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Last Year I bought a pair of black Culottes and I loved them,

so this season I decided to hit Amazon up to see if I could find some more. 


Alas Amazon didn’t disappoint and I ended up with three pairs.

Navy, Olive and Purple.

These are just 15.95 each and come in so many colors. 

Since I am not much for wearing shorts, I liked this as an option for Spring/Summer 


Here is the original pair from last year.  


And just for fun, how I wore the kimono style jacket last Summer.


My photographer asked me if this was the 70’s due to the colors 

swirled in my kimono jacket.  

I bought these Vince Camuto laser cut sandals (via Hsn- Sold out) at the end of the Summer Season, 

and am thrilled to put away my boots and embrace these. 

I am looking forward to wedges and other sandals too. 


This necklace is a vinatage Avon piece that was my mother’s from either the late 70’s to early 80’s. 

I love this little guy and wearing it makes me feel close to my mother who I am missing terribly, 

as we approach my daughter’s upcoming college graduation. 


I am going to try to expirement to see if I can get any proportions

to work that would allow me to wear the cullotes with flats, 

I don’t know with my petite height and this volume if I can do so,

but I will give it a try and take pictures to see if it works, cause

as I’ve said before, mirrors lie when it comes to proportions. 

Dear Readers, I have to get my butt in gear and lose this darn weight that I’ve gained back, 

as I don’t wish to struggle all Summer to find looks that I feel good in. This darn menopausal weight 

gain, mostly in my middle,is denying me my hourglass body shape that’s been true my entire adult life. 

I am so out of proportion that I feel like I am styling oufits for somebody else and my creative outlet needs to be a fun place in my life.

 I am doing a silly thing for the next two weeks to get myself off sugar and carbs and back to healthy eating and you can blame it all on Facebook.  

Apparently there is a banana diet that suggests eating a banana or more along with a warm beverage for breakfast, then eating normally for lunch and dinner.

 Some proponents say only warm water while others say coffee or tea is ok as well.  I decided to give it a try this morning , but tweaked it a bit by dipping my bananas into cinnamon.  I was surprised that it indeed held me until lunch in which I decided to stick with just proteins for both lunch and dinner.

As luck would have it , I had leftover ham from Easter dinner and

also added a snack of peanuts in the afternoon. 

I feel great so will do something similar tomorrow and hard boiled up egss for my lunch.  

Note I am only doing this protein, banana thing for two weeks at which point I may keep the banana breakfast and add in lots more vegetables for the next round.  Perhaps the third round I will add small carbs like quinoa.  I just know it’s time to do something serious and protein is easy and will definitely, get me out of the sugar cravings.  

While Doing this I am also researching Trim Healthy Mama, which isn’t easy to read with my ADD, so not sure how far I will get with that and I am also looking into the Superfood Swap as they both do a lot of subbing for things I have cut out of my diet like spagetti for zuchini noodles or white flour for Coconut or Almond flour and I’d like to expirment with those a lot more.  

Dear Readers are any of you doing any of these types of changes or have experience with the idea of superfood swapping? 

Chime in I love hearing from You! 



The Brooch is coming back into Style, 

and I’ve worn a few of my mothers on a necklace and on my boho w

raps. DSC_3106-2 (1)

I felt like a Zen neutral look for the day… 

It’s still has enough interest for me with the hi-low contrast of the different shades of tan and brown

and the subtle print in the Old Navy sweater and the Snakeskin bag. 


A close up of my mother’s pin. 

I love having her pieces to cherish and wear , not to just keep in my jewelry box. 

Check out JodiesTouchofStyle blog for ways they are wearing brooches this week. 

I’ve wanted a Joan Rivers Bee Brooch for a long time and finally caved in buying one this week, when I saw this one on Instagram as a memorial one for Joan. 


I am so glad I found this open poncho on,

as it’s become a favorite this season. 

I really need to taper off my addiction of looking at daily as I see 

so many things I love and the pressure to buy since they go away or sell out so quickly. 

I’ve recently bought some tops for Summer in Yellow, Coral and Light Blue (Serenity, Pantone’s color of the Year) 


Self Care

I am proud to say it’s day four of owning my Aeropilates and I’ve used it everyday. 

I am actually looking forward to it daily, as one of my goals was to have a strong back and abs to help with my sciatica, 

and these workouts definitely are going to strengthen those areas.  

In addition, upon the recommendation of a friend who has had success with this, 

I began adding Collagen  to help with joint pain I was having in my knee and hip, but also to help with my nails , which have always broken due to housework, lol.   

Dear Readers , What are you doing lately for Self Care?  Wishing you a wonderful weekend with something fun on you to do list to recharge you to face another week!  


I am grateful that my homeschooler took the initiative to take out my Aeropilates machine in between his subjects today to do a workout, which prompted me to do mine as well.  I think I still may do one at my regular evening time frame for two for the day! 

I am grateful that my daughter handled her rejection letter for PHD program at Boston College well, she loves the Boston area and really wanted to stay longer, but she immediately said that she didn’t like the actual school or program, so it’s really for the best. 

I am grateful that I forced myself to get dressed today, as I was feeling blue and thought about staying in my pj’s. Getting dressed in a boho outfit always lifts my spirits and after seeing the photos it sparked even more joy. 

I am grateful that after getting dressed I took a walk to the grocery store ,which also helped to lift my blue mood and I picked up some healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables!   

Today was weigh in Day and a good one indeed… I realized yesterday that the reason I have been stuck in my weight loss is due to unhappiness with something in my personal life and letting it get in the way… It’s almost like self punishment… that reaization is powerful and means I can stop doing that! 

IMG_1395 I love this bright orange skirt and with a purse this color, no wonder?  Best part of this outfit and why my happiness factor is soaring is that the necklace is actually a pin that belonged to my mother that I put on a chain of my mothers and made as a one of a kind… I love how quirky it is and how I can feel my mother’s presence!  


A simple gold bangle and hoops finish this off nicely and is all plain enough to compliment the coloring ,without competing for attention!


Yet, another easy outfit that works for these hot temps!

Dear Readers, Back to my weight loss journey… after recognizing the reason behind my self sabatoge , I instantly made the change yestreday to eating protein and probiotics for the day and lost 2lbs overnight, getting back to my last weigh in amount… So going to stay on track for the remainder of the week by bringing  food to help with the vacation… I may have a few drinks and hope that I can at least maintain for the week of vacation… Wish me Luck!  

If you are guilty of self sabotage in any aspect of your life, I hope you will learn from me and have your own Breakthrough!   


I am grateful that my oldest left on time and with no problems for his week in CA.

I am grateful that I was able to lose two pounds by changing my head first,  Remember it’s a mind, body, spirit balancing journey.

I am grateful that my 17 year old succeeded in securing himself a parking spot in the Senior lot for school next year and will no longer be parking in the neighborhood streets and having to leave super early in the morning in hopes of finding one. 

I am grateful to my dear niece who helped me out this moringinng by making my smoothie, then surprised me by unloading and reloading my dishwasher…  I told her if she doesn’t do this for her own mother without be asked that she should cause her mother would probably feel her forehead to see if she’s sick

I am grateful for the hearts of my two middle children, 17 and 22 who encountered a young  woman asking for money who seemed to not be use to this and for helping her with what they had and feeling such compassion for her. 

Heat advisories were in affect for the day as the heat index again soared.  In some parts of the area as high as 108!!!!

So how does a fashionista respond to this?  


By dressing in ruffled animal print and the olive vest she promised to style on Friday’s ! 


You might get use to seeing me in hats as this little lady has always protected her face from the sun…

I love any chance to wear these Franco Sarto Shoes I found on Ebay and this is the debut of my Aigner Purse aquired at the Goodwill Outlet Center.  


Ruffles and the tied waist meant very little accessorizing necessary.  I opted for plain hoop earrings then stacked on three vintage bracelets from an Ebay lot.

Dear Readers, My niece and son both told me I looked ready to go on a Safari , so hence my post title… I usually go for bright colors or even white when the weather is irritating me.  For some reason I woke up this morning really missing my animal prints, as I don’t wear them as much in warmer temps…It’s funny sometimes what inspires an outfit, isn’t it?   I hope you all are staying cool and getting ready for a fun weekend!   Hope you use it to recharge!  Any special plans this weekend?  Your comments are welcomed and appreciated! 


I am so grateful that I at least have some AC, even if it is the window unit  for now…

I am grateful for my husband who worked late this afternoon for taking my youngest and niece to the Y. It’s not often that I get that kind of break!

I am grateful that I finally have a working debit card.. (Fiasco where they sent me two that went to my daughter’s account)

I am grateful to a friend of a friend who is selling me a week of Shakeology to try before I decide to purchase a full month.. Gotta say, I tried one and the brain fog that accompanies menopause was lifted!!!! Keeping fingers crossed. 

I am grateful to my son who went on a search to Trader Joes, WholeFoods, 2 grocery stores  and a Target store looking for Yerba Mate Tea in 3 flavors without complaining. 

I love this combo of grey and white for Spring Neutrals!  This is what I wore for date night with my husband and another couple:  Linking Up with Visible Monday and Watch What I am Wearing     and MyStyleMonday , so go check out  the other wonderful women on the web!


I took these photos around 6:00 pm and had some shadows I am not use to dealing with.. My seersucker jacket looks so wild in this photo.  My husband and I enjoyed a dinner out with friends at Macaroni Grill.   It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the entire experience.  The staff was relaxed and playful, the food was excellent and of course the company of our friends made it the best!  We ended our meal with the host coming to serenade our friend for her birthday.  After he sang in Italian,  our friend asked if he could sing something else, perhaps Voltaire.  He smiled and said he would love to sing us one of his all time favorites and before we knew it we were listening to “When You are Evil”   He did it with all the flair of a theater student and really made our night!


After dinner my friend and I headed to the restroom and as I exited the stall I noticed the door said MEN and asked “Why does our door say MEN?” .  When the girl in the stall between my friend and I chimed in with a deeper masculine voice that at first startled me making me think we really were in the Men’s room.. She said” that’s what I asked the last time I was here!”  Being my sassy self and having indulged in a glass of Chardonnay, I just had to know if the Men’s room said “Women’s” and my friend,  although  uncomfortable accompanied me and it does!   Someone has a great sense of humor!IMG_3326Notice my husband’s shadow?  I was happy to wear my sequined grey t-shirt that I had picked up at BJ’s while grocery shopping .   My husband once again kept complimenting the Franco Sarto silver heels.  I think he is happy to see me out of boots!  I really like this outfit because of the sparkle and texture!

Glad we had a fun night out because nothing like waiting until the last minute… We had a 10am meeting with our tax guy on Sunday..

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you were not like me, waiting until the last minute to file your taxes!I may have messed up my weight loss for the week, with my night out, will have to see what Weigh In Day Brings!

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a wonderful weekend with friends and family.  I am grateful the taxes came out fine and for our tax guy who comes to our house and makes it so easy! I am grateful for the laughter in my home and the sense of humor of all my sons!  I am grateful that my oldest son is doing so well and after struggling to find the right major is on his way!  

Sunday Food Journal

Breakfast– protein bar and green tea

Lunch – toast with strawberry  preserves & 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Snack, Newton thins & watermelon 

Dinner–  Turkey & Cheese Sandwich 

The day flew by after our taxes were done with dropping a car to be inspected, grocery shopping and going back to pick up the inspected car…And we sent our son off to get groceries for his sick uncle and deliver them…

Monday’s Food Plan

Breakfast- Tropical Fruit smoothie

Lunch– Celery w/Better than Peanut Butter ,  Grapes 

Snack – Yogurt

Dinner– Quinoa & brown Rice ( Seeds of Change brand found at BJ’s  that cooks in 90 seconds!!  w/ mushrooms, onions -very filling!!!

Going to make up these great Feta & Veggie Fritattas..  on Monday – I love them and they are not just good for Breakfast, I like them for lunch or dinner with a salad.   Warning I will be eating them all week for one meal or another…Told you, I eat things in waves…

Part of getting together my wardrobe began with getting my jewelry in order (remember I was mourning and not ready to face the weight loss journey yet) .  I felt I was missing so much when it came to bracelets, so I decided to check Ebay and purchase a lot of vintage bracelets.

I had been storing them like this:

Well, actually three of those!   And needless to say it was not working.  I like to have things organized that I can see everything… Having owned a Consignment store in the past has influenced this even more and I want displays… I have this with my scarves,  my shoes and other jewelry….

So time to solve this issue  and here is what I came up with:


These are plates , a glass bowl and glass candlesticks from the dollar store.  I actually plan to make a second one to place colored bangles and to lay out some of the ones that have to be fastened shut… I may even get some tree limbs in a vase to hang some from as well… I have the entire top of my dresser cleared off and ready for this display and the additional one I will make once I get back to the dollar store.  My cost for this  was $6.oo  plus $4 for E6000 glue.  I may buy some trim with beads hanging down to decorate the top plate.

Dear Readers,  Do you like organization or are you constantly wishing for better ways ? Do you just not mind or think much about it?  My daughter use to tell me that I was buying organization for organization  and needed to quit. I was just trying to get her to organize her room…I hope you all enjoy your weekend and do something creative or fun!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have found a solution for my bracelets and look forward to finishing this.  I am grateful that I found great tools to get Connor writing for homeschooling(it was my main goal this year and since December I haven’t done well with it, but he agreed to cooperate over the summer).   I am grateful that a side effect of my kicking up the exercise is better sleep!!!  I am grateful that Nicholas registered for both the SAT and his AP exam.   I am grateful for Weekends!  

Food Journal – Saturday’s meal plan

Breakfast:   Strawberry Bannana Smoothie

Lunch:  Apple & peanut butter w/ Green Tea

Snack:  Yogurt & maybe  watermelon

Dinner;  Chik Fil A Sandwich (gotta get it Saturday cause they are closed on Sunday!!!)

This menu plan is embarrassing, (not a vegetable in sight!) but I am being truthful as I write this Friday evening… I am making  vegetable frittatas  and a squash & tomato casserole over the weekend to keep me on track  for next week.  

Check out this blogger for great recipes like Feta Stuffed Chicken-6 WW pts

Day 3 for the Movie Poster Inspiration Challenge going on at You LOOK Fab forum is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. This challenge has been so much fun with such a variety of interpretations.  While I have gone in the direction of actual characters others have just used colors from the posters.

Linking up today with Get Your Pretty On & The Pleated Poppy


I loved this challenge as I have always embraced being a lady.  I use to love 1928 jewelry as a teenager and felt like I had an old soul …. Love the era of cameo’s and pearls… So infused that love with today ‘s challenge look.. Temps are at 80 Degrees!!!


While Star Wars brought memories of my father, this challenge brought memories of my mother.  She grew up in Pittsburgh ,PA as the only child in a wealthy family.  She went to an all girls private school and had a ballroom in her house.  One of her favorite memories was her 16th birthday party where they set up the ballroom like an ice cream parlor complete with cute tables she requested.  I wish I had a photo, but they are all with my brother who now lives in her home.  She had so many in beautiful dresses and pearls given to her by her father.  All three strands I am wearing belonged to my mother.   IMG_3242

The earrings here were Mom’s as well.  I wore them for this look, but would have put gold earrings on in my real life to avoid being to matchy.  This is the first time I’ve owned a classic sheath dress and I even cringe admitting this.  I’ve always worn more skirts than dresses which might have something to do with that.  Regardless, I love this one which is an Ann Taylor and also happy that it is a little tight so will still fit later.   I bet the ones my mother wore didn’t have the neat little string and snap to keep your bra strap in place…


When it came time to pick out what to bury my mother in, this is similar to what we chose.  Hers had a beautiful creme jacket that went with it.  I had the most fun picking out outrageously sexy lace underwear and bra to bury her in and still smile at the thought of it.  You see, my mother had allergies and in life had to stick to all cotton under garments.  The reason it was so fun to get her sexy lace was because my father is buried at Arlington National Cemetery and my mother often joked about her getting to spend eternity on top,  as that’s where she was buried as well, in the same plot.

Dear Readers, who knew this challenge would bring up so many great memories for me?   I literally can’t stop smiling!  That made me think of a conversation recently with my daughter.   She was talking about two deaths in our family, first my mother and then my brother in law and her favorite uncle just eleven months later.  She said that it was so hard because she had just reached that magical moment in the mourning process where remembering my mother brought a smile instead of tears.   It truly is a magical moment and she is so wise.  She is going to make a great Psychologist!!  

One more question Dear Readers,  What occasion would be fitting for today’s outfit?  I so loved it and want a chance to wear it in my real life… 

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a great WW meeting and having such a wonderful leader!  I am grateful for a successful thrifting trip after my meeting.  I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation for a dear friend.  I am grateful to both my younger boys for taking 3 sets of blog photos today!  I am grateful for an amazing sunny day!  

WEIGH IN RESULTS-  I lost 1.4 lbs from the last time I went three weeks ago before all those crazy illnesses hit..  I am at 140.8 . so still have almost 11 pounds til my goal! 

Food Journal- Wednesday’s Plan– liking this and sticking strictly to what I post here!

Breakfast– Omelet with mushrooms, onions &  watermelon & green tea

Lunch– Wrap with chicken, mushrooms,  onions , lettuce & tomato & green tea

Dinner– Caprese Salad (tomato & mozz with olive oil & basil)  

Snacks- Yogurt & Apple 

Dinner dessert- yogurt 

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