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Today is the first day of the GYPO Sumer Style Challenge

and when we got the first outfit e-mailed last night I was so excited.

I had actually bought a pair of print shorts and was so ready to rock them, 

despite my not loving shorts….


After trying them on and not being able to wear the wedges, due to my knee being sore,

I switched out for a print skirt instead…

This is a fun Navy and creme patterned Loft skirt that I thrifted. 

The purple top is one I scored from 

I added a scarf tied to my waist, but not sure I am loving it in pictures…

I swear it looked better in the mirror…


I love pairing Navy with purple and had fun adding my hat and purse into the mix…

I bought this fun hat from Walmart and haven’t worn in nearly enough in past seasons.

Perhaps this season that will change as bigger brimmed hats are on trend, and what the heck we are having extremely hot temperatures…

DSC_0306Tomorrow we are expecting 100 which is rare, but in June, even crazier!  

Now I must add that all I can notice is that I didn’t keep up with my false tanning this weekend! 

Dear Readers, I can’t say how glad I am that this Summer Challenge is starting because I am experiencing my first ever fashion depression… I think skipping over Spring and these hot temps are making it hard to feel creative.  

How are temps in your region?  

Were you lucky enough to have a Spring?


I am grateful that my knee felt better today, but still I wore a brace except for my photos…

I am grateful that I am having so much fun seeing what all the other challengers are wearing and our shared experience of support on the private Facebook page.  

I am grateful for a very low key relaxing Monday! 

I am grateful that I was surprised to see that my husband’s check was bigger than he had told me, I can not say enough how grateful I am that this job is going so well and giving us what we need to help our kids through college…

I am grateful to my son’s for helping with some chores for the day to allow me to take it easy for my knee, I rewarded them with pizza delivery! 

Yes, Mother Nature Definitely has a Sense of Humor! 

From colder than normal for the time of year to full on Summer temps in 24 hours. 


This cute dress is one I thrifted and planned on layering with a moto jacket,

but didn’t get around to doing so.  

It was so windy during this shot , that I had to hold my sweater…


I also thrifted this green summer sweater.. 

I must mention that Shrugs are a must have for my warm weather wardrobe and I have several.

Check out all the ones you can find at Evine in sizes all the way up to 3x! 


My new earrings from Burlington Coat Factory


It was nice to finally wear this dress and if I have to give up my boots for the season,

there’s nothing I love more than wedges…

I’ve had these for several years, from Chadwicks, this is what they currently have available. 

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by! 


I am grateful for a beautiful warm day! 

I am grateful for a wonderful long chat with my daughter, sometimes we just stay on the phone with small talk as I clean or she searches for something online just because neither one wants to hang up.  Priceless.  

I am grateful that after our conversation that she chatted with her brother for quite awhile and they made plans to do some baking and fondant exploring when she comes home. 

I am grateful that my daughter agreed to make her favorite dish – lettuce wraps for us when she is home. 

I am grateful for a wonderful dinner that I will definitely remake, using a Grillmasters brand tomato, garlic and basil marinade for chicken and pairing it with baked zucchini,canned diced tomatoes, italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese. -delicious and satisfying!  

I am grateful that when my husband came home a few hours after dinner, that he too agreed that this dinner was a winner. 

I am grateful that in just about one month, both of my children away at college will be home! 

I am happy that cobalt is still a strong color for the season. 

I love it and think it pairs well with so many colors.  


I recently thrifted this color blocked black and cobalt tank.  

I bought the cobalt shoes last season from Payless Comfort Plus Line. 

Here is this year’s offerings in that line. 

I am loving the yellow ones, but my shopping addiction is on overload for Spring so I am resisting. 


This yellow statement necklace is the one I bought on a walk last week to Burlington ,

my youngest went with me and helped me pick this one out. 


My pants are Old Navy Pixie Pants and I have to say I am so glad I tried pants from them,

as I love them and have bought several this past year.  

I swear the majority of my pants are now Diane Gilman Jeans, Old Navy Pants and a few Spring soft pants from F21.  

I do have a few other sources, but these are my favorites.  


I have to laugh at this photo, as more often than not in this pose, my heel comes out of my shoe and my observant teen photographer usually notices and tells me to adjust….

Today, however I asked him to leave a computer game to take my photos, so I guess it’s to be expected. 

Dear Readers, As a stay at home mother I don’t get to wear heels as often as I would like, so today when my son was suppose to have a private bowling lesson, I took advantage of it.  Since it is Spring Break, the coach cancelled, thinking it would be too crowded to get a lane.  My husband was at an appointment this morning when he got the cancellation call and instantly took the opportunity to ask us to go out to lunch.   I loved that I was dressed and feeling great. I never take for granted or forget the times when I didn’t take as good care and get dressed daily and am so glad I’ve forever changed that. I can see how happy it makes my entire family, as they all never cease to compliment me.  


I am glad for the cancellation of the bowling lesson and time for my husband to spend with us. 

I am grateful for a trip to BJ’s  and finding a new maxi skirt there. 

I am grateful for the kind responses to yesterday’s post. 

I am grateful that a few more people joined my Facebook Group looking for support to lose some winter weight.

I am grateful that my husband supports my love of fashion and compliments my efforts. 

As my Regular Readers Know, I have a Strong Boho Side

And Spring Summer it Really Comes Out to Play. 

This has to be my favorite Maxi Skirt! 

Linking up with Visible Monday


I bought this a few years ago from Chadwick’s and my love for it is not slowing down. 

Other fashionistas have pointed out that colors like this work well with my hair.  

Copper Maxi

I double layered some copper flower necklaces, as I love a statement necklace, 

but really wanted to create a more vertical line by adding the longer one. 

My jean jacket is thrifted, which is the only way I’ve acquired jean jackets…


I wore this outfit Saturday for a family dinner….

I laugh at that as my family shrinking from 6 down to three this year has been a tough adjustment. 

I do love that my youngest is getting great quality time with us. 


Dear Readers, I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!  

It was the first holiday we had with just the three of us , since our college kids have their Spring breaks, so early. It was hard and we all felt the missing pieces.  We actually kept our normal Sunday recent tradition of going bowling , as my youngest is preparing for his very first competition in just a few weeks.  It was fun to see his progress and that the private bowling lessons have really helped.  She taught him how to throw a curve and it really is helping his game.  It’s fun to see him find something he loves and be able to participate with him, not just sit on the sidelines as we’ve had to do with other sports and activities our children participated in. 


I am so grateful that my daughter away at Boston College called me last night, to share all the fun she had at the much anticipated Anime Boston convention.

 I am so grateful that my introvert had such fun and they opening of all the costumes allowed her to forget the awkwardness she sometimes encounters with small talk. 

I am grateful that we survived our first holiday as a shrunken family unit. 

I am grateful for the funny moment this morning when I couldn’t stop laughing.  It started because my husband set an alarm to remind himself to tell work he needed off Tuesday afternoon to take our son to his private bowling lesson.  The laughter was prompted because  I pictured him doing that in his previous job.  Taking that time off would have been a problem, but this job respects his independent contractor status and need for family time.  

I am grateful for a complete change of perspective in my husband that has greatly improved our marriage. That’s all it really takes sometimes..

When I say, 

The Weather Inspired Look of the Day,

I am not just referring to myself, it seemed like a lot of us had the same idea for today..

You see my trip to the grocery store was a fun surprise when about every other woman I encountered,

had broken out either a maxi dress, or skirt…

It was a delightfully funny indicator that we are all ready for Spring! 


I began with this thrifted skirt, that speaks very much to my boho side. 

My top is actually a tunic that I knotted at the side. 

My favorite thing about putting this look together was no need for a jacket and the 

opportunity to stack my vintage bracelets, one of my favorite things about warmer temps.  


Any time I have a chance to grab my Dooney and Bourke purse, 

I happily indulge…

It was a complete accident that the shoes I chose match the tones in the purse.  

I only noticed it after taking the pictures, happy accidents, gotta love ’em! 


The only thing more fun than the swishing of wearing a long skirt, 

is the fun pictures created on a windy day. 

Dear Readers, I still didn’t make it back on schedule to do my morning walk, as my sinuses in the a.m. are just miserable..

It must be really bad, as my husband who doesn’t suffer from allergies is having problems,

as well as my youngest, who has mild issues normally.  


I am grateful that I recognized the severity of my headache early enough to take over the counter migraine medicine, as later in the day I avoid it or it messes with my sleep. 

I am grateful that my husband had a second day in a row with no day appointments and spent some quality time with our son, and had such interesting and educational conversations. 

I am grateful for a late night call from my son away at college last night, I love hearing his voice. 

I am grateful that my sister-in-law is such a strong woman and is speaking up for herself while in rehab center after foot surgery, as they are totally incompetent and there is drama daily.   

I began last week with the intention of doing a week of dresses and skirts

to boost my mood for these winter blues and stopped short for bowling day and  once our snow arrived..

To make up for that, I have two outfits…


I wore this Ann Taylor thrifted skirt over the weekend.

The key to success here is the fleece lined tights in navy.

The sequined sweatshirt by is rather thin, so I added another navy t-shirt underneath.

I finished off with a navy faux leather jacket by F21 and my boots from Ireland.


Not the best lighting in this photo,

but the best part of this outfit for me is the swingy skirt.

Movement in skirts are wonderful for boosting my mood and increasing my sassy side.


Now for what I wore Monday…

A thrifted dress and Old Navy Sweater…

I really do like thrifting dresses and skirts because the lower cost allows me to have more in this category.


I loved getting a chance to rock my burgundy knee high heeled boots.. 

I am glad my sciatica isn’t flared up which allowed me to sport heels.  

I like the ease of layering a sweater over a skirt rather than layering with a jacket or cardigan. 

Have you tried that with success yet? 

Dear Readers, since Tuesday is a make up Parent’s Night out , due to our snowfall,

I will be putting together another dress look for tomorrow.  

I wanted to wear a maxi styled for winter , but the wet snow and rain we’ve had changed that desire. 


I am grateful that my daughter is home and that she came with dinner requests. 

I am grateful that we are making progress on sewing her costume for the Anime Convention in Boston.  

I am grateful that  we are having so much fun making the costume and the memories we are building, not to mention the love my daughter feels in our support of her Anime interests…

I am grateful that my son will be coming home Friday, from VCU and will have a few days that overlap his sister’s break.

 I am grateful for the time alone with just my daughter and youngest, this is a first and she is spending so much time teaching him things and being a big sister…

Today is day 3 of my week of skirts and dresses. 

I already winterized with a faux leather moto and a statement cardigan, 

so for today I opted for my prize purchase from my Ireland trip…


My Aran blue poncho and my blue boots also from the Ireland trip..

These pictures are not the best because we had snowfall beginning early afternoon.  

This is a  thrifted floral print dress and it’s the first time I’ve worn it. 


The best part of this outfit other than the fun of wearing my Aran poncho, 

is that I was actually very warm…

I began this look with a long sleeved wicking work out top as an added layer. 

I hate being cold and my Old Navy chambray top was not heavy enough for the job.. 

With the addition of fleece tights, hat and gloves, I was warm head to toe…


I keep picturing this with my red poncho

and really am going to have to try that soon…

 Dear Readers No one here is thrilled about the additional snow due to the

4 days of no school last week from the first one of the season…

We are only expecting an inch or two , but that’s enough with the lack of 

equipment where snowfall is not a given each year, to cause closings, delays and accidents. 

I personally was hoping for no snow when my daughter arrives from Boston on Friday, but with today’s few inches and another 3 to 8 inches on Thursday, I guess that’s not in the cards..

Regardless our snow will be a lot less and our temperatures warmer for her 9 days here.  


I am grateful for the snow, it really is fun since it doesn’t happen all the time, in chatting with my friend over the last snow fall, she mentioned that when we get it , it’s an event and that is very true.  

I am grateful that my homeschooler went to his private bowling lesson today as last week it was cancelled due to the snow.

I am grateful that I chose to style dresses and skirts this week because it is fun and a lift to my spirit. 

I am grateful for the rain and warmer temperatures for at least one day and that the previous snow (really a sheet of ice)  melted.  

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