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Saturday was a very busy day beginning with lunch with friends,  followed by a wue tasting and dinner with  my husband’s  new boss and  his wife.

Prior to heading out ,I posed for photos in high winds and was freezing, imagining  and feeling compassion for what real models go through….

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I went for the three layered look again this time beginning with a blue t-shirt followed by a Leopard Ann Taylor cardigan.   The loepard has grey’s , black and a touch of blue .  Three layers was not enough for a trip to Waterman’s at the oceanfront , so I topped this off with my puffer coat!!!!


This was my quickest photo shoot to date with winds whipping at 25 miles per hour…

I wore the lace fedora the entire day,  inside and out, which made it easy for my husband to spot me in the crowd of wine tasters!   We are both tolerate wine and love the tasting process, but both agreed that none that we tried would have sparked us to buy a bottle…. I can honeslty say that I know that more expensive wines appeal more to me ,but that was not present of course for the masses at this event at our convention center.   It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and early evening on a cold January day!!! It was a great fun way to hang out with new people when I think 3 of us are more introverted (my husband is not at all!)  


For you my regular readers, this is my signarture sassy pose ,but not today!  This was an “I”m freezing, but have to do it”  pose….

I tried the 3 layer look for the first time last week or so Here  and liked it so much I was inspired to do this again today..I know those who live in colder temps probably think this is a no brainer and  have been doing so for years… but alas I am expereincing colder temperatures that I can ever recall …. even if we get cold days it doesn’t stick around… Remmeber we had highs in the mid 60’s then got 5 inches of snow in the same day!  I like that alll threee levels are seen and not hidden secrets in this formula and will definitely continue this in my rotation, 


I am so grateful for a fun lunch with friends that began as a trio and turned into both my husband and a friend’s mother joining us- the more the merrier! 

I am so grateful for my dearest freind and sharing her joy as her live moves in a positive direction after years of  stress.

I am so grateful for this friend who reminds me to be grateful!

I am grateful that my husband is working for such great people who are so excited to have him on board!  

I am grateful for weekends and time together as  husband and wife and as a family! 

I am grateful that my husbands schedule allows for more weekend time with us!!!

The goal for today was to find an outfit that was casual to go out and celebrate a freind’s birthday, while layering to keep myself warm , as I don’t like being cold….Hence the reason I love boots for this season…

Debuting my newest boots….


I’ve has so much luck with my tan boots of this height for tucking in my skinny’s that I thought a darker color option was needed.   


It’s so nice to have hit my comfort zone and now not even think twice about wearing double stripes, one in black and one in navy… With touches of black in my boots and my hat, it brings them all together.

I am loving the new Navy moto and this striped scarf and keep finding new ways to wear them..


I love the chunky heels of these boots and that they are all rubber for comfort.  Much better than the lower booties/shooties I wore a lot last season…This is much more practical for my “Mom on the Go” lifestyle.

I just heard(in my head) the old line ” Lucy you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”  as I had told my dear husband I was done buying boots for this season.  I know he likes the other more feminine version, but he finally warmed up to my tan ones, so there is some hope…

Dear Readers, do you ever find yourself replacing an item that you had for one season for something more practical and comfortable???  Is it shoes or some other category if you have done this??

Did I sufficeintly score in going casual as I always seem to over dress when going out with these friends and have nearly given up as I am just being me??

PS. I layered fleece lined leggings underneath my jeggings!


I am grateful that I found these boots for a bargain price!

I am grateful that my husband understands my fashion love and humors me.

I am grateful that the weather is getting warmer and for the ability to wear two layers of socks, I hate cold feet!

I am grateful that my husband was able to go out tonight on a weeknight, a perk to his promotion! 

I am grateful that we were able to spend time with our dear friend on his birthday!

I am grateful for this best friend of my husband’s , a bond that helps to ease the pain of his brother’s passing.

Not really thrilled about today’s look, but don’t hate it either… It’s just so-so and since I am just representing the real life version of me, not pretending to be a Fashion Guru or Model,,, Without further ado, here it is:

IMG_0246Perhaps I am just having Monday -itis.   I define that as: Having a good weekend and regreting the beginining of a new week.  Or perhaps it’s the grey gloom of the cloudy day?… or how about that lovely PMS visiting again?, not enough?, how about knowing with PMS that I am going to step on the scale for tomorrow’s WW meeting angod have a gain when I am so ready to just lose the final pounds?  Ok, GOT  THAT OUT OF MY SYSTEM! 


This is a close-up of my necklace.   My husband purchased this as a gift for me from Busch Gardens.  I loved watching the artist at work blowing the glass and explaining her craft.  This remeinds me of  Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  


I love  casual skirts and tops for Mom on the Go looks.  I wore this skirt once before when we had a weird warm front in January , so here is that look:


Don’t know how visible the difference is in pics,but when I wore this the first time it was too tight not to wear a shirt over my stomach, this time the skirt was actually loose and I’m PMS-ing right now!  There is a good difference in person, I wish was more visible so you could understand my excitement.  I may not have lost weight but I lost inches from the strength training!  

Dear Readers, Thanks for tolerating my whine today!  At least tomorrow for weigh in day, I’ll wear a dress and have my pep back in my step!  Do cloudy or rainy days ever affect your moods?  I seem to be very in tune with nature that way… 

Again, in place of Gratitude today, I am posting from my Pinterest Board and hope you find it helpful . Something you don’t know about me is that I have a secret desire to grow up and become a Laughter Yoga Instructor.  Seriously, I have read a lot about it and dream of it often! 

Introducing my sense of humor… After enduring a day of rain and high winds that howled through out the night and disturbed my sleep… I decided to express my feelings in today’s outfit… All I could think of for inspiration was Black & Blue…


I had a strong desire to wear this new for Spring Jacket I purchased awhile ago from QVC’s  Motto line… I was happy to find it on clearance and still available since I purchased it a few months ago…   It is a lightweight, unlined, nylon jacket.  Here I have it with the belt tied in the back,  but you can see it better on the link…


Notice my new sunglasses that I purchased while on vacation in preparation for summer.   You see me wearing sunglasses a lot  in my photos because I have a sensitivity to the sun and can get headaches very quickly.  While I have brown eyes, mine are very light colored which my Optometrist said leads to the sensitivity…

IMG_2481I loved how the wind sometimes captures my hair or in this case my blouse … I was never much of a blouse wearer in years past, but have recently grown to appreciate them more.   This one is by Land’s End and found at Salvation Army thrift store along with a green twin… Blouses can be pretty expensive and it is surprising how many brand new looking ones  can be found at thrift stores.  Other than a crisp white one, I may never buy blouses brand new again, since discovering the wealth of quality ones in great condition hiding like treasures at thrift stores…

Dear Readers do you like blouses?  If so I challenge you to head to your local thrift store and see if you have the same success in this category that I have….  Do you like the black and blue color combo?  So many ways to wear this combo, hope I have inspired you to have some fun with it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I was able to go back to sleep this morning to make up for my late night and the disturbance of the wind…

I am grateful that the branch that fell on the roof last night that scared us all, was small and did no damage… I am grateful that my children all pitched in to help me clean the kitchen and cook dinner tonight..  I am grateful that Friday I am taking a road trip with my two middle children to look at Virginia Commonwealth University  they are both interested in (Ashley applied there for Grad school and is awaiting an answer). 

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