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 So happy that the election is over and I won’t have to keep erasing messages that keep filling up my answering machine daily.  Being in a swing state of Virginia means they get to harass you.  I almost envy my friends who only have cell phones and were not subjected to this part of the election process.  I can’t imagine what Floridians were subjected to.  Now the decision has been made.

Today I get an extra treat of a longer time to hang out with my friend at the mall while the theater children are having a rehearsal.  It is so important for stay at home mother’s to take good care of themselves and have friendships,  hobbies and even put themselves first sometimes.  I was blessed to have had a mother who set a really good example of this and I always knew this was important for me to do to ensure that I don’t give myself totally away and have regrets later or not allow my children to grow independent of me.  My children have so benefited from this and I am proud to say, I gave them wings.

I hope that some day my daughter and the wives of my son’s can say about me what I say about my mother and make good choices and support their spouses need to maintain individuality.  Don’t know why I am feeling so deep today.  I am really missing my daughter who won’t be home until Thanksgiving and am probably feeling very sentimental as my son’s 17th birthday is next weekend.  It really is the beginning of that holiday season that makes you miss loved ones who now watch over us instead of sharing our daily lives. I welcome this time to cherish their memories,  to evaluate how they helped mold me,  and to check that I am being the best version of myself.  Anyone else feeling this so early in the holiday season? 

I love my new  jacket that is from Hong Kong and purchased from Ebay.  There are really a lot of feminine touches in this jacket.  My daughter has a love of Japan including their fashions and introduced me to it.  The shoulders have a really cute gathering detail that puffs up a little and the cuffs on the sleeves are an extra detail.  It does not button and is meant to hang open.  The best part of this little beauty is the back.  Loved it so much I have a photo to show you:

My husband’s insight was that it is like the Anime characters and their outfits…..Excuse the white marks. I leaned against a fence and it brushed off.  I did get it off later, so no worries. It was my husband’s suggestion to take the photos in the tree.  He really takes his role as photographer very seriously.  You should hear him suggesting how to move my head and where to place my hands….

I would really need to wear some tights with this later in the season, but don’t currently own any to match this.  So dear readers opinions are desired…. What color tights should I get for this combo?

Outfit Details-

Green Sweater Dress- Chadwicks- last year

Orange Jacket- Ebay- recent

Boots- Chadwicks- no longer available

Scarf- Remixed

Purse- Thrifted

Tomorrow I will be showing my shorter winter coats and Friday I will be announcing my first Blog Challenge, so come back and visit.

Dear Readers, Your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Don’t for get to stop by and see all the ladies linking up with and


Earlier in the week I mentioned my day thrifting on the coldest day that we have had, yet and the day after Hurricane Sandy blew through.  Since I was cold that morning, I went right for the sweaters. These were all from Goodwill.

This is an Ann Taylor and so cozy.  I already wore it this week. In fact, I am sitting writing this all snuggled up in it right now!  This was not purple tagged and therefore not half price and $4.99

I don’t know what it is about the color green right now, but I am loving it.  This is by Dressbarn and the perfect cropped length I am looking for to lengthen my leg line as a petite woman. It was half off and $2.49

I aquired  another black sweater that was the Rayon/Nylon blend I like since it doesn’t pill. It did not photograph well on it’s own, so here it is styled. I just got these leggings and they are more for my goal size, but couldn’t resist trying them out.  Today is a busy homeschooling day, so no head shot as there was  no time for hair and makeup…

It is By Talbots and was just $2.49

Honestly, I was just looking at sweaters when I came across this jacket that someone had tucked into the sweater rack…

I absolutely loved it and tried to get my thrifting friend to purchase  it. but it didn’t fit her larger chest right.  I just couldn’t seem to let this thing go.  First of all, I love brown, then there is the details, it is a petite, it was purple tagged and half price!  What else could I do.  Yes , I know, I now have 3 brown jackets that I have purchased  lately.  I promise I am done with brown jackets….

This is a  Talbots and was just $3.49.  For that Price I can own three brown jackets and feel no guilt!

Then there is Ebay…. I found  this faux motorcycle jacket and love it. What I love most is that it is tight and will work as I lose the last 19 lbs... I was disappointed that it wasn’t the blush pink color in the photo I  had originally seen, but not enough to send it back. I did mention that to the seller and they said they would send me a gift as an apology. Coming from Hong Kong, so waiting to see what that is…

This is an Olive cropped Jacket and just the color I was missing in a cropped jacket.  This color is s workhorse in a wardrobe and I am picturing so many color combos for this… I paid only $11 including shipping.  Small enough to take me to my goal weight, yay!

I also ordered this reversible belt from HSN on clearance for $12.90 including shipping.  I needed the animal print belt one and that green is just a bonus.  I loved it so much I went back and they have only the zebra and orange left and ordered it as well.  By the time I post this they could be gone as they were down to less than 20 in only 2 sizes.. It is by Twiggy London.

Gratitude- I am grateful that my daughter got her new IPHONE when she was home for fall break as the apps have helped her study for her GRE.  I am also grateful for my strong faith as I pray for friends struggling in their lives.  I am grateful for the perspectives of my friends and how they make me see things beyond my own tendencies.  

I hope you dear readers all have a great weekend!  May we all keep those dealing with struggles from Hurricane Sandy in our thoughts and prayers.  I am going to do my best to stay away from the 11 pounds of Halloween Candy my son collected….My thoughts and prayers will be with my daughter this weekend as she finishes up projects and a particularly stresssful week of college and takes her GRE on Saturday.  As a psychology major heading into the competition of graduate schools this is a big deal for her. .. 

Dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated. I thought I could add a feedback form to the bottom,but it didn’t work… To leave comments please go back to the top of this post, thank you!


Just have to say so glad today is Friday.  This week I just have not been sleeping well and that makes  for a less focused me…I think I should have just done what my high-schooler does and nap everyday… He literally comes home gets a snack and passes out on the couch in the den.  Tv and conversations all around him don’t matter a bit. I would need to be in the dark bedroom with a fan for noise to sleep and am quite jealous that he can doze off so quickly.  Hope my sleep pattern just goes back to something better next week..

Half price days at the Salvation Army are fun…. They even opened the doors 15 minutes early for us.  Tried on a lot of clothes this time and put back most of them.  It is hard to buy clothes knowing that my weight loss will continue.  It really shouldn’t be this difficult to commit when the items are never more than $3.50.… I will have to replace an entire wardrobe by the time I get to my goal, which is hard since I had leather blazers and things I really love.  As I get close to my goal, I will not be thrifting and just making one replacement purchase per week. What I am looking forward to is after Christmas sales since I should be reaching my goal in January.  Good way to replace major things in an economical way.

I did pick up two skirts and I really like them both.  The brown plaid kilt really appeals to my Scottish heritage.  As a child my mother always made sure I had kilts and I have such fond memories of them.  Of course back then, I wore more the classic navy and green paid or green with a thin line of red and yellow… This brown one really said Fall to me and I can see fitting it into my style. I am happy to say this one is too tight and should be perfect for my goal weight!

In the past two years, I have really embraced color into my style and this yellow plaid skirt really appealed to me..I love the A-line and pleats on this one and can’t wait to wear this one, but need to loose just a tad more weight to feel comfortable in this one..

Can’t go wrong with a snakeskin print dress!  I know I’ve said this before, but I could wear dresses and skirts daily, I just love  feeling feminine, flirty and sassy.  I will probably say this again in the near future….A big thank you to my thrifting partner who discovered this dress.

I styled this dress with a black jacket and boots just for fun, but left out my face, as today I was dealing with migraines and didn’t look so great…

These two jackets were  recent eBay purchases in an effort to get shorter jackets  to work for my petite height..

I love this chocolate color and the fit is great!  It is a duplicate of a green one I wore previously.

This black one is the one pictured above with the snakeskin dress.  I love that it is casual and even has a hood. I think I spent about $15 on this with free shipping.

Last of all is these green reptile Nine West pumps.  I see these for warmer months, but when thrifting you snag the good stuff when you see it and don’t always purchase in season.

I think I will not thrift at all next week to save my budget for a faux black leather moto jacket.  it has been on my wish list and will be a lot better investment.  Of course I will have to buy it tight, in anticipation of my future weight loss. I really can’t wait to hit my goal weight and not have to worry about this anymore.. I am so going to celebrate reaching my goal!

Gratitude- I am grateful for the weekend and a break from blogging and homeschooling.  I am also grateful for the opportunity to relax and hang out with friends. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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