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I was singing Styx  to myslef all day, 

 I just couldn’t help myself…


I just chased my kids all out of the den by playing this loudly, lol 


I just knew I had to add this shirt to my wardrobe when I saw it on the TJ Maxx website.

There really is something about living in a beach and Navy town that make my heart soar and has created a love of nautical fashion items.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t like nautical outfits.  I know that my mother loved it as well as she felt strongly about it as a Navy wife.  There was always something so special about the news stories on tv growing up with families going to meet the Navy ships coming in and the kids all dressed in sailor inspired outfits.  I loved it so much that I found cute nautical outfits for my children when they were babies.  


You can’t see very well, but I added these anchor print pants for the season and you can be darn sure, 

that I am going to go very kitchy and pair them with my “Sail Away” top.


I found this cute zippered hoodie vest on TJ Maxx, but alas it sold out.

I just got it in the mail yesterday and was so hoping to post photos quickly enough , but

that’s what happens with limited quantities of stores like TJ Maxx.  

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my Just Fab nautical purse is sold out as well.   


Wishing all my Dear Readers a Wonderful Weekend

to Recharge and Fill your Soul! 


I am grateful for Sunshine and warm days that aren’t too humid, cause trust me they are around the corner! 

I am grateful for a fun afternoon taking my son bowling and hanging out with homeschooling mother’s .  

I am grateful for  a fun grocery shopping with my two sons on our way home, it’s nice to have the company of both boys together instead of it just being me and my youngest.  

I am grateful for the sense of humor in our family and the giggles and laughter that fill our home and the car as we traveled around today…

I am grateful that I have reached a stage on the 17 day diet where I feel better and that it will be easy to maintain now that the cravings for carbs and sugar are gone!  




With many solid bottoms, it’s fun to find a shirt that already has the 

Pattern Mixing done for you.  

Alas this one is from and is always gone by the time it’s delivered to me. 

Be Honest, My Dear Readers, Did I make this too much like Halloween with the 

addition of the black vest?  LOL



I must say that taking photos and starting up blogging is going to 

be great motivation to keep me eating right and exercising.  

It’s impossible to see photographic evidence and not stay on track, 

so despite whehter I am thrilled with an outfit or not, 

I am going to post with glee knowing that I am on the path to 

changing and hoping to go back and see the differences 

in glaring truth that the mirror fails to show, but a camera shouts in alarming tones, lol. 


One of my favorite things about the wardrobe I created from

this blogging journey are pieces that allow me to create different silhouettes. 

In just days I’ve done a short straight skort, cropped pants and now the flowy long skirt. 

This is so important to my not getting bored and using clothes as my artistic expression. 


Dear Readers, I am having success with the 17 Day Diet, losing over half a pound a day.  

Here’s what I ate to day to give you an idea of how I am being successful. 


2 hard boiled eggs


Green Tea


 Greek Yogurt/Strawberries/ Green Tea Smoothie


Salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and grilled chicken 

Green Tea


Greek Yogurt -100 calorie

Tazo Chocolate Chai Tea 

The recommendation is to have 4 cups of Green Tea and I drink 12 oz at a time.  On some days if I feel hungry I will get another snack which I’ve done Tuna & Celery or a Nectarine.   This Phase one is very restrictive with just poultry and fish for proteins, 2 probiotics , 2 fruits and plenty of veggies.  

After Day 3 the cravings went away and I am not feeling deprived at all. 

Phase Two has you add some healthy carbs every other day. 


I am very grateful to my daughter who got started today helping to homeschool my youngest with Math and Science. 

I am grateful that my 20 year old loves to cook and made Turkey Burgers for his siblings and father tonight. 

I am grateful that my husband had a late appointment, giving him the opportunity to sleep in and still have time to change out the water in the Turtle Tank. 

I am grateful for a quiet peaceful moring all to myself as the rest of the family slept til noon. ( I am really happy there are no witnesses to my morning ballet moves in the kitchen, lol) 

Today, I thought I would put together a look

featuring new green pieces I added for the Season.  


Unfortunately, this is the only picture I liked from the set.  

This blogging when I am very unhappy with my weight is going to be tough!  

It is what it is and I am soldiering on as I use the

17 Day Diet, Pilates, Yoga and and walking to 

melt that weight away . 

Wedges and Kimono are from and my purse is thrifted. 

My cropped pants are Petites from Liz Claiborne NY via QVC 


I am grateful for a reprieve from the rain. 

I am grateful for an afternoon of bowling with my two youngest. . 

I am grateful that my oldest took me up on my invitation to come for dinner and was there when we came home from our bowling and grocery shopping. 

I am grateful that my three boys spent the evening playing card games, which my oldest brought with him. ( this is something my oldest has done a few times and is a fabulous way for sibling brothers ages, 16,20 and 29 to connect) 

I am grateful for my Facebook friend who is such an inspiration in her 60’s doing Beach Body workouts for posting a shout out that she’d done her workout with no excuses and challenging others to do the same.

 I am grateful that on the beginning of day 4 , (today, Weds) I stepped on the scale and saw a 3 pound weight loss! 


I can’t believe I am finally feeling better!  

I’ve had about 6 weeks of dealing with lower back pain and once I got that resolved, 

terrible abdominal adhesion pains that had been in the background came screaming forward.  

I have never had anything but minor pangs  with my 29 year old c-section scar. 

Afer applying heat, doing self massage and lots of yoga stretching, I am now 3 days pain free!  


I found this navy striped skort at BJ’s by Jones New York and the 

kimono is from TJ Maxx.  

I love Navy and White together for Spring/Summer

and will probably do several combos in the future.  


My adhesion pain came the day before we were to leave for Boston for my daughter’s graduation. 

I did not make the trip, but thanks to Skype I was there!  

I also had the fun of getting instant photos as my husband shot them and was able to give my input 

to retake a shot to fix things, it was like I was there…

Everyone agreed that the amount of walking on that trip would have never worked for me. 

We are all still glowing with pride as a family and she herself can’t believe she achieved her Master’s Degree while 24 ( she will be 25 in July)  


I gained weight during this time of little activity and ate lots of carbs as well…

I began the 17 day diet 3 days ago, where Phase I is low sugar fruits, vegggies, protein and probiotics.  

I have to say day 3 is today and I was quite irritable, I caved and had a piece of chocolate…

Confession:  I now have 23lbs to lose, aaaagh!  



I am grateful that I am finally pain free and able to get back to my Pilates workouts. 

I am grateful that this weight gain really pushed me to completely focus on better self care. 

I am grateful that my son has a state bowling tournament in a little over two weeks (Father’s Day Weekend), so I get a fun mini vacation.  

I am grateful for all the help with housework from my family when I was down and out!   

I started this Fall out with a shopping ban because I knew that my Cool Weather Wardrobe

is overloaded with wonderful options that I had not scratched the surface on 

wearing in all their versatile combinations.  

Unfortunately this winter has been so mild that I’ve not layered or worn anywhere 

near as many things as I’d have liked, but the beauty of that is that next Fall/Winter 

I can either stick to a shopping ban or be extemely picky only adding one or two much loved or coveted items. 

For Links to the Items in this Post and All my Spring/Summer Purchases,

Please go to my Pinterest Board . It was just easier to do it that way as I am sneezing and have a headache today, despite two sinus meds…

As my Regular Readers Know I am NOT a Minimalist and love Third Completer Pieces Even in Summer

To Quiche Their Own Cardigan in Cream:

I saw this in People Stylewatch magazine from Modcloth and just knew I had to have it

It’s so romantic and a neutral that can really elevate so many outfits. 

I am still waiting for this to arrive! 


In every Spring fashion Magazine, I’ve seen a blush pink longer 

vest like this one and when my Chadwicks catolag arrived, 

I just knew I wanted to add this new style to my wardrobe. 

Juniors Oversized Belted Vest:

This one is from TJ Maxx and is going to need to be hemmed

to make it more versatile for my petite height.  

Floral Tribal Fringed Kimono:

This  is from TJ Maxx and I am in love with it. 

I could wear that now with a turtleneck sweater and may just do so. 

Here are some Tops I added, all more flowy types than I currently have

711-986 - aDRESSing WOMAN Yoryu Cinched Waist Poncho Blouse w/ Knit Layer Cami:

I love this to go with green and blue crop pants I bought, 

of course jeans and white bottoms will work too.  

722-720 - OSO Casuals® Dip-Dyed Knit Sleeveless Crochet Lace Front Scoop Neck Tank:

I love crotchet tops and these colors are wonderful

Peasant Tie Neck Tank:

I love black and white prints for tops as 

they can be worn with any colored bottom. 

high resolution image:

Blues are going to be really big for this season and I have plain tops,

but needed a few more prints. 

718-536 - aDRESSing WOMAN Stretch Knit Sleeveless Printed Pant Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits are going to be popular ,so why not a fun one? 

These adorable lightweight Anchor Scarves are perfect for year round wear! These dress up any outfit and looks great with a jacket, tank, or basic tee. This awesome deal won't last so don't wait!Colors Available: Navy Small AnchorsWhite Small AnchorsNavy Stripe Anchors:

I don’t wear many scarfs in my hot and humid Summers, but thought 

for Spring I could and then switch it to a sash belt for Summer. 

I love nautical elements and don’t really have that in my style as much as I’d like. 

Once again to see the rest of my Spring Purchases and find where these items came from 

Please Check my Pinterest Board. 

Have you begun any Spring Shopping , Yet?   What is On your wishlist? 

Would love to hear from you! 

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

One week until my two college children will be home for Spring Break! 

There is nothing more fun than going to the hair salon

with a stylist you’ve had for 9 years and getting a new “DO” before a

special occasions.


There really is something special about having your hair done to 

perk you up, even after my sleepless night.  

Speaking of which, I broke down and bought Unisom last night, 

which did a great job of allowing me to follow asleep an stay asleep.  

Sleep is so important to my well being and since it seems to be happening due 

to menopause a solution has to be found!  


I loved sporting these Old Navy boyfriend pants  (no longer available) 

The slightly looser fit through my hips is perfection… 

I paired it with a thrifted top by Chadwicks.  

It never ceases to amaze me how much I use this orange Dooney purse that was gifted by a friend. 

I could never have imagined it prior to blogging. 


There are certain color combos that sing to me and 

Olive with Coral or any Orange shade is one of those.  

Adding these neutral Clark’s wedges, along with their sister version in black , 

has been the best addition to my Summer Style.  


I am grateful for sleep!  

I am grateful that my daughter’s new roommates are better than last years and all seem to want connections and to do things together. (last year’s were never home and had boyfriend’s in the area)  

I am grateful for the year with the previous roommates as not having that fail safe of friendships in a strange city pushed my introvert to reach out and find a fabulous very active group that love Anime to hang out with. (they aren’t fanatics about Anime, and do lots of fun activities together in the city) 

I am grateful that my daughter is calling me everyday on her walks back to her apartment and the fun chats we are having, and the wonderful memories it evokes of my own daily chats with my mother.   I miss those tremendously.  

I am grateful that as I typed this my husband was off to work and my youngest was asleep as was the dog and the only sound in my house is the water filter for the turtle tank.  

Last week my DH surprised me with a visit to a Tea Shop…

Yesterday he took me to lunch at English Rose Tea Room ,

to relive our memories of Ireland (It’s an English tea place, but close enough) 


It’s a quaint little place with each table decorated differently.  

I chose the one by the window…

I have my spoon positioned in this photo ready to dig into my fruit bowl with a bit of wonderful 

homemade cream with cinnamon.  

It was a wonderful blend of green and red apples, madarin oranges and black berries.

The woman who runs the delightful place asked me how it was, because she had

just changed up the fruits from the Summer blend to this Fall version. 


You’ve gotta love a guy who takes you to a fancy tea room where they offer the women hats to wear!  

He was enjoying wonderful scones, he loved the homemade cream and lemon marmalade, which I tasted and agree was quite delicious… But by far his favorite was the chocolate almond scone.   (I may have to find a recipe and make some for his b’day next week) .  

It really was a fun lunch and did bring back memories of our wonderful tea in Irish Castle , Dromoland. 

DSC_1310I love little places of business like this one where you can see 

the passion of the owners in every little detail.  

By the way we each had quiche (something we also ate in Ireland) 

and it was quite good.  I would definitely go back for the food alone! 


I love the DH is trying to make my entire birthday week so special. 

I also love that he notices everything… He’s seen me wear this dress many times, 

but never with my new this season, Vince Camuto navy sandals.

When he came to pick me up for lunch and saw my choice of outfit, 

he instantly said, “Love those shoes!”  

Hey, ladies this is progress in almost 25 years of marriage…

When we were first married he actually asked me to change shoes one day, 

saying he didn’t like open toed shoes!  

Of course I didn’t and told him “NO Way , NO How”  

Today’s Plans are to get my Hair Cut and Colored!  


I am grateful for all the efforts it took my husband to plan and execute taking me out to lunch in the middle of a work day. 

I am grateful that he was thoughtful and on target with wanting to recreate our feeling from the Ireland trip. 

I am grateful that he was great, when I asked him to cancel his plans for tonight to take me to Sky Bar, as it is more of a singles place and even had a them night of “Pinups and Playboys” .  

I am grateful for phone calls and fun conversations with both of my kids away at college yesterday and love the relationship with adult children!  

I am grateful to my fabulous hairstylist who is fitting me into his very tight schedule this week (he is only working 3 days before going on vacation)  

I am grateful that my husband is enjoying my new love of tea and that we enjoy trying new ones together. 

I am grateful that I kicked my diet soda addiction before my birthday! 

I have NEVER fried food for my family….

I’ve always baked things like fries or chicken….

That is until I was watching Evine Live and saw this: 

455-155- Cook's Companion® 1500W Digital Air Fryer w/ Eight Cooking Modes

Cook’s Companion Air Fryer found HERE

It arrived today (Weds) and I can not stop trying it out.  

We first tried Popcorn chicken and french fries for my son’s lunch…

Oh my goodness, it was incredible , real crispy fries and chicken out of MY KITCHEN

But wait there is MORE , THIS BABY: Toasts, Bakes, Frys , Steams. Grills and Stir Frys.  

I put a slice of bread in to try toasting and after biting into ran to my son and made him take a bite, then to my husband who had just finished brushing his teeth and insisted he try a bite… 

Yes I got that excited over perfectly toasted bread , like I get in a restaurant!  

I wasn’t done…

I had leftover wings from delivery last night…

I heated them on Fry for just half the time recommended as they were already cooked, but I wanted to reheat.

It was fabulous, still like fried wings not like reheated in the microwave. 

That turned out so well, I Baked a slice of leftover pizza , but reduced the temp to 275 and again the time to just 4 min…

and it again was so much better than a microwave….

I may just have replaced my toaster, microwave, steamer and toaster oven in additon to gaining the ability to 

have Fried foods without the unhealthy dunking in oils.. 

My son wants to try churros to surprise his brother when he comes home…so that may be tomorrow’s project! 

 And Now for my Outfit…


I guess if one outfit featuring a shocking pink isn’t enough,

I went for another version the following day, lol…

I was nicknamed, “Pinky” in high school by a guy who noticed

I wore shades of pink and purple a lot…


I love this thrifted poncho and was feeling boho for the day, so

I played off that even more by the addition of a head band and hoop

earrings… I love the gypsy feeling of that.  


This may be to matchy-matchy for some bloggers, but I love outfits featuring 

just two rich colors like this.  


I am grateful to my daughter’s boyfriend for stopping by to pick up a big suitcase full of my daughter’s kitchen items to fly with him as he goes to visit her, saving us the great expense of shipping them.. (we already spent $40 shipping half the items) 

I am grateful to my husband who was getting ready for work when I was going nuts over my new kitchen appliance and coming home and saying that he noticed he wasn’t as enthusiastic at my wonderment as he wished he’d been. He came home and tried several items in it himself just to share again with me…

I am grateful that my birthday is fast approaching as this missing my mom thing and tearing up for the last few weeks is beginning to wear on me and I know after my b’day it will go away.  It’s surprising me how hard her missing this milestone has been these last weeks.  Yep, had to stop and wipe the tears just typing that…

I am grateful for the support of both my husband and son today when I was trying on dresses to find something for my birthday dinner outfit… Not easy when I didn’t lose this darn 15lbs…

Yesterday, After taking a package to mail off to our daughter at graduate school in Boston, 

My husband surprised me with a stop in a wonderful tea shop,


I haven’t worn my soft jogger pants as much this season I did last year.  

DH said he loved them with my Clark’s wedges much better than the flats I wore them 

with last season… 


Quintin’s Tea was a delightful place and we had so much fun smelling all the loose leaf

varieties.  We both chose a flavor and enjoyed a cup in the quaint tea room.  

I ended up buying a Harney & Son’s tin of Birthday Tea, 

which we plan to enjoy on our birthday’s which are just a week apart.  

You can see their website here, but if in the Virginia Beach area , you should stop in just for the experience. 


It was very fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.  

I know we will do so again very soon, as I make plans to create a tea and coffee bar .  

My very sentimental husband took a sharpie and wrote the date on the bottom of the tea tin,

to commemorate the event.  


I love this shocking pink shade of my Isaac Mizrahi peplum top

Dear Readers,  I am a day behind because my darn modem was messing up last night.  After hitting it a few times, my son got it back to working again today, lol.  He saved us from going out to buy a new one today….

And now onto my thoughts for this very sad day….

Here in Virginia a gunman shot a reporter and her photographer on live tv 

all on behalf of creating a race war and my heart is very heavy. 

The country that I love that has a strong history of creating social change via 

peaceful protests is in trouble .  

I fear greatly that this is how groups like ISIS are formed by those wanting destruction.  

I pray that some strong leaders come forth to lead in a positive manner to honor 

the legacy of Martin Luther King.  

I don’t get political on my blog, but just wanted to put my prayer for this country out there. 


I am grateful to my DH for investigating and finding a tea shop right in my own neighborhood and surprising me with a fun afternoon. 

I am grateful that my oldest stopped by today for a chat, as he is very busy with school and work. 

I am grateful that my son cooperated and got started back on finishing his Geometry class. 

I am grateful for a fun chat with my daughter and her calling to share her new adventure internship counseling at a brand new charter school.  

I am grateful for the Uber driver who worked with my DD when she requested a ride today, after missing her bus, in the rain and not even knowing where she was to direct the driver (apparently she had to walk away from the bus station due to all the NO STANDING signs to a nearby parking lot)  

I wear more animal print in cooler seasons….

I found this simple t-shirt at Walmart one day and thought, 

“Just maybe I can make this work for Summer.”  


There is story behind this tan skirt…

It’s a Chaus one I had for years in a larger size, 

and seriously mourned the loss of when I lost weight. 

I stalked Ebay for quite awhile before, lo an behold there it was in the size I needed.. 

A great khaki skirt is never to be taken for granted for my Mom on the Go life!  


This photo shoot was quite the event and my smile never was quite right…

You see their were just the beginnings of rain drops beginning…

May I say, Huge rain drops falling….

That wasn’t too bad… but then the neighbors on both sides of me were out….

Wait there is more, the mailman was slowly making his way down the opposite side of the street…

Aaah , the woes only a blogger can understand,lol 


I almost forgot to mention that this was just a plain tshirt and

really did nothing for my figure…

I took a rubber band underneath the shirt and gathered some fabric near my hip

to create the gathering, a quick styling trick I use often.  


I recently bought the pink tassel necklace from 

and thought it would be a fun addition to the tan and browns.  

It seemed to add a soft femininity to the look.  

Dear Readers, I was talking to my niece today about her school dress code for middle school in which the girls are not allowed to wear leggings even with long tunics.  I instantly flashed to the mother of 4 girls I had seen at Burlington a few weeks ago.  All her girls were wearing leggings and trying on tops.  The mother was rejecting all that didn’t have enough coverage to wear with the leggings.  I can’t help but think what the cost would be for a mother of so many girls to take leggings out of the picture , requiring a bigger expense for pants.   The people making these rules don’t at all understand what havoc that could wreak on a large family.

 I realize how lucky my niece is to be an only child with my brother as her father, who dotes on her and indulges her love for fashion.  He spent the weekend for hours shopping with her until both their feet were aching.  I love seeing this side of him and how much his relationship mirrors the relationship I had with my father and mother who indulged me that way.

My sentimental side is in full force this time of year as I send mine off to college recognizing how precious this time is when they still come home for Summer.  My oldest has moved out and we see him too infrequently for my liking…I may have to lure him over with a once a month dinner just to get my fix…


I am so grateful for this time with my niece this Summer.  

I am so grateful to witness my brother’s relationship with his daughter and the memories of my father it brings forth.

I am grateful to my niece who actually swept my den and kitchen for me today after my knee began hurting. 

I am grateful for fun time teaching my niece how to play jacks. a game my sister and I were addicted to as kids. 

I am grateful that DH mentioned he liked the leopard t-shirt when he came home last night and then added that he likes me in animal print… He’s never mentioned that before, lol! 

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