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Wednesday Is All About Bowling…

It begins with homeschool league and ends with traveling to another city for 

a late afternoon bowling Clinic.  


I originally planned to wear my black and white poncho with the burgundy leggings. 

It was shorter than I liked with the leggings….

My teal one was laying on the chair in my room as I’d worn it but hadn’t photographed it recently. 

It’s not colors I automatically would have paired together, but I was in the mood for a poncho

and quite frankly I didn’t feel like changing out of the leggings.  

So, a new color combo was born!  


I already had the black boots on so thought I’d add the necklace to book end 

them and make them work.  

Then it occurred to me that I was wearing double fringe.  

Just for kicks I grabbed my hobo bag as it has a big fringe tassle.  

It doesn’t photograph well here, but trust me it tickled me to have triple fringe 

without it being overkill and look ridiculous.  


Self Care

Yesterday, when wearing this outfit, I went out to lunch between the bowling events of the day

and I had Jason’s Deli Salad Bar, Chcken Breast and A Fruit Salad bowl.   I was to tired to go home and cook at 6:30 when 

we got home ,so I opted for Special K Protein with bananas.   

In addition, I exercised on my Pilates Machine and am commited to do so 6 days a week for the next 30 days. 


I am grateful that I am not the only one enjoying my new Pilates machine, as my teen son thinks it’s too heavy for me to set up, so has decided he is in charge of unfolding it for me (shh don’t tell him it’s not that heavy especially with the wheels)  and he exercises on it first after setting it up for me…

I am grateful to my son for setting up my Fitbit(replacement one I bought on Ebay after my dropping the original down the sink)  and he even put an app on my phone for me.  

I am grateful for my meat tenderizing hammer ( I  hadn’t had one for a while and got one recently) as it is so fun to pound out chicken breasts for marinating.   Yes, little things make me happy.  

I am grateful that my son had more success yesterday and upped his high score by two more points, can’t wait to see how he does on his Saturday league when he is with the more serious and talented bowlers.  

I am grateful for my friendships and how we support each other, love the givers of the world!  


Today was suppose to be all about 

The Tunic….

I think My Rachel Zoe white faux fur vest ,

stole the show… 

If you haven’t already followed me on Facebook, I am adding links to my buys for Spring and other articles I think may be of interest.  


I actually bought this vest on clearance over the Summer and it’s 

still available up to size Medium , Here…

DSC_3081-2 (1)

We had lots of rain earlier in the day before the sun peeked out. 

With snow on Sunday night, here we are in the 60’s….


A trick I use for tunics is to sometimes buy Junior dresses…

This one is actually from F21 and was meant to be a dress for the younger set. 

I noticed long ago , that in most stores if they call it a tunic, they jack up the prices of regular tops, 

so this solution was how I got around it…

Self Care

I had to face a very cold heart breaking fact, that I really struggled to deny…. My fluidity bar workout is not working for me lately…. My knees are not liking that or the jumping I love to do on the exercize trampoline… I hate the treadmill , but thought I could do that or the bicycle since we have both…. That wasn’t very motivating and I wasn’t doing any exercize. I began to get in a funk, wondering what I was going to do , because we all know that finding something that we like enough to repeat often is key to success when it comes to embracing exercize.  

I finally bit the bullet and solved the problem by admitting I needed to buy something else to get me through as I continue this aging process , which in inevitable.  I bought myself this Pilates machine, something I’ve looked at quite often and in fact almost got instead of my ballet bar.  It came today and after putting it together ( it was easy! ) and exercized with it , trying out a bunch of the exercizes and with different levels of the bands.  I loved it and it was so easy on my joints.  I even liked the one standing (weight bearing) for the inner and outer thigh… I may have over done it in my enthusiasm this first day.  


I am grateful for my husband’s support in getting my new Pilates machine. 

I am grateful that my homeschooler carried the 70lb package into the house and helped me put it together. 

I am grateful that not only is this Pilates machine going to be good for me, but that my son and husband can benefit from it as well.

I am grateful that the rain went away and the sun came out today. 

I am grateful that my friend asked me to lunch after bowling tomorrow.  

There is nothing more fun for this boho loving fashionista,

than when we get temps were I can rock a poncho. 

It’s so fun to bring the boho look into my Fall/Winter Style, 

which before ponchos was a struggle.  

IMG_4164 (2)

If you are a regular reader, you may remember this one as

it was a favorite last year and I am happy to say the love is still strong. 

I paired it with new faux suede leggings by Kate & Mallory 

Suede and faux suede on on trend for the season and this legging was just what I needed to embrace it 

to pair with lots of tunic length tops and boots for the season.  

It comes in three colors, black and dark brown in addition to this taupe shade. 

Things like this sell out pretty fast on Evine Live. 

IMG_4159 (2)

I scored this paisley necklace in fun shades of the season on clearance from Charming Charlie

, so no longer available. 

I wanted an extrao vertical line to break up the poncho, so I added a long chain and my mother’s brooch. 

I love wearing this pin as a necklace, but brooches are back this season, so I may have to break out and 

wear it on a scarf or jacket in the near future. 

IMG_4171 (2)

I loved the extra pop of color with the yellow handbag from Amazon.

It also plays nicely with leapard flats.  

If you haven’t yet embraced the versatility of leopard flats and what they add to an outfit,

I highly recommend you run to the store right now!  

Dear Readers, I am still on my shopping ban, but check out this temptation 

a tweed/leather multi media blazer from Liz Claiborne, NY.  

It comes in sizes 0 to 28

Wishing You a Happy Hump Day, Off to homeschool bowling this morning , so skipping 

my gratitude section, as I normally write this the night before, but not last night….

After this Weekend in Roanoke for My Son’s Bowling Tournament, 

I’ve been taking a few easy, breezy, lazy days..

A blogger needs a break every now and then…


This is what I wore yesterday for a very hot day…

The sheer polk a dot top is one I thrifted, and in the interest of true confessions,

is actually mint color and not the teal shade I thought it was, lol.  

If you are very observant you can get a tiny peek at the nasty bruise near my knee.

I have no idea what I did, but since I haven’t had a bruise in awhile, I guess I was due! 


This is the outfit I wore the day before our trip and hadn’t posted yet. 

I love pinks and browns together. 

Plum Tree Dressy Wedge Shoe | Women's SALE Dress Shoes | Aerosoles

I was tickled pink , when I saw these Aerosoles on Sale. 

With the extra 25% Off Sale they are only $22.49. 

They even have a knee They even havehigh boot or two for about that price, so you may want to check out the Sale. 


Just for fun, here are my three traveling companions for the Roanoke trip.

I took this photo right after we came out of our tour of the Dixie Caverns. 

From left;  Nicholas my 19 year old at VCU, Connor 15 my homeschooling -bowler and Tom, my husband who has been sporting the beard ever since October when we went to Ireland (he’d been clean shaven for the 24 yrs previous, lol) 


I am grateful that we had a wonderful trip to Roanoke with quality time together, as well as fun with the other team families. 

I am grateful for our love of road trips and that this time we were in my husband’s new car with Sirius Satellite Radio. Music is a big part of our road trips and it was so nice not to be searching channels.  

I am grateful that my son, who threw up Saturday night, was determined to bowl and finished the tournament on Sunday (not his best bowling day, but he didn’t let it get him down). 

I am grateful that my oldest son gave us piece of mind by staying at the house and taking care of the dog, rabbit and turtles. 

I am grateful that I only gained a half a pound on our three day trip. 

I am grateful that my 19 year old who will be voting for the first time in the next presidential election came to me yesterday and told me all about this research and reviews of each candidates.  

I am grateful that my 19 year old has his mother’s sense of wonder and actually pointed out how funny it was that I could sit on the couch on my phone and transfer money to his account, while he sat on the other couch immediately afterward and ordered bedding from Amazon for his first college apartment.  I quite often stop and point out the wonder of things like this…

It’s a rare day when I allow myself to stew in negative emotions…

And today was one of those…

I am not feeling well with sinus issues and a sore throat, 

that coupled with struggling in seeing my photos each day and being smacked in the face with my weight gain,

just took their toll on me today…


I went through several top combination before finally settling on this look for the day…

This cream lace top is one I’ve had since before my weight loss and have worn infrequently, but somehow today, 

it felt just right for added texture and femininity that I was craving for the 

Kate & Mallory pants that I bought for the season and are now sold out

I added the lightweight sweater to create those wonderful vertical lines that are visually slimming. 


It was up in the 90’s today , but there was a nice breeze! 

With the stripes and texture of the lace top, 

I kept the accessories simple for today with silver drop earrings and a cream watch,

you can see in other photos.


I decided to bookend my hair with the cognac Franco Sarto sandals, I stalked and purchased from Ebay.

After wearing my peep toe booties yesterday, I felt inspired to choose these for the same “pick me up” feeling only a pair of heels can give this stay at home mother who loves fashion.  

Yellow crops and Aztec print for Summer: Over 40 blogger

This photo on Pinterest is bringing people to my blog a lot the last few weeks, 

and each time I see it, I get that twinge knowing those pants no longer fit me…

Somehow I have to find the motivation to get my butt in gear and lose this weight as my 50th Birthday is just two months away!  I can seem to get there, and get side tracked by my insomnia or headaches…I am blaming menopause, but have to stop allowing it to control me and take back control and responsibility… 


I am grateful for my blog and Dear Readers as it kept me motivated to get dressed and play in my closet despite my not feeling well.  

I am grateful that my son’s new performance bowling ball arrived today, a day early. We had plans to go to the alley with the person we want to drill it for him tomorrow, so perfect timing.  

I am grateful that I had a better night’s sleep last night.

I am grateful that my son is going to see his home-school friends tomorrow, after not seeing them for a month since we stopped the bowling league. 

I am grateful that I decided to give my son’s the trip to Boston to visit their sister for the 4th and her birthday on the 5th since I am feeling this awful sinus stuff right now.  

I am grateful that my husband and I decided to spend our daughter’s birthday away from her by giving to my best friend’s daughter and putting up a loft bed for her..It will take the sting away of being without my daughter. 

This has been a week of clouds and rain,

but I don’t let that get me down.

It’s been fun as it forced me to steer clear of maxi skirts and certain shoes


Still using my phone for Pictures….

I did however manage to wear one of my longer boho crinkle skirts in my favorite shade. 

I thrifted this one and the zippered hoodie jacket I bought off Ebay, somedays it’s fun wearing 

things I love that aren’t specifically on trend.   

I think the color combo and my new pointed toe flats with ankle straps add just enough to be modern. 


I really am loving my new layered hair and how I can leave it more curly like this, perfect for a rainy day, 

while also being able to use my straightener for days when my more conservative side likes to play..

My purse is Nine West bought a few years ago at an Outlet Mall.  

My shoes are from Amazon, Here and come in several colors.


Here’s  two ways I wore this last season..

Orange Crush- Aztec Boho Style.... Over 40 fashion blogger...

Orange Bohomeian Skirt... Over 40 fashion blogger

The good thing about this rain is that it looks like it will clear up by Saturday….

Why is that so Important?

Well my husband got us tickets to see Billy Joel and it’s outside and we have plans to tailgate beforehand! 

I hope you my Dear Readers all have a fabulous weekend, spending time with loved ones and recharging your batteries for the coming week.  

Any Special Plans for this weekend?


I am grateful for a very lazy day that matched the vibe of the weather.

I am grateful that my daughter went out tonight with friends from her childhood, wish she would have let me take pictures of her outfit, lol!  

I am grateful that the shopping list comes out tonight at midnight for the Summer GYPO challenge, as I hope to shop my closet for items and get inspiration to make it a no-brainer to get dressed… This being creative and picking out outfits daily really does take time some days, others it is easy.. You can still sign up if interested. 

I am grateful for the fun of stepping on the scale this morning and thinking it was broken… I’ve lost over 5lbs since last Friday when I really got serious about this! 

I won’t bore you with all the details,

but it began with no electricity in the middle I found out the Parent’s Night Out

I was dressed and ready for was rescheduled,

 and now I am on the second version of this post as it went crazy

and turned to computer code , not my words and pictures…


The Good news of the day came in the form of a UPS delivery, all fashionistas share that feeling, lol.

DG2 by Diane Gilman SuperStretch Lite Cuffed Capri

This time I could not hold back any longer and bought myself two pairs of 

Diane Gilman Superstretch Lite Cuffed Capris (try saying that three times fast, lol)

I was lucky to get them the other day when they were the daily special and cheaper.

I know this white and the indigo pair will be very versatile and get me through this weight loss

and into my bottoms from last year! 


I bought this sweater several years ago from QVC during the time when Project Runway Season 2 winner Chloe Dao had her line Simply Chloe Dao selling there.  I love this sweater and it’s a great quality and I have not worn it as much as I should have.  Pairing down my closet brought this to the forefront!  

Dear Readers, my great eating went out the window today… It began with the inability to make a smoothie or omelet due to the lack of electricity and ended with the pizza night I had promised the kids, thinking I was going out.  I did opt for unsauced wings but drenched them in ranch dressing… I am planning to go do a workout after finishing this blog!  


I am so grateful for the day of no electricity and how we were all together hanging out in the same room, making a grocery list and planning dinner menus for the next two weeks.  

I am grateful for the change of Parent’s Night Out, as I would have greatly missed a Mom who was home with her teen who had just had dental surgery this morning. 

I am grateful for the happy accident of my son accidentally ordering the pizza for pick up, saving us the delivery charge, usually I don’t think twice about that, but when it was gone, it felt good, lol! 

I am grateful to my dearest friend for her support and love! 

One of the very few items I kept with my weight was this tunic, which I own in creme as well. 

I love this tunic for it’s color, elastic waist . bell sleeves and the boho embroidery and shiny sequins.


I got creative today and took my polk a dot leggings from Forever 21 and cuffed them to capri length. 

Our temps today were in the mid 80’s , but I was inside air conditioning all day, so this was perfect. 


Isn’t the embroidery awesome?  

I love that there are just touches of sequins and not overly done. 

Had to wear a drop earring to keep the boho vibe going. 


I found these at Burlington Coat Factory. 

Drop earrings of this size are a new thing for me this season, I love my hoops, which are boho as well.


I also wore triple bracelets all from the vintage set I bought from Ebay a view years ago. 


One thing I learned from blogging and taking photos was the importance of proportions, so I had to balance the tunic, with the capri length bottoms by adding my Clarks wedges.  My husband loves these and it’s so nice to get the height with this kind of comfort.  I might just have to get another color!  

Dear Readers, I am getting back on track with this weight loss and succeeding this week. 


This has been my lunch  daily for the week and I’ve had smoothies for breakfast and eating a lot of vegetables for dinners.I re-engineered my father’s recipe for squash, canned tomatoes and Parmesan cheese casserole by adding mushrooms and artichokes to make a dinner instead of a side dish… It’s delicious and I made enough for days. 


I am grateful for a fun date night Saturday going to the beach for Patriotic Music Festival and dancing in the sand to Lynyrd Skynrd.  I love music festival season and all that our city has to offer.  

I love the exercise I got from dancing on the beach and the high I felt all day Sunday, music really does the spirit good, of course a night walking at the beach is pretty great as well. 

I am grateful that after three days of searching we finally found and fixed the electrical problem. 

I am grateful that I am back in weight loss mode as it takes the right mindset. 

I am grateful for two date nights this weekend , a movie night Sunday.  

I am grateful from homeschooling, but ready to kick it back into gear.  

Have You tried the Soft Pants Trend?  

They are so comfortable that some bloggers are calling them PJ pants..

I embraced this last year and added two new pairs for this season

Last year I had print versions, this year I added solids. 


This pair is from Kate & Mallory a line from Evine  that I am loving recently.

These Pants are on clearance right now for just $9.97 and only have size small, then 1x, 2x and 3x left.

I am wearing the medium and I got both colors.  

They have a high waistline , but for my petite size, I think this works well.  

I can wear these with flat sandals, by simply rolling the waistband over and putting my shirt completely untucked instead of the  half- tuck pictured here. 


We had a windy day, which was fun when I saw how it caught my kimono sleeve. 

I bought this one years ago and love it as it has so many colors that make it very versatile.  

Like my newest shoes??

Clarks from 

These are the most comfortable wedges I have ever owned and I am buying my daughter a pair!  

Dear Readers, after two weeks of dealing with sciatic pain, I am much better today… 

I am sporting Kinesiology Tape today and have to say, I am loving this!  

I was so pain free that I wore the wedges, of course when I went grocery shopping I changed to flats..

My Petite friends I am sure you are wondering how I did that with these pants?   

Well, I just rolled the waistband and un- tucked my shirt. 


I am grateful that my husband thought of the KT tape for my sciatica and woke up early enough to apply it for me today. 

I am grateful that my two college kids are home and the fun and laughter we’ve had the last few days. 

I am grateful that I have hope of being pain free for my Vegas trip coming up Saturday!  

I am grateful for the delight my daughter has been having with my lighter hair color, she keeps calling it blond. All my children are blond like their father, so seeing this in her brunette mother is a treat! 

I am grateful for the wonderful Mother’s Day and time with my adult children, I have so missed them! 

I am grateful that I picked out paint, and a new vanity and counter to get the bathroom finished!  

One of the few things I purchased for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge was these fantastic

orange flats and I have to say I adore them and can’t wait to see how many ways I can style them…


Today’s outfit for the challenge was suppose to be a white top and bright cardigan, 

cold enough here for a long sleeved tee and another chance to wear my favorite poncho before packing it away…

Let’s face it my summers are too hot for this baby!  


I had a knee brace strapped on for the day, but removed it for photos…

That back of my knee injury from exercising feels much better when i wear a brace,

but then I am moving about a bit more,  so perhaps not the best thing…   

I don’t do well at sitting still… I vividly remember many years ago,  my broken foot when I was pregnant with my daughter and me crawling around on the floor constantly cleaning up as I was in the nesting mode…

I am taking it easier this time as I want to heal before this Vegas trip on May 16th! 


 I have been loving this challenge and am sad to say , it will be over in just a few days. 

I won’t be joining the next one as I have too many summer clothes to style and don’t any limitations. 

If interested she will start a Summer One Soon and is selling past ones on the linked page at the top of my blog post. 

Dear Readers, No close up shots today, as my eyes are swollen… not sure if that is allergies or perhaps the tears that were flowing this afternoon.  I was listening to both Journey and Neil Diamond today to get in the mood for Vegas. As soon as I put on the first Neil Diamond song, “Sweet Caroline” , the tears came on like an avalanche that couldn’t be stopped. Quite often I can tear up at missing my mother, but nothing to this level since the early days of mourning.  

Neil Diamond is so tied into my mother as he was her favorite and she played Elvis and Neil on Sunday mornings while we would get ready for church.. If we were ready early we got to dance with our parents… Smart Strategy as I loved dancing with my father.  I remember the early years of standing on his feet.   

After my father passed away, my mother played music even more, I think the silence was too much.  Neil Diamond was a huge part of my childhood.  Upon my high school graduation, I took a rode trip to Canada with my mother, blasting his songs and singing at the top of my lungs… it’s a long drive from Virginia to Canada… 

Years later a dear friend and I took our mother’s to see Neil Diamond in concert…

That was a huge deal for my mother and I know she cherished it.  So do I!  

Now if only I can get through the concert without breaking down, time to buy waterproof mascara!  


I am grateful for the wonderful memories that filled my head today, as I listened to Neil Diamond for a few hours today. 

I am grateful that my reluctant reader found himself lost in a book today and read twice as many chapters as I instructed him to and wants to read more at bed time!  

I am grateful that I am homeschooling my youngest and the strength I find every day to make this work. 

I am grateful that my husband came home early and took my youngest out for awhile giving me rare time alone. 

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