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Day 3 for the Movie Poster Inspiration Challenge going on at You LOOK Fab forum is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. This challenge has been so much fun with such a variety of interpretations.  While I have gone in the direction of actual characters others have just used colors from the posters.

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I loved this challenge as I have always embraced being a lady.  I use to love 1928 jewelry as a teenager and felt like I had an old soul …. Love the era of cameo’s and pearls… So infused that love with today ‘s challenge look.. Temps are at 80 Degrees!!!


While Star Wars brought memories of my father, this challenge brought memories of my mother.  She grew up in Pittsburgh ,PA as the only child in a wealthy family.  She went to an all girls private school and had a ballroom in her house.  One of her favorite memories was her 16th birthday party where they set up the ballroom like an ice cream parlor complete with cute tables she requested.  I wish I had a photo, but they are all with my brother who now lives in her home.  She had so many in beautiful dresses and pearls given to her by her father.  All three strands I am wearing belonged to my mother.   IMG_3242

The earrings here were Mom’s as well.  I wore them for this look, but would have put gold earrings on in my real life to avoid being to matchy.  This is the first time I’ve owned a classic sheath dress and I even cringe admitting this.  I’ve always worn more skirts than dresses which might have something to do with that.  Regardless, I love this one which is an Ann Taylor and also happy that it is a little tight so will still fit later.   I bet the ones my mother wore didn’t have the neat little string and snap to keep your bra strap in place…


When it came time to pick out what to bury my mother in, this is similar to what we chose.  Hers had a beautiful creme jacket that went with it.  I had the most fun picking out outrageously sexy lace underwear and bra to bury her in and still smile at the thought of it.  You see, my mother had allergies and in life had to stick to all cotton under garments.  The reason it was so fun to get her sexy lace was because my father is buried at Arlington National Cemetery and my mother often joked about her getting to spend eternity on top,  as that’s where she was buried as well, in the same plot.

Dear Readers, who knew this challenge would bring up so many great memories for me?   I literally can’t stop smiling!  That made me think of a conversation recently with my daughter.   She was talking about two deaths in our family, first my mother and then my brother in law and her favorite uncle just eleven months later.  She said that it was so hard because she had just reached that magical moment in the mourning process where remembering my mother brought a smile instead of tears.   It truly is a magical moment and she is so wise.  She is going to make a great Psychologist!!  

One more question Dear Readers,  What occasion would be fitting for today’s outfit?  I so loved it and want a chance to wear it in my real life… 

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a great WW meeting and having such a wonderful leader!  I am grateful for a successful thrifting trip after my meeting.  I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation for a dear friend.  I am grateful to both my younger boys for taking 3 sets of blog photos today!  I am grateful for an amazing sunny day!  

WEIGH IN RESULTS-  I lost 1.4 lbs from the last time I went three weeks ago before all those crazy illnesses hit..  I am at 140.8 . so still have almost 11 pounds til my goal! 

Food Journal- Wednesday’s Plan– liking this and sticking strictly to what I post here!

Breakfast– Omelet with mushrooms, onions &  watermelon & green tea

Lunch– Wrap with chicken, mushrooms,  onions , lettuce & tomato & green tea

Dinner– Caprese Salad (tomato & mozz with olive oil & basil)  

Snacks- Yogurt & Apple 

Dinner dessert- yogurt 


I specifically had a graphic print dress on my wish list and when thrifting searched until I found this cute little number…

I absolutely love it and this is such a versatile dress that I can wear with  so many different sweaters or jackets.   I chose this sweater,  that I refer to as my raisin colored one.  to match the newly thrifted Nine West purse.

Even the belt  thrifted.  So everything except my jewelry, tights and boots in this outfit is thrifted…. I really think getting dresses from the thrift store is such a good way for me to expand my dress collection.  When I get them at half price deals for only $3.50 it sure beats prices anywhere else… I have to be very discerning and only pick dresses I really love or I would need an entirely new closet to house them in since I am acquiring them  for that crazy price.   I know I am repeating myself, but I really can not stress enough how much I love dresses and skirts.

I usually only include three photos of an outfit,but this time my husband took the photos and there were so many good ones that I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I literally started with eleven.  You can’t even imagine the surprising realization that I had over liking so many photos.  When I first began this blogging journey I was just tolerating putting these images out in the public.  After all, I am not at my goal weight.

I really can see major changes in my body from this 35 pound weight loss and can celebrate where I am.  I recently measured and realized I have lost 4 and a half inches off my hips and am just about an inch and a half from my goal….It is so doable…. It feels like a long road here, but I can see the finish line… I am excited to get there and move past the pain of the past and the renewal of  celebrating my mother’s life and memory instead of the pain of her dementia and years of being ill.  To reach this point was a long road and I feel so blessed and grateful to be here.  I feel like I have climbed a mountain and am exhausted from the journey,but spiritually renewed and ready for the next phase of my life! Saying goodbye to my mother really was the toughest point in my life and that is saying a lot for a former  “daddy’s girl” whose father passed away when I was just thirteen..  For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, losing your same sex parent is tough, especially if you had a wonderful. loving relationship.  It’s that time of year and I am sentimental….  Today, November 26th was my father’s birthday…Anyone else get this way during the holidays?

Grateful: For my husband taking so many wonderful photos that led to my realization that I have jumped a hurdle.  I am most grateful for the progress in the mourning process that allows me to just celebrate my mother’s memories and not the last few years when she was sick and I was her caregiver… What else do I need to say about gratitude today, these two are huge!

As always dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated…Have a wonderful day!

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