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Today’s Challenge was to wear Anything Leopard

and I knew I wanted to pair it with Burgundy as wearing my 

Creme Boots yesterday , made me want to wear my Burgundy ones today.

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I bought the dress from and like it , but it is 

definitely one that has to be worn with tights as it has no lining. 

I actually searched amazon for burgundy tights at the beginning of the season…

Gotta love Amazon!   


I added a pink and gold necklace Charming Charlies necklace to the look , 

another option to accessorize would have been to add a belt and forgo the necklace. 

Leapord Jacket is by Joan Rivers via QVC ,

It’s currently on clearance for just $26 in smaller sizes.

It does run big as I have a 39 inch bust and wear an XS very comfortambly

and can easily button this jacket as it has 

elastic gathering at the waist, a favorite feature of thsi jacket.    


I think this would make a great Valentine’s Date Night Outfit! 

I definitely styled this look just for the challenge and not for my day

home with my teen homeschooler, lol.  

DH didn’t go to work until 2pm , so he did get a kick out of it .  

When trying to figure out a purse, my son immediately suggested I go with something pink. 

He couldn’t believe I took his suggestion and I swear he stood taller when taking my photos.  

Self Care

I was in a real funk today… Perhaps the lack of sleep…I didn’t let that stop me 

and made the commitment to eat only fruit, veggies and protein today. 

I succeeded in that!  


I am grateful that this morning first thing I had an e-mail from Weight Watchers explaining that they were counting points of fruit and vegetables in smoothies because when blended they don’t offer the same feeling of fullness.  I guess they think you will indulge in more fruit throughout the day so counting it in smoothies will offset that. My smoothie with Chia seeds, green tea and Greek Yogurt along with fruit keeps me full until lunchtime, so still pondering going back to WW. 

I am grateful for a phone call from my brother as he gets ready to leave for a trip to Cancun, lucky guy will be spending his birthday on this work reward trip for all his success.  Nice to share in his joy! 

I am grateful for the anticipation as we  countdown for Thursday Night when my daughter who will  be home. 

I am grateful that I am hearing on the news, that my bimonthly water bill is going to be switching to a smaller bill every month… more convienent for so many.   

I am grateful for the awkward moment when my next door neighbor was walking his dog during my photo shoot, the first time that’s ever happened and made for a good laugh between my photographer and myself!  


This week, I am Getting Outfit Inspiration from a spin off, 

Private group of my style challengers and today’s oufit called for 



I had this outfit hanging together in my closet as I often have a few, 

so knew exactly what I was going to use for the Day of RED…

sayings about the color red - Google Search:

In my youth, I steered away from red, believing it wasn’t a good color for me…

My husband loves it and over the years I tried it and lo and behold , deeper reds work well for me!  

So my Dear Readers, What’s Your Shade of RED?  


I added this red leather motto, late summer on clearance.  

It’s actually a faux leather or I should say , Vegan Leather, as it sound better, lol

Its a Marc Bouwer via Qvc and sold out now…

Sweatshirt dress (F21), grey boots( Issaac Mizrahi,QVC) , handbag ( just Fab) and scarf (Kroger-my grocery store, lol)

 are all pieces I’ve had previous seasons. 




I got these red fleece lined leggings in a set of 6 colors last year and never 

wore them, so thought why not for today on a day of being home, with maybe a quick walk to the grocery store. 

I am not sure I’d wear them on a regular basis, but I don’t hate them, so who knows?  

Self Care

I had a meditative morning with no electronics or noise, lit a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the silence while sipping my morning smoothie.  I treasure the quiet in the morning with my late sleeping husband and son…. 

Tomorrow’s color inspiration is Orange, if anyone wants to join me! 


I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day, I kept making excuses to go out to take out trash in every room in the house , etc, just to bask in the sunlight. 

I am grateful that my husband was able to change out the turtle tank before he left, it need it! 

I am grateful that yesterday after existing on only 3 1/2 hours sleep that I went to bed at 7:00, woke up at 10:30 pm, went back to bed at 12:30 and slept another 7 hours!   It was nice to feel well rested!  

I am grateful that we got just a dusting of snow and had the romantic pleasure of snow , without the clean up.  

I began last week with the intention of doing a week of dresses and skirts

to boost my mood for these winter blues and stopped short for bowling day and  once our snow arrived..

To make up for that, I have two outfits…


I wore this Ann Taylor thrifted skirt over the weekend.

The key to success here is the fleece lined tights in navy.

The sequined sweatshirt by is rather thin, so I added another navy t-shirt underneath.

I finished off with a navy faux leather jacket by F21 and my boots from Ireland.


Not the best lighting in this photo,

but the best part of this outfit for me is the swingy skirt.

Movement in skirts are wonderful for boosting my mood and increasing my sassy side.


Now for what I wore Monday…

A thrifted dress and Old Navy Sweater…

I really do like thrifting dresses and skirts because the lower cost allows me to have more in this category.


I loved getting a chance to rock my burgundy knee high heeled boots.. 

I am glad my sciatica isn’t flared up which allowed me to sport heels.  

I like the ease of layering a sweater over a skirt rather than layering with a jacket or cardigan. 

Have you tried that with success yet? 

Dear Readers, since Tuesday is a make up Parent’s Night out , due to our snowfall,

I will be putting together another dress look for tomorrow.  

I wanted to wear a maxi styled for winter , but the wet snow and rain we’ve had changed that desire. 


I am grateful that my daughter is home and that she came with dinner requests. 

I am grateful that we are making progress on sewing her costume for the Anime Convention in Boston.  

I am grateful that  we are having so much fun making the costume and the memories we are building, not to mention the love my daughter feels in our support of her Anime interests…

I am grateful that my son will be coming home Friday, from VCU and will have a few days that overlap his sister’s break.

 I am grateful for the time alone with just my daughter and youngest, this is a first and she is spending so much time teaching him things and being a big sister…

On my favorite fashion Forum, You Look Fab, 

a lot of the members have been trying out a skirted legging

Free shipping and returns on Eileen Fisher Skirted Ankle Leggings (Regular & Petite) at A modern layered look comes together in one easy, smooth-fitting piece with a short skirt attached to stretchy leggings.

This one is by Eileen Fisher at Nordstroms and the one the members are loving

It’s out of the price range I would spend on such a piece at $138, but no worries.

QVC to the rescue with several versions Here by Legacy for around $30 

I ordered a patterned one and a black one from QVC last week,

and  was inspired to go to my closet and mimic the look..


I chose a thrifted skirt that still had brand new tags on it.   

It’s a great 2 layers with the top one being sheer with circle design, a skirt with fun movement…

Straight skirts and ones with more volume like this all work for this trend. 

I paired it with my new Just Fab Vest and my statement necklace by Susan Graver via QVC

Mine is no longer available as I bought it on clearance, but Here is her current ones…

This outfit really made my heart sing as it fit my love of Ying/Yang

with mix of feminine and flirty , yet structured and edgy..

I loved wearing the flat strappy boots rather than heeled ones.. 

This outfit really gave me that sassy feeling I love…

I swear I just heard the tinkle of my mother and father laughing in heaven in agreement of my spunky and sassy side, which they both found endearing and  greatly nurtured that part of my spirit…

It’s now a week after I began the post and I have my new Legacy skirted Leggings..


When I put this look together , my son took one look and told me I belonged in Ireland..

I had to laugh as I definitely think this look would play well on the streets of Europe…


As you can see this skirt is definitely shorter than my faux look from last week… 
I don’t mind the shorter version, but do think I will mimic the look with other skirt options as well.

 The weight of these legacy is such that it will work well into Spring…

So Dear Readers over to you… What’s your take on the skirted leggings trend? 

I must say that not all skirted leggings are equal and some are very mini and not as appropriate for my age group… I think the Legacy ones are border line length for my age group, but it works for me. Keep in mind that although I am petite height I have longer legs and don’t wear petite bottoms.  

Check this variety  on Amazon for different lengths as well as great prices…

I actually tried to find more examples of this trend on Pinterest to no avail…Angie from You Look Fab did write a feature on them you can read and see pictures Here..

Is this really a way that my peers over 40 can cheat and wear skirts above the knee without being judged?

Not that I care about that judgement myself… I wear skirts above my knee, just not minis.. 

This is look being worn with boots and booties now, but will work with flats in Spring.  


I am grateful that my daughter called me from Boston and chatted with me for over an hour about the goings on there regarding the blizzard and her readiness preparations…

I am grateful that I went to the grocery store today, and was craving junk food, but resisted buying it… I literally circled past the aisle three times debating it and talking myself out of it.. 

I am grateful that I hard boiled eggs yesterday and came home from the grocery store today cooked up veggie soup to keep me on track this week.

I am grateful that I listened to my “angel voice” nagging at me to take my blood pressure last week and that when I saw it was high, that I stopped taking the sudafed 12 hours and Nyquil and that it is now in normal range…

I am grateful that  my husband is taking time tomorrow to get our son private bowling lessons for some extra help before the first competition in April…

As a woman who fully embraces her femininity, 

I love wearing dresses and skirts for every day wear…

On this rainy Monday, I opted to spunk up my mood with a dress..


A super casual way to wear a dress…

A zippered hoodie and flat riding boots…

Perfect for this rainy but warmer day near 60F…

I would love to tell you where this jacket is from,

however it was a mail ordered Christmas gift and I have no idea..

My young photographer wasn’t happy until I smiled better and turned my head.. 


Here is a dressier way I wore this dress with Navy blazer and Navy suede boots. 

I definitely felt more spunky in this version…


This casual version was something I never would have done before blogging…

I’d have stuck to wearing heels and not paired it with a zippered hoodie either. 

It’s wonderful to be so much more versatile and adapt my love of skirts and dresses for 

My Mom on the Go Lifestyle… 

Dear Readers. Today was the first day back to homeschooling after out 3 week break to match his college siblings being home… Getting a teenager of 14 back into it is not easy… I knew that was going to happen and am very proud of how relaxed I was despite his stalling tactics for the day.. There is still residuals from his years in school with the reading, despite my success in solving his lack of phonetics and his new skills, he just hasn’t built up the stamina to read in courses like Biology (His IEP while in school stated that all subjects had to be read to him as he was a fantastic verbal learner)… The real problem has always been with writing,  so note taking is still a struggle.. He is getting much better and since the lessons are all videos, he only needs me as back up when taking quizzes or tests to ensure he read it correctly.  This is the first year, I’ve enforced note taking and our 3 week break while I was in Ireland set that back.  I am just taking it one day at a time and predict by mid February that he will be much more independent. I think taking responsibility for his own education is so important as I watched each of my older children get to that stage and delighted in their maturity.  I look forward to that stage for this child as well and can see that we have moved so much closer and am quite proud of what we’ve accomplished these past 3 1/2 years.  


I am grateful that my daughter called me on her walk back from Boston College today, as I miss her already…(she just went back on Sunday)

I am grateful that my son discovered he left his running shoes here and we were able to overnight them to him before he had PT for his ROTC on Wednesday… 

I am grateful that I took a walk in the light drizzle to the grocery store as the quiet house was getting to me. 

I am grateful that my homeschooling son eventually accomplished his tasks for the day.

I am grateful that this morning we revamped his weekly schedule. 

I am grateful that I accomplished a lot of straightening up around today around supervising homeschooling. 

I am grateful my dear friend sent me a text with photos of the outfit she wore to church with items I gifted her for Christmas. (she’s a single mom, so I thrift and find bargains all year and give them to her for her birthday in May and Christmas, it brings me great joy!) 

I am grateful that my other dear friend who is visiting family in CA texted me as well and I am looking forward to her return at the end of February… 

I decided to show today’s look in two ways… This was what I put on to wear for family outing to dinner…

Linking up with Style Elixir


The black and white trend can be done in so many ways and today, I decided to mix patterns for a more modern version of the trend..


As my husband was taking these photos,  it occured to me that these shoes are very much what I would choose to go out with the entire family, but what could I do to take this to a date night look???IMG_0528

I decided a simple switch into my newest thrift store shoes would do the trick.. Am I living up to my blog name today???


Well, of course my husband wholeheartedly agreed!  

Dear Readers, this was such an easy and fun transformation…. Look for more of those kind of transistions in the future…So for those of you who are mothers, can you relate to this idea at all?   Would this little trick work for your world?  Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  


I am grateful that I have my ten year old niece every other week for the summer.. I miss her so much during the school year!!

I am grateful for the walk (exercise) I took with my niece to the craft store looking for some summer fun!  

I am grateful that my brother has freinds looking for a cheaper way for me to get an entirely new heating/cooling system, which we were told today, needs replacing….

I am grateful for my strong faith and the fact that this “bad news” didn’t even phase me..

I am grateful that while the air conditioning repairman was here that he added coolant to my husband’s van.  

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