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This is day 2 of the Movie Poster Inspiration Challenge on You LOOK FAB Forum this forum is the most supportive place if you are developing your style and want to ask opinions and the blog innovator Angie has the best articles on trends and outfit Inspirations.

 Star Wars

This movie was an all time favorite of mine.  I watched it with my father who passed away a year or so after this,  before any of the others were made.  Each time I went to the remainder of this series I thought of my father and how in awe we all were over the original one… A cherished memory!


I was inspired by this classic outfit worn by none other than Luke Skywalker.


I have had this tunic for almost four years and love the heck out of it… the funny thing is that I use to wear it with light tan pants more fitting with the inspiration… Fortunately I no longer fit into those pants and don’t currently own any in that color (note to self, correct that!)  


I totally humored my husband and wore these shoes again at his request.. After all he was nice enough to take my photos… Besides with temps near 80 boots were not at all going to happen!!! I did resist the urge to get the boys light sabers and have one of them dress up in the Darth Vader costume for a duel photo… I am  thinking when we go to the beach house in Nags Head in August that we should bring the movies and watch them in the evenings...

Found this photo of Connor my youngest in Walmart trying on Darth Vader, we have a great costume but couldn’t find a quick pick of my husband or son’s wearing it.  This one was easy as it was on the Iphone…


Dear Readers, Are you a Star Wars lover?  Any memories to share?  Would love to hear them!  As promised my food journal continues.. I have to mention that I eat things in cycles like this week a lot of salad greens, while next week I will make a great vegetable casserole that lasts me days… I don’t mind doing this but wonder if that much repetition is boring to others? Come Back tomorrow for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”  Inspiration! 

 Gratitude:  I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day!   I am grateful for feeling better and going to my WW meeting after three weeks of stomach bugs and sinus infection… I am grateful for love and my strong faith!  

Food Journal- This is my Plan for Tuesday 

Breakfast: Protein Bar & Grapes (eaten at WW meeting after weigh-in)

Lunch: 2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges & Apple  (out thrifting after the meeting)

Dinner: Omelet w. mushrooms, onions & lowfat cheese & watermelon

Snack: Yogurt & few pieces of fajita steak

Keeping myself accountable is one of the main reasons I chose Weight Watchers as my vehicle to lose weight (along with no foods being off limit)  and writing my choices on the blog is really upping the anty… This has me  thinking if there were other bloggers who might add this to their daily post to keep them honest and accountable?  Not a blogger, how about posting it on your Facebook and get support that way.. Need more privacy what about choosing just one friend and doing a private message on Facebook or e-mail… Something to think about?  


I found this tunic while thrifting last spring and it just didn’t quite go over my hips, but now does so time to bring it out..


I felt really fun and spunky in this look , something I don’t always feel in pants…I think the combo of the larger floral print and  the shooties are what created that great feeling… I wore this grocery shopping at Bj’s and noticed a few admiring looks from fashionably dressed women in their late twenties to thirties, so guess I din’t look to wacky…


I think I might restyle this again with a grey shirt underneath or for warmer weather with just a tank top and maybe dark wash jeans.  All I know is that this tunic will get more use. Today, I needed the lightweight cobalt sweater underneath as temperatures were only near 50 today… Going to be in the mid 40’s tomorrow…Spring just teased us!   IMG_3022Dear Readers I am feeling much better and hope that is the end of it… I am mentally focused on losing these last ten pounds.  For those who don’t think I need to lose another ten please understand that I am just trying to get back to the figure I know and love that disappeared due to anxiety and depression over losing a store I loved and watching dementia in my mother.  I like the current body, but just feel short of loving it and the ability to like myself in pants with the shirt tucked in.. Once there I will feel confident in everything I wear and be back to myself..In the interest of full disclosure, I am 5 ft 3 inches and 140lbs.  That is the highest weight WW’s recommends as a healthy goal weight for my height. The lowest is 113, so I am aiming for near the middle.  Now off to exercise, doing my fluidity ballet bar and toning with weights.   

Gratitude:  I am grateful to be feeling better and to have gone out and done some much needed grocery shopping.  I am grateful that I ate really well today and exercised.   I am also grateful that I bought great things to keep me on track.

Well the Temperatures dropped and it is a miserable wet and cold Thursday.   What better way to cope than to find my cozy sweater, a pair of skinny’s and fur lined boots… May not be the most fashion forward look, but works for this kind of day! I apologize for the quality of photos we took them on the porch to stay dry and the lighting wasn’t great!


Did I mention that big drops in temperature wreak havoc on sinuses, so woke up to pain when I moved my head.  No worries there though I took some great medicine and it went away.  It just makes mornings go a little slower.. Must be why we didn’t start home schooling until 11:30 am.. Notice my metal dolphin sculpture.  It was a birthday gift from my mother and I cherish it!


Funny thing about this warm sweater… It was my very first purchase from QVC  three years ago and I have loved it ever since…. Who knew purchasing online could turn out so well, but this was the beginning and now I am hooked.  These jeggings are Diane Gilman via HSN.  Before I know it I am going to be one of those reviewers who confesses that I own 50 pairs of her jeans.   I use to think that was crazy when I first read some of those reviews.  Not anymore in fact let me count how many I now have….I didn’t check my closet, but off the top of my head, I think I am at 12 right now.  In only a year.. oh yeah, I could easily become  obsessed….I’ve never even owned more than three or four  pairs of jeans before. Then again there are trouser jeans, jeggings, skinny jeans and straight leg, boyfreind and bootcuts these days…

IMG_1644The weather update has changed and what was originally suppose to be an inch of snow was predicted to be 2 to 4 inches.  For Virginia Beach that is a big difference. Then, later the forecast changed and it was north and west of us, we didn’t get anything.  Oh apparently it snowed but melted immediately as it didn’t get quite cold enough.  That is the constant story here in Virginia Beach.  My daughter who is at Longwwood, north west of us had several inches but it should melt today…A huge disappointment for my 17 year old who had to go to school on time while cities all around us were delayed two hours…  I decided to pose in my purple puffer coat (currently on clearance at QVC) and Sporto boots.  If I have to have a puffer to keep me warm, at least it has to be in a Fabulous color!

IMG_1649I never wear this coat without the scarf down the front, I think it helps to make it more fashionable.  At least that is my delusion and I am sticking to it!!!!

As a follow up to yesterday’s Paisley post, fellow blogger mentioned they were getting in paisley items in her Dressbarn store, so I looked online and they have a total of 88 Paisley items right now!

I also realized one of my two pairs of Talbots printed slacks are in Paisley too!


Gratitude: My daughter’s psychology professor called her business partner and vouched for my daughter  and she was given an internship!!!!  I am grateful that my daughter, Ashley is so strong and focused, as this final semester at Longwood University is going to be her toughest yet with an internship and a professor who required her to do community service hours.  I am grateful to have had the strong mother who fought the school on things for us and set the example for me to do the same,  as I have a meeting with my son’s Principal and a fight on my hands….

As always, my dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Come back tomorrow and see my look of the week in my Red-Orange Jeans.   

So the previous post for the week were written on Sunday night when I first began feeling sick and this one is in the midst of a fever and headache, so don’t expect brilliant or insightful writing…. Posting this at 2 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep and hope to be sound asleep in the morning when I usually post…

IMG_1499This is a tunic that I bought probably two years ago and I love it.  I never thought of myself as much of a bohemian , but every once in awhile that moods strikes me.  Do you ever do that, dress in a different style than what you consider  your norm?


Sylvia at  40 Plus Style has started a neat style challenge this year and is asking us questions daily.  Her first question was asking ,why style is important to you? 

And my answer was: traceyliz65 January 7, 2013 at 9:19 am

For me style is a form of artistic expression. It is a chance to be creative and it is also very much tied to my self esteem. I dress to make myself feel great. As a stay at home mother of four, I could just cop out, but instead I prefer to do dress well and have so much fun with it as a way to care for myself. Being a mother is so much about caring for others and this is how I have made sure that I never took myself off the list.


The second question was asking if you could describe your current style….

And my response was:   traceyliz65 January 8, 2013 at 11:48 am

I am currently sick and feverish so know my answer will not be as well written as it could be. I have been resisting defining my style as I think it is fluid and every changing. I would have to say right now I love the word Sassy in reference to my style and have been receiving that compliment a lot lately. The words Feminine with and Edge seem to be resonating with me lately…. If anyone has any insights for me, I am open to hearing them… I have lots of photos on the forum and on my blog….

And Sylvia added:   Sylvia January 8, 2013 at 12:19 pm

You are right that style is fluid and ever evolving, but I think it’s good to understand your style personality. You don’t necessarily have to give it a label though, but if one of your objectives is to develop a signature style, it may be good to know what you are attracted too.
I would say that feminine with an edge is a good description for you. Other words that come to mind is rock and roll (you like your leather jackets and boots, belts and structure). Your style is fairly casual, but you dress it up with colours and accessories. You have a bit of a bohemian vibe as well, since you do like to dress it up with accessories and scarves.
Take care Tracey. Hope you feel better soon.

I think this applies to my winter looks, I love boots and leather jackets because I hate cold.  I wonder if my answer will be completely different in the Spring and Summer where I am definitely more feminine and dare I say sassy….

Dear Readers have you ever attempted to answer such questions and are you over 40 and wanting to join Sylvia’s challenge sign up at her site?  If younger you should still ask yourself these questions and go to her site for more details to help you answer them.. I would love to hear your answers!  So Comments are welcomed and appreciated!  

Gratitude: I am so grateful that my twelve year is feeling well and only had some brief cold symptoms, not the full blown flu!  I am grateful that my husband has been coming home late and still cleaning up the kitchen… I am grateful that last night he came home by 7pm (not the normal 11pm or later).  

Linking up Here today with  The Tiny Heart , so go see what are bloggers are doing!

As a woman who was always conscious of having a versatile wardrobe, I have held long and fast to one rule for so long I don’t even know how old I was when I first came to this.    That rule was that I never bought pants that had anything striking about them in color or adornment.  I noticed very young that some girls would have jeans with embroidery down one leg and make note of how frequently they wore them.  For some reason that bothered me.  I saw others make fun of them for how frequently they were worn and I wanted to steer clear of that kind of attention. It really stuck with me…

Now I am in my forties and everything changes….Remember this look from Last week and my New Red-Orange Skinny’s:


Having lived so long with this rule, I began to question , how versatile are bright red-orange skinny jeans?  These  garnered so much attention the first time I wore them, that the question of my long held rule came to the forefront.   Now I am not at all concerned about how frequently I wear something or if someone notices I have favorites in my closet.


I have several different things I do in my life with totally different groups of people so wearing things often wouldn’t even matter….But the question still remains, How versatile are jeans of this color ? How many ways can I wear them?   Hence my challenge for the week to style them each day in different ways using only what I currently have in my closet.  How many ways can I come up with?  


Well, today is the first day of this journey and challenge. I chose to go bold with cobalt today, what will I do tomorrow?  I will have different looks each day this week, then taper it off and chose one day a week for the remainder of this winter season to see how creative I can be.  I felt like I should be cheering for the Denver Broncos in this outfit, but I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, even if they didn’t make the play-offs this year….

 My Dear Readers, perhaps if you have questioned the practicality of such a color you can learn along the way with me….I am so excited about this and have so many ideas in my head already!  I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

Gratitude:  I am grateful that although my kids are all getting pretty sick that I still only have a mild case of sinus issues(they seem more flu-like….) I am grateful to my husband for taking a round of photos on his one day off this week to help me with this challenge.  I am grateful that the temperatures this week will be in the 50’s and 60’s this entire week(at least during the day).  

It’s Visible Monday and I think these colors sure qualify so go to Not Dead Yet Style and see what other bloggers are doing this week…

Well, I fell off the wagon… I didn’t track the food I consumed, I ate carbs and sugar, I had a few drinks, I didn’t feel like exercising.  Basically I pushed all that I had hoped to do to stay on track to the wayside and just enjoyed the holiday season.  I think I over estimated how well I was doing and forgot the stress that extended family can cause.  I let it get to me and it sent me into a downward spiral that I couldn’t seem to stop.  So, bottom line I have gained five  pounds!


The lessons my father taught me to love myself and be my own best friend remain among the best gifts I have ever received in this life.  Even though he died when I was just thirteen, he has the power to pull me back from the brink every time.  He instilled it in me.  I don’t beat myself up, in fact I don’t even regret gaining the weight. Everyone else was on vacation in my house and so was I…


When you don’t waste time beating yourself up it leaves room for more productive choices.  I am really good at seeing a problem and just saying ok, dig in and fix it.  So, I know exactly how to turn this around.  Track what I eat, stay within my Weight Watcher Points, stay away from sugar, and EXERCISE.


In looking at my recent food choices I noticed that breakfast was the hardest.  I have loved having fruit and yogurt smoothies in the morning ,but am not at all interested during the cold weather…. Instead I have been eating cereal.  A BIG MISTAKE, as I eat two servings and with milk it adds up to 10 points of my allotted 26 for the day.. That compares to just 4 with my smoothies or even 7 if I have veggie fritattas and milk.  The problem is that the cereal (Wheat Chex) doesn’t keep me from being hungry for more than 2-3 hours.


So  I decided to give Oatmeal a try.  I have not liked it my entire life. but I needed a change, and something that was warm for these cold mornings.  I have to face the truth, that while I love the fritattas, I don’t always feel like making them up…  In order to make the oatmeal more appealing I decided to dice up an apple, add cinnamon and cook it in the microwave for three minutes.  I then added oatmeal and milk and taa daa!  What do you know?  I actually ate the entire bowl without  cringing... It’s never going to be a favorite of mine, but it solves a problem for the cold winter months. I am going to dice up a few apples and bake them with cinnamon in the oven instead of having to do that each morning….Oatmeal with apples keeps me feeling good for 4-5 hours!

I am determined to get back on track and lose these last pounds and learn how to maintain it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the walks with my father and the life lessons he taught me .  I am grateful that I was able to just let loose and have fun this holiday season.  I am grateful that I have Weight Watchers to turn to and get back on track!  I am grateful that if I had to get sick that it didn’t start until after the New Year’s festivities….

These photos were taken right before heading on our drive to the Beach house in NC for our New Year’s eve festivities.  So glad to have them since I was not feeling too well today!

Dear Readers, What life lessons are you the most grateful for from your parents or for that matter anyone in your life?  I would really love to hear your answers and any other comments are appreciated as well!  

I would greatly appreciate your votes….Circle of Mom’s Top 25

I have really been holding out on buying skinny jeans because I didn’t want to waste money on knowing I would lose weight and surely change another size… I tried, I really tried hard… I just found myself substituting leggings and not really liking that look on me.

So, I bought these really divine “espresso” colored skinny jeans by Diane Gilman via HSN.  If you haven’t heard of her, she caters to baby boomers and their need for a higher rise not juniors low rise….  I really prefer this in my jeans after having four children and a C-sectiion.

Now I would like a do-over for some previous outfits I did using brown leggings…


Of course I added a few changes this time:


And Just for fun let’s do try that again, here is the one with leggings


And with skinny jeans…


This sweater is now getting passed onto my daughter who tried it on and liked it.  Green is a color that she loves, and I feel honored to pass it on to her….

I feel like I have redeemed myself!  So glad I gave up my self imposed rule of not getting the skinny jeans until I reached my goal weight… the truth is that I am close enough to goal to go ahead as this designer has amazing stretch and if I buy them tight now, they will work beautifully when I reach goal.  This is not my theory, I have used jeggings in this brand throughout my weight loss…

I am feeling confident that I can go ahead and purchase more from this designer while they are still available in my goal size at clearance prices.  And here is what I ordered and should have soon!

They royal blue is a tribal print, the yellow and pink are checked print and the red neon has zippers down the side….The espresso ones above also have the zippers and my one complaint is that the inside is not covered and I wore tights with them so the cold zipper was not against my leg…Knowing this I still went ahead and ordered another color… Probably because those zippers caused quite a stir among my husband and friends….

DG2 Tribal-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans with Side Leg Zippers at

If you want to find the links to these you can do so from my Pinterest Page:


Linking up today with the Pleated Poppy, so by all means go browse and see what others are up to!


Gratitude:  I am grateful for the wonderful holiday season and time with my family.  I am grateful to be past the pain of mourning my mother and just feeling the joy of her memory!  Those two alone are so huge, that I want to take pause and just really appreciate this moment in time…It’s been a long time getting here….

Dear Readers if any of you are not at that stage in the mourning process yet, my heart goes out to you and know that it is around the corner, but takes different amounts of time for everyone.  

Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcome!  

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