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With Spring in my Area in Full Swing, 

I’ve found myself Pinning lots of Inspirations and thought it was time to share 

a few of my favorites. 

Women's Apparel: outfits we love | Banana Republic


Just Basics, but could be easily overlooked as a pairing.

Tan Soft Pants , Striped T, and metallic Sandals 

Outfit Posts: outfit post: teal sweater, black ankle pants, black wedges


Teal and Cobalt with neutral shoes

I loved this color combo

"Cool Colors" by archimedes16 on Polyvore


I just bought some mint flats and liked the orange and chambray color combo.

I think I will try this with a long boho orange skirt. 

"Cool Comfort" by kbeeler on Polyvore


I liked the idea of mint with cobalt and have similar pieces to do this look. 

casual comfort outfit.


I recently bought a red jean jacket , so of course this caught my eye

I think I may switch this up to my grey striped skirt instead

Color combo to work. esp green & brown


I happen to have a green skirt, brown t-shirt and yellow sweater...

Style & Poise: Corporate Chic: Black and White Prints


Stripes and polk a dots, what’s not to love. 

I would change this up to fit my more casual lifestyle with different shoes

2015-02-05a.jpg (701×1050)


I love the pop of color with the bright shoe

spring work outfit featuring Christiano Siriano shoes and bag


Another Variation on that theme

Super cute!


Black dress with jean jacket and the added fun of cognac accessories 

Dear Readers, It is so much to look at outfit inspiration ideas on Pinterest.  Some days I just search “Spring Outfits”, while other days I get more specific and search something like, “Mint Shoes Outfits”.   The beauty of this is finding new ways that aren’t my first instinct to style items I own.  With a few years of blogging this is very helpful to find new ways to pair items.  I highly recommend it as a fun hobby for anyone interested in upping their style.  

Do you have any favorites among these outfits? 

I love your comments, so keep them coming,

since I don’t blog for money, they keep me going! 

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend!  

I will be celebrating my youngest turning 15!  

Wonderful and Sad at the same time…


The last two days I didn’t get photos done despite the fact that I was dressed and went out…

The battery on my phone died and the charger wasn’t in my camera case…

It took me two days to realize it was in the carry-on from the Ireland trip- the only bag not unpacked…

pop of animal


Animal print and cognac accessories , enough said..

Black leggings, chambray shirt, leopard scarf, brown boots and gold watch with pearl earrings


Another option with similar elements.

The Classy Cubicle: Happy Houndstooth {professional, office, work, women, fashion, wear, zara, elie tahari, corso como, sweater, a-line knit skirt, blue suede pumps, heels, fall trend}


Black and white with a pop of cobalt..

Back To #Black by Vivaluxury


Or all black with a pop of cobalt..

A slimming trick! Just about every girl could use this. Wear a form fitting tank top between your sweater and button-up shirt to keep your mid section from looking frumpy. This is especially helpful if the button-up is a bit baggy, as the tank will press and flatten it against your torso, hiding bunched up fabric and the outlines of the buttons.


Have you seen this neat trick?

Wearing a tight tank over a button up blouse to slim down the look of the blouse underneath..

Color combination


Here is a quick cheat sheet on colors to pair togethers?

Dear Readers, Are than any color combos on the cheat sheet that appeal to you? 

I think I’ve done a lot of these, but love the Aqua ones as neutrals and yellow are all that come to mind for me..

Any fun plans for the Weekend? 

I have tickets to The Nutcracker for tomorrow night and I am planning extra bowling practice on Sunday!

I love your comments, so make a bloggers day!


I am grateful that my son’s bump on the head didn’t require stitches..Yes the fun of boys..

I am grateful that my oldest finished his semester this week and is getting a nice break.

I am grateful that I’ve already wrapped about half the Christmas presents, this is not a norm for me,I usually end up getting my daughter to help me as she loves wrapping…

I am grateful my husband continues to bring home consistent paychecks and is on his way to getting a new vehicle that won’t hurt his hip when getting in and out, like his van does..

I am grateful that my dearest friend is being supported by her church and going to make it home for the holidays to Canada!  

I am grateful that my friend’s 8 year old daughter wants Santa to come while they are in Canada, and that Auntie Tracey gets the privilege of creating that magic!  

Last week I asked which Pinterst Inspirations you liked

to see which one to do next and here it is..


I had to add a necklace to my look….

I am very fond of creating a long vertical line with necklaces or scarves…

For a curvy woman , it’s a wonderful styling trick…


Notice my hair in the wind….

It was a cold and windy 40 degrees..
I braved it without my customary hat, but that didn’t last long…

I walked to the grocery store shortly after the photos and put on a hat and a long warm coat….


I knew that chunky sweaters were going to be big this season…

So I scored this Liz Claiborne from JCP online over the summer on clearance…

I love getting another chance to wear my newest investment purse…

It’s by Gili via QVC and can be found here


This was a perfect Mom on the Go look for my busy day… 

The original had black leggings, but I chose to wear my Old Navy Pants found here

and the chambray shirt is Old Navy as well…

I have to say I really like the addition of the cognac boots in this look as another color…

I typically struggle to add a fourth color into outfits, so love that Pinterest advanced my style..


I am so grateful to my son’s friends at college who went above and beyond to make his Birthday day special…

I am grateful that my son called to share how his suite and hall mates had surprised him with a balloon filled room and Large Nicholas Cage picture and assorted quotes…. apparently they planned this for over a month!  

I am grateful that when doing PT on this cold morning that they ended it early and that my son decided he needs gloves for next time….

I am grateful that when my Mom gene kicks in and I call  my college son and ask if he is wearing a hat during morning PT, that he laughs with me and is never irritated ….

I am grateful that homeschooling went smoothly today and that he is on track and taking responsibility for keeping up the schedule…

When thinking of this look I could only come up with the title 

Texture and Pattern….


This open weaved sweater is actually a heavy weight, so why not extend it’s use for cooler temps…

Previously I wore it only in Spring or Summer with a tank underneath..

Make note of my Just Fab purse in this shot because I turned it backwards in the other pictures, LOL


My Gingham blouse and Jones NY sweater are both items I thrifted…

I especially love finding button up blouses when thrifting because I never owned any a few years ago and now have about 8-10…. For just $2 each , you would be surprised at the name brands and like new condition that you can find thrifting….


Again my son wanted me to stand in the leaves and I rather like it….

I wasn’t sure what shoes to pair with these cargo joggers and opted for the second pair of boots I bought in Ireland…

Of course in freezing temps I wouldn’t even want a sliver of my leg showing, but so many times our temps swing back and forth so much that perhaps I’ll manage a similar look with my tan cargo joggers, both from F21 from previous season…


I felt pretty boho in this look and liked that!  

I definitely do more boho looks in Summer and Spring, but it’s nice to get that feel in cooler temps…

Dear Readers, tonight I tried a quick new recipe for Chicken with a very easy Feta sauce from Pinterest

Chicken with Feta Cheese Sauce. Mmm yummy!!! Reduced fat feta and Smart Balance could make this a great bandster recipe!

You can find the info Here

I made a few changes, by adding in garlic powder and artichoke hearts and leaving out the chives…

I really liked it and think I could have even added in Spinach or mushrooms….which I will try next time….

I used 2% milk evaporated milk and 1/3 less fat Feta cheese

I paired it with grilled Zucchini .  


I am grateful for Pinterest and have many recipes saved that I am going to do a better job of trying…

I am grateful that Redbook magazine which came in the mail today had a recipe for Vegetarian Lasagna , which I am going to try soon as I have deprived myself from Lasagna since my weight loss began…

I am grateful for the older man (think late 70’s) who came to me in Burlington to compliment my Fedora and show me his own…. He made me smile and I know I did the same…

I am grateful for my gutsy spirit and reply to the youngster in the Dollar Tree who yelled out rudely that they needed another cashier (there was only 3 people in each line)…. I told him it was an opportunity to learn Patience… I said it in a very laughing fun way and he smiled and calmed down….

I am grateful for the look the cashier gave me to say thank you…

I am grateful that I had a nice walk to the stores as it really lifts my spirits…

I am grateful that I didn’t buy anything at Burlington, as I really don’t need anything else for the Season….

Today was a cloudy day with light rain and I originally planned to wear my vest like in the inspiration

, but opted for the jacket for more warmth since there was a nice wind …


My son liked catching this shot when the wind caught my hair…

I love that he cares about the photos he takes and in fact he told me I wasn’t smiling right today…


That comment from him brightened my smile to this…


I really am feeling much better today and so happy to be well rested..

Apparently I’d been out of it more than I realized… My husband shared with me today that Monday night he came home and found that I’d left the burner on from making dinner… Then on Wednesday morning after I left for the homeschool bowling group, he discovered that I’d left my omelet maker on (it stays on unless unplugged..) I must point out that this is completely uncharacteristic of me, in fact I don’t ever remember even one such occurrence.   Lack of sleep really messes me up!!!!! 


My outfit is very loosely done by the Inspiration with my switching to jeans

and a brown striped top, and the jacket instead of the vest…

And here is the original Inspiration…

The pants look a lot like my newest ones from Old Navy, pictured here..

Except the faux leather on these are on the inside while mine are on the outside of the leg…


Dear Readers, for my gratitude section today I want to  just share with you the amazing break through with my homeschooling 14 year old…

As I’ve said before I homeschool  him because they had a teaching deficiency that left him with reading and writing problems…We’d solved the reading one completely and I’ve had a few years to delight in that, all the while feeling intense stress that we had yet to get his writing to match his intelligence level… I never really embraced unschooling  but there is something to be said for sitting back and waiting for your child , which is what I ‘ve been praying for…

This morning he informed me that in the mornings while brushing his teeth and dressing that he makes up stories in his head and that they stick in his brain and mess up his homeschooling.   I suggested getting a notebook and writing them out… I saw the look on his face and instinctively suggested it be in a private journal that was just for himself… He looked relieved and agreed getting them down on paper might just be the trick to getting them out of his head.. I gave him a notebook and pen to put in his room and HE  THANKED ME!  

 I have to tell you I danced!   

My reluctant writer is going to write just for himself!

  With his joy at how great the book is that he is reading and now this in just the two weeks since I’ve been back from Ireland!   My cup runneth  over!   

Wishing you all my Dear Readers, A Wonderful Weekend!  

I went bowling yesterday for three hours and came home very tired…

Never getting my outfit photos and going to bed at 6pm….

Wish I could say I slept all night, but only for two hours, then more restless sleep…

So, today I thought I would share some Pins I’ve done of Summer Looks 

Similar to CAbi 2014 Norma Jean Jean Jacket, lobster top, and Indie jean Check out at AnneFlynn.cabionline

A great way to wear white Jeans, with a vibrant orange and leopard accessory…


You can’t go wrong with Striped Neutrals and a pop of Teal..

10 Ways To Wear A White Shirt

Nothing more classic than a white blouse…

Click here to see the original with 10 ways to style a white button -up..

gingham & pearls

Another Classic, a gingham shrit with white shorts, but the classic pearls take it to a new level..

Blue Outfit

How about just a denim vest to a Little White Dress 

and some fabulous sandals?  

I see this as a date night look…

Dear Readers,  I find it fascinating that all the looks I posted today, have a lot of classics and not a hint of my love of boho for Summer…

I use to consider my style very classic , but guess the love and appreciation of it is still with me…

The big question remains, will I try some of these looks once the Summer Challenge is over???


I am grateful that we all had a fun day of bowling and that my niece was with us!

I am grateful that halfway through her first game, my niece got the hang of  bowling and stopped the straight run of gutter balls.

I am grateful that I found some homeschool groups on Facebook to follow and the information that lead to my buying a wonderful Science program to  catch up , as we didn’t do well with that these last few years…

Exploration Education

I am grateful for the reminder e-mail to use my Old Navy $30 off , which allowed me to complete pants for my youngest son!  

What’s a blogger to do when she is under the weather, but really wants to get dressed and take blog photos? 

Well, she turns to Pinterest to peruse her boards of outfits that she would like to copy….

Linking up with Pinned It and Did It

LOLO Moda: Women's dresses 2013

As a woman who lives in the south, we all have an inner cowgirl… Well, maybe not all of us, especially here in Virginia Beach which is a true melting pot area,  as we are surrounded by military bases.  Of course that brings so many transplants from all over… In fact both my parents are from the north, Pennsylvania.  The Navy brought my father here and my mother came here on vacation with girlfriends and fell in love!  I love my mother so much for understanding my spunky personality and my love of boots…  I was truly blessed… I had a pair I loved when at 25 I met and married a Boston northern snob… He didn’t like that side of me too much and I let her go for awhile, never replacing those much loved boots after I wore them out… Something happens to women in their fourties and they really embrace themselves, hence my return to cowboy style boots… And the best part is my dear husband sees how sassy and happy they make me feel and has learned to embrace  them!!!! 


Such fun and an outfit I would love to wear to a fun music festival, but for today, it helped me to feel a little spunky when my sinuses are trying to drain my energy…


I small floral print and a boyfriend navy sweater with black tipping..

IMG_3299At 48, I feel time running out on my chance to wear outfits like this, so going to embrace it for now!  Some may feel this is already to young of a look for me, but I dress to fit my spirit, not the chronological age…

Dear Readers, this was a fun adventure and really did help me feel better today.. A cure for a fashionista, play in you closet and ignore that sinus pressure and headache… Sure beats sitting on the couch and pouting, wishing this sinus stuff would pass by quicker…


I am grateful for Pinterest and the fun it brings to my oufit styling.

I am grateful for the fun memory of my mother indulging my cowgirl.

I am grateful for National Geographic channel and the Brain Games show I had on  DVR that three of my children are now watching together… With kids aged 13 to 22 a rare moment together…

I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day, as sunlight is a mood booster!  

I am grateful for the love and supporting family that I’ve built and the knowledge that my children really like each other!  (a mother’s dream) 

I am so grateful for my 18 year old son ( I am so going to miss him when he goes off to college next year) as he told me today, that when I turn 80 I can wear anything I want again, so not to worry...He then went on to say that he woud even proudly escort me and point out that I was old and allowed to do anything…

Well, my first venture into the Rockin Body DVD  left me with very sore calves and I never made it out of my pj’s for the day… I think perhaps doing the workout in my stocking feet was not a good thing… If interested Here is a link to some reviews of the workout.

I bought this Isqueez foot and calf massager a few years ago for my husband for Christmas and used it a few times through out the day and tried walking it off, with some progress….I found this photo on Amazon with none of this version available, but they have other versions like this one...

I am really looking forward to Spring and thought I would share a few inspirations for 

White Jeans…

Gray + Yellow = <3

I recently bought a cute yellow blazer on Ebay and I have a sequined grey t-shirt that will make a good copycat version. I love the glittery necklace, but will abstain since my shirt has shine already.

The Striped Sweater and Flat for Spring 2014 Outfit Ideas.  I have some orange shoes and a yellow hand bag.  Need the necklace.

Navy stripes with yellow and orange accessories is right up my alley…

--there you go Al w/ your pink blazer

Navy stripes again with pink blazer… I think subbing a green sweater or jacket would be yet another option…Instead of stripes I could change this up to my navy top with white anchors…

IMG_6024 by levell333, via Flickr

Cobalt and leopard are both in my wardrobe… I love this version,but could do a leapard top with a cobalt scarf as well…

black + white stripes / white denim / khaki vest

This vest is tan, but I would use my olive utility vest

Gray tank and scarf with white pants or jeans

Grey with a grey print scarf and a purple purse…I have purple pumps that would look cute here…

love the contrast between the black blazer and the crisp white pants! the orange clutch adds a nice pop of color.

Navy and tan with a pop of orange…

Red Jacket & BW Striped Sweater & White Pants from

Black and white with red… While this again has stripes and black and white print top could work..

pastels and white pants for spring

Mint, yellow and hot pink wiht nude shoes….

Dear Readers, white bottoms really offer endless possibilities.  If white jeans aren’t your thing, subsitute a skirt , maxi skirt , or shorts.  I think it would be fun to do a week’s worth of looks with white bottoms… 

Hoping my calves are better tomorrow and that I can actually get dressed…


I am grateful that I own the Isqueeze and was able to use it a few times throughout the day.

I am grateful that my son helped me today, so I didn’t get up as much although I did walk around quite a bit to try to walk it out…

I am grateful that my husband put a new door lock on our front door after the old one broke…

I am grateful that my daughter has a day off Tuesday after a long day in her new position.

I am grateful for leftovers and not having to cook dinner …

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and support yesterday as I allowed myself to be so vulnerable by posting my before and afters and the emotions that were awakened in me from  seeing my journey and remembering how much pain I had been in during the weight gaining years and my mother’s illness.  

I spent the day in mourning, but am now ready to begin celebrating my success….it really is funny that one event can cause such lows and swing back to such highs….

Penguin lightbulb ornament

Since I took the day to deal with my sadness, I didn’t get photos… Thursday is suppose to be Pinned it and Did it…

So, going to do a Holiday Craft version of things that would be fun to make…. 

golf ball santa and snowman

Love the use of golf balls…

get inexpensive wooden letters from the craft store and modge-podge fun scrapbook paper on

Could do Last initials or First…

DIY Glitter Ornaments

Mop and Glo and Glitter…

Dear Readers, Do you do any crafting?  I love how easy these all look and hope to plan a crafting day next week…

I first began crafting when my daughter was a baby and made hairbows… I moved up to painted furniture when I had my Consignment store and a place to sell them….  Homeschooling doesn’t allow me as much free time these days. so holiday time is a great way for me to fit it in….


I am so grateful to all those who commented both on my blog and the forum, your kindness helped to soften the feeling of vulnerability that was so strong after posting my before pics..,

I am grateful to my husband for sharing in my joy of reaching Lifetime status at Weight Watchers.

I am grateful that my 18 year old son shared his feelings with me regarding a video ciruclating where a Mexican cartel leader beheaded his wife  and the discussion that followed.  I am grateful he didn’t try to deal with this on his own, but reached out to me…

I am grateful that God blessed with those amazing  parents! 

I am grateful for a day off from fashion and the fun of planning a day of crafting…

Loving that we are getting cooler temps and I can start really wearing my scarves more!

Linking up with Pinned it and Did It  and Look What I Got


These are my newest boots and their debut! 

Fall Outfit.  Chambray shirt, purple cords

My inspiration is from Dancing with Ashley


Hey, I wore burgundy without pairing it with Grey!!!  I love these stretch paisley cords and am so glad I risked ordering them in the middle of summer on clearance for just $8.00.  It is so risky to buy pants without trying them on,  but online reviews said they ran small, so I sized up and they are a great fit! 


I had a very busy day that included a full hour walk , which was a fantastic way to start the day. 

Going to lunch with a friend did great things for my spirit as well!  

My hair definitely shows my hour walk on a cold breezy morning! 

Dear Readers, I am going to share with you my little secret to this outfit. Wearing just a blouse in these cold temps doesn’t work well for me, so I am wearing a long sleeve top with wicking features which is perfect to keep me warm, but also handle my hot flashes!  

Speaking of hot flasshes, the Hawthorne berries supplement is helping  tremendously!


I am grateful for my walk this morning as I prepare to take on the Thanksgiving Holiday without going over my goal weight.   

I am grateful for time with friends , especially on hump day!

I am grateful that my husband is gettting more excited as he gets into his new venture!

I am grateful that my daughter is giving the dog a bath and has taken over his care since she has been home. 

I am grateful that the loss I was feeling over not seeing the people at his previous job, subsided some today!

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