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Wearing Red Today to Bring Awareness to Heart Health!  


I took pictures earlier today, so not as great for the position of the sun… 

Wearing my Loft printed pants, a red peplum to with aceessories in black


A colder day of winter after a few days of warmth. 

I’ve been wearing my fringe black ankle boots and neglecting these ones from Ireland. 


I really love these Loft pants and think when I get back down in my

weight that I will be buying a few more from that line. 

I had turned a lot of my pants shopping toward Old Navy, thinking as a stay at home mother,

that is all I needed…I love the better quality and feel of these.  


I added my purple coat ,hat , gloves and switched to my flat ankle boots

for my walk to the grocery store.  

Self Care

I’ve been looking at the new Weight Watchers Smart points  program, reading blogs and checking out my breakfast smoothie , lunch and dinner preferences to see how it would work out. 

The program is quite different from the previous where my Chia seeds and MCT oil for my breakfast smoothie doubledand where fruits were now free, they are in the new program EXCEPT if you put them in a smoothie!  

 They give you a few more points, but not enough to make up for having my moring smoothie now be half the points for a day… 

Still deciding if I am going to indeed go back to WWs….as reading blogs a lot of lifetime members are saying it feels more like a diet and not sustainable for life…


I am grateful to have slept unit 9 am this morning…not something I can take for granted with this crazy menopausal sleep disturbances… 

I am grateful that my homeschooling son is finished with his World History class, making room for the Driver’s Ed course. 

I am grateful for phone calls from both my kids away at college today, literally had to get off the phone with one to talk to the other, lol 

I am grateful for a day that had no rain and for the return of Sunshine!  


I showed a thrifted wool sweater in my last post. 

Living where it hovers above freezing with occassional times of just below that,

doesn’t call for owning much wool clothing. 

DSC_2773-2 (1)

For days like this one, my Old Navy Wool Cocoon Coat found HERE was perfect! 

It really is a chic piece, very surprisng from Old Navy. 

I’ve worn it once before with all black underneath, this time the added striped turtleneck works just as well. 

I think I could just sub out for my tan Ann Taylor jeans for another option.  


Playing off the energy level of my delighted teen homeschooler for a snow day, 

I matched his level of joy and threw my hands in the air and did a spin around….

He took pictures of my entire antics, lol! 


I traded out my fringe boots for my thrifted Naotak boots and my Old Navy jacket, for my

Eddie Bauer for a quick walk to the store to extend our outdoor adventure, which my son appreciated. 

We didn’t really get any accumulation, so that was about the extent of our fun, except for the snowball he made, photograhed and texted to his brother…


Here is my third wool piece, my Aran Poncho bought on last years Ireland trip. 

I paired it with a Old Navy pants and loved how the this outfit pulled together with 

pattern mixing from the scarf. 


I love having these colder temperatures and getting to bring out some beloved winter pieces. 

I will always love this poncho and the memories of my trip to Ireland ! 


My daughter ventured to the Primark store in Boston today , which we went to while in Ireland 

and I was actually jealous when she told me that all the upper management was in from Ireland going 

through the store making recommendations for improvements.  

She loved hearing their irish accents and that was what caused my jealously, lol   

Dear Readers, Do you have any coveted pieces you love to wear during the winter season? 

If so please share, I adore reading your comments!  

Self Care

Today in self care, I brought out the exercize trampoline that had been put away for the holidays

and had fun jumping on it followed by strength training.  


I am grateful for the fun and delight my son had today with our little bit of snow. 

I am grateful for the fun group texting we have going among my husband, myself and all our children. 

I am grateful for the daily phone calls I’ve had this week with my daughter as she rides the bus home from her internship. 

I am grateful for how snow always conjures up memories of my dear mother who would always sit at her desk on snow days when I was a child and write letters to family and friends ,as she was homesick for Pittsburgh. 

Today, I went for a very casual look..

It all began with the Aeropostale aztec print sweatshirt…

I bought it on clearance so no longer available..


I simply added a white tshirt, black skinny jeans and

my chambray boots from Ireland…

I would have preferred a more tight tshirt underneath this ,but this is what I have..


This is my wonderful houndstooth coat , bought last year from Burlington.. 

Another wet cold day today… but hey three days in a row with no sunglasses is a treat..


I am going to move the Merry Chirstmas sign closer so it’s in my pics for the Season…


Our morning started off with a neighbor ringing the door knob at 8:30 am….

He had two bags of ornaments similar to the ones on our tree that he’d found in his yard that morning…

They aren’t ours.. so my husband asked around to other neighbors and no one claimed them…

Dear Readers, I ate much better today and craved no carbs or sugar!  Now if only I can keep this up..I swear I am so out of whack for a few reasons… One is just the time of year, and it’s been colder than normal.  I think another thing is missing my mother like crazy… I think the five year mark combined with the Ireland trip and seeing the huge welcoming family greatly increased my sense of loss.  If that wasn’t enough this time of life with menopause approaching wreaks havoc, I went months without a cycle that decided to come back in October while on the Ireland trip… I can make excuses or I can stand strong in my resolve to not let his current weight gain remain or get even more out of control.. So, yesterday, I ordered a Fit Bit to keep me accountable for moving more and of my sleeping patterns.. The sleeping has really been an issue lately… I sleep for 4 hours and am then wide awake… Not one to function on such little sleep, I take a few hours to go back to sleep and usually get another 3 hours.. This means waking up at around 10:30 am… I don’t like that ,but it is what it is… Perhaps exercising more and getting rid of carbs and sugar may put that back in order.. 

Are any of you, my dear readers dealing with weight gain or problems sleeping in this stage of life? Anyone dealt with this and found solutions?  Would love some words of wisdom?   


 I am grateful that my son finally finished his homeschooling after stalling all day..

I am grateful that my daughter got snow at Boston College before she comes home for the holiday. 

I am grateful for fast wonderful protein rich dishes we picked up at BJ’s…

I am grateful that I’ve managed to get a few items for each child that they don’t know about for Christmas..

Today was a very casual day , going for a walk with my daughter to the bank and grocery store….


I originally planned to wear this without a scarf, but the cold temps and a deeper v-neck top did not mix well together… I love happy accidents as this outfit is much better with the addition of the third brighter orange… This formula would work with my green scarf another day! 

I am glad that I invested in a few solid colored scarves this year, especially since they were a Black Friday special from JCP for just $6…


My daughter is not my normal photographer and had fun cracking me up to get what she called a genuine smile…She also noticed that as soon as I switched to this , my favorite “Sassy” pose that I lit up differently….


It was definitely a change and wintery temps today, so the puffer coat was perfect for our walk…I added a hat and gloves after the photos and realizing how cold it really was….

Dear Readers,  Ok, the anniversary is over and it is really time for me to kick it into gear and lose this excess 5lbs as these are my newest jeans and they were feeling snug!  Going into full exercize mode tomorrow with  the exercize trampoline for cardio, my fluidity bar for pilates type workout and 20lb weights for abs , arms and squats…

A great plan, lets see if I truly begin tomorrow!!!! Once I begin ,I go gangbusters. but sometimes it’s just starting that is harder…

Wishing you, my dear readers, a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, family and friends! 


I am grateful for time with my daughter, even if it meant a cold walk!!!!

I am grateful for the exercize equipment I own and not having to go out to a gym in winter weather.

I am grateful that I am in a no buying zone right now as, a lot of bloggers are posting tempting sales items.

I am grateful that my son is treated so well by my husband’s boss and even went out to lunch with him today( without his dad’s presence!)  

I love the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic and the Girl with the Green Scarf theme .

I’ve wanted a green scarf for awhile now and Black Friday, I scored one..It was  from Kohl’s originally $18.00 but special priced for $4.99.    It arrived in the mail on Saturday, so of course I had to wear it the very next day! 


My first thought when I saw these photos was, I am wearing the colors of a carrot and maybe this would work for spring if I changed the jacket to my creaam moto vest…


My second thought was I am in the colors of the Irish Flag and this would make a great look for St. Paddy’s Day!  I am so happy I found this orange Liz Claiborne NY purse while thrifting….

The green and white sweater is newly thrifted and I love that it will be multi seasonal with 3/4 sleeves and a cute collar and button detail…


Totally geared up for the cold rainy Sunday of running errands…

Dear Readers, I wore short sleeves on a beautiful 76 degrees   Friday ,while raking leaves, then woke up on Saturday to  temps that said 44 but feels like 29! I was totally shocked when I stepped outside to get a package off the porch that Fed ex had dropped off and felt the burst of cold air.  Those huge swings in temps are craaaazy and wreak havoc on my sinuses…. I should have reversed my days and hibernated on the rainy cold Sunday… instead of curling up on the couch Saturday…

I had to share that when I told DH about the movie and my desire to own a green scarf, he informed me that I missed the point of the movie and curbing shopping…

Hoping to get wrapping done this week! 


I am grateful that we got the Christmas decorations out and mostly put up on Sunday…

I am grateful that my kids like to help out out the decorations…

I am grateful that I started on stocking stuffers…Readers I should mention that we have huge stockings to fill…I just measured one and they are 15inches wide by 40 inches long…my husband made this our tradition  for our children.

I am grateful that my husband is really liking his new job and looking forward to seeing how well he does after the holidays are over…

Well, I had to break out a coat today!  This is crazy how much our temperatures can change.. It was in the mid 40’s but with the winds they were saying it felt like 40 degrees..IMG_3411 Hence my windswept hair!  

This is my lovely hounds-tooth jacket purchased from Burlington Coat Factory and it was perfect to cut the wind and a hood for protection against the rain.


Without my coat, I was sporting my green bomber jacket purchased via ebay and a shirt purchased last spring from Chadwicks.  It still fits from the weight loss, but without my larger chest size, it droops to far down so added a half camisole from Walmart.  They are sold in the bra department and come in groups of 3 colors  with or without the lace detail for just $9.99   I have these Denim & Co heathered pants in three colors, the brown here, grey and blue. Since I shop clearance a lot these are no longer available.   I fit them much better now than when I first wore them..


I lucked out today and was able to take photos at the library,  since I took my friend’s daughter there for her library class.  Having a covered walkway was a blessing in the rain… I am exhausted from a long day babysitting my friend’s almost 7 year old…

Dear Readers are you experiencing these cold winter temperatures?  Are you as unhappy about it as I am?  I really can’t stand being cold!  

Come back tomorrow for my Weigh In results and hopefully I won’t be as tired !

Gratitude:  I am grateful for getting an opportunity to see a dear friend and support her while her life continues into crazy world!  I am grateful that I figured out that doing Yoga stretches before getting out of bed, makes for a better pain free day after intense night time exercise.   I am grateful that my husband is having an early night and is on his way to rescue me from figuring out dinner!  

Monday’s Food Choices….

Breakfast Protein bar and 1 % milk

Lunch- 2 Feta & veggie frittatas & apple w/ green tea

Dinner:  Meatball sub as there is leftovers from the guys last night! 

I had no idea when I first began putting this outfit together that it would turn out looking so happy and spring-like.. I  just wanted to wear white jeans! 


I added this green sweater and have to say love this shade of green… This is just a casual zip up cable knit with a hood.   I only had plans for grocery shopping, so added the ballet flats keeping that in mind.

IMG_1944That look was way to casual for my eye, so headed over to my assortment of scarves to come to my rescue and save the outfit. I was drawn to this floral due to the shade of green that complimented the sweater and I quite liked the result.

I ended up adding a trip to the Verizon Wireless store as my son’s Iphone was messing up and the girl there complimented my scarf and colorful outfit saying  she normally wears color, then tried to make herself smaller as she folded into herself..  It is hard to appreciate a compliment when I can see the girl not liking her own outfit…But it did reassure me that adding the scarf was as magical as I thought it was!  

IMG_1937This is my deep purple Kenneth Cole Reaction coat that I purchased at the end of the season last year.  I got it small on purpose and now it fits!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful that I called my daughter today, as she is under tons of stress and close to a break down.. She is a girl who hates to cry but was there today with all the weight of this final semester and the internship weighing down on her.  I am so grateful that she just got it all out and seemed so much at peace by the end of our conversation.  All anyone ever really needs is Compassion!!!! 

Dear Readers, Isn’t it wonderful how much a difference Accessories can make to take an outfit up a notch?  Scarfs, Belts, Statement Necklaces, Shoes, what is your favorite way to spice up a look?  Would love to hear from you so chime in! 

Well the Temperatures dropped and it is a miserable wet and cold Thursday.   What better way to cope than to find my cozy sweater, a pair of skinny’s and fur lined boots… May not be the most fashion forward look, but works for this kind of day! I apologize for the quality of photos we took them on the porch to stay dry and the lighting wasn’t great!


Did I mention that big drops in temperature wreak havoc on sinuses, so woke up to pain when I moved my head.  No worries there though I took some great medicine and it went away.  It just makes mornings go a little slower.. Must be why we didn’t start home schooling until 11:30 am.. Notice my metal dolphin sculpture.  It was a birthday gift from my mother and I cherish it!


Funny thing about this warm sweater… It was my very first purchase from QVC  three years ago and I have loved it ever since…. Who knew purchasing online could turn out so well, but this was the beginning and now I am hooked.  These jeggings are Diane Gilman via HSN.  Before I know it I am going to be one of those reviewers who confesses that I own 50 pairs of her jeans.   I use to think that was crazy when I first read some of those reviews.  Not anymore in fact let me count how many I now have….I didn’t check my closet, but off the top of my head, I think I am at 12 right now.  In only a year.. oh yeah, I could easily become  obsessed….I’ve never even owned more than three or four  pairs of jeans before. Then again there are trouser jeans, jeggings, skinny jeans and straight leg, boyfreind and bootcuts these days…

IMG_1644The weather update has changed and what was originally suppose to be an inch of snow was predicted to be 2 to 4 inches.  For Virginia Beach that is a big difference. Then, later the forecast changed and it was north and west of us, we didn’t get anything.  Oh apparently it snowed but melted immediately as it didn’t get quite cold enough.  That is the constant story here in Virginia Beach.  My daughter who is at Longwwood, north west of us had several inches but it should melt today…A huge disappointment for my 17 year old who had to go to school on time while cities all around us were delayed two hours…  I decided to pose in my purple puffer coat (currently on clearance at QVC) and Sporto boots.  If I have to have a puffer to keep me warm, at least it has to be in a Fabulous color!

IMG_1649I never wear this coat without the scarf down the front, I think it helps to make it more fashionable.  At least that is my delusion and I am sticking to it!!!!

As a follow up to yesterday’s Paisley post, fellow blogger mentioned they were getting in paisley items in her Dressbarn store, so I looked online and they have a total of 88 Paisley items right now!

I also realized one of my two pairs of Talbots printed slacks are in Paisley too!


Gratitude: My daughter’s psychology professor called her business partner and vouched for my daughter  and she was given an internship!!!!  I am grateful that my daughter, Ashley is so strong and focused, as this final semester at Longwood University is going to be her toughest yet with an internship and a professor who required her to do community service hours.  I am grateful to have had the strong mother who fought the school on things for us and set the example for me to do the same,  as I have a meeting with my son’s Principal and a fight on my hands….

As always, my dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Come back tomorrow and see my look of the week in my Red-Orange Jeans.   

In the past few years I went from owning only two wool coats, both in black, one short, one long, to owning coats of all different silhouettes and colors.  I am one happy mama over my coat collection.  I just spent the week changing buttons to take my coats in for my weight loss since last year. Some were too tight and now fit as I purchased them knowing I wanted to lose weight.  I still have one or two to tweak.

I previously posted two coat pictures in the last two days and will just start off repeating those looks.  These are two photos of my Red Ruffle Front Coat.

This was before I took up the too long sleeves

And after taking up the sleeves

Next is my Puffy Purple Coat , I love this color

This is just a basic Navy coat, but a must for my collection since my mother who was very ill, worked hard on the treadmill everyday to get strong enough to take a trip to Scotland and purchased me this scarf. This scarf represents not only my mother’s strength, but her last gift before the dementia set in. 

And a dressier one with a faux fur collar.  I will be adjusting this to become double breasted by moving the buttons to accommodate my weight loss.

This final one is the last of my longer, knee length coats and is a unique grey leopard print with a ruffle and a fun addition to my coat collection.

I will post the collection of shorter coats next Thursday, so come back and see my fuschia one...

Anyone who is not a new reader knows by now that I pride myself on being quite the frugal shopper.  I love to get things at awesome prices.  Accumulating my coats was such a fun endeavor,as I waited and watched for clearance off season sales and then additional bonus days.  I purchased the grey leopard coat for only $25.00 . It started off at around $139.00 and was marked all the way down to $49.00.  As a valued customer I received an email for 50% off one item and used it to secure this coat. I had coveted it  for months.   The red ruffle coat, navy  and the grey one with faux fur collar were all purchased around the same as the grey one from either Chadwicks of Boston and their sister company Metrostyle.  The purple one was on “Today’s Special” one day price with 5 interest free payments on QVC  last year and to my best recollection was around $69.00

I promised to include a photo of Connor’s Halloween Costume, which is Master Chief from Halo

Of course my generation didn’t know about Halo and were calling him Bobofet from Star Wars….

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  I now have to have really good control and not ruin my weight loss by eating too much candy…. I am, however going to indulge in a few Tootsie Rolls.  This is gonna be tough, he brought home 11pounds of candy!

Tomorrow is Friday and I will be posting”My Lucky Finds”  from both ebay and thrifting.

Gratitude- I am grateful for the laughter of children in my life and the traditions that allow childhood to be so special.  I am grateful to my sixteen year old for helping me take the coat pictures.  I am grateful to my husband for taking my son trick or treating and my ability to stay inside and stay warm, since my sinuses are messing up…

Comments are greatly appreciated, please just go back to the top of the post to do so!

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