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I absolutely love my new Auburn hair color and recieved compliments

before even leaving the salon. 


I let my stylist pick the color and am glad I did!  

I’ve been going to the same stylist for the past 9 or more years, 

so of course I trust him, in fact he’s the only person whose ever colored my hair. 


I actually love my new hair even more after seeing it photographed with my

neutral outfit of the day.  

I am so happy I added these Loft tan jeans to my wardrobe this season. 

In fact all three of these pieces were bought for this season, the tunic top is by Kate & Mallory, a line on Evine Live that I love, but of course I bought on clearance ,so no longer available.   

The Cardigan is a Susan Graver via Qvc, found here in many colors.  


I can remember not so long ago when I steered clear of neutral looks, 

but when done like this,  with hi-l0w tones of the same color family and with pattern in the top and handbag,

as well as textture in the scarf , boots and purse, my heart sings.  


It was a colder but sunny and windy day,

the best kind of winter day in my book. 

Today in Self-Care

Well, of course my date with my hairstylist.  I should also add my walk to the store to stock up on more yogurts to keep me in on track.   I should note here too , that yesterday when at the bowling alley with my boys, we ate dinner.  I never eat at the bowling alley as the food doesn’t meet my health requirements.  I went for french fries and chicken tenders.  I ate every bite and felt no guilt.  I was especially happy when the scale didn’t budge in either direction after that meal.  I did eat well for the remainder of the day, so I know that helped.  I’ve been perfect for 6 days, so I guess I was feeling the need. I call this self care because if I didn’t allow the splurge, I would probably resort to small ones every day that would really sabotage my efforts.  


I’ve been so lacking in inspiration these past few weeks in styling outfits, 

but this one feels like a success!  


I added this fabulous Gili Leather jacket over the Summer as my one big splurge.  

I broke my no self imposed no buying to acquire these lavender cords from Loft

as they were 70 % off , making them less than $12. 


My Liz Claiborne NY  blouse via qvc can be found here

I adore this line by QVC and here is a link to other tops in this line

The scarf was again to protect myself from the winter temperatures, and I think fit in very nicely.  


It just hit me that this entire outfit is pieces I bought online new for the season.  

The purse is still available  in this purple shade, but also comes in several other colors , here 

I am very happy that I added these pieces to my wardrobe as I love all shades of purple.  

Today in Self Care Today 

I added a greens powder found here to my morning smoothie .  My husband has been taking for a few months now, I dofind this a bit expensive and am researching other options for when we run out.  

I also took a short walk today and changed into walking shoes.

If any of my Dear Readers likes the idea of my new Self Care notes, please share one thing you did today for your own Self Care!  I’d love to hear from you !


I am grateful for starting my blog three years ago and for how much writing these gratitudes daily have improved my state of happiness.  

I am grateful for my son’s homeschool bowling group and chatting with my favorite parents. 

I am grateful that my son willingly cooperated in going to the additional bowling clinic later this afternoon and for how much this boosts his confidence.  

I am grateful to the bowling trainer sending home a training tool to help fix an issue with his hand movement that is precenting him in getting his performance ball to curve.  

I am grateful for a fun conversation with the homeschooling league coach and the idea to do a fundraiser that will allow them to buy some training tools.  

I am grateful for yet another call from my daughter, I could talk to her every day on her walk back to her apartment. 

I am grateful for the winter weather and the inspiration to get back to blogging.  

Well, Winter Took Long Enough Get Here and  has Arrived with a Vengeance !  


There were actually snow flurries as I was taking my photos.  

I have waited a long time to debut this Liz Claiborne sweater, found here. 

The reviews on this sweater suggest sizing down and I agree as I am wearing a small and could have gone down to xs. 


My finger is healing nicely as the swelling finally went down within the last day or so. 

I will be sporting my finger brace accessory for a few more weeks.

I was freezing during this photo shoot and ran inside to make a style change more fitting for my day of

grocery shopping.  


The removal of my necklaces and addition of the chunky scarf were just what I needed. 

With these cooler temps I tend to add hats to my looks as I actually were them in real life with my coat. 

I’ve been taking a blogging break, but feeling better, so hopefully will be back to a regular schedule of posting.  

I am going to add a new feature this year called , 

Today in Self Care

Today in the interest of self care, I asked for help from my sons quite often as by using my left hand, I had strained the other fingers.  My son home from college used my slicer to slice my zucchini for my second thing in slef care for the day which was to bake my zucchini, mushroom, tomato, italian seasoning and parmesan cheese casserole.  I had a huge bowl for my dinner and ate healthy for the day!  


 I am gratedul that I awoke this morning to no sinus pressure and no sore throat!  

I am grateful to my sons for their help today with everything from cleaning, to cooking and even laundry. 

I am grateful to my youngest for braving the cold not just once, but twice to take my photos.  

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my daughter who is back in Boston. 

Leave it up to me, to figure out how to take

Neutrals and Leopard Print and add Boho Elements. 


I had this new tobacco sweater paired with my leopard scarf hanging together,

 waiting patiently  to finally wear now that temperatures have gotten colder. 

I bought this sweater from Jolly Chic , still available HERE 

I knew I wanted to pair it with my black Old Navy Pixie Pants. 


After Adding my Not Rated fringe boots , I instantly thought, 

I want to make this more boho and grabbed my Indigo Thread Vest.  

That lead to the finishing piece of the Gili hobo purse.  

This post might just include the most links to things that are still available, lol, 

the purse is not , but the line has other options of hobo style, which I linked to. 


I was very pleased with the end result . 

Wearing outfits of neutrals have to hit the right note in other ways for me as a lover of color. 

With the fun elements of the flowy vest and the movement of the fringe on the boots, it put that 

“Pep in my Step”  that I strive for with my outfit choices.  

Dear Readers, What is it about outfits for yourself that you feel that ‘Pep in Your Step”  ? 

This blogger wants to know and loves your comments!  


I am grateful for answered prayers, and let me tell you, I was very specific in my prayer for my husband to get some sales on Saturday.  It came true in the exact way I requested and in a way that was a true indicator to dear husband, that indeed God’s hand was in it.  I love when that happens and it does so a lot!  

I am grateful for time with my children , home from college and the fun family dynamics, the conversations, the love and the humor.  

I am grateful for a wonderful week  filled with parties for both myself and my homeschooling son. 

I am grateful for a lazy day of football games , love football season! 

If you are a regular reader, you may remember these houndstooth cords from last season. 

I love them because like any white and black pattern it can be worn with any color top. 

I highly recommend a black and white patterned bottom to increase versatility in your wardrobe. 


This was Monday’s outfit in which I was feeling ok, until late afternnon,

when a slammin migraine hit and I didn’t get a blog post done for that day.  

I was having auras and light sensitivity all day Tuesday as well. 


The fun part of this outfit is the black scarf that when added to my sweater,

looks like it’s almost part of the sweater. 

I liked the added fringe element to coordinate with my fringe boots. 


Just for fun, here is what I wore on Sunday when we took a rode trip to near our son’s college, 

to meet with him to celebrate his birthday and watch both my game and his father’s back to back, for a 

total of over 7 hours spent at Dave & Busters.   It was a great day with my guys!  

DSC_2255 (1)

Who would have thought you could take a classic mens wear houndstooth 

print and add elements like fringe and a hobo bag to give it a boho vibe?  

Leave it to me, my boho side is strong!  


I am grateful that my husband was available to take my son to is bowling group today. 

I am grateful that I didn’t have a migraine today, but alas sinus issues have set in, lol. 

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny 70 degree day today. 

I am grateful that I was feeling ok enough to spend Sunday with my son to celebrate his 2oth. 

I am grateful to my son’s friends for putting together a surprise party , sneaking in and decorating his apartment, and making him a cake on his actual birthday, and the fun family group texting that went on when he sent us all pictures. 

Suede is a big trend for the Season, but then again it’s a classic.

I think it’s so funny when things like this are listed as a trend. 

The thing that isn’t classic is the different silhouettes like these faux suede leggings. 


These are by my favorite Evine line, Kate & Mallory and can be found, HERE

I read the reviews of this and saw that they ran small

and ordered mine up one size to a large , and that was the perfect fit.  

I keep finding myself rubbing them, as they feel so soft.  


My scarf was part of grab bag that I bought and I rather like the colors.

It has a seafoam or mint shade, along with grey and cognac, making it useful for all three leather jackets I own. 

Made In Italy Bronze Plated Silver Green Crystal Earrings

Here’s a better look at my earrings, which are still available at TJ Maxx, HERE

I bought them in purple as well , as part of my need for earrings because I rely on my hoop ones a lot. 


I bought the olive Diane Gilman fringe v-neck sweater at the end of the season last winter

and wore it only once or twice before the weather changed.  

I hope to get more use of it this season. 

Today the temperatures were mid 70’s and the sweater was comfortable,

as winter arrives I’ll add a shirt or turtleneck underneath for more warmth. 

I’ve mentioned my love of Diane Gilman jeans a lot , but I should mention too, 

that she designs tops with a very strong boho vibe , 

HERE is What she currently offers in tops. 

Dear Readers, today was the first day in about a week that I wasn’t dealing with nausea and migraine level headaches, so let’s hope that is behind me.  Feeling that way made me crave nothing but carbs, but the good news was I wasn’t hungry often enough to go overboard at all.   Thank goodness for that at least!  


I am grateful for the 26 days of gratitude that is giving me a letter and asking what that sparks for gratitude. Today’s was B and I chose the word Brothers, and feel blessed to have one older and one younger who are both kind hearted and giving . 

I am grateful for a fun conversation with my son away at college , as he went to BJ’s to pick up his contacts and they were closed for an hour, so he killed that hour by chatting with both myself and his brother.  I’ll take quality moments like that whenever I can get them. 

I am grateful that my son is really enjoying his Biology lab and all the disccting , since his goal is eye surgery, the fact that he is matter of fact about the whole thing is a good sign.  

I am grateful that my son has been so awesome about my nausea and not complaining about my not feeling like cooking. It was great to ask him what he wanted for dinner tonight and for him to not even hesitate and replying, Kiebalsa and Pierogies!  I use a turkey version for lower fat and it was good for me to eat a warm dinner as I’ve had cereal for a few days. 

Yes, I really was teasing my teen photographer by 

Singing in the Rain 

as we did our Photo shoot on this grey Monday


We not might like raining Mondays, 

but the squirrels have been happily digging in the yard 

and scurried up the tree as I came to pose here.  


I love this scarf with the navy and seafoam green coloring.  

I can’t wait for winter to pair it with my new seafoam leather jacket. 

I also like adding the tasel necklaces to infinity scarves as it 

definitely has a slimiing effect with the addition of the vertical lines . 


Just for fun , here is my Hallowwen Costume 




And my Daughter who is at Boston College and Spent the day 

in Salem getting stopped numerous times to have her picture taken.  


I am loving this Susan Graver Cardigan I bought in both this Navy color 

and in Chocolate Brown.  

With the poly/spandex material, it really is working well for 

my menopausal hot flashes.. 

In fact I originally styled this look of the day with a sheerling black vest, 

but was too warm and had to forgo it.   

Dear Readers, I must share with you that I made the commitment last week to run on the treadmill at least three days a week in a push to lose this darn menopausal weight gain before my anniversary in January. I succeeded and even did my last on on Sunday when my sinuses were acting up.  I hate caridio, but really need to get that into my routine and am loving that I am pushing myself and proud too.  


I am grateful for a fun weekend with our bowling friends! 

I am grateful for our lazy Sunday, watching football. 

I am grateful for my son setting his own homeschooling schedule today,opposite of our plan and still taking responsibility to get it all done. 

I am grateful that my husnband is doing well and happy with his new job and away from toxic chaos.  

I loved this outfit in the mirror….

Upon seing the photos, I wonder if the pattern mixing between 

the scarf and these Old Navy tropical print pants is a little too much?  

So My Dear Readers I thought I’d let you weigh in


I bought these Old Navy Ankle pants to wear in the Fall with this new orange faux leather. 

This jacket is by Kate & Mallory and has zip off sleeves that allow it to become a vest.  

But when I bought it I got a black one too , so I can actually add the black sleeves to this as well.

 I Should have taken photos to show you, but alas it was raining and this little lady wasn’t feeling her best today. 

It comes in 7 colors, sizes xs to 3x  and is $41.36 and is available on 6 no interest value pays of $6.89  


The reason I am questioning this pattern mixing 

is the addition of the teal in the scarf print.  

I love pattern mixing and this is the first time I think I like it ,

but wonder if I am kidding myself.


These Not Rated fringe booties from Amazon are going to get so much use, this season. 

I can’t wait to wear them with a dress and tights.  

My hobo style purse is sold out by Gili via QVC, 

but they have some other great options HERE

Dear Readers, Thank you for voting regarding this pattern mixing!  

Hope you all have a wonderful HUMP DAY!  


I am grateful that my morning headache got better throughout the afternoon. 

I am grateful that when the electricity went off, that it came right back on! 

I am grateful for the fun laughter we had as my son was in the shower when everything went dark. 

I am grateful that we have homeschool bowling to look forward to on Wednesday. 

I am grateful that I’ve been sleeping much better. 

Friday, I continued my week of Dresses and skirts 

with a fun print skirt and graphic t-shirt.


I’ve had this skirt for awhile now and love it. 

I recently read a post from You Look Fab stylist, Angie, that 5 years is about the 

turnover for items in her closet with some key pieces exempt from that. 

Skirts are definitely around for longer in my wardrobe….

My Gap , “Lovely Day” shirt can be found here. 

Clark Wedges via can be found here 

If you wear a size smaller than 8,  QVC has this option 

DSC_1032 (1)

This was Sunday’s casual look of the day for grocery shopping. 

I realized today, that I’ve not been wearing as many tank tops as I have in the past summers. 

I think I’ve added a few tops like this one from this season that I am gravitating towards more. 


I even went for a more casual look with my hair and sprayed it with beach wave spray. 

I chose to pair the look with my Just Fab pink backpack style bag .

I love pulling purse colors out of the scarves. 

I am excited for Fall when I see this scarf as it is begging to be paired with my new mint moto jacket! 


I usually don’t wear scarves in Summer, as our heat and humidity make it unbearable. 

We are having a much milder Summer, which is really messing with everyone’s sinuses…

Even my husband who never has issues is complaining and taking meds.



I am grateful for some quiet down time this weekend.  

I am grateful for the fun texts and phone calls from my son who went back to college, as he delights in his first apartment and cooking in his own kitchen.  

I am grateful that I was able to help set up his kitchen and find the space for him to have a spice drawer similar to the one at home that he’s come to love and appreciate.  

I am grateful for the simple things of Summer, like hamburgers on the grill and DH for cooking Sunday dinner…

Today is the first day of the GYPO Sumer Style Challenge

and when we got the first outfit e-mailed last night I was so excited.

I had actually bought a pair of print shorts and was so ready to rock them, 

despite my not loving shorts….


After trying them on and not being able to wear the wedges, due to my knee being sore,

I switched out for a print skirt instead…

This is a fun Navy and creme patterned Loft skirt that I thrifted. 

The purple top is one I scored from 

I added a scarf tied to my waist, but not sure I am loving it in pictures…

I swear it looked better in the mirror…


I love pairing Navy with purple and had fun adding my hat and purse into the mix…

I bought this fun hat from Walmart and haven’t worn in nearly enough in past seasons.

Perhaps this season that will change as bigger brimmed hats are on trend, and what the heck we are having extremely hot temperatures…

DSC_0306Tomorrow we are expecting 100 which is rare, but in June, even crazier!  

Now I must add that all I can notice is that I didn’t keep up with my false tanning this weekend! 

Dear Readers, I can’t say how glad I am that this Summer Challenge is starting because I am experiencing my first ever fashion depression… I think skipping over Spring and these hot temps are making it hard to feel creative.  

How are temps in your region?  

Were you lucky enough to have a Spring?


I am grateful that my knee felt better today, but still I wore a brace except for my photos…

I am grateful that I am having so much fun seeing what all the other challengers are wearing and our shared experience of support on the private Facebook page.  

I am grateful for a very low key relaxing Monday! 

I am grateful that I was surprised to see that my husband’s check was bigger than he had told me, I can not say enough how grateful I am that this job is going so well and giving us what we need to help our kids through college…

I am grateful to my son’s for helping with some chores for the day to allow me to take it easy for my knee, I rewarded them with pizza delivery! 

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