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The hardest part of my weight gain is seeing it in photographs….

With Spring arriving and less layers I can see clearly what I haven’t wanted to face…

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And with Style Elixir for Spring Outfits,  So go get inspired…


It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it is motivating me to exercise more.

After a week of sinus headaches and not exercising as much as I would have liked,

I am ready to kick this into gear.  

I took a walk today to get started, which is why I chose this outfit… 


It’s fun to add sparkle and a scarf to boyfriend jeans to make it more feminine. 

I like wearing scarves in Spring because once Summer hits our humidity makes that unappealing. 

I did a faux tuck today, which actually looked better and defined my waist. 


My boy-friend jeans are from last Spring and are by Just Fab. 

That makes two things from there since my  purse , a bucket bag for this year’s trend is my most recent purchase

I sporting brand new sneakers that I found on clearance at Target. 

I figured with my love of the Sporty Chic trend, that another pair would be helpful.

When you aren’t happy with your weight, shoes are a safe bet…

Dear Readers, On my walk I went to Burlington Coat Factory and tried on clothes, a big wake up call, so I came home from my walk and did a Fluidity ballet bar workout and a few other Pilates exercises. It was a full day of wake up calls with my weight gain as I tried on my soft pants from last year and they were tight.  Yep, I am very ready to kick this into full gear!  


I am grateful for my readers comments, they helped my day of facing my weight gain.

I am grateful that I joined the Get Your Pretty on Spring Challenge and am enjoying the private Facebook page where everyone is sharing their purchases and closet finds for the challenge. 

I am grateful that I had my wake up call and got right to working out!

 I am grateful that my husband agreed to go for a late night walk with me to really finish this day strong. 

I am grateful that despite not feeling well, that my home-schooler still managed to get his work done.


Last year around this time I  discovered the sporty chic trend and fully embraced it.

I am glad that there is no stopping the trend this Spring. 


This dress is identical to a green one I wore recently.

Yes, I do buy things in multiples, no more than two , so I improved, lol. 

Here is the dress, but Navy is sold out…

The purse is my newest bought for the Bucket Bag trend , Here


I searched high and low for these great sneakers, as I really wanted a pair in Navy.

 I splurged on these from, as I really wanted one with a more clean look like the simple N,

I also searched for Nike with the swoosh, but had no luck.  

Check Out some other Inspirations below or on my Pinterest Board 

Sneaker Stalking: How Real Women Wear Them In NYC #refinery29  Another pair of Rosches, this time with a patterned tea dress on Madeleine Jones.

There are so many varieties of this trend..

with pretty flats or sandals instead of sneakers <3

How about with Keds?  

GirlBelieve: How to wear Converse Sneakers

And Converses?  

Dear Readers, there are so many ways to indulge in this trend and who doesn’t like wearing comfortable shoes? 

I like it so much because it totally embraces my desire for ying/yang  vibes in my outfits.  

It was so fun to sport this for a long walk in 80 degree temps yesterday, of course that nice weather didn’t last and we cooled off by near 20 degrees today…

My sinuses are hating this….


Here is one way I did it last season with my floral Keds. 

Notice, I am wearing my Ying/Yang necklace?

Dear Readers, May you all enjoy a fabulous Easter Weekend. I will be missing my two away at college tremendously this weekend, but such is the way of life…..


I am grateful for a sneak peak at warm temperatures.

I am grateful that my son took a walk with me yesterday, I cherish that so much, as I loved walking with my father. 

I am grateful that my daughter called to share her fun experience at the Anime Boston Conference wearing her costume that we spent her Spring Break creating.  She was Elsa and her boyfriend was Jack Frost and they had several people stop them to take their photo.  

I am grateful that my sister in law has such a wonderful sense of humor and is taking all the chaos of  being at a rehab center after foot surgery to remove Mercer. 

I am grateful for my faith and thank my parents profusely for walking the walk, not just talking about it! 

Today was Parent’s Night Out, 

so I opted for another opportunity to wear  a dress. 

I purposely opted to play down the dress and wear it a very casual way…


Typically a sweater dress hugs all your curves and can be quite figure flattering…

I chose to play that down and pair it with my Old Navy Olive Utility Jacket. 

Since I have olive fleece lined tights I couldn’t help myself… 


I tried several scarves before settling on the brown and olive one. 

I really am lucky to have such a wonderful scarf collection! 


Pairing this with this sweater dress with the utility jacket and the riding boots, 

created a much more casual look for the occasion.  


I am grateful that my son away at college is feeling better, as he was having sinus issues over the weekend. 

I am grateful that my husband was able to reschedule and make it to my son’s private bowling lesson today. 

I am grateful that my sister in law is doing better today, after a seizure last night.  I am grateful that she called me and that my daughter was able to call her an ambulance while I stayed on the phone with her. 

I am grateful for Parent’s Night Out and our supportive, kindhearted group. 

I am grateful that tomorrow is bowling day!  I love Hump Day!  

That blog title reference my Navy blue Hiking boots and Outfit

Not my frame of mind…

It’s a Wonderful Rare Snow Day!  


I loved getting a chance to wear my thrifted navy hiking boots that I dreamed of 

and miraculously found in brand new condition at Salvation Army…

They aren’t just good for a trip to Ireland…

They Inspired me to go with a mostly blue outfit for the day...


The dark outfit against the snow is exactly what I was aiming for!  

A pair of skinny jeans, black cashmere sweater and navy cape are all for warmth

and what’s more fun than a cape?  


My hat is down a little more than I’d prefer…

I liked adding the navy and white scarf I found at F21 last year and the white necklace 

as a nod to the snow background…


I am very happy I scored the fun cape on clearance off season for just $9.99.

 Dear Readers, It’s still late afternoon as I type this, but I know that the finish to my snow day is going to be a nice cup of hot chocolate with a nice shot of Ameretto… I haven’t done that at all this winter, which is unusual.. I guess my eating hasn’t been the best, so I didn’t further indulge as a way to maintain my weight.. I think I have that backwards and should do better during the day and indulge in an evening cup of relaxation ….A new plan for the rest of the month???

What’s your ultimate winter indulgence???


I am grateful for the fun of a snow day and a day of from homeschooling where I got to be the Fun Mom, instead of the pain in his neck teacher!  

I am grateful for the sharing and connection all around with everyone’s excitement over the snow. 

I am grateful that my husband didn’t have to work today, so he could hang out with our son and have some good bonding time, cause this mom isn’t much for playing in the snow….

What ‘s a Football Fan to do on Sunday’s,

Once the Season is over?  

Linking up with Visible Monday


Well, this mother is supporting her son’s bowling and upcoming  

tournaments coming in April,  by getting in some extra practice time…

I sat out and just watched, as my sciatica is getting better, but still acting up,.


I am wearing the Old Navy Sweater for the first time, which Dear Readers, is currently on Sale…

We had a beautiful sunny day near 70F , so I opted to also wear my Just Fab flats,

I recently purchased , but was saving for Spring… 

If my sciatica wasn’t acting up, I would have paired this outfit with orange pumps to bookend the scarf..


The Jeans are my beloved Diane Gilman brown ones with zippers down the side…

The brown fur vest I purchased as my first reward for my weight loss and cherish it for that reason..

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

As I’ve mentioned before I receive no compensation for this blog. 

I wanted to mention that I’ve bought several purses from Just Fab, and was fearful the shoes would not work for me, possibly rub my foot the wrong way and cause blisters.. I recently braved these flats and can say they are very comfortable and I had no problems with blisters!  I would consider buying another pair of shoes and giving them a try in the future…


I am grateful for a chat with my daughter  who is at Boston College and getting even more snow…

I am grateful that my daughter  agreed and even laughed when I told her that this experience of going to school in these snowy conditions is something she will always remember and give her confidence as it is a self esteem booster… 

I am grateful that the headache I had for the past few days was completely gone today!  

I am grateful for  a relaxing laid back two days. 

I am grateful for a sunny, breezy warm day in the coldest month of the year! 

I am grateful for wonderful music playing on the Grammy’s as I typed this post…

Outfit creation really is a funny thing and each one has it’s own evolution…

Today, I thought about all the ALL BLACK looks I envy on Pinterest…

And wondered could I do this?  


Clearly, my intention didn’t hold and I added color and pattern…

It all went south when my new black dress from with it’s split collar didn’t suit my desire for 

this below freezing day, so out came the scarf for warmth..


The scarf prompted the thought that now would be a good time to try 

adding a necklace with a scarf, something I also had been wanting to attempt…

At least I succeeded with that intention… 


Since I had already broken rank and added the hounds-tooth pattern, 

I saw no reason to choose a solid black purse…

I guess an all black look will have to wait for another day… 

I actually thought I’d like to attempt it in warmer weather when I can expose leg or decollete , otherwise the all look is much harsher and more hard rock than my personality and doesn’t feel quite right… 

That still leaves my desire  for an all white look for winter to attempt….


I am grateful for a fun lunch with a friend I haven’t been very good at keeping up with….

I am grateful that my sciatica held out ok and allowed me to be pain free for the long lunch…

I am grateful that my son put away his laundry while I was gone…

I am grateful for warm heat, not taking this for granted after my Ashley told me hers wasn’t working last night…

I am grateful that Ashley now has heat…

Wednesdays don’t usually feel like hump days for me,

that day you have to get through to get to the short time for the weekend…

That’s because it’s time for our teen home-school bowling 

Well, not just for the teens as we parents bowl as well…

IMG_2707I began with jeans and my blue boots from Ireland ….

It’s funny how outfits come together and this one began from the bottom up…

Since my Jeans are really Diane Gilman straight leg jeggings,

a longer top was in order (it has a faux fly I like to cover)  

My Old Navy sweater was a blank canvas for a scarf 

I wanted to add a vest too so, the purple one worked best with my scarf choice,,, 

ta- da an outfit creation… 


I love this scarf with the pinks purples and blues that was a gift from my son a few years ago. 


It’s a good thing I am not a serious bowler, but do it for the fun and camaraderie with other parents.

I usually don’t get gutterballs, but today I think I had a record for the worst day of them…

No worries I have fun regardless of my scores…

Dear Readers, Are you competitive by nature?  I am not and never have been… Often times I’ve wondered what that would be like , but I actually like my more laid back way and just enjoying the experience .  

If you are competitive is that something you enjoy about your nature?  

If not is that something you appreciate not having in your character?  

I think we are all hard-wired differently and can’t imagine myself any other way….. 


I am grateful that I succeeded in calling one of the mom’s by her own name rather than her daughters, LOL…

I am grateful for a fun break mid-week to count on,  as a stay at home mother, it’s priceless…

I am grateful that we have made plans for two more parents night outs in the coming weeks. 

I am grateful that my son called me today, he reminds me so much of my father with his confidence and compassion, so much so today that it brought me to tears.   

I am grateful that my photographer and I had a great laugh at our shock of how cold it got between our coming home from bowling around 1pm and our photo shoot at 4pm… our expressions and antics were hilarious and mutual…

All last winter I longed for a pair of light colored boots…

I have a creme moto jacket and other cream tops and wanted to be able to bookend them

with boots in that shade and I am glad I added them this season. 


It felt great to switch up from skinny or straight leg pants today…

These are bootleg Cords from Chadwicks,  this color is not available, but

Here is their current offering…


Today was a very quick photo session…

It was much colder today, in fact I spent the day in the open weave

sweater inside with no problem.

Going outside to get mail, I came back in and layered a creme long sleeve t-shirt underneath.

It helped for the photos , but my young photographer had no appreciation for the cold 

winds whipping him and did rapid fire pics without his normal advice or care…


So of course my scarf is not what it looked like the rest of the day…

And putting my hand on my hip resulted in seeing the layered t-shirt.

My  creme boots are knee high and sold out now, as is my sweater. 


It really did feel great to get out of the skinny pants and vary the silhouette rut I’ve been in..

And now for the fun happening this past week…


My husband’s new car… Can you believe when a friend on Facebook asked if he got a new car, that he just so happened to be driving past this scenic area and stopped by for a photo to post?   

It’s a Lincoln MKZ and something this hard working guy deserves since he spends so much time in his vehicle. 

The best part is that he will stop hurting his hip , as the 15 passenger van he’d been driving was hurting him every time he got in and out of it… That’s thanks to a distracted driver in the Home Depot parking lot turning a corner and running into him as he was walking… Yep, a few years back he was hit by a truck! 

With the recession and kids in college this guy is long over due for a car.  I must pat myself on the back as, I am a master and somehow with the holidays and kids home managed to save for his down payment, which wasn’t easy… 

In the last two days as the car transaction was going through his van said, I need a break as the heat went and other issues popped up.. So funny, but we will get that baby fixed cause it’s great for moving college kids and kayaking…

That’s what being the salesman of the year gets you!  

After a two week break for the holidays, 

today we went back to our home-school bowling league. 


We had colder temps today that actually had “feels like 27” and after sunset “feels like 14”

That’s a big deal for a place that rarely gets below freezing… 

We even saw a few snowflakes on the drive home from bowling…


It was cold, taking my jacket off for this…

I actually tried this look this morning without the scarf and layering a pink blouse underneath..

I squashed that idea when I tried making my bowling moves and felt constricted by the blouse..

I wanted another layer, so the scarf and jacket idea came into play, along with the pink hat…


I wore the tan boots to bookend the tan in the sweater…

Then noticed it went well with my tote for my bowling shoes…

IMG_2527 I am glad that I opted to purchase the pink utility jacket in addition the the olive one last year,

as the utility jacket is a great style and this pink color is so fun.  

I bought mine from F21 and sadly when doing an online search can’t find anyone else who has one.

Dear Readers, These cold temps today were a shock to our systems… none of us wanted to go back out… I even took a nap this afternoon as the sinus pressure felt like a precursor to migraine level.  The good news is that after my nap. the nausea was gone and the pressure and headache was at a milder manageable level..   This season has been tougher on my sinuses.. i need to get on a better regiment of the vitamin C that I’ve done in past years with great success.. 


I am so grateful for this homeschooling group that is so wonderful and that my 19 year old was able to join us and he too was impressed with the group for his brother and how nice and social everyone was.

I am grateful for the fun, laughter and support among the parents- laughter is so good for the soul!

I am grateful for my son’s sense of humor and am going to miss him when he leaves to go back to college this weekend..When I went to take my nap today, he piped up with “Don’t do it, Freddie Kruger is waiting for you!”  

I am grateful that after waking up from my nap that my son actually reheated the Calzones for us all- no cooking at all for me today! 

I am grateful that my daughter had a chance to hang out with a high school friend she hasn’t seen in years, today! 

I am grateful for the moment I had with my daughter today, just seeing her chilling out on the couch and telling her my thoughts of how nice it was to see  her relaxed, as I know she will go right back into school mode and stress when she gets back to graduate school… It was a nice moment as  I ran my fingers through her hair.  all anyone in this world needs is to know that they are seen, valued and understood…

Yesterday was the beginning of Football Play-offs 

and sadly the final game of the season for my 

beloved Pittsburgh Steelers..


I loved the Sporty Luxe trend for Spring and Summer,

yet hadn’t really attempted this style in the cooler seasons…

So, with that purpose in mind I put this look together, beginning with F21 jogger pants..

Not much luxe there, so I added a thrifted lambs wool and angora yellow sweater,

 along with a thrifted DKNY Active vest


I added my new Steelers Scarf to support my team and add a literal sporty touch..


Since it rained most of Saturday, I topped the outfit off with my Rachel Zoe trench via QVC (no longer available)

I completed the look with what I jokingly refer to as my Beatles booties.. the flat strappy version is a great addition to my Mom on the Go lifestyle… These are by Aeropostle picked up off season…

Dear Readers, I was sad at the team loss last night, but as a true lover of the sport am looking forward to the remaining play off games and the Superbowl… It’s less stress when your favorite team is out.. Lol… I often joke that football is not good for your blood pressure.. 


I am grateful that I had the privilege of playing  Santa for my friend yesterday (she is returning from Canada today and her daughter wanted Santa to come to their home ,to have something to come home to…I had to wait until the day before in hopes that their cat doesn’t wreak too much havoc)  

I am grateful that my daughter and son opted to accompany me in playing Santa and the fun we had with it..

I am grateful that we opted for deli meats and cheeses for dinner last night, so no cooking before game time! 

I am grateful for the humor my Nicholas brings to every situation even my team losing…

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep..

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