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So, what to do when the weather switches from the 60’s and 70’s back down to the 50’s?  

Linking up with Visible Monday and Watch What I am Wearing 


If you are me, You head for those favorite navy boots and a skirt!  Not going to let this weather get me down, gonna answer back with all the spunk as sass in my arsenal!


I love the classics of this Jones New York kick-pleat skirt and am thrilled that although the scale may not be moving,my exercising is making a difference and I can now wear this size 4 that I thought would wait until goal next fall!  I think I am going to hem this shirt to work better for my petite height….

As I was putting on make-up and doing my hair, wearing this outfit, my wonderful ADD brain went to wander.  I thought about how much I love these classic pieces and lady-like skirts, which triggered my brain back to childhood.  You see my mother was frequently telling me my behavior was unladylike.  She grew up in a privileged life and went to private schools and  had a driver.  A daughter who did cartwheels and loved to spin in circles to twirl out her dresses was a shock to her system.  I do love that she embraced me and just insisted I wore shorts under my dresses and encouraged me to twirl and do cartwheels! She realized it kept me from being bored and I could entertain myself…  During my teen years the “un-lady-like”  phrase came up again as I still loved my skirts and dresses, but switched to jeans and began playing touch football with the neighborhood boys and girls… She hated that I was playing a physical game with the boys, but they really didn’t do anything inappropriate and it was about the game….I can hear my sassy retort “What is so great about being lady-like!”   I was blessed that even though it went against my mother’s views and made her question me, that she never really stopped me and allowed me to be myself and actually learned to embrace and support those things!  IMG_3398I think this is all coming up since I found DRESSING YOUR TRUTH and began to recognize that I do have that blend of feminine/masculine  or ying/yang as part of my personality and that it very much carries over into my personal style.   As much as I love this classic skirt, it wouldn’t work for me without the moto jacket and boots.   

Dear Readers, I highly recommend checking this out and can’t say enough how much of a difference discovering my truth has had to boost me to higher levels of self love and acceptance.  I’ve always had those qualities and never been someone to beat myself up, but am thrilled at a new understanding and acceptance of myself that this information opened up for me….I’ve mention this before, but since it came back up again today, thought I needed to share it again.. Please remember there is no compensation for me and in fact they don’t even know I am  recommending this.  

Gratitude:   I am grateful to my husband and two youngest boys because when I found the mess they made late night in my kitchen, and complained to my husband he responded by gathering them to knock it out.  I am grateful for a great start to my day of feeling loved and valued by them pitching in and sparing me from what would have been 45 minutes of cleaning!  I am grateful for the clearing of the clouds and the sunshine!   I am grateful for cooler temps and an opportunity to wear my navy boots!  

Sunday’s Meal Plan

I had a late night and woke up late so really had brunch instead of breakfast….

Brunch– 2 Feta & Vegetable Frittatas , grapes and green tea

Snack– PB and celery

Dinner– Grilled chicken with squash and tomato casserole

Dessert– yogurt   

Under points for the day by 6….


I am frowning at the thought of this being my final day of this challenge.  I am convinced that I must make this a regular  feature.  It was just too much fun!   

Linking up for Friday Faves

Today’s inspiration attracted me because I love a maxi skirt.  I know not everyone is on the maxi skirt trend, but those of us who are really are committed to it. For those of you who aren’t how about just using black pants instead?

I wanted a chance to wear and show off my new moto jacket I recently picked up from ebay, so here is my version:

I have to be honest and say I really struggled finding shoes I liked for this look… I ended up using black booties, but am still not satisfied with them.. I also want to confess that I had no where to go on the day I took this photo and didn’t wear it in my real life… I really wanted to take one photo without the necklace, but forgot.  This look is very strong with the all black and just the belt as an accessory…

So the question is can I get away with wearing this with my black booties or does anyone have another suggestion?  I really loved the feeling of this and felt very true to myself in this outfit and can see myself wearing it if I can just feel right about the shoe situation….Dear Readers, Chime in Please!

So, now a recap of the week….


Gratitude-  I am grateful for finishing this challenge as it was fun,but a lot of work…I am grateful for the upcoming weekend and a break from homeschooling.  I am grateful to my husband for how hard her works for our family. I am grateful for the blessing of Nicholas in my life and an excuse to celebrate him as he turns 17 on Saturday!

As Always dear readers, I would love to hear from you, comments can be left at the top of this post… Let me know which outfit you like and I will tell you my favorite on Monday. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend…

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