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I just have to start off saying, I loved wearing this outfit combo….

I loved the modern, yet  throwback feel to this look…

Linking up with Visible Monday 


The silhouette of the pants and the loafers along with the crew neck with the collared blouse are all looks from days gone by…

Leaving the shirttail out, the plaid in a sweatshirt version  and the pattern mixing are all modern touches…

Of course you can’t forget the modern handbag as part of the package….


Wearing a crew neck with a blouse underneath is a look I remember vividly that my mother wore.  

It seems like so long ago that this look was fashionable…

I was hesitant to try it as it read “old” to me…. 

My choice of styling and the results completely knocked it out of the park for me…

A perfect example of trying trends you might first have an aversion to…


Even the shorter bracelet friendly length of the sleeves on the sweatshirt add to the modern feel…

All I can say is this outfit made me feel like dancing and for some reason

Chubby Checkers, The Twist Sign Came to Mind…


Yep, that’s right I burst out into solo dances quite often….

My kids have long sense gotten use to this about their mother and even sometimes join in instead of laughing at me…

All I can say , is any outfit that makes me feel like this deserves repeating, although in colder temps I will be forced to switch to boots , which will of course change the feel of the look….   

I actually went outthe night I wore this and  since I was going to be hanging out in a friends back yard and garage, I switched to boots for the temps in the 40’s.  

Sweatshirt sold out F21 but here’s another option

My polka dot blouse is from BJ’s, but here’s a version from Old Navy

Old Navy Pixie Pants from Old Navy -my exact ones..

Purse from Just Fab here

Shoes by Covington -thrifted..


I am grateful for a night with friends…

I am grateful that my dear son texted  and wanted to share with me photos of his game gear outfit to attend his first game at college

I am grateful  for music and my silly nature that allows me to break out into dance,,, of course this is something I save for the privacy of my own home…I do have hope that as I age even more, like perhaps in my 60’s that I will feel free enough to do it in public, LOL!  

I am grateful for memories of my mother and the knowledge that she walks beside me, just on a different plane…

I am grateful for guided meditations and highly recommend them..


From this morning until when I took my photos at 5pm,

we had rain drop a falling…

As any good blogger does, I took photos anyway…


Not the best photos, but here you go…

Today was homeschool bowling, so this was perfect casual look.

I am wearing my Old Navy pixie pants again. love them..

Did I mention they have a lot of stretch????


I bought this Joe Fresh sweater over the summer and was happy to wear it..

I love this belt I thrifted and this is the one belt i am going to take to Ireland. 

You can’t see well, but I am wearing my Ying/Yang necklace again…


My jacket is a lace bomber jacket and for the life of me, I forget where I picked it up…

Dear Readers,  I didn’t even mind the rainy day because it meant a second day of layering…I am so excited about the cooler temps, but am limited in my selections as I have not unpacked Fall clothing and don’t anticipate that I will do so in the next 10 days prior to going to Ireland… I did however amass quite a few new items for the season and will have fun wearing those right away..

I ordered these from No More Rack .com for keeping my boots standing upright ,

once I get them all unpacked and ready for the season.


I am grateful for a fun day meeting a new homeschooling mom and chatting.

I am grateful for a secular group of mother’s to discuss homeschooling. 

I am grateful that my son had a great time and is fitting in well with this group. 

I am grateful that my husband is no longer outside measuring in rainy days like this and my worry about him is over. 

I am grateful that my 14 year old photographer didn’t even balk at taking my photos with a steady rain falling down on us.


Yes, our temperatures fell enough that with the clouds and winds,

I couldn’t just wear my light weight sweatshirt and went back in to grab my jean jacket


I’ve been waiting to wear this new sweatshirt from H&M that I bought over the summer for clearance pricing.

I love the white jeans  with the blues..


I love this bumpy textured yarn mixed with silver bits… 

I went from owning no sweatshirts to now owning three or four…

You’v gotta love these mixed media pieces that are on trend along with the sporty trend…


 I chose the simple Avon  tassel necklace to just add a vertical line down the middle.

I like that styling trick and use it often..

I also threw a headband on today with the winds it worked well…


It felt great to wear layers and heels!  

Today’s temps match what the temperatures in Ireland have been recently..

I am loving my Just Fab purses, I’ve never been one to spend a lot on purses, so these work well for me..

Not that I don’t love my Dooney & Bourke…

Dear Readers, It’s going to be a tough time trying to homeschool these last days before our trip.

12 days and counting….Well 11 by the time I post this…

My head is just not in the homeschooling right now and my son is trying to take advantage of that…

It’s not a big deal with the semester college type courses he’s taking for high school as we can just take longer to finish them…

Who cares if we are done by January and moving on to all new classes?  

There’s a lot of pressure as a homeschooling mother to prove our children are soaring, but why ? 

In my case he was making great grades in Public School , but struggling in reading and writing….

I’ve already done better than they did, with him now reading high school appropriate books.

Your turn, What do you stress yourself about needlessly, does writing your thoughts on it help set you straight?


I am grateful for blogging as sometimes I don’t know where each post will lead, It was nice to write that out about homeschooling and realize I stress myself out needlessly!

I am grateful that my husband called just recently to report another successful day.  

I am grateful that my husband is doing so well with this job since he resigned from the management position.

I am grateful for the chaos that caused him to resign, as he is more profitable and less stressed. 

I am grateful that my daughter and I booked her flights for a wedding where she is a bridesmaid for her friend and for her to come home for Thanksgiving. 

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