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Today I went to the mall with my son, to use gift cards 

to complete a few more clothing items to his evolving style.


With it being a colder rainy day, I opted for my new red Poncho, a Christmas present.

I love this deep red color, a color I use to think didn’t work well for me…

I like the addition of the print top underneath, although a plain black top would look great too..
I really like adding either a scarf or long necklace with ponchos to create a vertical line, a trick for us petites…

I had to stand by my favorite tree without touching it due to the wet days we’ve been having..


I would normally have thought of my petite height and

  opted for a pair of heeled black booties , rather than riding boots..

I, however, knew with the body aches

I’d been experiencing.  that I wanted flats today..


I am also wearing my new Cloche Hat, found at Amazon Here..

My favorite stylist extraordinaire, Angie from You Look Fab, 

recently recommended I add a cloche style hat to my style..

Dear Readers, I had a fun day with my son… anytime I get with just one child individually is special. When my son saw me in my new hat, he called me Mary Poppins.. I had to laugh when seeing the photos with the addition of the umbrella..

My body aches came back late in the day,

but not nearly as bad as they’ve been,

so guess I need to just take it easy…

Dear Readers, Have any of you had the bad luck of catching the virus or full on flu going on now? 

Did you get any great fashion items for Christmas?  

Would love to hear from you , please leave a comment…


I am grateful that my son and I had a great day together and that he found 3 great new pieces to add to his style.

I am grateful that my body aches are getting better and are definitely not flu related…

I am grateful that my oldest is definitely feeling much better and is on the upswing from his bout with the flu. 

I am grateful for phone call from my sister in law today, love her so much..

I am grateful that everyone pitched in and helped clean up my kitchen today.


Today was cloudy and in the low 70’s ! 

Time to wear a jacket!  


I can’t believe that I don’t remember where I found the lace bomber jacket…

You’ve seen the Golden Tote maxi before…

The metallic pointed toe flats and purse are both thrifted pieces 

and my lace fedora was a cast off of my daughters that I’ve gotten a lot of use from..


I was really feeling strongly about missing my mother today, so I opted to wear my Ruby necklace (her birthstone and her medic alert necklace (allergies for Penicillin and Sulpha drugs)…

Funny that it came up on my husband’s birthday and not mine a week ago…

I think the changes with my kids going away to college,  the birthdays and the Ireland trip are just making me

wish I was sharing this journey with my dear mother, as we shared everything!  


It was fun to feel a little like Fall for the first time…

Tomorrow’s high is suppose to be 78…

Oh well, I take what I can get..

Dear Readers, I about panicked today when I called to schedule a hair appointment before my Ireland trip, and was told my stylist is going on vacation next Monday… No worries as he fit me in and I am going on Friday..The benefit of having the same stylist for the past 9 years.  


I am grateful that my husband had a light day and was able to take his new jeans in for alterations…

I am grateful for a fun conversation with my son after his first PT. with ROTC.  

I am grateful for my strong faith to keep me strong when dealing with my friend’s crazy life in the court system and wish I could warn the world if your child is molested at a young age that our courts at least her in Virginia have policies that are insane and not protective.  

I am grateful that my friend is a strong woman!  

I am grateful for the internet and the amazing information at our fingertips… Remember encyclopedias???

We’ve had a nice break from our awful humidity lately

, but today it was back in full force….


A breezy white skirt was the perfect way to embrace that awful humidity…

The vest is my newest one, thrifted a few weeks ago land is by Christopher Banks for just $2.99


I am really growing more and more fond of my backpack purse….

This is a new trend coming for Fall in handbags…

Readers, Is a backpack as a handbag  a trend that interests you???


Prior to blogging, I might not have paired pink under this more red vest…

Gotta love the confidence blogging has given me in mising colors, something I feel like I am still learning …

Dear Readers,   I have a new adddiction…. I must say that I have never sat for hours watching any one show on Netflix like the rest of my family… However, I got the bug to do just that these past few days …..What show you ask ?  

Downton Abbey and I am watching it on Couchtuner 

I never knew about this site…. but am now hooked..

I’ve watched 3 seasons in the last few days…

Are any of you my Dear Readers into this show???


I am grateful that I made it through yet another diet soda free day..  this time with no headache! 

I am grateful to be making my son’s favorite meals for this last week..

I am grateful to our dear friend for loaning us his trailer for moving our daughter to Boston College,

since she will be in her first unfurnished apartement.

I am grateful my husband is a selling machine and working so hard for all our upcoming expenses. (Ireland trip is coming in October) 

I really am enjoying this Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge..

Why you ask???  Well having an e-mail every night that gives you an outfit suggestion relieves a fashion blogger from the hard work of choosing an outfit and actually frees up some valuable time…

After all this is my Summer of Memory Making before

my son heads off to VCU and my daughter heads off to grad school at BC!

Time is precious these days..

I hope you don’t get sick of me saying this…

Linking Up with Tres Chic Thursday….


I began this day wearing khaki linen capris, but while picking up the house, I dropped a cup that had rootbeer in it an splashed it all over the back of my legs…

Good thing I had a khaki skirt…. funny thing about this skirt it is by Chaus and I had one in my preweight loss size…

I missed it so much that I stalked Ebay and when a size 6 showed up I bought it right away!  


Like my new Sunglasses?

My son received these by Knockaround in his Gradfest gift bag.


It was fun to wear the same purse two days in a row!  

I only bought a few things for this Challenge and these metallic sandals from Payless was the first purchase…

And they work perfectly for my broken toe… 

I love that you don’t even notice my taped toe due to the nude colored first aid tape they have these days!


I added the hat for extra protection on this hot day that got to 104 with the heat index! 

I like the way the hat bookends the tan skirt…

This utility vest is one  I thrifted and if you know my blog, I love a vest over a tank top, but I also like the added vertical lines of the open vest against the horizontal stripes to break them up and produce a more slimming look…

Dear Readers, have you ever used Ebay to find an item that you loved and wanted another one, or needed a different size for?

I think it’s a wonderful use of Ebay…

In case you haven’t heard: Payless has all sandals on sale, plus a BOGO offer and an additional 10% off on their website.

I feel I should also mention I wasn’t in the mood for Weight Management Wednesday as I struggle to find ways to keep the momentum of exercize going with a broken toe… The fantastic planking and plank jacks that were making marvelous work on my abs has to be suspended as I can’t get on my toes…. doing other ab work , but none as effective….I can’t even do the ones I love from Melt it off with Mitch….


I am grateful the homeschool bowling was cancelled as I would have been tempted to bowl ,

not a good idea with my broken toe…

I am grateful that I made pasta salad yesterday and had left overs today!

Who wants to cook in this heat?

I am grateful that I joined a homeschool group on Facebook and followed a recommendation for 

Exploration Education

and ordered a Science Program to do over the Summer for my upcoming 9th grader!

I am grateful that applying the Jergens tanning lotion with the cotton quitled disposable ovals from the dollar store, seemed to have worked to give a very even tan with no extras around the ankles, knees, elbows or the hands…

(Didn’t reapply today, but will tomorrow and will keep you posted) 

Well, to honor those who have fought for our Freedom, 

on this Memorial Day,

I wear the colors of our flag in deepest gratitude of your sacrifice. 


Wearing New linen blend Jogger Capris from F21, would show the link, but they were pretty much sold out when I checked.. I have to say, I love F21 for great prices on trendy pieces to add into my style… These capris were just $210.80 .  Just remember to size up if you are a woman with curves like me or they also have a Love21 line that are slightly bigger sizes that may allow you to order your current sizing…

Here is a link to their fun bottom styles…


I love a sheer top with a tank over it… may be too hot for outdoor activities , but works nicely in Summer when going in AC….I picked this one up last year at Burlington Coat Factory.


I really think adding current pant styles helps to keep those of us over 40 on track without having to follow every trend out there and much prefer to do so at the lower price points. 


My slingback wedges may not be the most on trend current style, but to me they are a classic Summer shoe of which I have many of and will continue to wear this season… I have a new found love for flats that are great for my day to day Mom on the Go, but time with my husband means I want to feel Sassy and these wedges do the trick! 

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  

Please stop by tomorrow for my new blog feature

“Weight Management Wednesday” 


I am grateful for a fun day with my family.

I am grateful to end the day all watching City of Embers together, a nice quiet activity that winds everyone down before heading to bed and starting the week refreshed.

I am grateful to my dear husband for indulging me when I said , “One day I want to have these watches in every color!” upon which he picked the five colors present and purchased them…

I am grateful that my You LOOk Fab forum member who just had a trip to Ireland has been so forthcoming with her experience and advice, which is invaluable!  

My Dear Readers, please excuse my two days off blogging but these crazy swings in temperatures that went well below our normal winter weather wreaked havoc on my sinuses and I was dealing with sinus pressure migraine level headaches…


Today’s look is entirely evolved around keeping warm…

I layered a red Loft sweater under my red floral blouse, but that wasn’t enough for this woman who gets cold easily, so I added my quilted zip up sweater from Steinmarts.. 

The addition of the third layer did the trick!


These red jeans were a Christmas present from my dear husband who saw me admire them at BJ’s.  

I originally planned to wear my newest boots that came in the mail yesterday and my first purchase from  I quickly switched to my knee high boots for added warmth…

FYI delivery was pretty quick and I also ordered Birkenstocks for just $26.99,They are now back up to $57.99!   Remember I love to score things off season for great prices. I ordered them in both pink and black, perfect for walking in the summer and for days when I feel my boho side wanting to play…


Dear Readers, I hope you are all staying warm and not dealing with the flu that has been having a big outbreak!  I wanted to say that I love this look with the red floral blouse, and red jeans and imagine it styled with my creme moto and tan booties sometime in the future…


I am grateful that my dear husband snuck back after seeing me look at these jeans and surprised me with them!

I am grateful for my fireplace and the reason to light a fire these past few days.

I am grateful to my dear brother who drops wood by anytime he finds it on jobsites and the  pile that will get me through the rest of winter!

I am grateful that the crazy temps in the teens are gone, can you believe we are expecting a high of 72F degrees by Saturday????

I am grateful that my headache was gone today!  

I am grateful that my 18 year old, Nicholas started his first job today, working for my husband’s boss and that he really impressed him with his computer skills !

My Dear Readers, I have not been feeling well due to my own silly mishap of neglecting to take my vitamins and the eating on the run this past month which led to anemia… 

I had days of severe headache and the need to nap often which when I mentioned that on the You Look Fab Forum, a dear member recognized my symptoms… I can’t believe it didn’t hit me as I have experienced it before… I was joking about having mono…my kids were laughing….

Linking up with Visible Monday


After two days of upping my iron intake, my headache is gone ,but I am having the halo leftovers similiar to a migraine and I am not quite as tired, although I did have a nap today…Tomorrow should be even better, though it can take up to 6 months to get back up to normal…


Excuse my indoor photos with a tablecloth background (compliments of my 18 year old son). The light above doesn’t capture the pants too well, but this is the debut of my red plaid skinnies.  I bought these months ago, on clearance for less than $15.


This is my new faux fur vest that my dear husband bought me for Christmas and I love how you can pull strings to nip it in at the waist.  He scored this at BJ’s along with my necklace…


Here is my Ying/Yang necklace that is Mother of Pearl and Onyx.   It really is much prettier than the photo depicts as it’s not showing the mother of pearl clearly.  

Dear Readers, I had noticed my face being paler in some of my recent blog photos and even mentioned it to my family… I am so glad that the dear forum member reached out with her thoughts that jarred me back to reality and action.  It is fairly common when eating a more vegetarian diet have to be careful…


I am grateful for a quick solution and turn around of my symptoms.

I am grateful that I posted my symptoms and for the insightful response.

I am grateful that my husband and kids went ahead to Busch Gardens , Christmas town last night without me.

I am grateful that my brother’s friend is grateful that my brother called the police and stopped his suicidal plans . 

I am grateful that my brother is such an amazing guy that he went to his place and cleaned up so that the girlfriend who was returning the next day, didn’t come home to any alcohol or drug mess (My parents are smiling and filled with pride as they watch over us from Heavan)

I am grateful for my two sons and their help in geting these photos today!

I originally put this outfit together without the scarf, and was totally bored with the look. 

It was ok, but just didn’t have enough flair for me… 


It’s so funny that the pattern mixing made me feel complete when  less than eightenn months I hadn’t even discovered pattern mixing.  


My camera battery was super low during this photo shoot, so my young photographer (13) ran to each spot and said ” quick , quick, quick’ as I was getting into position, took 3 shots as quickly as possible before moving to the next location and doing it again… It was funny and the fastest photo shoot to date! 


I remember last year when I found this scarf at my grocery store and thought how funny it was to snag one while grocery shopping. I ended up buying four of them last year.  The funny thing is that since I now have so many scarves  I ddin’t even look at them and I go there at least two to three times per week….

Dear Readers, the final packages have been arriving and my tow middle kids have been volunterring to wrap things as they love doing so and I had wrapped all the other gifts already.  It’s nice when they volunteer.  


I am grateful that I treated myself to the much wanted Navy colored moto jacket from F21 and it arrived today! 

I am grateful that this is the last week my senior in high school has before the holidays, it’s so hard for him with college siblings and a homeschooling borther…

I am grateful that my oldest is so happy after years struggling to find the right major and has a great GPA and is proud of himself. Those years struggling to find his path took a toll on him.

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my dear daughter where she informed me that talk therapy is more antiquated and that she will be doing a style more like Dr. Phil and be able to use her talents of cutting to the core of things. 

I was inspired to try a pink and red outfit

Linking up with Pinned it and Did It! and Fashion Thursday and  Look What I Got! 

pink jeans red jumper

This is from Lauren at The Style Tag

Since it was very cold and wintery, I opted for a very different version.


I chose a sweater with both pink and red to ground the combo, as I am not much for color- blocking.

Although I have a strong tendcy to match , I try to steer away from three of the same color, so went for a pop of color in the purse. I think it helps to stay true to the inspiration photo and I love it!


I am a definite hat person and wear them out of necessity of  helping to stay warm. 

This sweater is a v-neck and it was too cold to expose that much skin, so I opted for this great little scarf I found at Love Culture, a store at my mall that is very similar to F21.  They were 2 for $5 , so I have a black one as well.

I am delighted to wear my Cherry Red Suede jacket by New York & Company that I thrirfted for $6.99


Love my red boots by Nine West, that I’ve had for 4 years and don’t care if the square toes aren’t in right now! 

Dear Readers, Have you tried Red and Pink together yet?  

This inspiration outfit also inspires me to want to pair my chambray top with my red-organge jeans, something I haven’t done yet! 


I am grateful for a great conversation with my son after he visited the courthouse and jail today! 

I am grateful for so many educational videos on You tube that help with a verbal learner in both Science and Geography.

I am grateful to my youngest for being so agreeable to taking my photos in the cold temps today! 

Angie over at You Look Fab offers great advice on outfit Formulas

And today’s post is my demonstrating her newest one,

A Hooded Sweatshirt Under a Blazer

Linking up with  The Pleated Poppy today!


I must confess, I don’t own any hooded sweatshirts that would work for this look. The key is that it has to be a thinner version, but that didn’t stop me from jumping right in to join the fun of trying out the formula..

I borrowed this jacket from my daughter!  


I love the casual ,but put together look of this formula.  Since I chose a ponte knit jacket with 3/4 sleeves,  I opted to style it by cuffing the sweatshirt sleeves over the jacket.  Throwing the hood over the jacket finishes off the look.


I think with the coloring and pattern of this outfit , it really is a spectacular fall combo! 

I had a lot of fun trying this out and think I would definitely do it again,.

I wonder what black or colored jeans would do for this combo?  Trying those ways would make a fresh take on the formula and I could create it several ways without looking repetitive.


I love a chance to wear Red lipstick and carry a red purse!

Dear Readers,  So what do you think of this forumla?  Could you do this for a Mom on the Go or weekend casual look?  Any ideas on how you would make this your own?  


I am grateful that I got my photos done early today and that I skipped a post yesterday, needed the break!

I am grateful that my daughter got so excited about a job opportunity I pointed her way.

I am grateful that I went back to bed after initially waking up and caught another 2 hours of sleep.

I am grateful that  I maintained last week’s weight which it the lowest I gone to in this game of gaining and losing the same 3 pounds over again.  Maintaining the lowest two weeks in a row is a first!

I am grateful for the You Look Fab Forum and all the things I learn from Angie! 

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