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My favorite thing to wear on a hot day is a skirt or dress with sandals…

I love being a woman!


I bought this skirt from Ebay.  It was part of a lot of 5 skirts and one I knew my daughter wouldn’t want this one, so I kept it for myself.

Iwondered what to style it with and asked my

You Look Fab Forum members ,who were very helpful.


I love basic shell tops with a little added feminine touch like ths collar detail and pleats. 

While a lot of working women embrace a shell, I love them for my casual Mom on the Go style.


These sandals are from Payless , purchased on their BOGO sale, so I had to get them in black and white also.

I needed a few flat sandals , as I have a lot of sling back wedges for summer shoes.


I attempted to get creative and tried many purses 

before finally giving up and just going with white….

Dear Readers, I am so happy that warmer temperatures have arrived, but quite frankly feel like we’ve missed that transition of  temps in the 70’s that I prefer this time of year… We’ve gone from the 60’s straight to mid 80’s… then again who knows what will happen next week….As I was typing this the newscaster on tv was joking about how many employees call in “well” tomorrow so they can head to the beach, lol 

What are your favorite items to wear on hotter days???


I am grateful for the forum members who were so kind in responding to my plea for help in styling this skirt.

I am grateful for a nice sunny day and just had to go for a brief walk to the store to soak it in.

I am grateful for a fun day with all my kids here today (18 year old was sick with sinus stuff, but others just had the day off) 

I am grateful for leftovers and not having to cook on this first hot day of the season….


I know I’m late to get on the Boyfriend Jean Trend….

It makes sense to take on this trend for my casual Mom on the Go Lifestyle…

However I had a few criteria….


The first criteria was they couldn’t be too baggy… After all I’m a woman with curves….

The other criteria was that I didn’t want any holes or rips, which is common in this style…

I lucked upon these last week when I was looking at joining up with


I tried to provide a link to the actual jeans, but couldn’t find them on the site… In my order history it said, I had not previous orders….


I am also rocking my new Floral Keds from

I am so happy with these as an additon for comfort and walking…


I have to say every time I wear this jacket I fall more and more in love with it… 

It really is a statement piece, unfortunately I can’t offer you a link as it is no longer available.


I was very brave and even dared to tuck my shirt and add a belt…not something I do a lot of, but a must when styling boyfriend jeans…

Dear Readers, Tomorrow promises to be even warmer with today being 60 and tomorrow expected to be 70! 

Looking forward to creating a fun Spring Look…


I am grateful that I have succeeded in losing 3 pounds these last 3 days with the aid of my Muscle Milk Smoothies and a Light dinner.  I had gained it in March with my sinuses acting up and being less mobile…

I am grateful that my son remembered to sign up for his college housing and am praying that he lucks out with some fabulous suite mates…

I am grateful that my dog settled down his barking today and I didn’t have to strangle him…

I am grateful that my youngest and I watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother together today.

I am going to be totally honest and confess that I had a fun and very busy weekend and didn’t get any fashion shots…

Before I knew it was Sunday evening and I did a root touch up on my hair and finally showered at 6:30pm

So I decided to share my recent purchases ….

These are called Sophisticated Joggers

and are very lightweight, a perfect pant for Summer evenings..

This pair is made tighter than the others and the medium I normally wear pulls tight across my stomach..

I am in full workout mode and am hoping to lose another inch or so and am keeping these, knowing if that doesn’t happen that I can give them to a freind who is a size smaller than myself…

I actually bought four pairs thinking I would give one to my freind anyway…

In Command Cargo Joggers | FOREVER21 - 2000107120

These are just like my olive Cargo Joggers that I loved so much

I couldn’t help myself and got the khaki as well…

I bought the green ones in one size larger than my measured waist fearing that F21 made more for juniors might not work for my curvy hips, but I was wrong and they were loose, hoping they shrink when washing… 

I bought my measured size and they are a perfect fit…

Zip Pocket Sweatpants | FOREVER21 - 2000105862

These zippered Sweatpants are my favorite of the bunch and I wore them

this weekend for family bowling fun…

Hollywood Regency Joggers | FOREVER21 - 2000107522

I believe this is the style I bought in a navy print, if not they are the only ones I saw similar…

I am definitely done getting pants for this season, but really wanted some options other than jeans, linen or capris and ankle pants, so these fit the bill and complete my Spring Wardrobe….


I found these at and they come in three colors…

I have to say these are so cushy and super comfortable and a much needed walking shoe in my life…

I bought them in size 8 as they come in only whole sizes and I am a 71/2.


I bought a pair in black in size 7 for a friend and think the 7 is a better fit, in case anyone else wears a half size and wants to order them…

Dear Readers, I hope you had a fun filled weekend and are refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead! 

I know I am!


I am grateful for rediscovering our family love of bowling…

I am grateful that I found a pair of bowling shoes for me on Ebay, as those rentals add up..

I am grateful that my daughter has three days off in a row…

I am grateful that when taking my youngest shoe shopping, that he quickly decided instead of his normal dragging me to every store…

I am grateful for fun conversations with all my kids together.

I am grateful for wonderful friendships and the love they provide that makes the loss of my parents easier.





When a fashionista is feeling under the weather and not styling fun outfits everyday…

She has to find something fashion related to occupy her….

I’ve been shopping for Spring/Summer

IMG_3302First up is this cobalt purse with green accents that I found on 6pm. com for 

I’ve wanted a purse this color,but have been hating the prices I keep seeing for them… 

This shape, color and price were right up my alley at just $26.99, I scored the very last one…


This one by Hurley is just $24.99 and and can be found Here... again at


I bought these pointed toe flats from Ebay..


I received an email notice regarding Birkenstocks on sale and discovered this Thahiti soft bed version for just $26.99, again from 6pm. com.   This was a one day special…

IMG_3305I couldn’t help myself, I am a woman who loves color and in case you haven’t heard, 

Birkenstocks are making a comeback and trending right now!!!!


I love Franco Sarto’s with this heel and found these on Ebay.  I love finding brand new shoes on Ebay for great prices..  These are going to replace some caged heels that I bought last year that are a bit higher in height and just outside my comfort zone of 3 1/2 inche heels…


Apparently my new favorite outlet for shopping is!

These navy crop pants are by Jag Jeans and are  found here


This “sweet Lemon” version are the same Jag Jeans crops and were cheaper… I didn’t list my price because it has changed from today’s … I got them for a few dollars cheaper…


Hey, if I am going to face my fear and try out cropped pants ( I was worried about proportion for my petite height and curvy hips)  I might as well go all in!  

These are by OSO Casuals, a ShopHQ exclusive brand and are clearanced for $17.36

Dear Readers, so now I’ve gotten a few pairs of shorts, kimonos, long boho skirts,  a new white top, cropped pants, shoes and purses for Spring, I think I need to call it quits on buying… Which is no problem cause I have two boys who need some new clothes.. Time to concetrate on that!   

I will be taking tomorrow off, as I just don’t have it in me to blog… It will be the 5 year anniversary of my mother’s passing and it has been hitting me pretty hard.  I think not feeling well, and with not being able to share my joy with her regarding my reading success with my homeschooling youngest and now the big news posted below in my gratitude section,  is just magnifying things… If I am feeling well enough my dear husband will be taking me out to dinner and we well be spending the weekend in Nags Head with friends..  I may push myself to go as long as no fever returns… 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!


I have just one Gratitude for Today and that is that yesterday, My 18 year old received his accpetance and has already put down a deposit and said yes, to his number one college choice, VCU… Virginia Commenwelth University which has a Pre Optemetry major.. This young man was so worred that it took so long for his acceptance to come as he pinned all his hopes on this school for the fastest track to his future… He has so much schooling ahead of him with the goal of being an eye surgeon.  He smiled like a Chesire cat for a full ten minutes before being totally overwhelmed by it all and coming to tears.. Choosing a major and college really is the first major adult decision and I am so grateful that he has such an appreciation for the gravity of this… He went to bed last night so wired he was afraid he wouldn’t get any sleep…  

I toured this school with him and feel the city of Richmond environment while scary really is a good fit for him and hey there’s an added bonus… It’s just an hour and a half from home… But wait there’s more… This is in my husband’s territory of his new management position and he’s traveled there twice already (since Janurary).   If that wasn’t enough this is also a school my daughter applied to for her graduate program and is anxiously awaiting to hear from and may choose to attend as well…. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve done  a post on shopping finds, but this week I went to both Goodwill and Steinmart’s red dot clearance sale…


This heathered blue tunic with sheer navy bottom is lightweight enough to work beautifully for Spring. With my 50% off coupon this Cable & Gauge tunic was about $9.00.


This open weaved and sequined number is by Razzle Dazzle and again lightweight enough for Spring at just $6.00. This will be so versatile and can be worn with any color tank underneath!


This beautiful emerald color just spoke to me!  It’s a wonderful Zac & Rachel shutter pleat blouse with knit sides for incredible fit and like an orange one I already own!!!  This cost me about $8.00 .

Gotta Love Steinmart’s clearance with additional 50% off coupon!!!!

Now for my Goodwill finds…


This forest green 100 % merino wool sweater by Tweeds is so warm and the cute black buckle is just the right touch And at just $2.50 ,just the right price…This might make my trip to Ireland, 8 months away and counting…


This Cable and Guage knit top is so much better than a tshirt and was $3.99

IMG_3195The cashier at Goodwill thanked me for purchasing this lace poncho as she was tired of picking it up off the floor…It is more of a raspberry color in person and I think will make a great topper for summer over tank tops..

IMG_3196If one poncho is good than two is better , right? I loved these Spring colors and it is lightweight as well.

The ponchos were each $3.99

Next Boho Skirts…


This white broomstick skirt has wonderful embroidery in orange and olive colors, for just $2.50


This color made me very happy and the fact that it was the color of the day and half off sealed the deal, for a mere$2.5o.


 This Old Navy Midi length skirt is lightweight and breezy in shades of grey that has a hint of olive to it…and also just $2.50.

With skirts like these running for $30 and up I was happy to find these to get me ready for Spring and Summer boho music festival nights at the beach!!!!  

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day…

Do you have any special traditions?  For the past ten years or so my husband and I get takeout and go park his 15 passenger van somewhere secluded and sit in the back with tv tables because I hate busy crowds at restaurants on holidays… My 18 year old told me I should “step it up ” this year and suggested going to a fun movie theater called , Beach Movie Bistro that offers dinner and drinks wit your movie… So, I think that is what we will try!!

 I love how invested our children are in our marriage and will never forget my oldest at age 14 suggesting we go out for weekly date nights and that he would baby-sit all three siblings.. I’d never asked him to change a diaper and our youngest was about 8 months old at the time… I couldn’t believe he would agree to take that on, but he did and the kids had wonderful weekly nights on their own and so many memories that belong just to them!  


I am grateful for the weekend and a break from homeschooling.

I am grateful the snow missed us as our temps rose and it turned to rain,

I am grateful for any chance for date nights

I am grateful to wonderful readers who leave such wonderful comments that make my heart soar and always at moments when I wonder if my blog matters at all…

I had every intention of photographing my new hair cut ,but alas nature had other plans and I am not talking about the foot or so of snow we got dumped on us…

Just wonderful female issues…. that left me in my pj’s all day! But hey, I at least got to relax in my new reclining sofa…I told my husband that no one mentioned that going into menopause was very much like having a teenager about ready to leave for college… That it has to act up, so you will want it to go away….

So for today’s post, I  thought I would talk Spring…. A lot of boxy and oversized tops are making their way in and as a petite, oversized makes me cringe…. But I’ve always been the woman who looked for solutions.. So, this petite, boho loving girl is planning to embrace Kimonos!  

Lightweight, flowy, prints, what ‘s not to love???  

While this is certainly not a new trend and was out there last year, it will still be going strong again….

Ornate Chiffon Kimono | LOVE21 - 2000126369

I ordered this one from F21

I immediately see this with a white dress, white jeans or dark wash skinnys.  

Free Spirit Open-Front Kimono | FOREVER21 - 2000126408

I ordered this one as well, I like the shorter length and less volume of this one and while lightweight, it isn’t a sheer like the first one.

Free Spirit Open-Front Kimono | FOREVER21 - 2000126408

And here’s the back, with a traditional nod to the culture… 

I see pulling the teal and reds out of the print to pair with this…

Just for fun , here’s the link to all  the Kimonos Forever 21 has right now…..

Dear Readers, I love the 3rd completer pieces even in summer to throw over a simple tank top, especially when going into any place that is airconditioned and think this will be a great addtion for that purpose.

 Funny to imagine how I will style things for warmer weather , while we have so much snow  from last night… it’s going to be a long few days of getting out of this one with the limited resources in our area. I know that they were able to get extra trucks from across the state to prepare for this , but wiht half as much snow last week, it took 48 hours to get to the major roads only…. Lucky for us we live right off  a major road and on a street that is the main entry and exit to our neighborhood, so anyone who does venture out travels down our street… My Boston born husband is home for the day, but doubt he will stay home all day… he will get stir crazy and just have to venture out!!!

Will get Photos of my Haricut and color soon… they will be indoor photos!!!!!


I am grateful that everyone in my family has snow gear, this year!

I am grateful for our new couches and the fun my two sons, daughter and I had yesterday, all reclining with blanckets on watching tv… and my 18 year old suddenly saying… “aaah, this is where obesity begins!”  from my super skinny kid!!!

I am grateful that my husband is feeling so relaxed as he no longer has a full commission job with the constant ebb and flow of money and the confidence and security of a more consistent pay….(this reeally is a huge weight of the shoulders of the sole provider of our family!!!!!!) 

I am grateful for Snow Days and a chance to just laugh and have family time !

I am grateful that we laid  down rock salt and have a snow shovel on the front porch, ready to dig out…. 

I am grateful that before my female issue kicked in yesterday, that I was able to get in a full Fluidity workout and it felt wonderful!!!!

 I was missing my mother like crazy last week, don’t know why ,

it’s been over four years and it just happens out of the blue. 

While searching on Ebay, I came across this necklace and felt her presence, as she comes to me in butterflies. I loved that while walking with my niece this summer we had a butterfly follow us  most of the way and she got to feel that with me! 

This necklace was just something that I was attracted to, and my daughter is making fun of me about.

She is saying it looks like a symbol associated with Superman movie….

Now for my Goodwill Finds


Prior to losing weight, I steered clear of maxi dresses, I just thaouthg as a wider petite it highlighted that! 

I love this fun one that even has pockets!!!! 

Keeping my fingers crossed that somehow my husband earns us that cruise, so I can wear this! 



This is one of three dresses I picked up for just $3.50 each


They are from Target , brand  new with tags.

Made from a wonderful Rayon and Spandex blend


I am giving an orange one (I bought two of this one) and the cobalt one to a dear friend who is a single mother, looking to start a job soon.  i plan to style mine over the Fall/Winter with layers .


I loved the number of colors in this top that would make it a very versatile addition to my wardrobe.



I just can’t resist picking these vests up when I find them as they are expensive in retail stores.

At Goodwill they are priced at $4.99 but if it’s the colored tag of the week it’s 50% off.

It’s a good thing I give some to a dear freind, as this could be getting out of hand!

Dear Readers, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I’ll be back next week wrapping up my Toods for Happiness Series.


I am grateful that a friend and I went down to the beach boardwalk for a long walk and nice chat.

I am grateful that on the way to her GRE at 6 am   this morning, my daughter had to turn back and grab her car due to car trouble, allowing me a quick hug and wishing her luck on getting a seat.  (this test is one specific to her major to boost her chances of getting into a Phd program and she missed the registration date, so with seats left it is first come first served…) 

I am grateful that my daughter plans well and her plan to get there super early allowed them to turn back and grab the car with plenty of time to still get the testing site way early.

I am grateful that while on my walk at the beach, that my son cleaned up and I came home to an empty sink! 

I was really wanting some colored pointed toe pumps to add a pop of color to outfits.

so I  went online to Payless 

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

Cobalt fits right in with my wardrobe

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

These are actually more of a darker red-orange in person

Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Janine Pointy Toe Pump

These Comfort Plus line really is just that, comfortable 
I have the rounded toe version in nude and navy . 

I highly recommend these if you are looking for comfort at a good price point! 

Isaac Mizrahi Live! Gored Leather Riding Boot w/ Buckle Detail

Issaac Mizrahi Grey Riding boots .  I love the grey to wear with grey leggings and my snakeskin skinnies to extend the leg line without breaking it up and making me look shorter, the way black boots can…


These navy and tan hiking boots are my favorite thrift store find in a long while!  I need hiking boots for the Ireland trip and was literally pouting over spending money on a pair of ugly brown ones that I wouldn’t get much other use out of.  I went to the Salvation Army store with a friend and heard my ‘angel guide’ telling me to go look at shoes and to keep going when I wanted to stop looking, even directed me to the top of a clothing rack that had shoes.   After years of this voice leading me to success I followed.  You can not even imagine my delight as I picked up these boots and saw they were half a size larger than my size!  An 8 is what my daughter wears, so she can use them too!  Just $12.99 and these brand new boots from an Alaskan Outdoor company, Noatak were mine.

I love them so much that I couldn’t take them off once I got home and wore them until I went to bed….. This Ireland trip is really sinking in!  


These purple pumps were found this week  at Goodwill for just $5

A great addition for my desire of colored pumps.

Dear Readers, I love getting new shoes!  Now the pressure is on to style them all right away!!!! Unless I find them thrifiting, I am not planning to add in any more right now.   Are there any shoes on your wish list right now?  If so what are they?  

I will be posting Lucky Finds Clothing Edition tomorrow and more Happiness Tools next week. 

Have a wonderful Weekend and Don’t forget to Take Care of Yourself and Up your Happiness Levels!  


Okay I know this is my inner 8 year old speaking, but I am grateful to share my hiking boot find with you as I’ve been bursting from having to wait….

I am grateful to my kids for reminding me of my weight loss goals.  

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep, I actually did 2 guided meditation sessions yesterday and slept unitl 10 a. m. 

I am grateful for a later start to my husband’s day and the extra sleep he had today and that we had time to eat breakfast and chat this morning (thursday) 

I am grateful for YouTube and all the people who post educational videos as they are helpful in

homeschooling an audiory learner. 

I am grateful that I fought through my son’s stubborness to write sentences and that when he finally succumbed and went to work that he called each sentence out to me as he wrote them and sounded so proud of himself. 


I searched Ebay for skirts… I was looking for swishy skirts that hit right around the knee and would work with boots, sweaters and jackets for Fall.

Chiffon Plaid skirt 

This will work really well with my new grey leather jacket, a jean jacket or even pulling out that goldenrod color…. And let’s not forget my navy suede boots…
New York & Co Size 6 Pink Black Chiffon Crepe Crinkled Panel Gored Hem Skirt
Can see pairing this with black, creme , pink and burgundy…
.Next up is a Ponte Knit Pencil skirt…
Liz Claiborne NY Ponte Pencil Skirt Charcoal Pleat Heather S NEW
I have this exact skirt in 3 colors in larger size that I wore before my 42 pound weight loss and have mourned the loss of them… It arrived today and I am so happy to have found a replacement for the grey one…. Wonder if the navy or brown will ever show up on Ebay?  I can always hope…As the scarf lover that I am I couldn’t resist this one
Since snakeskin prints are a trend for Fall/Winter  I opted for the larger neutral colored one.  I perfer animal prints closer to nature and have never like the colored versions of them…

Coming from Hong Kong, so haven’t arrived , yet…
  • Bohemian Women Lady Vintage Retro Voile Soft Silk Scarf Large Beach Shawl New

 One last Pair of pants from JCP,  as I now have purchased  nine pairs on clearance in the last few months…


Joe Fresh™ Houndstooth Corduroy Pants

On clearance and still available for $20.99

These are on their way to me and should be here soon…

Dear Readers, I have really been getting ready for Fall and have done a great job for great prices between , Ebay, JCP clearance and thrifting.

Now if only the weather would change instead of these hot humid days….

Going to cool off the shopping for right now, and concentrate on a few statement necklaces in the near future…

Any favorites here?

 What have you purchased lately for Fall and what is still left on your wish list?   

Have  a Wonderful Weekend and thanks for Stopping By!

Online shopping this week for some great deals!

I checked out JC Penney for their clearance bottoms and discovered these three skinnys to add to my casual lifestyle .


Black Coated Skinnys

On my wish list last Fall and never got them, but for $20 they are on their way to me! 


Metallic Skinny Jeans- Bronze  

I scored these for just $10, -what happens when sizing is limited and they have yours!


Foil Skinny Jeans

These were clearanced for just $15

For your information, JC Penney is having a Labor Day Weekend Sale of 20% off with Jcp card and 10% with other payment , good online or in-store. 


I found these on Amazon for $15.99

I like heels more than flats, but wanted to try these out without breaking the bank since I’m not sure how much I would wear them.  Many years ago, I had black oxfords when I was first married and I remember how much my husband hated them.  I  will use these for “Mom on the Go” looks.   My fear of not using them often, didn’t stop me from ordering them in pink as well….

Dear Readers, Keeping my fingers crossed that these pants all fit when they come in… I love the edginess I think these will add to my style that I have nailed with leather jackets and dresses .  Will be holding my breath until they arrive.  As for the shoes, I’ve had those for a few weeks and tried them on, and was suprised that they came with dust bags and shoelaces in two colors.  They are slippery right out of the box, so i will be scuffing them on the walkway before wearing these out. 

I hope You all Have a Wonderful Weekend and Continue Sharing your Gratitude comments with Me.! 


I am grateful that after sinus problems these last two days, my head is more clear,  as it is my last day with my niece.

I am grateful that the school fixed my son’s schedule and he now has excused blocks on each day. (the original had two on one day and none on the other) 

I am grateful that my son is  a senior this year and will not have to meet the new graduation requirements. 

I am grateful this is my last year with the public school system!  

I am grateful that my husband was able to run by the hospital and see his friend today! (his friend wanted a Dr Pepper, so a good sign!) 

I am grateful for my daughter  for cooking dinner Thursday and Friday when I wasn’t feeling well. 

I am grateful that this weekend marks the final days of  Tourist Season! 

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