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I am still following along this final week of the GYPO Summer Style Challenge, 

but am going rogue, as I seem to do in the last week.  


The outfit of the day was suppose to include a white lace top and printed shorts.

Of course challengers that work always sub more appropriate work wear pieces. 

I was scheduled to lunch with a friend for day, and was dying to try my new Old Navy striped top for 

some pattern mixing with my funky print skirt, which I’ve had for several years. 

DSC_0409 (1)

I originally paired this with flat thong sandals, but wasn’t feeling spunky enough.

After watching these Vince Camuto version on HSN today,

I thought I’d try my Payless version I bought last year.Vince Camuto "Emmit" Slingback Leather Shootie  

These have the wonderful cone shape heel that I love from Franco Sarto.  

Vince Camuto "Ellezi" Laser-Cut Leather Sandal

This cutout version is so fun as well, and while you can’t tell this is called Peacoat ,

which in reality is a wonderful shade of Navy.  

Dear Readers, If you haven’t tried a cone shape heel, yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. Of course if you have feet issues you are lucky that today in style there are so many wonderful flats options.  

DSC_0416 (1)

It truly was helpful to my day to put a spring in my step and feel vibrant in the skit and shoe combo.  

A shame I missed the lunch due to not feeling well…


I am grateful for a sunny day , after several rainy -grey ones. 

I am grateful my daughter scheduled an appointment to go get the skin rash that she’s been fighting for a week looked at.

I am grateful that I decided to reschedule my lunch as I was seriously sleep deprived, with nausea and a headache, due to a panic attack call from my daughter at 5 am…

I am grateful that my husband had a break in the day and was able to run the van to Goodwill, after my closet purging these past few weeks since our Vegas trip. 

I am grateful that I stuck it out today without napping , with great hope that an early bedtime is in my future. 

I am grateful for the fun of the anticipation of the mail arrival of my son’s first performance bowling ball, as his dedication to taking private lessons has prepared him for.  


Day 2 Of A Week of Dresses and Skirts, 

I decided to style my favorite dress and the only one that I still have from before my

weight loss, as the elastic empire waist made that possible…


Layering a summer dress is such a fun way to extend your wardrobe.

I added a grey long sleeve t-shirt under the dress to begin with, as this dress has a very deep v -neck and identical one in the back as well.  I added the scarf for extra warmth as it was freezing today with frigid winds.

This grey ruffled sweater is from Burlington last year and is definitely a favorite, as it has such a feminine flair to it.


I originally wasn’t going to wear the hat, but the weather quickly changed my mind…

I love that this styling of the dress feels very boho , which if you are a regular reader is a strong preference of mine.


Here is how I wore this for Summer


I am loving putting together skirt and dress looks and

the Spunky and Sassy feel I was hoping to create for myself is definitely happening! 


I am grateful to my son for freezing and dealing with the winds to take my photos, he is a real trooper! 

I am grateful for progress with homeschooling today and getting my teen re-motivated. 

I am grateful for the music and fun from the Oscars that stayed with me all day today…

I am grateful for my strength and self esteem (thanks Mom & Dad). 

I am grateful that my daughter is coming home Friday and the countdown and anticipation and happiness that generates. 

When I first received this dress in the mail, 

I styled it in a sporty way and my husband wasn’t impressed..

Not to be deterred I decide to try a second go round…

Note:  I wanted to do this now as going bare legged in November

when I return from Ireland may not be an option..

Speaking of Ireland If you wish to join me on my three week trip, 

then by all means like my Facebook page to see my updates….


Peep toe booties from Payless and my newest Just Fab Purse, which is going to be accompanying me to Ireland…

Sweatshirt dress by Old Navy

There are Links to Payless, Just FAb and Old Navy, if you click on the words…

I had a lot of fun wearing these booties and test driving them for comfort, which they passed with flying colors! 
They are also making it to Ireland as Pub wear… You have to love a chunky heel….


Not the best photo, but my new bifocal glasses , which I love!  

No more taking my glasses off to read and no more leaning forward to see the computer and hurting my back.

I bought this necklace from Ebay as a more edgy piece for when I’m in that mood…


I really had fun with this look today and had compliments and comments regarding

shoe comfort and noticed quite a few sideways looks from men..

Who knew shoes could change an outfit so dramatically..

My husband changed his opinion on the dress and even sent me a text to make sure I knew…


Here’s the first look that didn’t impress my husband….

A perfectly acceptable Mom on the Go Look, which I stand behind…


And last of all, my new bifocal prescription sunglasses…


I am only going to describe one gratitude today instead of my normal list because this one brings me such strong emotions and is absolutely priceless…

I am grateful that my husband changed careers and chose what was best for our family and his health ,  even though it was so tough to leave a company he loved and felt like family.  I am grateful that he so wisely chose to resign from the management position when his hands were tied and he wasn’t permitted to do the hiring and firing necessary to make an effective team.  I am grateful that these past two months he has generated incredible sales which allowed him to pay for tuition for our son, for October bills before leaving for Ireland, for plenty of cash for our Ireland trip and will have a check awaiting our return to cover November bills… This is an incredible feat that will give him the best time of his life… You see, working commission sales can be tough, never knowing each week what will happen and what income will be around the corner… His consistency in this position and new product line will give him Peace Of Mind on this trip… This is something that anyone on 100% commission never takes for granted.  We are pinching ourselves that our two middle children are doing well in college and graduate school , while our oldest and youngest will have an incredible three weeks to bond.

And most importantly this is the most relaxed and longest vacation my dear husband has ever had, being the sole provider for our family and struggling through the years of a tough economy has been hugely stressful and no one deserves this time and this peace more than he does…

Lastly I would just like to take this moment to say, Thank you to my dear husband for all his hard work and for the ability for me to stay home and parent our children and give them the tools they need to live successful and happy lives.   I’ve never taken that for granted and I am forever grateful!  

Please Pardon me If you already read this news on Facebook or Forum,

I really am over the moon and want to shout from a mountain top!

Debuting the first of my new pants I scored from JCP clearance online in preparation for Fall….

Apologies for picture qaulity today.. it was dusk and the flash didn’t work on all shots and the camera battery was dying…

get-attachment (12)

I haven’t worn these sandals as much as I wanted this past season but really love them… 

I am looking forward to several ways of styling both these jeans and the new knit grey jacket. 

The top, shoes and purse are all thrifted.  

get-attachment (13)

This sheer top has colors that are perfect for fall and layering under a jacket.  For winter I might add a tank underneath as well.  Due to the tassels on the front, I kept accessorizing to a minimum with drop earrings and the headband. 

get-attachment (15)

Prior to blogging I would have been much more matching ,perhaps with a black jacket to bookend the shoes and the tassel.  I love that I reached for the grey jacket instead.  Adding the purse color to pick up the color in the shirt instead of matching the shoes is also a sign of my growth after one year of blogging!  

Dear Readers, I loved the little tease of cooler temperatures this weekend, but will go back up to 80 ‘s all next week.  We are getting cooler temps at night in the 60’s so may do evening shots so i can jump into Fall clothes I am itching to wear!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

These first two weeks of homeschooling were tough and I am hoping in the next two weeks, we hit our stride and get use to the new schedule.  Are you ” in the groove” of Fall schedule if you have children still in school?

I know I am going to miss this crazy time soon when it’s no longer a part of my life…..


I am grateful that my sinus problems seem to be turning around quickly.

I am grateful that my husband and kids had a great time together on his birthday at the company family  picknic.

I am grateful that the kids are all worn out from the day and will get to bed on time tonight. 

I am grateful for my husband who noticed my new teal jeans and liked them…


Yesterday I began this “Take one, Pass it On Remix  Challenge”  created by blogger, Sarah with the above outfit. Today I kept the striped top to create  a new look.


Since I started the shootie with a skirt look this season and am loving it, I wanted another opportunity to rock it before Spring arrives! I also began pattern mixing this season as well.   Starting a blog has really opened up my playful side to fashion and that makes me very happy!  


Tomorrow’s outfit will be what I wear to my Weight Watcher meeting.  If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that I choose to wear a dress to those meetings for consistency in the weight of clothing, which can vary dramatically.  I actually have removed a sweater that took almost two pounds off the scale…

Dear Readers can you guess which item I will keep for tomorrow’s look? This challenge may get trickier as the weather is warming up to the 60’s this week…  What do you think of this challenge compared to the traditional 30 by 30 challenge where you restrict yourself to thirty clothing and shoe options to remix for a month?  I love this because I don’t have to restrict my shoe choices!   Come back tomorrow and see what I keep and what my choices are to keep for the following day.   If you want to join in the fun remember you can post looks on my Facebook page.  

Linking Up with Real Girl Glam, so head on over and see what others are wearing and talking about!  

Gratitude: Not feeling very grateful today, thought I had figured out a solution to a problem and was handed a curve ball that left me without any idea for another possible solution… I am an easy going problem solver and optimist, but every once in awhile I feel severely tested and broken… a rare occurrence but reality…  That was what how I originally felt until a reader left a comment which changed my entire outlook and to whom I am so grateful for the comment and letting me know that my blog is inspiring, as I have had a hole in my heart since closing my consignment store where i built up women and inspired them daily, which filled my spirit and made me soar.  So if you are a lurker and haven’t yet commented, I hope you take note and realize your words have great power!  

Posting this tonight since I have to go to my WW meeting!!!!!!    Linked up with Visible Monday!!!!

Instyle’s February Issue had an article about finding your perfect ” Swingy Skirt”….

These are examples I found on Pinterest!

Spring skirtSpring SkirtFossil Spring Lookbook - London SkirtFree People pleated skirt spring 2011 stylebook

Any of us who loved skirts as a little girl instantly recognized what a “swingy skirt”  is.  That skirt with just the right amount of volume that when you twirled would swing out around you.  I have such fond memories of twirling in my skirts.  If I was ever having to wait while my parents were busy, that was how I passed the time and entertained myself.

Here is one I found at Target for just $19.99

Xhilaration® Juniors Belted Skirt - Assorted Colors Xhilaration® Juniors Belted Skirt - Assorted Colors

Xhilaration® Juniors Belted Skirt - Assorted Colors

You have to love the variety of print choices in this cute little number?  They have it in solids too, but not as much fun!   

So, now begs the question at 47 years old can I relive that feeling and find a way to make this trend appropriate for me without looking like I am trying to dress too young…. Do I really care if someone thinks I am trying to dress too young… Well, maybe, a little… I am the mother of a 21 year old daughter….


So here is my attempt to rock this style with what is currently in my closet and appropriate for winter because anyone who really knows me can tell you I have little patience and can’t wait for Spring to try this. My excitement is sometimes very overwhelming and like a child I desire instant gratification. This is a trait that my husband finds endearingly humorous.


Here, I added the jacket which isn’t really necessary when it is 56  degrees outside(by the time I post this our temperatures will drop to 31 and even down to the teens at night, the lowest temps in 2yrs!), but I really like what the jacket  adds to this look.  My greatest insight and change I’ve made since blogging is to switch to more cropped jackets and it really has made a tremendous difference.  I am still looking at these photos and my body, trying to adjust to the shock of my weight loss.  I just feel so giddy and like celebrating as it really has been about 6 years since I had this body.

Still on a no-shopping thing right now,but when I start up again, the first purchases are going to be more “swingy”  knee length skirts for Spring!  I would prefer wearing a casual light weight skirt over shorts on most days…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that today, I go back to my first Weight Watcher meeting since the week before Christmas!  I will post my weigh in results when I return…  I am also grateful for the holiday and a day off from homeschooling.   I am grateful to all three of my sons who unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. swept floors and cleaned up the front living room, which is their hang out space and game room.  I am grateful that my husband forgot his tablet and made a surprise drop by to pick it up…

Update:  I just got back from my WW meeting and no surprise I gained a pound, but knew that as soon as I woke up with PMS symptoms of swollen tender breasts and that darn bloating in my stomach.. So next week I hope to have a 2lb loss.  I am finally well enough to exercize, so will kick that into gear as the appetite is still off…  Also too cold switched to a diffferent dress for weigh in…

Dear Readers, there is just something that really connects with me when I  wear dresses and skirts. I have a spring in my step, feel SASSY and most like myself… I never feel this way in pants...  So chime in and leave a comment what is that outfit that puts a spring in your step?  Your comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

I am so looking forward to the Year 2013.  This Year my daughter will graduate from college!  I will continue my second year homeschooling and am so happy about Connor’s  reading improvement.  I can’t wait to see the results of all the hard work we will be doing in writing.  This is the year I will reach my goal weight!  This is the Year without New Year’s Resolutions.  


I DON’T NEED ANY RESOLUTIONS THIS YEAR BECAUSE I AM EXACTLY WHO AND WHERE I WANT TO BE AT THIS STAGE OF MY LIFE!  That is an amazing thing to be able to say after such a long road of getting back to finding myself. I don’t want to get too wordy here, as I think that says it all!



Celebrating doesn’t mean that our lives have to be perfect, it just means that we concentrate more on the things that are right and working than on our problems and what is not working.  It means looking every day for things to be grateful for and to try to create a life rich in the things that make us feel that way.  So with that definition, I hope you too can make 2013 The Year of Celebrating Your Life!  

At 40 Plus Style, Sylvia has a Challenge for Wearing One Dress Two Ways and Today’s Looks are MY Submission!  I really like both these looks and color combos.  This brown sweater dress is so versatile and I have another look already and will reval it soon.                                      

Happy 2013 my Dear Readers and as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.                                                                                                 

I found this red dress at Ross Dress for Less when I was searching for a dress to wear to the holiday party and couldn’t resist buying it.  After all it was only $17.99!


I love the polk -a- dots and the straight cut.  I couldn’t wait to wear my newly thrifted grey shooties, so out came the grey sweater.  I am not super fond of this sweater and think the ruffle detail takes away from the dress.  It ‘s the only grey sweater I own, so it will have to do…


I attempted button a few buttons and belting this look but really liked the cardigan open better.  I added the necklace since I ditched the belt and think it helps to elongate me.  I will have to think of another way to style this dress, as I really do love it a lot! I also love my red ruffle front coat:


This is what I wore yesterday to my WW meeting when I found out I lost 2.2 lbs for a total of 30lbs.  Those first 20lbs seemed to come of so easily and these last ten were so slow…. In reality, I lost about a pound a week and I am satisfied with that…I highly recommend WW and going to meetings if possible, I learn so much from other members…

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday, so head over and see the lovely ladies..

So dear readers any suggestions?  How would you style this dress differently? It is short sleeved and needs help winterizing it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful that if my son had to face dealing with the death of a school mate that it happened the way it has.  The school rallied around the daughter of his math teacher  who had brain cancer.  They sold pink ribbons, the chorus went to her house and sang, a larger group filled her backyard and sang Christmas Carols the day before she passed.  Our local tv station ran a story about her and had one of the Jonas Brothers call her.  She was in a fashion show for those with Cancer.  Her last days were one where she experienced an outpouring of love.  She passed on Monday.  Her mother, my son’t math teacher and his favorite ever teacher, had a statement read at school that said, “She ran the race and finished first straight into the arms of Jesus”.  That statement was the most comforting to my son and hearing his teacher’s words let him know she was ok.  The entire school is wearing pink today to honor her… They are scheduling a funeral for after school hours and searching for a church big enough…here is a you tube link and another one. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Becca Parcells.  

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