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Dear Readers, I’ve been busy getting things ready for Christmas and forgetting to take blog photos before dark..

I woke up this morning feeling inspired to write a post on Gratitude…

The best benefit to me in starting this blog has been holding myself accountable and publicizing my daily gratitude!

It truly is a gift you give yourself! 

I must also say Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays , Happy Hanukkah! 

I hope you are all filling your souls with family, friendship and the love of the Season!  

Click the quote to see a beautiful Thanksgiving video you can share with your family!

You see I awoke this morning at 5am with about 5 hours of sleep and severe sinus pressure, but my positive personality kicked into gear and I imagined myself as The Little Engine That Could, a book my grandmother bought me and dear mother read to me many times. It  was a lesson I needed and my wise mother was well aware of that need. That thought sparked my initiating the Gratitude post you are reading because I am missing my mother like crazy and am so grateful for the incredible legacy she left behind that guides me in so many ways..

The Best Books Age by Age: Big Kids: The Little Engine That Could (via

Today,  I am cooking up 3 flavors of Frittatas..

.Yes, accommodating ten people means choices.

.In case you are curious my 3 options are 1. spinach, artichoke, mushroom, onion and feta,  2. red & green peppers onions and feta and 3. bacon, onions and sharp cheddar…  Yep, onions in all 3!  

And guess what I forgot to buy… ONIONS… Heading to the store after breakfast and a cup of tea!  

Feta & Vegetable Mini Frittatas.  Only 2 WW Pts+ per frittata.  A great Healthy Choice for breakfast on the go.

I’ve mentioned on Facebook, but now will share with you, that my goal this year is to have all my cooking done early as I usually do it on Christmas Eve and am frazzled by Christmas morning.. This year I set the goal to have a peaceful, relaxing, recharging day for Christmas Eve and I am on target, as long as I muscle through this headache today.. 

What 3 things are you grateful for today?

If you haven’t already embraced daily gratitude’s as a key to happiness ,

this might help.. get you started..

21 Days of Gratitude Printable Prompts #MobilePrint #sponsored

I will probably not do another post until after Christmas, so would love if any of my dear readers would bless me with a comment of something they are Grateful for this season!

Merry Christmas!

And Now for a few Gratitudes from the last few days…

I am grateful for my Nicholas( 19) for being a light in my world and changing out the lightbulbs in my kitchen!  

I am grateful to my daughter for bathing and grooming the dog and to my youngest for helping her…

I am grateful to my two boys for accompanying me on the several grocery trips over the last few days. My youngest even indulged me in a walk in the rain last night when the urge hit me..

I am grateful for the love of dear friends and my blogging community who keep me going with their kindness and wisdom. 

I am grateful that my husband’s hard work was recognized when he was awarded Salesman of the Year!  He totally kicked butt, especially considering that he was in management up until mid August and took 3 weeks off in October!  

I am grateful for wonderful holiday memories and conversations with my children. 

I am grateful for the outpouring of outrage for the loss of two NY officers.  

I am grateful to my youngest who is the first one up, just  came up to me with a big hug and “Morning Mom!”  


I am chomping at the bit to wear Fall clothing…

I bought a few pieces off season over the summer that are just calling my name…

Since I am in air conditioning, I can sport this , despite our warm temps…

Linking up with Visible Monday


I bought this sweater at Burlington by Cable & Gauge

My pants are brand new as well, Old Navy, Pixie Pants..


My purse and shoes are different darker shades of green than the brighter color of the sweater…

I bought these heels last September for my birthday…

They still have them at Metrostyle 


It felt nice to rebel and wear Fall clothing, but it was warm taking photos.  

Dear Readers, I am 5ft 3in ,but wear regular length pants.. I however have shorter arms and really do better with petite tops. I don’t like limiting myself to that, but think I might see about taking some much loved pieces and have the tailor shorten them.. This sweater my be the first one in the pile as I really don’t want it to be tunic length…Yet another project for after Ireland…


I am grateful that my son is so patient in being my blog photographer.

I am grateful that I got a step ahead today and wrote a white board of all the things my youngest needs to do on a daily basis while I am away..

I am grateful my oldest lives nearby and will move home for a few weeks, allowing us the freedom to go to Ireland.

I am grateful that my walks are still going well and that I enjoy them so much! ( I even run the last block) 

I am grateful for the wonderful smells from my kitchen as the roast is cooking..

I am grateful for my wonderful family and the love we share. 

With just two weeks before Ireland things are in full swing.

A busy week of making lists and getting things ready, 

including eye appointment and ordering new glasses.

But today was my favorite way to get ready…


Getting my hair cut and colored is always a good day!  

My stylist gets the biggest kick out of the fact that there is no red in the coloring he uses, yet my hair brings it out…

I attribute that to my redheaded mother- one of my father’s nicknames for her was “Rusty”


Love that color and highlights that were there from the last time I visited him back in May.

He did a great job preserving them, which was the one request from DH…

I guess I should feel blessed DH even notices my highlights…


I threw this outfit together rather quickly as I was getting ready and assisting my son with homeschooling..

I think I would have preferred tucking the top an adding a different belt…

Confession time…. I wore the Aerosoles mules because I didn’t have time to fix my toe polish…

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

If  my guys are up for it we may be going to the Air Show!  

I loved the air show as a child and we use to go every year as

my father had been an aviation mechanic in the Navy.

I remember him once showing me a part inside a plane that he invented, 

He was pretty proud of that and I regret that I dion’t remember what it was ,

so I could have showed it to my children. 


I am grateful to my hairstylist for his talent and fitting me in today!

I am grateful to my husband for caring so much about the highlights and paying attention…

I am grateful to DH for ending a phone call when we were in the car together , to focus on the few moments we had . 

I am grateful to DH for pushing me take a walk last night and the energy I felt this morning to burst out into calisthenics.. 

I am grateful for surviving a very busy week!  

Today was a funny day with temps swinging back and forth as the cloud cover came and went…

When the sun was shining it was too warm for my sweater..

I’d go into a building, come out and either put the sweater on or take it off…


I actually didn’t plan on wearing the sweater, but was lucky enough to have it tucked into my tote bag 

with my bowling shoes for the first activity of the day…

I bought this sweater and a cobalt one from BJ’s because they were $12,99  and everywhere

else I saw that style they were twice as much…

I originally packed my new pants from Old Navy, but unpacked them to wear today…


I bought this top awhile ago, from TJ  Maxx , but hadn’t worn it yet…

My intention was for another option to wear with my red-orange jeans .

You can’t really tell that it has tiny beading in the print…

I love the length of this tunic for my petite height and the lighter,more sheer hem.


I love an opportunity to wear my orange blush and lipsticks….


I really loved this outfit and think that I would love to have a few more tops in this silhouette.  

I already ordered a second pair of these pants in black… 

I like that I got them on a great sale price with their 30% off online…

My pointed toe flats are thrifted and get a lot of use!!!! 

Dear Readers, Have you embraced the color grey for the season?   

If not what color have you added to your wardrobe for Fall? 

I opted to embrace it and get bi-focals today, yep, I ‘ve reached that stage! 


I am grateful that my husband was off for most of the day and joined us for the homeschool bowling. 

I am grateful that my son who was thinking he was over bowling is renewed and joined the league. 

I am grateful that we had some new families join our bowling group.

I am grateful that my husband and I also were able to do walk ins for eye appointments today.

I am grateful for Karma and for the fun we had laughing about that today

I am grateful my dear friend accompanied me to pick out glasses , as going alone to do that is not something I enjoy…

I am grateful that even with the majority of the day for fun, my husband still had a profitable evening. 

So Tuesday is my Weight Watcher meeting and Weigh In… I mentioned that I had gained over two pounds overnight and was surprised by that on Monday morning… For the weigh in I was up exactly one pound from the previous weigh in…So no complaints here…

Linking up Today with TransAtlantic Blonde and What I Wore Wednesday  and Tres Chic


I have been very frustrated with this last part of the weight loss journey, as I had told myself I didn’t want to be as thin as I had been before I began gaining.  I see pictures and didn’ t like how thin my face was.  I am now a size 6 and in many brands, I can wear a size 4 as well.  So somebody please help me understand why that is the highest acceptable weight for my height?… Why when I used the Navy’s military BMI calculator that I was in the acceptable range, but just .3 away from obese? …this one asked for lots of measurements including your neck…I just want to be at a place where I feel healthy and that I can maintain for the rest of my life… 


Just needed to vent about that.. I do want to be more in the middle of the healthy requirements for my height and will do so, but had to get real and mad about the fact that I will be a size 4 by goal weight and be shopping for all new clothes… or mostly new bottoms…Quite  Frankly, I have been pouting… That ends today! 


I am going to kick it in to gear by joining the YMCA next week.  I loved the membership we had before and went three times a week doing all water exercizes and loving it… I did 2.5 to 3 hours in the pool three times a week… I am a lover of exercise, more so for strength training than cardio.  I have been doing well with strength training at home, but need the Y for the cardio because ,although I love exercize, I hate to sweat… so back to the pool I go…Should lose these last pounds pretty quickly…

IMG_0789Love this thrifted skirt and silhouette.  The top is by Chadwicks’ bought two years ago, back then diddn’t fit , but hey I prepared ahead for this weight loss… Shoes from Payless last year and Purse is by Liz Claiborne NY for QVC.  I would so wear skirts everday if that didn’t get boring fast and let’s face it , if you’ve been following my blog at all , you can tell I love to vary silhouettes.  

Dear Readers, I have really let my weight loss journey stall for more months than I care to confess, but am done pouting and ready to lose those last pounds and move on with it.  I am just so grateful to be where I am now and to have had the success and support to get this far! I appreciate the support I receive here from you all as well. Thank You!   I also want to thank those who commented about my missing my mother and sharing their own journeys of Dementia and Alzheimer’s! 


I am grateful to my niece for taking my photos today, trying to fit it in between the rain showers!

I am grateful for my WW meeting, leader and the contributions members make by sharing their stories .

I am grateful to my friend Sue, for the company and rides to meetings as well as being my partner in crime (thrifting) Going to miss you these next two weeks while you are out of town.

I am grateful to my daughter for her kindess to my niece and talking her through the Xbox game! 

I am grateful to my youngest for joining her and playing the game and even letting her win!!!

I am grateful to my husband who is home early tonight for asking me to join him in a Power Walk, which I am going to go do Right Now! ( Went for  an hour and felt great, perfect cooler temp!) 

I decided to show today’s look in two ways… This was what I put on to wear for family outing to dinner…

Linking up with Style Elixir


The black and white trend can be done in so many ways and today, I decided to mix patterns for a more modern version of the trend..


As my husband was taking these photos,  it occured to me that these shoes are very much what I would choose to go out with the entire family, but what could I do to take this to a date night look???IMG_0528

I decided a simple switch into my newest thrift store shoes would do the trick.. Am I living up to my blog name today???


Well, of course my husband wholeheartedly agreed!  

Dear Readers, this was such an easy and fun transformation…. Look for more of those kind of transistions in the future…So for those of you who are mothers, can you relate to this idea at all?   Would this little trick work for your world?  Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed!  


I am grateful that I have my ten year old niece every other week for the summer.. I miss her so much during the school year!!

I am grateful for the walk (exercise) I took with my niece to the craft store looking for some summer fun!  

I am grateful that my brother has freinds looking for a cheaper way for me to get an entirely new heating/cooling system, which we were told today, needs replacing….

I am grateful for my strong faith and the fact that this “bad news” didn’t even phase me..

I am grateful that while the air conditioning repairman was here that he added coolant to my husband’s van.  

After reading a new blog about the opening of a new Goodwill near me, I traveled the 30 minutes to it and was not at all disappointed. This was not just any Goodwill… It is 21,000 sq ft.  Read more at Got It At GoodWill.

Part of that store is an Outlet Store that sells by the pound, I will show the remainder of those purchases at another time. For now I will show you two bathrobes that were part of my $1.19 per pound lot. 


This is in brand new condition and by Sonoma.  I love these for after showering!


This Navy one by Croft and Barrow too was in brand new condition and is for my husband.  

The Following are all pieces  I found at the Retail Store


I have wanted a cropped jean jacket for a very long time!!!!

IMG_0385Yes I am a lover of animal print!  It is black and white with some blues and is by Ann Taylor


Banana Republic cardigan This is 50/50 Wool & Angora.  I really love printed cardigans as you will see…


In love with the browns and teal of this Ann Taylor Merino wool cardi!


Brown Zebra print by Loft in Pima Cotton finishes of the cardi’s


Loved the colors in this thin, almost sheer pull-0ver by IceBreaker, the tag also reads New Zealand Merino…

Check this out,  it is selling now on their website for a lot more than my mere$4.99!


Loft, dark brown pullover with lovely button detail at the shoulders…


Love this Red vest by Croft & Barrow as it is thinner (more figure flattering) and cinches in the back.


The five colors in this top will make it exremely versatile and is by Ziani  Couture. Only info I could find on brand is an address in New York and same sweater selling on Ebay for $21.00.. I paid $4.99


This Sheer tunic is perfect for summer evenings with shorts or capris


I was hoping for more shorts… These dark brown are by Jag. New,  this brand of bermuda’s runs for $59.00


I am loving this cute anchor top…

Dear Reader’s , No one else was looking at the winter clothes and the racks were packed full, so I concentrated on the printed sweaters I love,  and are expensive new…I would never be able to own this variety if I wasn’t thrifting them, so super happy.! Packing them away for now, but when you are a thrifter you can find wonderful things for all seasons at any time of the year.  Any favorites???   

I hope you all have  a Wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!  

Do You have anything special planned for the Father or Husband in your life?   

This is a recipe for Olive Garden’s Peaches and Cream Cheesecake, and my husband’s favorite.  I use to work for the O. G. and have been making this for him for 23 years now!!!!   A wonderful treat for my hardworking husband on Father’s Day!  


I am grateful for the rain that swept in late today and took temperatures from the high 90’s to mid 70’s!

I am grateful that Friday  is the last day of school for Nicholas and the last day of testing for homeschooling Connor!

I am grateful that the electricity flickered but did not go off during the fast moving storm and winds.

I am grateful that my sinus pressure headache subsided late in the day. 

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