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I decided to show today’s look in two ways… This was what I put on to wear for family outing to dinner…

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The black and white trend can be done in so many ways and today, I decided to mix patterns for a more modern version of the trend..


As my husband was taking these photos,  it occured to me that these shoes are very much what I would choose to go out with the entire family, but what could I do to take this to a date night look???IMG_0528

I decided a simple switch into my newest thrift store shoes would do the trick.. Am I living up to my blog name today???


Well, of course my husband wholeheartedly agreed!  

Dear Readers, this was such an easy and fun transformation…. Look for more of those kind of transistions in the future…So for those of you who are mothers, can you relate to this idea at all?   Would this little trick work for your world?  Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  


I am grateful that I have my ten year old niece every other week for the summer.. I miss her so much during the school year!!

I am grateful for the walk (exercise) I took with my niece to the craft store looking for some summer fun!  

I am grateful that my brother has freinds looking for a cheaper way for me to get an entirely new heating/cooling system, which we were told today, needs replacing….

I am grateful for my strong faith and the fact that this “bad news” didn’t even phase me..

I am grateful that while the air conditioning repairman was here that he added coolant to my husband’s van.  


I love this combo of grey and white for Spring Neutrals!  This is what I wore for date night with my husband and another couple:  Linking Up with Visible Monday and Watch What I am Wearing     and MyStyleMonday , so go check out  the other wonderful women on the web!


I took these photos around 6:00 pm and had some shadows I am not use to dealing with.. My seersucker jacket looks so wild in this photo.  My husband and I enjoyed a dinner out with friends at Macaroni Grill.   It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the entire experience.  The staff was relaxed and playful, the food was excellent and of course the company of our friends made it the best!  We ended our meal with the host coming to serenade our friend for her birthday.  After he sang in Italian,  our friend asked if he could sing something else, perhaps Voltaire.  He smiled and said he would love to sing us one of his all time favorites and before we knew it we were listening to “When You are Evil”   He did it with all the flair of a theater student and really made our night!


After dinner my friend and I headed to the restroom and as I exited the stall I noticed the door said MEN and asked “Why does our door say MEN?” .  When the girl in the stall between my friend and I chimed in with a deeper masculine voice that at first startled me making me think we really were in the Men’s room.. She said” that’s what I asked the last time I was here!”  Being my sassy self and having indulged in a glass of Chardonnay, I just had to know if the Men’s room said “Women’s” and my friend,  although  uncomfortable accompanied me and it does!   Someone has a great sense of humor!IMG_3326Notice my husband’s shadow?  I was happy to wear my sequined grey t-shirt that I had picked up at BJ’s while grocery shopping .   My husband once again kept complimenting the Franco Sarto silver heels.  I think he is happy to see me out of boots!  I really like this outfit because of the sparkle and texture!

Glad we had a fun night out because nothing like waiting until the last minute… We had a 10am meeting with our tax guy on Sunday..

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you were not like me, waiting until the last minute to file your taxes!I may have messed up my weight loss for the week, with my night out, will have to see what Weigh In Day Brings!

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a wonderful weekend with friends and family.  I am grateful the taxes came out fine and for our tax guy who comes to our house and makes it so easy! I am grateful for the laughter in my home and the sense of humor of all my sons!  I am grateful that my oldest son is doing so well and after struggling to find the right major is on his way!  

Sunday Food Journal

Breakfast– protein bar and green tea

Lunch – toast with strawberry  preserves & 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Snack, Newton thins & watermelon 

Dinner–  Turkey & Cheese Sandwich 

The day flew by after our taxes were done with dropping a car to be inspected, grocery shopping and going back to pick up the inspected car…And we sent our son off to get groceries for his sick uncle and deliver them…

Monday’s Food Plan

Breakfast- Tropical Fruit smoothie

Lunch– Celery w/Better than Peanut Butter ,  Grapes 

Snack – Yogurt

Dinner– Quinoa & brown Rice ( Seeds of Change brand found at BJ’s  that cooks in 90 seconds!!  w/ mushrooms, onions -very filling!!!

Going to make up these great Feta & Veggie Fritattas..  on Monday – I love them and they are not just good for Breakfast, I like them for lunch or dinner with a salad.   Warning I will be eating them all week for one meal or another…Told you, I eat things in waves…

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