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First of all, Today is Day 7 of my 100 Days 

following Weight Watchers Simply Filling method. 

My first week’s weight loss is 5lbs!  

When doing the WW Points system I never lost more than 3.5 lbs in a week.  

Can’t wait to see what next weeks results will bring!  

Made In Spain Espadrille Wedges

TJ Maxx 

Last season I bought these in Blush and Blue and wore them a lot , 

so with green being a great color for the season, I just had to have these.  

Made In Spain Espadrille Wedges

TJ Maxx

Wben I saw them in red, I  literally squealed with delight. 

I thought having this shoe in 4 colors might be overkill , so 

I went to my trusty You LOOK Fab forum to see what they thought. 

One woman suggested that these weren’t on trend and I literally cringed and thought, 

I have had some kind of Espadrille inspired Summer Shoe my entire adult life, 

the next comment said what I was thinking, 

“They are classics.” 

When Stylist  Angie Cox piped in that this could be my signature style shoe, 

that was all the approval I needed to go back and order these.  

These brand new Clarks are one of 3 pairs of brand new Summer Shoes , 

I found in my sister’s closet.  It was funny to see that she probably did the same 

thing I did and bought them at the end of last season on sale.  

Funnier also that this style worked for me as my sister wore a half size larger shoe than myself .


This is yet another pair from Kelley’s closet, 

these are by Springstep.  

It was so weird to go through her clothes and shoes recently.  


I have wanted a pair of these artsy kind of sandals, but found 

them outside my budget when I did see them. 

A huge part of this journey of going through the process of clearing out her condo has 

been seeing so many of her things that show how alike we were.  

Leave it to my sister to find these by Springstep and again, 

most likely on end of season clearance.  

Wearing her shoes will certainly keep memories strong around me and 

offer emotional comfort.  

If the Espadrille wedges are my signature summer shoe,

I dare say these open back slide on versions seem to have been Kelley’s.   

I would say I am set for Summer shoes Now!  

I hit up Ebay for a few printed maxi skirts after I watched Offsprings 

and shared my love of the main character Nina Proudman’s style. 

I realize I only had one print maxi skirt with the rest all solid shades. 

Nina Proudman had worn a print skirt and open weaved sweater in one

epidode that I loved so much that I jumped at the chance to copy it with these two pieces also from Ebay.


When I saw these in the shade of blue more similar to the one Nina Proudman I couldn’t resist.  

This will look great with the blue wedges I bought last year. 

Yet another Ebay find inspired by Nina Proudman Style, as 

she wore a lot of white tops or white kimono topper with embroidered or pin-tucked details. 

This is very sheer and will need a white tank under it , but the good thing is that the sides tie

so it will work with me as I lose weight this season.  

This Chico Ebay topper was inspired by the fact that Nina Proudman had quite a few 

toppers that were shorter than the ones I currently have, and great for my Petite height. 

This shorter Kimono was also inspired by wanting shorter toppers.  

Nina Proudman had a red one with medallions that was fantastic, but 

this will have to do for me.  


I wore this floral tunic from Ebay with a long duster sweater 

on Saturday and the good news it this isn’t a used piece, 

so here is the link for it…

It comes in other colors too m a fun embroidered piece for my boho style. 

This coral kimono , also from Ebay. 

I just love the lace detail on the bottom and sleeve.


For days when I want a bit longer version with some fringe.  

This one is also available and can be found Here. 

 I tried to stick to pieces that will work with my Weight Loss and I am 

so excited to see what I can accomplish within 100 days, not that I will 

quit then, I have to reach goal weight!  

I have been sick for the entire 7 days I have been on this weight loss program, 

a darn virus that is lingering with symptoms like scratchy throat, sneezing , watery eyes and just yesterday 

turned into a cough.  I should count myself lucky as my two sons who caught this have had the cough the entire time. 

But I still stayed on track and even fit in a few  short spurts of exercise sets a day.,..

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you are doing well!  

Anyone else shopping for the warm seasons ?   



I love Navy and White for Spring and Summer

So , it makes perfect sense for me to add a blue and white 

kimono for the season. 

Linking up with Turning Heads and I Will Wear What I Like- I Will Wear What I Like- 

 so go see other fabulous bloggers 


My kimono is from TJ Maxx , but is now sold out.  

They do still have a fun tropical print one.

My shoes are new as well from TJ Maxx and almost sold out

Here are some other great shoes at TJ Maxx, right now. 


I love a good wedge sandal and really love the height and comfort of this one. 

I think I will get a lot of use out of this one.

My photographer, DS 16 wasn’t impressed with my mint tote choice, 

but I liked it with the mint necklace.  

It’s funny when he gives me his input and doesn’t just go 

through the motions of taking my photos.  


I took off the kimono and added my patterned trench 

for my walk to the store with my rolling cart.  

I found this trench several years ago at Sears and my DH

actually went to another location in a nearby city to pick it up in my size. 


I am grateful that when I ended up back in bed for a nap, that my son was responsible in doing his homeschooling. 

I am grateful for the fun my son and I are having with sign language. 

I am grateful for a call from my daughter, it seemed like such a short Spring Break…

I am grateful for the arrival of Spring , and seeing the wild rabbits in the evenings. 

I am grateful for my strong faith and the legacy of my parents as today is the anniversary of the day my mother passed on seven years ago.   


I started this Fall out with a shopping ban because I knew that my Cool Weather Wardrobe

is overloaded with wonderful options that I had not scratched the surface on 

wearing in all their versatile combinations.  

Unfortunately this winter has been so mild that I’ve not layered or worn anywhere 

near as many things as I’d have liked, but the beauty of that is that next Fall/Winter 

I can either stick to a shopping ban or be extemely picky only adding one or two much loved or coveted items. 

For Links to the Items in this Post and All my Spring/Summer Purchases,

Please go to my Pinterest Board . It was just easier to do it that way as I am sneezing and have a headache today, despite two sinus meds…

As my Regular Readers Know I am NOT a Minimalist and love Third Completer Pieces Even in Summer

To Quiche Their Own Cardigan in Cream:

I saw this in People Stylewatch magazine from Modcloth and just knew I had to have it

It’s so romantic and a neutral that can really elevate so many outfits. 

I am still waiting for this to arrive! 


In every Spring fashion Magazine, I’ve seen a blush pink longer 

vest like this one and when my Chadwicks catolag arrived, 

I just knew I wanted to add this new style to my wardrobe. 

Juniors Oversized Belted Vest:

This one is from TJ Maxx and is going to need to be hemmed

to make it more versatile for my petite height.  

Floral Tribal Fringed Kimono:

This  is from TJ Maxx and I am in love with it. 

I could wear that now with a turtleneck sweater and may just do so. 

Here are some Tops I added, all more flowy types than I currently have

711-986 - aDRESSing WOMAN Yoryu Cinched Waist Poncho Blouse w/ Knit Layer Cami:

I love this to go with green and blue crop pants I bought, 

of course jeans and white bottoms will work too.  

722-720 - OSO Casuals® Dip-Dyed Knit Sleeveless Crochet Lace Front Scoop Neck Tank:

I love crotchet tops and these colors are wonderful

Peasant Tie Neck Tank:

I love black and white prints for tops as 

they can be worn with any colored bottom. 

high resolution image:

Blues are going to be really big for this season and I have plain tops,

but needed a few more prints. 

718-536 - aDRESSing WOMAN Stretch Knit Sleeveless Printed Pant Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits are going to be popular ,so why not a fun one? 

These adorable lightweight Anchor Scarves are perfect for year round wear! These dress up any outfit and looks great with a jacket, tank, or basic tee. This awesome deal won't last so don't wait!Colors Available: Navy Small AnchorsWhite Small AnchorsNavy Stripe Anchors:

I don’t wear many scarfs in my hot and humid Summers, but thought 

for Spring I could and then switch it to a sash belt for Summer. 

I love nautical elements and don’t really have that in my style as much as I’d like. 

Once again to see the rest of my Spring Purchases and find where these items came from 

Please Check my Pinterest Board. 

Have you begun any Spring Shopping , Yet?   What is On your wishlist? 

Would love to hear from you! 

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

One week until my two college children will be home for Spring Break! 

I’ve been so lacking in inspiration these past few weeks in styling outfits, 

but this one feels like a success!  


I added this fabulous Gili Leather jacket over the Summer as my one big splurge.  

I broke my no self imposed no buying to acquire these lavender cords from Loft

as they were 70 % off , making them less than $12. 


My Liz Claiborne NY  blouse via qvc can be found here

I adore this line by QVC and here is a link to other tops in this line

The scarf was again to protect myself from the winter temperatures, and I think fit in very nicely.  


It just hit me that this entire outfit is pieces I bought online new for the season.  

The purse is still available  in this purple shade, but also comes in several other colors , here 

I am very happy that I added these pieces to my wardrobe as I love all shades of purple.  

Today in Self Care Today 

I added a greens powder found here to my morning smoothie .  My husband has been taking for a few months now, I dofind this a bit expensive and am researching other options for when we run out.  

I also took a short walk today and changed into walking shoes.

If any of my Dear Readers likes the idea of my new Self Care notes, please share one thing you did today for your own Self Care!  I’d love to hear from you !


I am grateful for starting my blog three years ago and for how much writing these gratitudes daily have improved my state of happiness.  

I am grateful for my son’s homeschool bowling group and chatting with my favorite parents. 

I am grateful that my son willingly cooperated in going to the additional bowling clinic later this afternoon and for how much this boosts his confidence.  

I am grateful to the bowling trainer sending home a training tool to help fix an issue with his hand movement that is precenting him in getting his performance ball to curve.  

I am grateful for a fun conversation with the homeschooling league coach and the idea to do a fundraiser that will allow them to buy some training tools.  

I am grateful for yet another call from my daughter, I could talk to her every day on her walk back to her apartment. 

I am grateful for the winter weather and the inspiration to get back to blogging.  

Today I did the unthinkable for most women…

I took all the items I’ve been purchasing off season for the Fall and 

showed each piece to my husband , explaining why I loved each one. 

Yes, ladies, I exposed my entire haul I’ve been purchasing since about April- May

Now mind you anything I’ve bought for Summer to get me through with this weight gain 

has not been exposed or truly, the man might have fainted..

The good news is he took it all in stride, and didn’t ask for a divorce, lol!  


This wonderful One World top is velour in the bodice and tshirt material for the back and sleeves

My husband loves red and it’s not something I have too much of in my wardrobe.


I was so drawn towards it that I bought it in two colors.

Green was my father’s favorite color and of course I adore it myself!


The story behind this wonderful tunic, is that I have long admired Liz Lange designs, via QVC , but

have resisted due to the higher price points.

When this tunic showed up on clearance and 6 value pays, I finally indulged in this her signature design.

She is famous for doing this waist detail in her dresses and since adding tunics was my goal this year,

I jumped at the opportunity to own one of her most coveted designs.


As much as I love green and navy together, I adored this Denim & Co tshirt

and know I’ll find several ways to style it.

It’s available is several other colors and in sizes up to 3x. 


While thrifting with my friend last week,  this Merlot (Pantone’s color of the year) sweater by The Limited, with it’s long length, split sides and heavy weight was a treasured find for just $2.50


This top I found on Ebay and loved it  because it was styled with

a skirted legging, which if you are a regular reader,

you know I embraced last winter.

Make sure to check sizing charts as this is Asian sizing. 


My apologies for the blurred photo,

I was getting tired at this point…

This is from and is a layering tank that gives a wonderful lace edge to tops.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had pairing this with quite  few tops in my closet…

It’s not available on at the reduced price I scored it for , but here is where it is sold.


In fact this new Liz Claiborne,tunic via QVC was a perfect example.

My feminine , sassy side couldn’t be happier about this versatile piece


With the way things sell out at,

I am over the moon that I bought it in this grey color as well.

I have just scratched the surface of the possibilities for this little gem and look forward to discovering

it’s full potential


This too is from

A fun green tunic with a great diagonal hem and button detailing

It’s no longer available


A Chadwick’s tunic in lovely mint shade

and it even has pockets… need I say more!

Sorry to tease you , this too is sold out, alas that happens since i am the queen of 

buying on clearance, lol

My Proposed Challenge

My Dearest Readers, this is but half of my confessional , show and tell to my husband. 

If you are a regular reader, then you know I am all about the 3rd Completer Pieces, so of course I had to add the department of my wardrobe…

I am seriously contemplating going on a year long shopping ban, to challenge myself to really go through what I have and wear everything and see which items really spark joy and worthy of having space in my wardrobe. 

I began this journey of blogging and curating a wardrobe from scratch due to the weight loss and after several years have accumulated a lot of pieces.  Not all of which serve me well.  It’s time to face the music and really explore what I have, what I love and what I want to purge, and see if their is a hole I need to fill.  

Of course Dear Readers, quitting this love of fashion cold turkey would be quite impossible, so I think I will request fashion coveted items for my B’day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

I would also reserve the right to make a list of any beloved items that due to not perfect fit or style, that if I purge, I can replace with a more appropriate version.  

I also want to take this down time to tailor any beloved items deemed worthy.  As a petite, there are few things that would be perfect if shortened, particularly tops.  

I also may allow myself a small budget to add an accessory a month, just so I don’t feel too boxed in.  

So Readers, What do you think, Can I Do It? 

Can I Count on You to Cheer me On?  

I bought this top from Ebay back in November as my first addition

for Spring Clothing, so when temperatures reached in the 70’s it was time to debut it..


I liked the feather print on this version of the top which comes in many prints.

Here is a link to Ebay where you can see all the varieties.


Not my best facial expression, but in every other shot I had my hand on my hip…

I paired the top with Old Navy Pixie Pants 

I have to say these days , I am loving Old Navy pants and am so glad I discovered them.  

Seriously, I would love these in every color and in the ankle and cropped version… 

I may perhaps indulge in another pair or two as I lose weight…


The shoes and purse here are both from Just FAB. 

 DEAR READERS – Speaking of shoes, I am on a mission

to replace my round toed ballet flats for pointed versions.

Let’s face it for a curvy petite woman, pointed to flats are much more flattering…

On this quest, I sent an e-mail to Aerosoles suggesting they start making pointed versions, as I love the rubber soles and cushioning of their ballet flats… So if any of you are so inclined to want the same please e-mail them as well..

You May do so HERE


I really like my new top and hope to find several more ways to style it in the future. 


I am grateful for a fun night with friends going to see Joyce Meyers. 

I am grateful for a warm day and didn’t even mind the rain that came with it…

I am grateful for cheerful, kind-hearted people. 

I am grateful caffeine pills to help with these darn headaches the last few days…

When I first received this dress in the mail, 

I styled it in a sporty way and my husband wasn’t impressed..

Not to be deterred I decide to try a second go round…

Note:  I wanted to do this now as going bare legged in November

when I return from Ireland may not be an option..

Speaking of Ireland If you wish to join me on my three week trip, 

then by all means like my Facebook page to see my updates….


Peep toe booties from Payless and my newest Just Fab Purse, which is going to be accompanying me to Ireland…

Sweatshirt dress by Old Navy

There are Links to Payless, Just FAb and Old Navy, if you click on the words…

I had a lot of fun wearing these booties and test driving them for comfort, which they passed with flying colors! 
They are also making it to Ireland as Pub wear… You have to love a chunky heel….


Not the best photo, but my new bifocal glasses , which I love!  

No more taking my glasses off to read and no more leaning forward to see the computer and hurting my back.

I bought this necklace from Ebay as a more edgy piece for when I’m in that mood…


I really had fun with this look today and had compliments and comments regarding

shoe comfort and noticed quite a few sideways looks from men..

Who knew shoes could change an outfit so dramatically..

My husband changed his opinion on the dress and even sent me a text to make sure I knew…


Here’s the first look that didn’t impress my husband….

A perfectly acceptable Mom on the Go Look, which I stand behind…


And last of all, my new bifocal prescription sunglasses…


I am only going to describe one gratitude today instead of my normal list because this one brings me such strong emotions and is absolutely priceless…

I am grateful that my husband changed careers and chose what was best for our family and his health ,  even though it was so tough to leave a company he loved and felt like family.  I am grateful that he so wisely chose to resign from the management position when his hands were tied and he wasn’t permitted to do the hiring and firing necessary to make an effective team.  I am grateful that these past two months he has generated incredible sales which allowed him to pay for tuition for our son, for October bills before leaving for Ireland, for plenty of cash for our Ireland trip and will have a check awaiting our return to cover November bills… This is an incredible feat that will give him the best time of his life… You see, working commission sales can be tough, never knowing each week what will happen and what income will be around the corner… His consistency in this position and new product line will give him Peace Of Mind on this trip… This is something that anyone on 100% commission never takes for granted.  We are pinching ourselves that our two middle children are doing well in college and graduate school , while our oldest and youngest will have an incredible three weeks to bond.

And most importantly this is the most relaxed and longest vacation my dear husband has ever had, being the sole provider for our family and struggling through the years of a tough economy has been hugely stressful and no one deserves this time and this peace more than he does…

Lastly I would just like to take this moment to say, Thank you to my dear husband for all his hard work and for the ability for me to stay home and parent our children and give them the tools they need to live successful and happy lives.   I’ve never taken that for granted and I am forever grateful!  

Please Pardon me If you already read this news on Facebook or Forum,

I really am over the moon and want to shout from a mountain top!

I was so busy running errands for the Ireland trip yesterday that I never got outfit photos…

I decided it was time to share my lust for Boston Proper Catalog

that I get in the mail on a regular basis and drool over…

If you are interested in seeing pictures I post when I am in Ireland for almost three weeks , 

please like my Facebook Page as I will be posting there not on my blog…

image enlargement

Leather Jacket -$298

I never bought the black leather I promised myself when I reached goal weight…

Perhaps I’ll point DH in this direction…

image enlargement

This Sweater Coat comes in 3 colors, I love them all…$129

I think my favorite is the black, though…

image enlargement

A peplum cardigan in this color, black and navy – $89

With my love of femininity in my style, this would be a great addition. 

I am considering the Navy one.

I am lacking in a basic black dress and this

Fit n Flare with jersey top and scuba skirt might just be the answer!


image enlargement

I’ve been looking for a nice boho style belt and this one is fabulous 

Dear Readers, After having to redo an entire wardrobe due to weight loss and now moving forward in the same size for over a year, I feel more confident in making bigger ticket price purchases.  I plan to start a new budget for myself of $250 per month and will be posting monthly how I choose to use those funds. I am looking forward to sticking to a budget and seeing what I do with it.  In all honesty I probably have spent this much or more monthly if you include shoes and purse purchases, but have not kept track.  I really didn’t want to know what I was spending, but now I want to be more responsible and purposeful.  Some months I may buy one key piece others I may by a few basics.  

Before I begin this I plan to do a closet purge of some items that I thrifted and no longer want or purchase mistakes like we all make.  

I look forward to starting all this once I return from Ireland. so perhaps November!


I am so grateful that we found the best travel neck pillows at TJ Maxx..  (we got the last two) pictured below , but we have them in red for $19.99

I often say little things make me happy and you should have seen how giddy I was about these.. They are so soft and you can cinch them in to fit tighter.  The pictured one is from Amazon for $39.99

I am grateful that my husband succeeded in finding two more pairs of jeans, one in dark grey and one tan to complete the pants he needed for the trip

I am grateful for the fun we had running our errands, accompanied by our one remaining child at home…

I am grateful for how this upcoming trip of a lifetime is making me feel close to my mother, understanding how she felt about her trip to Scotland. 

I am grateful that the paycheck my husband receives while away in Ireland will be enough to pay our November Bills and he still has 5 days to make it more…

As my Regular Followers know I love a Bargain, 

I can hear my mother saying, “That’s your Scottish Heritage” 

If that’s insulting to Scottish people, my apologies…


So I went on the hunt online for some sweaters to buy off season…

This is a wonderful burgundy and pink houndstooth print heavy sweater by Liz Claiborne via JCP


A crisp white also by Liz Claiborne that has a heavy cabled bodice and plain sleeves that makes it perfect for layering under a jacket! 


A nice teal striped v-neck from Joe Fresh also JCP

IMG_0893Another JCP find of a striped sweatshirt  that I would say is a medium weight..


The final JCP buy of another sweatshirt, but this one I would qualify as lightweight…

Here is a link to what JCP has on clearance for sweaters right now! 


Speaking of Ligtweight , this hoodie version is from the men’s dept of Aeropostle and perfect for continuing the sporty look into FALL…

This one is now sold out…


This sweaterknit is actually a brighter green than the picture shows .

I found this by Cable & Gauge on a Burlington Coat Factory Clearance Rack…


This Carolyn Taylor cardigan is also from Burlington’s clearance rack…


This Petite Valerie Stevens 100% wool Fair Isle sweater is from Best Thrift and was $1.25


This last sweater is also from Best Thrift ans was $1.50 

It’s a marbled black and white number that is fairly heavy weight and still had the small sticker on the chest..

It’s  an American Eagle Outfitters 

In addition to sweaters, I also added two new purses through Just Fab sales special


This is Navy and Black and one I’ve had my eye on for awhile, so when it was half price I coudn’t help myself


With Grey being so big for the upcoming Fall season, I had to get this barrel bag ,

as Ive been wanting a grey purse for two years…

Dear Readers, Have you begun Fall shopping , yet?  Or are you waiting for Tax Free Weekend ?  

I didn’t get out today and had a brief moment of being overwhelmed by sadeness, but managed to snap myself out of it , get dressed and took a walk to the store…. As the Universe provides, I found a $20 bill in the self -checkout and turned it into the cashier in hopes that whoever left it will come back looking and be surprised that someone was honest enough to turn it in…. Remember what I said about faking it til you make it…. well, this is what happens when you do!  A good pick me up!   

Now if this migraine would go away…


I am grateful that I chose this blog post for today , as my photographers’ sleep schedules are meesed up and both konked out for a long nap…

I am grateful for a fun talk with DD today, as we discuseed everything from psychology to her middle school years and even a plan for the best way to schedule the classes for homeschooling….

I am grateful that I was able to fall back asleep after an early awakening…

I am grateful for my angel voice who comforts me with wonderful insights early in the morning. when my brain is muffled and open to it…

I know some of you are probably not into Maxi dresses are skirts ,yet…

I have to tell you they are everywhere this Season! 

They fit my boho style well, so I am very comfortable with them and encourage you to go try some on if you haven’t done so , yet..

Linking up with Visible Monday!


If you are a curvy woman, a maxi skirt can be better… 

I wore the sweater over the striped tank and buttoned it once at the waist to create a waist.

Wearing a belt is another option… or sometimes I tie these sweaters at the waist. 


I love this embroidered maxi with an aztec print, which I bought from Golden Tote.

The Ann Taylor sweater and Will Smith tank are both thrifted as is the Relic Purse.


Be prepared for about a month of my wearing flats as I broke my little toe on my left foot…

It’s a good thing I bought a few pairs of cute flats this year!!!!


Any time I can add my Mother of Pearl and Onyx ying/yang necklace , I do so, which makes my dear husband happy since he gave it to me for Christmas…

Dear Readers, If you are a curvy woman wanting to try a maxi dress, I highly recommend one with an empire seam and trying it with a vest or a jacket to balance your upper body and hips.  I love a jean vest that goes with almost everthing.  I recently saw in People Stylewatch magazine, a new idea of wearing an oversized white blouse , unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up over a maxi.  I would try that, but I don’t have an oversized white blouse…I would suggest trying it with a chambray blouse as well..

I hope these ideas help and challenge those on the fence to give it a try!  

Do you like maxi dresses or skirts?


I am grateful for a fabulous family filled weekend celebrating my son’s graduation and Father’s Day! 

I am grateful that my son is leaving in the morning to go to orientation and sign up for classes at VCU for two days.(it is definitely a real wake up to us all that this is real and he will be going away in about 8 weeks)

I am grateful that my husband enjoyed his weekend and really relaxed, forgettting work for once!

I am grateful that the Summer Style Challenge starts tomorrow! 

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