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Today’s Color Inspiration was Orange…

I originally had paired this with a navy sweater, but 

as a Steelers Fan, it was too soon to wear anything near 

Broncos, colors… Lol  


I opted for a white cardigan and felt it certainly matched

our Spring like temps in the 60’s….


This Liz Lange tunic has this awesome waist detail that is actually 

white mother of pearl, so the white sweater makes even more sense…

My hoop earrings are orange, and a gift from my daughter. 


I don’t think I will ever be able to wear these fringe boots without thinking of 

my husband calling them my “Clydesdale boots”  


I am loving this color inspiration week and am surprised at how many 

outfits I threw together and now have ready to wear it my closet… 

Tomorrow’s Color is PINK… since it is one of Pantones color of the year, that’s perfect! 

Self Care

Today in self care, I shared some ideas of better self care with my son on his poor diet and came up with a plan of better choices he could be making.  It went well and in the process I convinced my husband to do a family event trying cottage cheese with fruit as it’s a great punch of protein and something we don’t typically eat… So, we have an Oberweiss delivery happening tomorrow with more Greek Yogurt (now that son has agreed to smoothies)  and their cottage cheese for us all to give it a try… As I am typing this DS just asked me to go to the story to grab some mozzerella cheese sticks… Guess he really did listen!   Off to the store, then back to write my gratitude for the day…


I am grateful to my Facebook friend who posted her after work out snack of cottage cheese, bannana and what looked like cinammon-  that sparked my conversation with my guys who both were open to at least experimenting with it. 

I am grateful for a fun walk to the store to pick up cheese sticks and canned fruit, I also got pumpkin seeds as I’ve been reading all kinds of benefits from them… 

I am grateful for a nice day in the sixties before our temps drop and may bring snow by the end of the week.  

I am grateful for plenty of sleep last night, can’t ever take that for granted!  

I am grateful that my son had another day off school and that VCU is being cautious with so many commuter students.  


I have had a wonderful love affair with my red-orange jeans 

and was wondering how much longer I would be able to keep this going 

without being completely off trend…


In today’s pairing I chose to feature my new sweater from Kohl’s that 

I used a gift card that my oldest gave me to purchase…

I am also featuring the cloche hat that style guru Angie Cox from You Look Fab, 

recommended I try out to add to my hat collection.  

Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 - Collection - Gallery -

This is a pin from Angie Cox’s board from Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection…

I know this color is a true orange, but that doesn’t deter me at all..

This excited me that my love affair will continue strong through next winter …

Truth be told I would have kept going with my jeans through next season anyway…


I even celebrated by heading for a walk to the store to get orange lipstick..

Last time I wore this hat, my kids teased me about being like Mary Poppins…

I prefer to think of myself as more like Mary from Downton Abbey…

Note to self:  after using flour to make calzones, check your outfit before photographing…


Wearing my Diane Gilman Red-orange Jeans was a wake up call for me today…

I’ve gained weight and they are tight on me… I really need to get my eating back on schedule..

It seems like I’ve been saying that since returning from Ireland, but not really following through..

After my kids head back to college on Sunday, I am going

to go grocery shopping to stock up on things to keep me on track..

I will go into more detail next week of exactly what my eating healthier looks like…


I am grateful that the Calzones turned out well and that my children all greatly appreciated my efforts.

I am grateful that I made plenty and will not have to cook dinner tomorrow..gotta love left over nights..

I am grateful that tonight is trash and recycling night, as with Christmas and kids home, both recycling cans and trash were Full…I am also grateful to my two youngest for taking on the duty of stuffing the last bits from the house today into those cans.

I am grateful for these last days with my children and the fun we have even making a late night Walmart run…

I am grateful that as I type this my three children all sitting behind me on the couches watching Divergent, it’s rare to find movies that they all like and are appropriate for the youngest…

This is my final look of the week for Ideas for a Thanksgiving Outfit…

I am more apt to wear a skirt or a dress, but thought I should at least put together one pants outfit,..

And here’s what I came up with…


I can’t believe how many ways I’ve styled these red-orange jeans and how much I still love them…

I bought a set of these chevron scarves from NoMoreRack and was thrilled to see this color among the assortment…

They don’t have the set I bought but check here for their current scarf options… 


My sweater is brand new from Old Navy….

I really love it and bought it in creme as well…


I love the texture of this sweater as it’s an important element in styling outfits…

I will get a lot of use from this sweater and hope to put it with a skirt soon…


My shoes are Aerosoles wedges that are not available anymore…

If you don’t already own a pair of patterned flats or wedges I highly recommend them,

as they can really change the entire feel of a look…

Dear Readers, Just Want to Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  

Please Pray for me that my daughter traveling from Boston makes it home and weather does not disrupt her train ride!  

I will not be posting on Thanksgiving, but will post to show you my Black Friday Outfit….

One of the first questions my 19 year old asked, was whether we were going Black Friday shopping…


Of course my first gratitude has to be that my Nicholas came home from VCU today!  

I am grateful that he shared stories all night about his roommates and college life…

I am grateful that he told me that his friends , especially the girls say they love me, only knowing me through my son’s description… Our bond is priceless to us both!  

I am grateful that my dear son noticed my new habit from Ireland of asking questions and the higher tilt in my voice at the last words.. He actually told me I sounded English. Well that’s from the English Cousins we hung out with for 10 days... He is teasing me each time I do it…

I am grateful that my daughter called tonight and chatted with myself, and both her brothers who had just said, It feels so weird without Ashley home… 

I am grateful for this time with family especially this year with two out of town for college.. 

I woke up this morning wanting to wear a long boho skirt…

However the rains that held on for half the day, changed my mind…

So, I turned to my Pinterest Inspiration Board…

Denim Jacket & Stripes

This caught my eye….

I’ve actually worn something very similar ….


Since I’d done this one for Fall already…

I decided to go for a slightly different color combo and yep, I know, I am on a Navy Kick…

Just Can’t Help Myself!!!!


I opted for a Gap striped tank top and a Nylon trench style jacket…

I liked how the silver Aerosoles ballet flats went back to the silver buttons on the jacket..


Speaking of the Jacket, I tied the sash in the back so I could wear the jacket open 


The rain may have been gone by late afternnoon, but the winds sure weren’t


Me catching my jacket as it was whipped open by the wind…

Dear Readers, I never tire of these red-orange jeans and always feel vibrant when sporting them… Do you have a colored item that gives you that feeling whenever you wear it???   

I may have to commit next week to being Navy free to see if I can get off this Kick!!!!


I am grateful that the rain stopped and it turned into a very pretty day…

I am grateful that my husband works a job that allows him the freedom to answer my silly call when I was feeling stressed,  Not Something that Happens too Often…

I am grateful that I remembered it was tax day, as we originally were going to file online but decided to boycott the $23 fee .  

I am so grateful for the break this week from homeschooling!!!!!

I am grateful for Walmart’s 24 hours of operation as I was able to run out late night( with high winds and rained that returned, yuck) to buy a new modem to fix our defunct internet…

Well Dear Readers, I purchased this grey poncho from Ebay and it said it was a S/M, but not sure if it’s a bit too oversized… I felt somewhat like Rosie O’Donnel in it…


I hobbled outside to take these photos and wish I had kept my hand off my hip to show more clearly the sizing… I would have worn my grey 3 1/2 inch booties if my calves weren’t so darn sore…


I may try adding a seam in closer to my body later…I tried my normal trick of accessorizing with a scarf or long necklace to help accentuate a vertical line….


The jury is still out on whether I am ready to give up on this poncho or not…I am keeping in mind that next Fall’s trends are a lot of oversized silhouettes….


I must say this red -orange jeans never disappoint me and I love them just as much as I did last year when I bought them…

-Dear Readers, What do you think about the oversized looks coming for next Fall?  

I have to say that I spent the day dealing with the teen angst attitude of my youngest, sighing and snorting over everything I said… This bad attitude has to stop as it is not working for our homeschooling journey… I tried to introduce him to Tai Chi today with his sister and brother both telling him how incredible it is, but he was just in a mood and wanted to stay there…”This isn’t my first rodeo” , so I didn’t give up and found guided meditation on You Tube, after snorting and complaining he eventually listened to three different ones and even listened to them two times through and was my sweet kid for the rest of the night… 


I am grateful that my adult children are all supportive and try to encourage their brother.

I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s.  

I am grateful for my 27 years experience as a mother and the patience it has taught me.

I am grateful to have raised three of my children to adulthood and still have them all like me.

I am grateful that my children all helped do chores and clean up the kitchen while I am healing.

Dear Readers, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Holiday! We had an especially fantastic one this year as we received great news  the day before, when my husband accepted a promotion at his new company! 


Beginning Jan 2nd he will be the new Director of Sales and Marketing! 
A position he is perfect for and the best thing is that he will have hours that are even better for our family!


My tan leather is new and a gift from my dear husband, the lighting is late afternoon, so not good but it has some wonderful quilted details at the shoulders and waist.  


I took my long scarf and tied the ends to make it an infinity scarf and hid the knot by covering it with the other circle at the back of my neck…. nobody would even guess…

Dear Readers, I received  a few fashion related items ,but my favorite has to be the Ying Yang Necklace in Onyx and Mother of Pearl that I saw every week at BJ’s and my dear husband hunted down online when the store sold out,  to surprise me.  I love  the black faux fur vest he bought me as well… will debut those both soon…

Did you get any favorite fashion items or accessories????

I also must confess to you my dear readers, that these past two weeks I have gained 5lbs…. aaagghh! 


I am grateful that my husband got the final news on this job the day before he began his vacation and how over the top happy he has been ever since..

I am grateful for this holiday season and how we stop and think about what really matters in this lifetime.

I am grateful that my brother saw his friend leave something in his mailbox and went out to get it immediately as it was a suicide note and he was able to get his freind help before it was too late. 

I am grateful that I managed to totally surprise my oldest this Christmas and he can’t stop thanking me….

I am grateful that we are all heading to Busch Gardens Christmas town Saturday Night! 

Well, the original plan was to get in some exercise by wallking on the boardwalk at the oceanfront…

The weather report called for rain , so a change of plans was in order…

What better way to walk than for two lovers of fashion to hit the  Mall?


Threre is nothing easier than to add black and white to a colored jean.

With stripes, two colored oxfords and even the textures of the jacket create interest,

I felt great during my 4 hours walking the mall and looking at fashions.  


I am keeping the promise to my husband to wear these shoes when out with friends or myself, but to refrain from wearing them with him…. Guress they are not date night appropriate anyway.  


I don’t care what DH says, I like these oxfords…

I had a pair of black oxfords when I first met DH and he didn’t like those either…..

I actually liked this ensemble and would definitely wear it again!

Dear Readers,  I know Pantone declared Emerald as the color of the season, but I think someone forgot to tell the designers..Every designer I saw in the department stores had Cobalt as a main color in their collections. It was everywhere! 

Is anyone seeing a strong representation of Emeralsd in their malls?  


I am grateful to have a friend who loves fashion and  just window shopping as much as I do.

I am grateful that my daughter got an amazing job yesterday that will not only allow her to save for next year , but is also applicable to her field and will look good on her PHD application! 

I am grateful for my DH who brought home sparkling cider to celebrate her new job and that we all sung her ‘For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” while she grinned and bore it!  

I am grateful that today(Saturday) I will be spending the afternoon with my best friend and her daughter,

I am grateful that our outing for the day is shoe shopping for the seven year old, there is nothing better than watching a little one delight in new shoes… Well there are better things but this one tops my list!!! 

Dear Readers I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! 

Let’s Review all 6 Looks

Look #1 Paisley & Grey

IMG_1477Look #2 Cobalt


Look #3 Lace & Print Cardi

IMG_1525Look #4 Nautical Stripes

IMG_1499Look #5 Bohemian Tunic


Look ##6 Zebra Print

And Now It’s time for you to Vote!

Dear Readers if you have a close second please post a comment about that one as well!

Wow, this has been an extra long week… At least it feels that way when you are bogged down with flu symptoms.  I can’t wait for this to be over and to not feel fuzzy headed.  This style challenge and having these pictures all taken before the flu hit full force has been a saving grace….

Even though I am sick, I am still having fun with this challenge and saved this look for Friday


Of course black goes with just about everything, but it doesn’t have to be predictable or boring if you add a bold zebra print to the mix.  Isn’t it great how different this weeks looks have been depending on what was put with them?

IMG_1479                                                                       The sunglasses really help to complete this more rock and roll look…. if you think I’ve run out of ideas for these jeans, be warned I have many more outfits already lined up.   I will post one a week for the rest of winter.  With that commitment I will have to be creative.   If you are a regular reader, did you notice that I didn’t wear any scarves this week?   So look for that in the future….


This picture, I chose to stand in this ivy because I liked the berries in the trees above my head.  So fun in the winter to have this background!

Dear Readers, please come back tomorrow when I post all the looks for so far and ask you to vote on your favorite.  As Always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Gratitude:  So grateful that my daughter called and is feeling a lot better.  Grateful that I was able to get some sleep.  Grateful that I did this challenge and the support of my husband who took all this week’s shots in one day with me.  


So the previous post for the week were written on Sunday night when I first began feeling sick and this one is in the midst of a fever and headache, so don’t expect brilliant or insightful writing…. Posting this at 2 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep and hope to be sound asleep in the morning when I usually post…

IMG_1499This is a tunic that I bought probably two years ago and I love it.  I never thought of myself as much of a bohemian , but every once in awhile that moods strikes me.  Do you ever do that, dress in a different style than what you consider  your norm?


Sylvia at  40 Plus Style has started a neat style challenge this year and is asking us questions daily.  Her first question was asking ,why style is important to you? 

And my answer was: traceyliz65 January 7, 2013 at 9:19 am

For me style is a form of artistic expression. It is a chance to be creative and it is also very much tied to my self esteem. I dress to make myself feel great. As a stay at home mother of four, I could just cop out, but instead I prefer to do dress well and have so much fun with it as a way to care for myself. Being a mother is so much about caring for others and this is how I have made sure that I never took myself off the list.


The second question was asking if you could describe your current style….

And my response was:   traceyliz65 January 8, 2013 at 11:48 am

I am currently sick and feverish so know my answer will not be as well written as it could be. I have been resisting defining my style as I think it is fluid and every changing. I would have to say right now I love the word Sassy in reference to my style and have been receiving that compliment a lot lately. The words Feminine with and Edge seem to be resonating with me lately…. If anyone has any insights for me, I am open to hearing them… I have lots of photos on the forum and on my blog….

And Sylvia added:   Sylvia January 8, 2013 at 12:19 pm

You are right that style is fluid and ever evolving, but I think it’s good to understand your style personality. You don’t necessarily have to give it a label though, but if one of your objectives is to develop a signature style, it may be good to know what you are attracted too.
I would say that feminine with an edge is a good description for you. Other words that come to mind is rock and roll (you like your leather jackets and boots, belts and structure). Your style is fairly casual, but you dress it up with colours and accessories. You have a bit of a bohemian vibe as well, since you do like to dress it up with accessories and scarves.
Take care Tracey. Hope you feel better soon.

I think this applies to my winter looks, I love boots and leather jackets because I hate cold.  I wonder if my answer will be completely different in the Spring and Summer where I am definitely more feminine and dare I say sassy….

Dear Readers have you ever attempted to answer such questions and are you over 40 and wanting to join Sylvia’s challenge sign up at her site?  If younger you should still ask yourself these questions and go to her site for more details to help you answer them.. I would love to hear your answers!  So Comments are welcomed and appreciated!  

Gratitude: I am so grateful that my twelve year is feeling well and only had some brief cold symptoms, not the full blown flu!  I am grateful that my husband has been coming home late and still cleaning up the kitchen… I am grateful that last night he came home by 7pm (not the normal 11pm or later).  

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