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I’ve been so lacking in inspiration these past few weeks in styling outfits, 

but this one feels like a success!  


I added this fabulous Gili Leather jacket over the Summer as my one big splurge.  

I broke my no self imposed no buying to acquire these lavender cords from Loft

as they were 70 % off , making them less than $12. 


My Liz Claiborne NY  blouse via qvc can be found here

I adore this line by QVC and here is a link to other tops in this line

The scarf was again to protect myself from the winter temperatures, and I think fit in very nicely.  


It just hit me that this entire outfit is pieces I bought online new for the season.  

The purse is still available  in this purple shade, but also comes in several other colors , here 

I am very happy that I added these pieces to my wardrobe as I love all shades of purple.  

Today in Self Care Today 

I added a greens powder found here to my morning smoothie .  My husband has been taking for a few months now, I dofind this a bit expensive and am researching other options for when we run out.  

I also took a short walk today and changed into walking shoes.

If any of my Dear Readers likes the idea of my new Self Care notes, please share one thing you did today for your own Self Care!  I’d love to hear from you !


I am grateful for starting my blog three years ago and for how much writing these gratitudes daily have improved my state of happiness.  

I am grateful for my son’s homeschool bowling group and chatting with my favorite parents. 

I am grateful that my son willingly cooperated in going to the additional bowling clinic later this afternoon and for how much this boosts his confidence.  

I am grateful to the bowling trainer sending home a training tool to help fix an issue with his hand movement that is precenting him in getting his performance ball to curve.  

I am grateful for a fun conversation with the homeschooling league coach and the idea to do a fundraiser that will allow them to buy some training tools.  

I am grateful for yet another call from my daughter, I could talk to her every day on her walk back to her apartment. 

I am grateful for the winter weather and the inspiration to get back to blogging.  

So the story goes like this….

Last Wednesday morning my son and I were headed to bowling….

On the way to the car, I tripped over my son’s rolling bowling bag and face planted on the cement.  

Really hard, I might add…

It’s been a tough few days of dealing with a “Bell Ringer” and trying to uphold to letting my brain rest. 

I did not do as well as I should have in steering clear of the tv and internet, which I think is prolonging my healing. 

I am feeling much better, but still need more rest, so going to post the pictures of what I was wearing when the stupid fall happened and get offline for the remainder of the day.  


I actually loved this outfit… Everything about it!  

This purple poncho is an Old Navy One I purchased from Goodwill andhave worn previous seasons, but 

always closed, with the trend of the open ponchos, it sparked me to wear it open and I was sold!  


This blouse is Liz Clairborne NY via Qvc and I bought it in a black and gold version as well. 

It’s on clearance right and I must say runs big as I am wearing a small.  

I love how vibrant this is against my muted purple leapard Diane Gilman Jeans. 

I’ve had these a few seasons and the love for them is still going strong.  


I love the artsy feel of this outft with the loose poncho and vibrant top.  

Passionate about Purple should be it’s title…

Dear Readers, I have enough to keep me busy as all the boxes of Christmas Decorations are awaiting me!  

Have a great week

and I will post when I feel up to it, as sinus issues creeping up aren’t helping…

One of the things that Alison from Get Your Pretty On, 

introduced to her style challengers this season was putting a look together with 

Tone On Tone.  

There was a sea of blush and burgundy in the malls that matched perfectly with this point. 


I missed out on doing that with the challengers as our temperatures just didn’t cooperate 

for me to wear a blush chunky sweater, but I loved the idea of tone on tone.  

Of course I had to take it up a notch and add in Pattern Mixing.  

I felt quite adventurous using my lavender gingham blouse with my leopard spotted jeans. 


I had recenlty unpacked some winter jackets and sweaters and couldn’t wait to style

an oldie but goodie in this very soft swing jacket.  

I’ve had it for several years and have worn it closed with the obi belt most times. 

It was fun to just wear it open for what may just be the first time.  

I needed the jacket despite warmer days beacause this was what I wore on homeschool bowling day

in whichI always freeze as the alley is cold.  


I don’t think I will ever tire of my Diane Gilman purple leopard jeans. 

I certainly have gotten a lot of use from these over the few years I’ve owned them. 

One reason I love this brand is that depsite my weight gain, there is enough stretch that 

I can still wear these and others by this brand.  

Dear Readers, Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  

I hope you have some fun things planned to reboot your spirit to dig in and face the dreaded Monday….

Tonight we are heading out to a bowling birthday party,Saturday mornings are my son’s bowling league, not sure Saturday night  plans as of yet,

but Sunday is of course Football! 

Thanks for Stopping By , I hope you are inspired to try your own Tone On Tone version.

Some ideas I’d like to try 

Mint and Forest Green

Tan and Chocolate Brown

Peach and Orange

Grey and Black

Powder Blue with Navy

Any of these Tone on Tone Ideas Appealling to You?  

Bloggers love to know someone is reading their content,

so comments are always apprecitated and make my day! 


I am grateful for a fun phone conversation with my daughter where we were coming up with healthy options for her to take for lunches and to eat for breakfast.  Graduate school and her internship are keeping her busy and her brain is fried, so it was a fun conversation reminding her of things she has used in the past with success.  

I am grateful for the witnesses in our lives who are outraged when someone treats you poorly. I love being that outrage for others and appreciate greatly when I receive the same… Sometimes we just need a witness to our pain.  

I am grateful to my hardworking husband who has a wonderful work eithic , which allows me to be home with our youngest in this homeschooling venture that just fell into our lives. 

I am grateful that I have begun Christmas shopping and have some of the big presents set already, as the last minute rush is not my style.   

I would like to End today with a prayer reauest for this strongest Hurricane Patricia in the headlines, that is heading to Mexico, for the safety of residents. 

A Rainy Day May Get Some People Down, 

But Not Me!  

It’s an Excuse to Showcase My Purple Thrifted Rainboots! 


Not the best photos today, as my dear son stood on the porch , 

while I stomped through the oversaturated grass to my favorite tree.  

Wearing skirts and dresses without tights or leggings will be upon me before I know it, 

so instead of wearing pants, I just had to try my boots with a skirt, lol. 


Of course there is a down side to wearing a skirt

when there’s wind and rain , as a preview to 

the upcoming Hurricane.  

I actually went shopping and got set for the impending storm today. 

Doing so before the weekend is so much better as stores are going to be

crazy and ruinning out of things by Saturday.  

12010685_10153727272943793_1039331340462698132_o  Source 

I couldn’t help but share this picture that showed up on my Facebook this moring. 

It’s a two year old at the Navy pier having a blast while all the adults were just huddled, waiting for the 

ship to arrive home after it’s six month deployment. 


Here is a close up of my mother’s pin that I strung on a chain to create my necklace.


This one is clearer because the rain subsided for a brief moment.  

I have to say it was fun being out in and about in my rainboots, 

walking in puddles instead of around them.

My Eddie Bauer (also thrifted) nylon goose down filled  vest came in handy as it kept my back dry! 

Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping By!  

I wish you all a Fabulous Weekend and ask that you keep the East Coast in 

your prayers that this impending Hurricane takes it easy on us! 


I am grateful that my husband had time to go grocery shopping and a  chance for us all to get out of the house together.. 

I am grateful for our really good quality umbrellas that helped us stay dry , as well as help me get our stubborn dog to go outside to do his business…. Yes , picture me in my rainboots holding an umbrella over my dog chastising him to “Go Potty!”  

I am grateful that I had begun to take out some Fall Clothing despite our extended Sumer temps, so i had this vest to grab as a completer piece today! 

I am grateful that my son who took our rabbit for the week is enjoying her company and the pick me up this week before midterms.  

I am grateful for somethihng to look forward to on this rainy day, as my Steelers have a Thursday Night Game agaimst their rival Ravens.  

I love my Old Navy Polk a Dot Pixie Pants.  

They are  the perfect way to add pattern into an outfit, 

and since it’s black and white ,versatile with any solid colored top.

Of course there are also possibilities for pattern mising tops as well. 

Just for fun, trying saying my blog title of the day , three times fast, lol!


You can find this pant in the ankle length, Here.

My top and purse ( sold out) are both by Iman via HSN.  

The top comes in 7 colors and is actually much longer ,

but it drapes nicely and is perfect for faux tucking the way I’ve done here.

I actuaally bouth it in Marsala ( Pantone’s color of the season) and Gun Metal Grey.

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Luxury Draped Top  

IMAN Global Chic Runway Glam Luxury Draped Top

Notice the styling of the Marsala one tucked into a pencil skirt,

while the Grey one shoes the ful length over jeans. 


My happiness factore was high with this look once I finished it off with my 

Cato vest and the tassel necklace with purple beads also from Cato ,

which my daughter gave me for my birthday.  

The vest has been on clearance for awhile as I  bought it in July and is still available for $10.99. 

I must say that it runs small as I bought the medium ,  but wear it open as it’s too tight for my  size 8 hips.


I look forward to styling these pieces so much more as we move into 

Fall temperatures which seem to elude us despite the leaves beginning to fall .  

Dear Readers, I am getting myself into full Cardio gear, moitviated by a comptetition between myself and my homeschooling son, age 15.  I decided that he goes on the treadmill first and whatevver he does, I have to do the same.We are going to do this three days a week, which will benefit us both.  

I love strength training, but not cardio ,so hope this keeps me accountable and moving more.  

My 5oth birthday passed without my losing the 15 pounds I’ve gained, so now I am setting a new goal.

My 25th anniversary is January 15h and I would like to go on a cruise, so need to lose this before I get into a bathing suit! 

I had better succeed at this one or I will ruin my 25th celebration!  

Wish me luck! 


I am grateful for the support of my youngest in getting to my new goal. 

I am grateful for the past week with my son home on his college Fall break. 

I am grateful that he took our rabbit with him for a week , but will come home for a bried time next weekend to return her. 

I am grateful that I scheduled a Parent’s Night Out for homeschooling parents and it’s Tuesday, so I have something to look forward to all day.  

I am grateful that my husband had a nice break this afternoon, which allowed him to revive afternnoon movie with a coworker, something they use to do somewhat regularly, but had gotten away from.  (this way the wives don’t have to go to horror movies we dislike and they are not feeling deprived)  

I am grateful that my oldest came over on Sunday to visit with his brother before he went back to college and for the conversation we all hadt together.  

I am grateful for another win for my Steelers team and that Roethlisberger’s knee injury was not his ACL, which would have put him out the remaninder of the season.  


Last Year Pantone’s Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid 

and I bought this lovely cardigan, but every time I went to style it,

I ended up taking it off and not using it…


Then a dear friend gave me this fabulous purse for my birthday.  

She is a 31 Gifts consultant, you can find her site here.  

31 has great purses and decorative storage solutions. 

Canvas Crew Tote - Navy Anchor:

This wonderful tote is on my wish list from 31

Honey if you read this blog, you could make note of this….


Before I go further, I thought I would share my daughter, who won 

Best Dressed  Saturday night for 

a 1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner. 

She bought the dress on Ebay for just $20 , spent over an hour getting

the soft curls in her stubborn hair and even got the red lip of the times. 

DSC_1544 (1)

I was so delighted with this look and was thinking of other 

ways I could wear this sweater and

how the purse would really pop with 

any neutral outfit.  

I also had fun pairing it with my Vegas trip 

Charming Charlies Necklace.  


With my year of no shopping in the works, and accessory shopping allowed,

I embraced that for the first time Saturday night when I made a jewelry purchase. 

This purchase will definitely work well for the purse and sweater.  


We went to our Town Center where they were having an Italian Festival. 

I met a wonderful Capodimonte artist , who began this wonderful art form when he was just 

14 yrs old and has been doing it for 45 years!

 His love of this art was so apparent in our conversation

, and all I could think was ,

what a wonderful life to do what you love and have so much passion and pride in.  

 Check out his Website for some other wonderful necklace and earring sets at very reasonable prices.

There may be another purchase from his line in my future! 

Dear Readers, I had a fun weekend with my son coming home for 9 days of Fall break on Friday, The Italian Festival on Saturday and going to Dave & Busters to watch football with family and friends.  

With homeschooling starting back up it’s really important for me to make weekends fun to have that balance between being the teacher in my son’s life and just having fun time.  

I’d say we did a good job of that this weekend.  

I hope you all find some activities to do together and increase your Happiness Levels,  

If you’re not doing so , please give it a try , It really is important! 

If you are good at this share some things you do by commenting ,

perhaps it will inspire myself or others! 


I am grateful for time with family and friends. 

I am grateful for my dear husband who was very thoughtful and completed my birthday surprises Saturday night by presenting me with a book of photos from my week of activities.  Priceless!  

I am grateful that my son liked his coaches humor and style Saturday… he is quite animated and funny, which is so different from my son’s personality, but he quite enjoyed him.  

I am grateful to have this entire next week with my son, home from college. 

I bought this top on clearance from JCP recently last month

because I needed more purple in my wardrobe, especially in lighter lavender shade. 

It was just $9.99 and is now sold out.


My first thoughts were to pair it with my mint necklace and pointed toe flats. 

I really love purple and greens together and these lighter shades of each feel like Summer.  

I couldn’t help instantly thinking of the versatility of this top and color combo..


My hair looks so red today…

I can’t remember where I bought this mint necklace,

but I think it was in Vegas from Charming Charlies. 


I am picturing the sleeves rolled down and the addition of my mint faux leather jacket, and Old Navy Pixie Pants tucked into black riding boots as a Fall/Winter version of this look.

Purple & Mint by tracey-matthews-jennings on Polyvore featuring Columbia, Old Navy, Hush Puppies, Erica Anenberg and Vince Camuto   

I always think of 3 ways to wear a new item and with tops, I love to think of ways to wear it for multi seasons. 

There are so many ways to layer this for the cooler temps with cardigans or even a chunky pullover sweater, with just the collar and hem showing.  

I could easily see it paired with white bottoms for another Summer Option.  

I wish I was more disciplined, so I could stop purchasing new items and live up to my blog title and show the versatility of pieces.   My blog anniversary is coming up next month and perhaps I will wrap my brain around trying to be more focused on creating such a feature.  I would also like to do some great recipes that are keeping me on track with eating healthier. 

A lot to think about as I turn 50 and explore what to do with my blog next year. 

Dear Readers chime in and tell me what you would like to see?  


I am grateful that my migraine headache finally got better. 

I am grateful for a day alone ( no boys) with my daughter on her first day back and the wonderful conversations we had all day! . 

I am grateful that the boys were having a guy day in Richmond, moving most of my son’s things into his apartment and that doing it early means not dealing with the chaos of moving in during the busy time , a nightmare for a city college location. 

I am grateful for the quietness of the house, and the sweet moment of cooking and eating with just my daughter, a rare occasion . 

Today was a dreadfully hot day where it actually felt like a Sauna!  

The photos today, tell the story of how my hair went from looking Great, to flat…


The first photo of the bunch under the protection of my favorite tree…

I’ve had this outfit put together and waiting for a day to wear.

I usually have about 3 to 5 combos like that for those days when I am uninspired to create a look.

These are all pieces I’ve had for years, except for the yellow purse bought this season.


When I moved to this spot, the wind kept catching my hair and getting in my face…

I literally gave up posing in this stance…


And now my hair looks much flatter, lol!  

I really love these colors of the yellow and purple together.  

This yellow kimono, I’ve had for years is a favorite.

I actually had this set next to a green skirt in the closet and instantly thought of how 

I could style those together.  I really need to create a feature of using one piece three ways.  


I am grateful that I found the drive to do some sitting down hand weight exercises as well as bicep dips and push ups on the couch by using only one leg and not hurting my knee… Not exercising was frustrating! 

I am grateful that I slept in until 10:15 this morning!  

I am grateful to my youngest for stepping up and turning on the dishwasher for me, as well as getting as well as cleaning up and doing things to help me rest my knee.  

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter after her exam, where she sounded very happy.  She even was grateful that she was out of class early and had time to cook a proper dinner before starting her 10 page paper, which she optimistically thinks she will have done by midnight and still get a good night’s rest.  This is special as she likes to complain and just be heard, so hearing her see the positive was delightful to this Mom! 

Today when getting dressed I decided to put together an Inspiration Look for 

My Dear Readers for the July 4th Weekend


I think I was doing great, til I added the purple purse….

The other elements are great at adding a nod to the Patriotic colors without being overly obvious, which was my goal.

Funny thing is the tank was one I bought from  and my daughter didn’t like, so I inherited it and love it!  

My Capris are from my favorite Jean designer, Diane Gilman via HSN 

Funny, I just realized everthing I have here except my earrings are new for the season!


I found my necklace on and I think the vest too…

You might say I love, ssshhh don’t tell my husband!  

We had a nice breeze today, so my wonderful plan to create the vertical lines with the white vest went South…. 


I had the blue and white covered with my jeans, shoes (clearance from Target) and the white in the polk a dots, necklace and vest…

I decided to add a touch of red to the look with the watch for a subtle nod to the Patriotic Holiday.  

Then on the way out, I grabbed my purple purse as we headed to the bowling alley to get my son’s new performance ball drilled!  

Dear Readers,  I am always game for stretching myself and trying new things.  Tonight I did that by going to my husband’s gym to test out the Sauna.   I am happy to report that I stayed in for 15 minutes!   It wasn’t as bad as I thought, once you get past the initial heat and panic of wanting to leave.  I saw this happen to several women , who saw me in there toughing it out and came in to give it a go… I was lucky that my husband was there with me and that he had recommended I bring a large mouth bottled ice water to breathe into.  Once I got use to the heat it wasn’t too bad and I made it easily to the 10 minute mark… Laughing at the  young guy who came in after me stayed for 5 minutes before going out for a breath of cool air before returning.   The final minutes were the hardest, but I had declared that I would last for 15 minutes and once I say I am going to do it, I have to!   

Bottom line, I would absolutely do it again and in fact think it would be great for my sinuses…

Dear Readers, have you ever tried a Sauna? 


I am grateful that the man who drilled my son’s bowling ball had such a great personality and was very thorough in making sure it was comfortable and a right fit.  ( a complete opposite experience from the guy who drilled his first two balls a few months ago) 

I am grateful to my son’s League Coach who recommended the new guy to us! 

I am grateful that after bowling 2 games with his new ball, that my son described it as , “Awesome!” 

I am grateful to my dear mother for her recognizing my “I can’t do it ” attitude and her reading me and reminding me often of “The Little Engine that Could”  and turning me around to an adult who is open to new experiences.  By the time you Read this my Dear Readers, It will be July 2nd, her birthday!  Love you and miss you, MOM!  

I swear my favorite article of clothing is a maxi dress or skirt…

It is so funny that a few years back I steered clear of them due to my petite height. 

I could live all Summer in them!  


This pink one I bought last season on Beyond the Rack which is now Choxi.

I was pleasantly surprise that it was a Cato brand from that site.


I bought this yellow Joan Rivers Jacket from Ebay 

as a reaction to her death and have been chomping at the bit 

to wear it with this pink, purple , yellow and orange floral maxi.  


Not the best photo, but my silly photographer came outside with no shoes

and his feet were burning on the concrete… 

I loved how this outfit came together and felt so wonderful in it… 

Can a wear a maxi everyday, please?  


I am grateful for several phone calls from my daughter who is back in Boston.  I miss her terribly! 

I am grateful that my youngest opened up to me about how hard it’s been without his XBox (it broke) to communicate with his homeschooling group.  He’ll have a new one shortly! 

I am grateful for Parents Night out and all the wonderful information on new curriculum ideas. 

I am grateful for the wonderful friendships and how caring this group of mother’s are for each other. 

I am grateful that we made plans to bowl together soon and booked our next Parent’s Night Out! 

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