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Today I worked out with weights first thing in the morning , committing myself to daily workouts. 

This blogging thing and seeing pictures is just the reality check I needed…


When I did body measurements I confirmed what I already knew…

In the past any weight gain I’ve done so very evenly gaining the same number of inches in my chest, waist and hips…

This time my chest didn’t change at all and my waist bloomed 4inches while my hips only 2 inches…

This 15 pound gain at the stage of menopause is definitely showing!


These pants are by Old Navy, but I scored them on clearance so they are sold out.  

With tighter waist than the shorts I wore the other day with the navy peplum top, 

it doesn’t look anywhere near as good…


I do like this side pose, lol…

I am finding it funny that I have owned this bow necklace for over a year and not worn it much, yet have worn it twice in just a week or so..

I got it from Ebay, Here.  and my purse from Amazon, Here. 

Dear Readers, At 11:30 pm I showed my husband the second picture above and told him how unhappy I am with this stupid gain and he said, “I guess it’s too late to go for a walk”   and I replied, “No it’s not if you are game , so am I”  


Yep, We did it an hour walk at midnight!!!! 

My supportive husband will think twice before saying anything like that again…It just proves how dedicated I am to getting this off and getting back to loving getting dressed daily.   


I am grateful to my husband for being such a great sport and taking me for a late night walk.  

I am grateful that I have always been a woman of spontaneity! 

I am grateful for my blog and the pictures that make it impossible to ignore what the weight has done to my shape. 

I am grateful to my dear daughter for keeping her word to her younger brother and making him a really cool Minecraft cake, made of Rice Krispy treats, blue jello, chocolate cake and green icing.. She missed his birthday in April because she was in graduate school… and she is heading back a week from today for a Summer class..

I am grateful for the fun I had tonight writing Haiku’s when challenged to do so on the group Facebook page for the GYPO Summer Challenge.  I will share at least one with you tomorrow!  


Another look with the color combo

Olive, Black and White….

And what a coincidence my friend and walking partner met me today, 

with a beautiful Talbots Olive Sweater she wondered if I’d like…


When it comes to black and white patterns in my wardrobe, my houndstooth skinny cords ,

have to be my favorite bottoms.


This sweater was meant to be worn open, but I belted it and think I might add 

a closure to it as it feels more cozy than when open.


It was nice to get out of boots and wear flats today..

Temperatures are back to normal for this time of year, 

in the 60’s and I am loving it!  

I have one more idea for a look with this color combo, coming up tomorrow…

Hint, It’s another black and white pattern????

Dear Readers, I am really focused and back on track to losing this unwanted gain. I am very happy about this as I would like to fit into my Spring bottoms and right now, that is not the case.  Having the right mindset and really being ready to get back to Healthy Living is half the battle.. If you aren’t ready to commit, you can not succeed.  

I chose Weight Watchers as my weight loss tool because of the accountability of weigh-ins and that I could manage my points in a way that no foods were ever off limit.  I highly recommend finding some way to be accountable in your weight loss or exercise journey… If joining my Facebook Support group is something that will keep you accountable by all means join and share your journey….

Getting Healthy Support

I loved my morning walk and am going again tomorrow.  There really is something great about being outdoors in the morning at a local park with others all doing the same as you are and seeing how cheerful everyone was.  The best part was that since it’s a hill (not really a mountain ,but hey we are at sea level so any elevation is good) we took part of our walk up a path and across the top of the hill before heading back down…That was fun and even better workout!  


I am grateful that I have a motivated walking partner who will do it daily.

I am grateful that I am hopeful that these morning walks will also help my insomnia, as exercise has in the past and with early mornings it’s bound to change.  

I am grateful for a wonderful outing with my son home from college and his confiding in me and trust that I respect him and know he is wise in his decisions.   

I am grateful that I raised a wonderful kindhearted, compassionate, giving  young man, who I know will treat the people  in his life well. 

I am grateful that homeschooling went well today. 

I am grateful that I bought a new Ninja blender today for my smoothies ( Can you believe after 3 years it broke last week). 

My biggest problem in losing these final ten pounds is one hundred percent due to a carb addiction.  It is the thing that caused me to gain weight in the first place.  Back then I was in emotional pain from closing my store and my mother’s  dementia.  Now it’s stemming from the three weeks of not feeling well..  Who craves fruit, veggies and protein when they are having stomach bug or even when taste buds get messed up from sinus infection???


Didn’t bring sunglasses outside because it was 6:30pm….

No matter how much I tried to eat right these past few weeks the carbs have won out and all reason and doing what I know to be right has gone out the window… The problem with this is that once I indulge in one carb high meal for the day, my body craves more.  I successfully lost the weight because I filled myself up with yogurt , fruits, veggies and lean  protein… I did eat whole wheat pasta and whole wheat wraps and that was pretty much it for carbs as meal items.  I also allowed myself one WW 3 pt Dark chocolate Raspberry Ice cream bar almost every day…


Rocking my new purple leopard spotted jeans by Diane Gilman who has a huge variety of styles and a large following of women who own up  to 50 pairs!  I am on my way to that…. 

The thing is that when I was losing successfully  I ate at least 5 times a day, stayed within my points and lost an average of one pound per week.. I was never hungry and felt really good, vibrant and alive… Eating these carbs  lately is making me tired and I have been napping a lot… I have made excuses and been blaming this on my current changes due to menopause… Truth is like I said from the beginning of this journey it is about getting Mind, Body and Spirit all in alignment and balance…


So after eating banana bread for breakfast, I refuse to go down that path today… For lunch I had a yogurt and grapes (after a long nap).  For dinner I think I will cook up some chicken with mushrooms and onions for a wrap with lettuce tomato and cheese, leaving enough points for another yogurt… ( I am trying to eat two probiotics a day)  In order to curb this addiction I am going to hold myself accountable by becoming more transparent and divulge what I eat daily… Hope you will join me on this journey and if you are trying to eat healthier for either weight loss or just to be kinder to your body, comment and let us support each other in the journey!

The good news is that I have been exercising daily for the past four days and am really loving the feeling and am not just aiming to lose weight but increase my cardio  for my heart and tone up for my self esteem!  

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend!  If you read this entire post, thank you and I hope to bring some of you along on this journey with me!   Those last ten pounds aren’t going to know what hit them!  I am now in balance and have my head back on straight and a force to be reckoned with!  

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