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What ‘s a Football Fan to do on Sunday’s,

Once the Season is over?  

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Well, this mother is supporting her son’s bowling and upcoming  

tournaments coming in April,  by getting in some extra practice time…

I sat out and just watched, as my sciatica is getting better, but still acting up,.


I am wearing the Old Navy Sweater for the first time, which Dear Readers, is currently on Sale…

We had a beautiful sunny day near 70F , so I opted to also wear my Just Fab flats,

I recently purchased , but was saving for Spring… 

If my sciatica wasn’t acting up, I would have paired this outfit with orange pumps to bookend the scarf..


The Jeans are my beloved Diane Gilman brown ones with zippers down the side…

The brown fur vest I purchased as my first reward for my weight loss and cherish it for that reason..

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

As I’ve mentioned before I receive no compensation for this blog. 

I wanted to mention that I’ve bought several purses from Just Fab, and was fearful the shoes would not work for me, possibly rub my foot the wrong way and cause blisters.. I recently braved these flats and can say they are very comfortable and I had no problems with blisters!  I would consider buying another pair of shoes and giving them a try in the future…


I am grateful for a chat with my daughter  who is at Boston College and getting even more snow…

I am grateful that my daughter  agreed and even laughed when I told her that this experience of going to school in these snowy conditions is something she will always remember and give her confidence as it is a self esteem booster… 

I am grateful that the headache I had for the past few days was completely gone today!  

I am grateful for  a relaxing laid back two days. 

I am grateful for a sunny, breezy warm day in the coldest month of the year! 

I am grateful for wonderful music playing on the Grammy’s as I typed this post…


I decided to join Inside Out Style Blog’s No Repeat November 

It doesn’t mean no repeat of an individual item, just not repeat of an entire outfit.  

More Information can be found on the site.

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I’ve had this outfit sitting in the front of my closet for a busy day to grab and go and today was one of those days! 

I love the shutter pleat top and apparently so does my husband, he complimented my blouse

3 times within 15 minutes of walking in the door.


I loved the chance to wear my cobalt pumps two days in a row! 

My necklace was bought on my Grand Caymans Vacation and reminds me of fun in the sun! 


It was nice to pair something besides black , grey or yellow with my cobalt tribal print jeans by Diane Gilman , which is how I wore them last year. 

Dear Readers. life at this stage is so full of changes and today was the last year we will take a child Trick or Treating. A sad chapter to close… There could be even bigger changes ahead and I cant get it out of my head that by next Fall, my three oldest will all be out of the house going from a family of 6 to just 3.  How will I cook for so few people???  How quiet will it be without everyone talking over each other.  How special will it be for our youngest to have our full attention?  So much to ponder, miss and look forward to , Hope this much change doesn’t hit me too hard….


Tom sporting his Red Sox Fan beard that he wore during each of the World Series Games.

In the middle my youngest in his  Halo  costume with his empty pillowcase ready to fill up! 

And my almost 18 year old son , Ncholas humoring Dad, by wearing a jersey. 


One last picture with the pose he chose!

He loved this costume from last year so much he wore it again! 


I am grateful that my husband took off work to be able to go trick or treating. 

I am grateful that Nicholas was kind hearted enough to go with Connor when he asked.

I am grateful that my brother was so forgiving for my acccidental 2 am cell phone dial that woke him up. 

I am grateful that we have found a great car mechanic who comes to the house.

I am grateful for the family fun we had trying out the new log splitter, boy what a workout! 

NoRepeat November (1) (500x500)

Your first waking thought in the morning is to put together this look

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Monday Mingle


Or it could just mean I am trully obsessed or addicted and need to see a therapist, stat…


I just love my purple leoapard spotted jeans by Diane Gilman, I dare say this is my favorite jean. 

I thrifted this purple poncho by Old Navy and love that it is a great length for my petite height and doesn’t overwhelm me. 


Happiness Factor is super high with this enseble.  

I tried cuffing the jeans but liked the longer leg line it gave me without it. 


I tried to get a close up of the necklace to show that it is actually a pin of my mother’s .  

Purple was her favorite color and I’ve gotta say i love it myself!  

Dear Readers, I had fun putting this “wake-Up” inspiration together.  I am so happy Fall and layering has arrived. I can’t wait to start putting together more skirt and dresses look and getting all my boots into circulation.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!   Can you beiieve we’ve had nightly lows in the low 40’s and Halloween is expected to be close to 80 again…. 

IMG_2046As an added bonus,  Here is the first way I wore my newest boots by Issaac Mizrahi via QVC


I am grateful for my mind and the inspiration that came naturally for today’s outfit.

I am grateful that my oldest wrinkled his nose at my look , as he does at any of my more bohemian ones.. 

I am grateful that my youngest without prompting, immediately complimented my outfit. 

I am grateful the my husband made the family breakfast while I slept this morning.

I am grateful for Football Season , even if my team lost ….It never ceases to bring me memories of watching games with my father while we peeled carrots and potatoes for Sunday roast. 

Pantone may be calling Emerald the color of the season, but

seems like Cobalt is more popular right now!


Spent the day at the mall with a friend and her daughter! 

All the pics for today are by 7 1/2 year old “niece” .  


In front of the Target Red Wall before I took off my Trench coat…

I bought nothing today, can you imagine????


I really love these brown jeans by Diane Gilman with the zippered sides….bought last year and worn a lot!

I also think I forget how versatilve my snakeskin purse can be….

I feel gulilty sometimes that I can’t lead you to my purchases, but as a bargain shopper, most are found on clearance and gone before I can do so…  I hope that my style is inspiring in colors, cuts and combinations that transfer to others. 


Orange Halloween Wall!  

Love that I can take a sheer top and layer it with a jacket to make it more versatile and work for more than one season! 

Dear Readers, i love spending the day with my best friend and her daughter and due to chaos in her life and my homeschooling schedule we’ve gona a month without seeing each other.  I hate that and apparently so did her daughter who privately chastised me and told me I was her mother’s best friend…. Hope things calm down and we can do better going forward as I know that it’s not just about my freindship, I am Auntie Tracey to this little girls as well. 


Okay, obviously the first one has to be spending the day with my friend and her spunky daughter!

I am grateful that the rain died down and I was able to walk across from the Mall to take the little one to a movie while her mother was taking a test for a job.  

I am grateful that my DD cleaned the kitchen for me today since I was goine unitl 8 pm!

I am grateful that my youngest did the homeschooling assignments I left for him.

I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is almost here! 

I am grateful that “my niece” trusts me and told me something she needed to get out and asked me to share it with her mother!  

Well the Temperatures dropped and it is a miserable wet and cold Thursday.   What better way to cope than to find my cozy sweater, a pair of skinny’s and fur lined boots… May not be the most fashion forward look, but works for this kind of day! I apologize for the quality of photos we took them on the porch to stay dry and the lighting wasn’t great!


Did I mention that big drops in temperature wreak havoc on sinuses, so woke up to pain when I moved my head.  No worries there though I took some great medicine and it went away.  It just makes mornings go a little slower.. Must be why we didn’t start home schooling until 11:30 am.. Notice my metal dolphin sculpture.  It was a birthday gift from my mother and I cherish it!


Funny thing about this warm sweater… It was my very first purchase from QVC  three years ago and I have loved it ever since…. Who knew purchasing online could turn out so well, but this was the beginning and now I am hooked.  These jeggings are Diane Gilman via HSN.  Before I know it I am going to be one of those reviewers who confesses that I own 50 pairs of her jeans.   I use to think that was crazy when I first read some of those reviews.  Not anymore in fact let me count how many I now have….I didn’t check my closet, but off the top of my head, I think I am at 12 right now.  In only a year.. oh yeah, I could easily become  obsessed….I’ve never even owned more than three or four  pairs of jeans before. Then again there are trouser jeans, jeggings, skinny jeans and straight leg, boyfreind and bootcuts these days…

IMG_1644The weather update has changed and what was originally suppose to be an inch of snow was predicted to be 2 to 4 inches.  For Virginia Beach that is a big difference. Then, later the forecast changed and it was north and west of us, we didn’t get anything.  Oh apparently it snowed but melted immediately as it didn’t get quite cold enough.  That is the constant story here in Virginia Beach.  My daughter who is at Longwwood, north west of us had several inches but it should melt today…A huge disappointment for my 17 year old who had to go to school on time while cities all around us were delayed two hours…  I decided to pose in my purple puffer coat (currently on clearance at QVC) and Sporto boots.  If I have to have a puffer to keep me warm, at least it has to be in a Fabulous color!

IMG_1649I never wear this coat without the scarf down the front, I think it helps to make it more fashionable.  At least that is my delusion and I am sticking to it!!!!

As a follow up to yesterday’s Paisley post, fellow blogger mentioned they were getting in paisley items in her Dressbarn store, so I looked online and they have a total of 88 Paisley items right now!

I also realized one of my two pairs of Talbots printed slacks are in Paisley too!


Gratitude: My daughter’s psychology professor called her business partner and vouched for my daughter  and she was given an internship!!!!  I am grateful that my daughter, Ashley is so strong and focused, as this final semester at Longwood University is going to be her toughest yet with an internship and a professor who required her to do community service hours.  I am grateful to have had the strong mother who fought the school on things for us and set the example for me to do the same,  as I have a meeting with my son’s Principal and a fight on my hands….

As always, my dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Come back tomorrow and see my look of the week in my Red-Orange Jeans.   

As a woman who was always conscious of having a versatile wardrobe, I have held long and fast to one rule for so long I don’t even know how old I was when I first came to this.    That rule was that I never bought pants that had anything striking about them in color or adornment.  I noticed very young that some girls would have jeans with embroidery down one leg and make note of how frequently they wore them.  For some reason that bothered me.  I saw others make fun of them for how frequently they were worn and I wanted to steer clear of that kind of attention. It really stuck with me…

Now I am in my forties and everything changes….Remember this look from Last week and my New Red-Orange Skinny’s:


Having lived so long with this rule, I began to question , how versatile are bright red-orange skinny jeans?  These  garnered so much attention the first time I wore them, that the question of my long held rule came to the forefront.   Now I am not at all concerned about how frequently I wear something or if someone notices I have favorites in my closet.


I have several different things I do in my life with totally different groups of people so wearing things often wouldn’t even matter….But the question still remains, How versatile are jeans of this color ? How many ways can I wear them?   Hence my challenge for the week to style them each day in different ways using only what I currently have in my closet.  How many ways can I come up with?  


Well, today is the first day of this journey and challenge. I chose to go bold with cobalt today, what will I do tomorrow?  I will have different looks each day this week, then taper it off and chose one day a week for the remainder of this winter season to see how creative I can be.  I felt like I should be cheering for the Denver Broncos in this outfit, but I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, even if they didn’t make the play-offs this year….

 My Dear Readers, perhaps if you have questioned the practicality of such a color you can learn along the way with me….I am so excited about this and have so many ideas in my head already!  I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

Gratitude:  I am grateful that although my kids are all getting pretty sick that I still only have a mild case of sinus issues(they seem more flu-like….) I am grateful to my husband for taking a round of photos on his one day off this week to help me with this challenge.  I am grateful that the temperatures this week will be in the 50’s and 60’s this entire week(at least during the day).  

It’s Visible Monday and I think these colors sure qualify so go to Not Dead Yet Style and see what other bloggers are doing this week…

Since I finally decided to go ahead and purchase skinnys as I feel closer to my goal weight… I have added this new color!  


I have to say a year ago if someone had suggested I buy this color, I probably would have laughed.  There is something about losing weight that has given me a brand new confidence to burst out of my comfort zone…

IMG_1434How lucky am I to have a friend who gave me this fabulous Dooney & Bourke in this same red-orange color!  It  is really easy to pull an outfit together with such a unique color when you have a shirt with a print to pull another color and add a jacket.  I love printed tops,but have had to get rid of quite a few with my weight loss.  I think this is just the thing to search for in my next thrifting venture… I have to add that this grey jacket has been revived from being given away after I washed it in hot water and dried it. It shrank so that it barely buttons on me now!

IMG_1443Side view is to show the fun zippers that go from the waist all the way down these fun pants.  These skinny’s are by Diane Gilman.  They are identical to the Espresso ones shown here, but one size smaller since I am still losing weight… I love this designer and these pants, but I do have to be honest with you that the zippers are not lined on the inside and feel cold against my legs so have to wear them with tights… I don’t know if I will be able to wear them alone in spring and if not , that is a real problem.

The Two Dresses, Two Ways Challenge was posted at 40 Plus Style

A new realization and my Gratitude for today:  

     My husband came home last night and saw these  pants on me for the first time and couldn’t stop saying how much he liked them.  I feel so blessed to have a supportive husband who notices everything about my weight loss journey and my new style developing… It is so great that all the things that I embrace outside my comfort zone are the things he raves about,  even not having any knowledge that it is a stretch for me. I guess I am surprised at how in sync with me he seems to be.     

 I will have to come up with some other ways to style these red-orange pants  in the next few months.  I know adding neutrals, like black, creme, white, tan and brown would easily work , but will strive to find something more inspiring as well.  Any suggestions My Dear Readers?   

As Always my Dear Readers Your comments are welcomed and appreciated! 

I am so excited about my new pants, that I couldn’t wait until morning to post this,but is around midnight so it qualifies as tomorrow, Right?

I was so happy to receive these Diane Gilman Tribal Print Jeans  yesterday and couldn’t wait to style them and wore them all day.  I was beyond thrilled when UPS came so early, as that doesn’t happen! It was windy and my hair doesn’t look good at all today….


I paired these with one of my favorite jackets.  It is a microsuede swing jacket with an obi belt.  I purchased this jacket as one of my first items from the tv shopping channels. It is by Wayne Lucas Scot previous stylist on What Not to Wear.   I have worn this so much over the past two years and am so happy to report that this is going to be one of the very few items that will survive my total weight loss of about 50lbs once I get to my goal.  I also have this in brown.   I so wish this was still available to direct you to purchase because it is one of the most favorite things I have ever owned….


I took this side pose so you could see how cute this jacket really is!

I have to say that I am so loving my black booties.  The heel is just the right height and does wonders to increase my leg line, which is important for us petite women. They are clearance right now at Payless for just $15.    Last year I wore mules a lot,but have found that my new love of booties has made my mules obsolete.


I was thinking of what other ways I could style these pants and my first thought was to add a yellow top.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hearing and trying them because I want these to be something I wear often… I found it very funny that when I showed my husband these pants online, he got that funny face as if to say , “really?”   He was still sleeping when I put this outfit together(remember he is on vacation) and when he saw my outfit he complimented it.  I reminded him of his initial reaction to the pants and he said, “well, I like them now!”   I told him I like them in green too and he repeated that he liked them.  I am not going to get the green, but am tempted…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my husband got some much needed sleep.  I am grateful that everyone pitched in and helped me straighten up the house today.  I am grateful that we all just hung around the house today.  I am so glad my husband changed his mind about these pants!!!

I have really been holding out on buying skinny jeans because I didn’t want to waste money on knowing I would lose weight and surely change another size… I tried, I really tried hard… I just found myself substituting leggings and not really liking that look on me.

So, I bought these really divine “espresso” colored skinny jeans by Diane Gilman via HSN.  If you haven’t heard of her, she caters to baby boomers and their need for a higher rise not juniors low rise….  I really prefer this in my jeans after having four children and a C-sectiion.

Now I would like a do-over for some previous outfits I did using brown leggings…


Of course I added a few changes this time:


And Just for fun let’s do try that again, here is the one with leggings


And with skinny jeans…


This sweater is now getting passed onto my daughter who tried it on and liked it.  Green is a color that she loves, and I feel honored to pass it on to her….

I feel like I have redeemed myself!  So glad I gave up my self imposed rule of not getting the skinny jeans until I reached my goal weight… the truth is that I am close enough to goal to go ahead as this designer has amazing stretch and if I buy them tight now, they will work beautifully when I reach goal.  This is not my theory, I have used jeggings in this brand throughout my weight loss…

I am feeling confident that I can go ahead and purchase more from this designer while they are still available in my goal size at clearance prices.  And here is what I ordered and should have soon!

They royal blue is a tribal print, the yellow and pink are checked print and the red neon has zippers down the side….The espresso ones above also have the zippers and my one complaint is that the inside is not covered and I wore tights with them so the cold zipper was not against my leg…Knowing this I still went ahead and ordered another color… Probably because those zippers caused quite a stir among my husband and friends….

DG2 Tribal-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans with Side Leg Zippers at

If you want to find the links to these you can do so from my Pinterest Page:


Linking up today with the Pleated Poppy, so by all means go browse and see what others are up to!


Gratitude:  I am grateful for the wonderful holiday season and time with my family.  I am grateful to be past the pain of mourning my mother and just feeling the joy of her memory!  Those two alone are so huge, that I want to take pause and just really appreciate this moment in time…It’s been a long time getting here….

Dear Readers if any of you are not at that stage in the mourning process yet, my heart goes out to you and know that it is around the corner, but takes different amounts of time for everyone.  

Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcome!  

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