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Yes, Fashion can cure my spirits regardless of what my stomach is doing….(which was keeping me up all night with waves of pain just enough to be irritating)   It is getting better and not as bad as the first bout I had two weeks ago!


So what is better than a jean jacket, black dress and boots? 


A touch of Animal Print of Course!

The weather was cool enough that boots were a better option and no complaints from here.  I’ll take any excuse to prolong boot wearing before the hot humid temps of summer make that impossible.  I think this would be a great  casual date night look.  I know there are those who say as a woman over 40 should only wear dresses s  at knee length,but I don’t subscribe to set rules in fashion.  


I purchased this dress from Chadwicks a few years ago when I was mourning the loss of my mother and dreaming of my weight loss, but hadn’t begun the journey yet.  I prepared for this journey as part of my healing.  It’s so fun to reap the benefits of that preparation! 

Dear Readers, Your comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated… I have missed three WW meetings due to two bouts with this stomach bug and a sinus infection in between… this final weight loss has been on hold for way too long and I am ready to kick it into gear, wish me luck and pray this illness stuff is done!  

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Gratitude:  I am grateful for the sleep I was able to get today.  I am grateful for my youngest son for taking my photos.  I am grateful for touching base with a friend.   I am grateful for this bout of illness and it’s kick in the butt to get back to finish my last ten pound weight loss..


Well I am currently sunning at the Cayman Islands, but thought it would be fun to do a week’s worth of styling of my new moto jacket.  This makes my third one purchased this year!  

IMG_2135Make no mistake this hat is not worn for style, but necessity, as it was bitter cold and windy on the day I took these photos.  In fact I was wishing I had put on gloves too!  

IMG_2144I wore this outfit to the mall to check out Spring Fashions with a friend.  We spend five hours walking the mall , so I needed an outfit with comfortable , flat boots!

IMG_2152See my windswept hair and scarf, I wasn’t making it up, this hat was helping to keep me warm!

One thing I have been questioning about spring is how to keep the tough girl look going without boots or leather of faux leather jackets. 

My five hour trip to the mall may have revealed a solution... Vests, I saw several in different materials including faux leather that would work great over  a dress, t-shirt on tank top to give me that rocker edge.  I am happy about that because with just a few purchases I can be that sassy style that really feels like me.  Another thing I will have to add is some open toed booties as I only have ballet flats or wedges and that just won’t cut it.  Not that I don’t love those and will wear them as I do love to look very feminine, too!  Just need both options to fulfill me!

IMG_2154I couldn’t resist one more photo, as my husband took these and took a bunch.  I had a hard time narrowing it down… In fact I thanked him, but asked him not to take this many again as it makes my blogging work take up too much time.  He laughed and said, “Got it”

Gratitude:  Well of course I am grateful that I am in the Cayman’s enjoying watching my husband relaxing and not working!  I am also grateful that I have found a solution to my styling worries for warm weather(something comforting about having a plan!).  I am grateful to my children for being so wonderful and leaving me with no worries to enjoy my vacation.

May we all take a quiet moment today to honor those who have served our country and offered us protection.  Most of all may we honor those who gave their lives in pursuit of serving their country.  May the school board of Virginia Beach hide their heads in shame for using this Veteran’s Day as a make- up day for Hurricane Sandy.

I am  excited to start this challenge, as it has been so much fun to plan it.  I almost wanted to start early and post this over the weekend.  I’m like a child and can’t wait for things sometimes.  As  a child I was the one who searched out the hiding places for Christmas presents because I just didn’t know how to wait.

Here is the original picture from Pinterest. I believe it originated from this blogger,   The reason I chose it was because I owned very similar pieces and really like the animal print and orange.  I really think every woman should embrace some form of animal print in her wardrobe.

And now for my version, Did I nail this look or what?  This was the easiest one to style and I am happy with the results. I opted for straight leg jeans since that is what I had that currently fits me.  I also changed the flats to my nude pumps.  I wore this to the mall to hang out with a friend and received several compliments, so guess I am on the right track!

As a girl who love skirts and dresses, I thought it would be fun to add a little twist and try this look as well. I originally planned to wear this skirt with tights and shooties, but changed it since it was 64 degrees on Saturday.   Like my new orange belt?

One item still on my wish list is a leopard spotted scarf and if I had one, I would have been tempted to do yet another outfit inspired by the original. But not going to let that stop me from trying one more twist… Just really want to show options of animal print and the orange so if you will be challenged to try something similar in your own closet.

Since I do have a new belt and shoes that could change this a little I couldn’t resist trying this one as well. I think this is a good option for someone who just wants to dip their toes in the water of  wearing animal print.  With only little touches in the belt and shoes anyone can pull this one off!

Now I must stop and move on to thinking about tomorrow’s challenge….But, would really love it if you would answer my poll question:

Gratitude-I am grateful to have found a better order to home school that is working beautifully!  I am grateful for the upcoming holiday and that I already have my turkey! I am grateful for my unwavering patience that make me a better mother. 

Dear Readers, Your comments are welcomed and appreciated, so let’s hear from YOU!  Comments may be left by going back to the top of this post, thank you.

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