 

I had a wonderful weekend, filled with laughter and family to celebrate our son’s 18th Birthday! 

We are also celebrating a new chapter as my husband begins a new venture !

With no outfit post for the day, my inspirational spirit is coming forth to start your week off right! 


The reason my husband is starting a new venture! 

life is a balance

So appropriate as my husband faces leaving a company he loves for a better family future as well as the changes our family will face this summer with all but one of our children moving out! 


Something I hope my children know and will carry throughout their lives! 

It's all about perspective.

One way of thinking brings pain, the other joy! 

We really are responsible for our thoughts and experience in this world. 

Mrs. McKenna,  my 5th grade teacher lived him ?

Those who know me well, know this is something I subscribe to!

Dear Readers,  Thanks so much for stopping by, will return with my regular post and Gratitude on Tuesday! 

I spent last week writing about Happiness Tools, 

things you can do to create more joy in your life.

I was motivated by the coming of winter when so many are faced with less sun and colder temps , that can lead to higher rates of depression. 

My Previous Posts can be Found, Here, Here, Here and Here.

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Movie Date Night – My 17 year old said, “Looks like Fall!” I hugged him and told him that was a perfect compliment!

To complete the Happiness Tools Series I would like to mention three more that have been a huge part of my toolbox for most of my life.   They are Music with Dancing, Loving Myself,  and the God Grant Me the Serentiy Prayer.

Music and Dancing has been one I use whenever I need a pick me up.  My kids just laugh at me,but they love seeing me happy, so sometimes join in.  After my mother died I was in a lot of pain and turned to spiritual music of Claudia Carawan who I was lucky enough to meet and see my friend put together a music video for More Than You Know.  The woman at the gate and tiniest ballerina are my best friend and her daughter ( now 7).   

My husband and I use to do dance party nights with our children and it was always so much fun! I like this tool as it is one to use whenever needed and gives immediate results.  Whether alone or with others,it still works.


There is a fine line in fashion between Bookending and being too Matchy-Match

Others may think my boots and jacket crossover to be too matching, but I really have to say that I like matching!

My Next Happiness Tool is Loving Myself and this was my father’s legacy! He took me for walks and talked to me so much about wanting me to have that in my life. Loving myself is all about accepting all the parts of me and if I make a mistake to not beat myself up, but to forgive myself and move forward.  They say people who talk negatively to themselves do so a hundred times a day.  I can’t even imagine how painful that must be although I do see others doing so.  Being as kind to ourselves as we are to others is a huge key to happiness!  

We can get off track and forget this sometimes if we carry the burden of something others have said with us. I don’t let what others say bother me much and use the phrase, “Consider the Source”  meaning would I seek their opinion.  There will always be people who because of their own journey try to dump on you, Steeling yourself from this is key to being happy. 

If I teach my children only one thing this would be my desire!


Dear Readers, My Last Tool for Happiness would be to remember the God Grant me the Serentiy Prayer. Remembering to control what I can control and releasing everything else is the greatest gift my mother gave me. There is another great gift from her, but it doesn’t fit this discussion so will save for later.   Letting go of things not in your control and accepting that there are those things that aren’t really is a huge tool that I wanted to share last with you , as like the dancing one it can be used with immediate results.   

I hope you enjoyed this series as I have enjoyed writing it !  

Here is a Link to the Article I used for the previous tools I listed


I am grateful that my husband had a successful work week with three deals and is trying hard to make up for last month and get back into earning us our first ever Cruise Vacation.

I am grateful that my husband texted me Saturday and told me to dress up for a movie night.

I am grateful that as soon as our movie ended and we were in the car, we listened to the radio of when the World Series play off game took a turn and the Red Socksscored four runs taking the score to 2-5 and the joy as my Husband’s team made it to the World Series.   it was incredible to hear that crowd! 

I am grateful that it’s football Season and my husband and I spent the day watching game of our rival teams! (next week we will be on opposite couches as our teams play each other!) 

I began the Happiness Tools posts to inspire others, but the more I write the more i recognize how much of these are part of my life and may be why I can still report happiness when life gets difficult.  Some of these were conscious choices as I know they bring me joy and others were just happy accidents! 

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Loving this Navy Chevron dress I picked up from No More Rack

Leggings from F21

Today’s first happiness tool is Helping Others,  Studies show 100 hours a year is ideal. While I have never thought about how many hours a year i find this tool helpful to my goal to have a balance in Mind, Body and Spirit,  I know it is a major one for me.    Just yesterday, at my WW meeting a young mom found out I had a blog and asked me for help in finding a style for herself, after years of wering a military unifrom she felt lost.   I loved that conversation and steering her in the right direction and look forward to helping her even more.  It doesn’t have to be about spending money, it just has to be giving of yourself and your time.  There are givers in this world and takers and I for one am a Giver and I get so much more than I give. Try just complimenting someone today1  If you are the boss , trying compimenting your employees for a week and see how it goes!

The stripes are here to stay! Cute, cute, cute.

I added a sweater for warmth to the original inspiration, which is from

Sweet Laundry. 

Giving in terms of money and things is also a part of my everyday life.  I had so much time over the summer thrifitng for my niece.   I also help a single mother friend by thrifting for her and her daughter.  I buy things all year to make their Christmas special as well.   Each purchase throughout the year makes my heart sing as I know the joy it will bring.  I will never forget the year we gave friends $500 at Christmas when they were struggling to pay their water bill.  I even liked on our St. Maarten trip that we delivered coupons to our group that were from the owner of the company to enjoy one actvity on him.  Just going from hotel room to hotel room sliding those under each door made us both giddy and the best thing was that it was the last thing we did on our Anniversary night before calling it a night!  

A lot of us Give during the holidays, but I challenge you to find ways to Help Others through out the rest of the year and see how much joy it brings you! 


Dear Readers, Today’s second Happiness Tool is to Practice Smiling. Research showed that customer service workers  who fake smiled actually worsened their moods , while those who visualized a happy place to smile increased their mood. I recommend if you are a mangager to try smiling at your team as they are working and see what happens.  I believe so much in this tool and want to share a dream I had a few years ago.  I found Laughter Yoga and wanted to become a laughter Yogo Instructor and go around to businesses and start their day off with a session, I know it would be of value and increase productivity. I did this with my two youngest before they went off to school each morning and they loved it!  

A Full Belly Laugh each day is good for the Soul!



I am grateful to my daughter for coming and apologizing to me today, something that is very hard for her to do!!! 

I am grateful that my husband had a break in his work day and  grabbed the three youngest for hair cuts , leaving me home alone to write this post!

I am grateful that as I typed this my intense sinus pressure headache went away! 

I am grateful for this report card of how I am doing to create happiness in my life that is coming out of sharing these posts this week.  

I am grateful that the Spelling program for Connor is really what’s been missing and that he is embracing it fully! 

After a week of Rainy days , I felt inspired to write Tools for Happiness series because

I realize that winter is coming and the lack of sunlight and cold in certain regions can lead to depression.  

The first two posts can be found Here and Here


After 6 weeks of skipping my Weight Watcher meetings due to migraines, sinus headachses and starteing up homeschooling again, I went back today and lost 3lbs.

Social time is definitely an important tool for happiness.  I’ve always said that balance is important and taught my children to work hard and play hard.  I worry that my daughter worked so hard in college, but didn’t balance the social time.  I think this tool alone is among the most importantof them all. Stay at home parents and those who work from home or elderly who are homebound need this more than others , yet are at most risk of not getting enough of it.   Social time makes us better people and is better for marriages and work productivity. It doesn’t have to be expensive, my husband and I have more fun going to a friend’s house and sitting around their fire pit chatting late into the night.

So, Call up a friend you haven’t seen in awhle and make a lunch date or take an elderly parent or friend to a movie. It’s Football Season,  so invite  friends and family to watch a game together or anything else you love to do! 


This corduroy jacket is one I’ve had forever and really love, It has a good amount of stretch in it and is so comfortable!   The dress is by Max Studio and the empire seaming and A-line shape are perfect.  Dooney and Bourke purse was a gift from a dear friend!

The next Tool for Happiness is for you to Go Outside!  Twenty minutes a day in the outdoors is the recommended amount.  I say if you work where smoker’s get breaks, go outside away from them and  breathe in some fresh air.  I read awhile ago that standing barefoot in grass for 10 to 15 minutes a day helps boost your mood, so if your game go ahead and try that!!!  I vividly remember the winter we lived in MA when I came home for Christmas and threw off my coat and went for an hour walk to just soak up some sun. If you are living where winters are tough taking extra care to add in happiness is key. Going outdoors in freezing temps is not the tool for you, but one o fthose special lights to mimic the sun could be very effective replacement. I love that I live so close to some stores and it’s nothing for me to make an excuse to take a short walk for something at the grocery store and it really does feel good.  As a homeschooling mohter, some days this is our salvation!  We like each other better and work more effectively if things weren’t working out. 


Dear Readers , so far we’ve talked about, Gratitude,  Plannning a Vacation, exercise, meditation, sleep, social time and going outside as tools to increase happiness.  Out of those choices how many do you find yourself incorporating in your life.  Or is there one you would like to make a better effort and incorporating.  I must say that out of those I am in pretty good shape since the meditation helped my sleeping.

 Dear Readers, blow up my comments for the day with any suggestions you have for Social Time so others can read and benefit from all the ideas I know you have! 

Tomorrow is Pinterest Inspiration Day and more Happiness Tools so don’t forget to stop by! 


I am grateful that I committed to making it to my WW meeting today.

I am grateful to the boost my WW meeeting gives me- (social time) 

I am grateful for time with my friend after the meeting for thrifitng and a trip to TJ  Maxx.

I am grateful that my son had enough Papa John’s points for a free pizza, so no cooking tonight! 

I am grateful that I am writing these tools for happiness as it is thought provoking to take care of myself! 

Increasing our own happiness really can be done if we take control and make it a priority! 

Yesterday,  i  mentioned Gratitude and Planning a Vacation as the first tools. 


A crsip Cool Day calls for a comfy , cozy sweater bought from Ebay.

We’ve all heard by now that exercize increases happiness and can stave off depression, but the article I found mentioned  that just 7 minutes a day can give the desired results.  I know this is true because on busy days when all I find time for is resistance bands and squats or other days when it’s just  a few Yoga poses and stretches, I do get great benefits. I must say I see  a significant difference than on days when I opt out all together. 


For Petite women, please note with a long sweater I opted for the lower cowboy boots

rather than knee high riding boots.

Another great tool is meditation which reportedly rewires the brain for happiness..,. It just so happens that I started a guided meditaion ( the only kind I can do for my ADD brain), two weeks ago and have had remarkable results.  The one I found was geared to weight loss, as I have yet to kick myself into gear to stop gaining and losing the same 3 pounds and move onto my final 10 goal.   Just ten minutes a day is what I am doing at night , right before going to bed. 


This was the perfect at home look for homeschooling and an afternoon of grocery shopping…

Dear Readers, Today’s third suggestion of a tool for happingess is Sleep,  Something I value immensley and have in fact disagreed with my husband for 20  years on the value of a good night’s rest.  My meditation has resulted in an amazing phenomenon regarding sleep… When my husband’s morning alarm goes off, I’m awake and there is no going back to sleep for this ADD brain, once it fires up it’s working very hard….I’ve had several days  recently where I heard the alarm and then have passed back out so soundly that I don’t feel my husband get out of the bed or hear him getting ready to leave.  I am a light sleeper and would wake up to the slightest movement or noise!  Instead, I have passed out literally waking up three to four hours later…..

Sleep has been studied extensively and 6.5 to 7.5 hours are what is needed. Getting enough sleep supposedly allows us to be less sensitive to negative emotions .  It’s also been proven that managers who regulary get enough sleep usually get more production from their employees. 

More Tools for Happiness tomorow,! 


I am grateful for a good night’s sleep!

I am grateful for a stoppage in the endless days of rain! 

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my oldest son!

I  am grateful for Pinterest and finding the blog on Sequential Spelling which is the final thing I needed to undo the damgage due to the school’s lack of teaching phonetic based reading and sequential based spelling!

I am futher grateful for discovering that I can complete four years of the program in just one year and will be done wtih the entire program in two!!!!

I am also grateful that my wonderful son embraced the first lessons today and went above and beyone the expectations, which I love about this child as he never chooses the easy way out! 




the only disability is a bad attitude


Serve others in whatever way you can. Even a smile can lighten the load that you know nothing about.

Dear Readers, I hope you all are having a great weekend!   Letting these speak for themselves… Any resonate with you?  

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