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 So happy that the election is over and I won’t have to keep erasing messages that keep filling up my answering machine daily.  Being in a swing state of Virginia means they get to harass you.  I almost envy my friends who only have cell phones and were not subjected to this part of the election process.  I can’t imagine what Floridians were subjected to.  Now the decision has been made.

Today I get an extra treat of a longer time to hang out with my friend at the mall while the theater children are having a rehearsal.  It is so important for stay at home mother’s to take good care of themselves and have friendships,  hobbies and even put themselves first sometimes.  I was blessed to have had a mother who set a really good example of this and I always knew this was important for me to do to ensure that I don’t give myself totally away and have regrets later or not allow my children to grow independent of me.  My children have so benefited from this and I am proud to say, I gave them wings.

I hope that some day my daughter and the wives of my son’s can say about me what I say about my mother and make good choices and support their spouses need to maintain individuality.  Don’t know why I am feeling so deep today.  I am really missing my daughter who won’t be home until Thanksgiving and am probably feeling very sentimental as my son’s 17th birthday is next weekend.  It really is the beginning of that holiday season that makes you miss loved ones who now watch over us instead of sharing our daily lives. I welcome this time to cherish their memories,  to evaluate how they helped mold me,  and to check that I am being the best version of myself.  Anyone else feeling this so early in the holiday season? 

I love my new  jacket that is from Hong Kong and purchased from Ebay.  There are really a lot of feminine touches in this jacket.  My daughter has a love of Japan including their fashions and introduced me to it.  The shoulders have a really cute gathering detail that puffs up a little and the cuffs on the sleeves are an extra detail.  It does not button and is meant to hang open.  The best part of this little beauty is the back.  Loved it so much I have a photo to show you:

My husband’s insight was that it is like the Anime characters and their outfits…..Excuse the white marks. I leaned against a fence and it brushed off.  I did get it off later, so no worries. It was my husband’s suggestion to take the photos in the tree.  He really takes his role as photographer very seriously.  You should hear him suggesting how to move my head and where to place my hands….

I would really need to wear some tights with this later in the season, but don’t currently own any to match this.  So dear readers opinions are desired…. What color tights should I get for this combo?

Outfit Details-

Green Sweater Dress- Chadwicks- last year

Orange Jacket- Ebay- recent

Boots- Chadwicks- no longer available

Scarf- Remixed

Purse- Thrifted

Tomorrow I will be showing my shorter winter coats and Friday I will be announcing my first Blog Challenge, so come back and visit.

Dear Readers, Your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

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I have been waiting to show off this mint outfit.  I bought this when I was heavier and the skirt was too tight.  Here it is for the 80 degree weather. I love reaping the benefits of my weight loss.  This top use to be too tight n the bust area….Weight Loss is a fun journey….  These photos were taken on Monday.

And here  with the addition of  a sweater for a cool air conditioning or as the temp drops in evening. I tied the sweater to create a shorter version in keeping with my new goals of dressing my petite body frame.   I think it works….

Close up of the details of the top, which I love.  I love feminine  detailing or detailing of any kind for that matter…

If you click on this photo you can enlarge it for a better close -up, when I posted it larger myself it became distorted.

Outfit Details

Silk Blouse – Chadwicks online last year

Skirt – Chadwicks online last year

Sweater- TJ Maxx, ages ago…

Nude Pumps- Payless -recent

Snakeskin Purse- Marc Bower via QVC  recent

Bracelets – vintage via Ebay

Tomorrow is Friday, which means “MY LUCKY FIND’S”  from thrifting and other shopping.  Come back and see how I did… 

There is a story behind this dress…. I was grocery  shopping at BJ’s when I spotted this dress hanging on an upper rack. I went over to the rack and proceeded to search for my size and tried to pull the hanger down, instead the metal flat part of the rack that is there  to hide the hangers came tumbling down and smacked me in the center of my forehead.  That thing was heavy and left me stunned, nauseated and with an instant swelling bump.  I never even finished my grocery shopping, I felt so sick and then the intense pains set in.  We waited around long enough to fill out the accident report and I went home.

They sent me a gift card and I went back for the dress, but this time, I made my husband get it down from the rack. To this day if I see something I like on that rack, my husband teases me if i like it enough to risk a bump on my head.  I also purchased a mat for my kitchen that really does help when  standing at the sink.  The last purchase with that gift card was these chairs


I love the color navy and really wanted to get more than just a summer season out of this dress, so what better formula than to add a jacket, tights and boots.

Can’t even begin to express how much I love these navy boots.  There are just certain things you acquire for your wardrobe that go beyond the basic black and brown that just makes you feel special and owning faux suede navy  boots is one of those for me.  Of course these boots are so FANTABULOUS (yes I meat to combine fantastic and fabulous to make a new word) that I also have them in brown and grey.Gotta have a close up of the boots…


I also like this green jacket, which I ordered from Ebay.  I like the sparkle on the pocket, that it is stretch, short to qualify as a responsible purchase for my petite frame and that it is tight and will work as I continue to loose weight.

Gotta Love Stretch!


Another way I envision wearing this it so switch out the jacket for a dark jean jacket. but I must say that the green is a little more inspired and special.  I can also see adding a pullover sweater over it , making it look like a skirt.  The possibilities when you are looking to create a versatile wardrobe….


Outfit Details-

Dress- Rabbit, Rabbit – Bj”s

Jacket- Ebay- recent

Belt- Liz Claiborne NY – QVC

Necklace- Samuel B silver & sapphire – QVC

Botts- Kathy Van Zeeland

Purse- Liz Claiborne NY


I Hope you enjoyed, my story, my outfit and my navy boots…

. Do you own one pair of boots that are just not the norm that makes you feel special?  Got a funny story about an item you’ve acquired?   Leave a comment and share….

This week was a good one for thrift store finds.  I love being able to get great fashions at affordable pricing.  Since I am currently losing weight and unsure of my exact goal sizing this is a perfect solution.  I don’t know if I have said this on my blog before, but, I LOVE DRESSES and SKIRTS.  I wouldn’t mind wearing them everyday.   I love feeling like a woman and embracing my femininity and there is no better way for me than dresses and skirts.  Let’s face it dresses are the simplest way to have a great impact outfit. They definitely fit my goal of creating a Versatile Style wardrobe.  I love that I can wear them plain, add a sweater and a jacket in fall and winter, wear heels, flats, wedges, boots, shooties and tights.  The goal of pieces that can be worn for more than one season is easily done with dresses and skirts.  I must say, I like dresses more and more now that I have dropped my weight.

Looking at trends and loving graphic prints is what attracted me to this dress. It gets bonus points for the burgundy coloring as well.  Not to mention the fit is fantastic…  Can’t wait to style this one! I never pay full price at the thrift stores for dresses, but this week broke that trend twice! $6.99

Another graphic print I found this week was this skirt by Geoffrey Beene.  This skirt is a size 2 and has spandex.  Knowing this brand ran big and with my continued weight loss goals, I decided to try this on and, lo and behold I got it all the way zipped up!  Too tight yes, but definitely doable in the near future.  My advice is to do what I did by comparing the skirt to a size 6(goal size) and seeing that they looked darned close.  In the past I might not have done this and would have just looked at the size 2 and moved on.  So glad I didn’t as I love this print. Half price at just $2.50.

This next dress is by ACG and a size 6.  My friend pointed this one out to me and I almost didn’t try it.  I was intrigued by the pockets, gotta love a dress with pockets! I also loved the print, but I was wary of the high neckline.  I have an aversion to the current trend of sheath  dresses for that exact reason.  If you have a bigger bust, high necklines don’t flatter you, in my humble opinion.  So once again trying things on is key.  This dress was tight ,which is all I am buying right now,  since I have kicked up the exercise and expect the inches to start falling off.  I have to say I loved this dress and the neckline wasn’t so high that it covered my collarbone, so was flattering,  and the open back was to die for!  Anyway long story short, brought it home and tried it on with some Spanx and I don’t have to wait to lose weight!  Gonna style this one very soon! Price $6.99

I have to say I love Nylon sweaters, no pilling and they last forever!  This color was one I have wanted- SOLD! By Joseph A.  Half priced at just $2.50

This top, I adore!  It really feels like a statement piece.  You really can’t tell from the photo but it is actually Navy with black lines running through it.  Right on trend with the black/navy combo that I love.  It is made by Stera and is very thick like a sweater and both zips and has snaps.  For $2.50 I had to have it. Anyone know anything about the Stera brand?

And last of all, a new pair of shoes…. These are by Mudd , which I know is mostly a junior brand, but I couldn’t help it and snagged them for just $4.00.  I had these on the bedroom floor right outside the closet and my husband noticed , picked them up and asked about them.  He said he really liked these, I think he liked them even more when he heard the price tag!  I am starting to wear heels more and like any guy, that is a turn on….

I hope that my thrifting journey inspires you and gives you ideas of your own because if it’s just “look what I got” then I have failed at my goal, which was to educate on what great finds are in thrift stores that can match with current trends at awesome prices.   If anyone local is too intimidated to go thrifting alone, I can go with you!  If not local,  grab an adventurous friend and make a day of it!

I have to give a shout out to my friend Sue (my Weight Watcher Buddy) whose love of thrifting has inspired me to go back to something I had forgotten I loved!  I have to say she has great taste and quite often makes suggestions for me.  This week she even found me a cashmere black sweater.  I have never owned cashmere and although it might have fit her, she turned it over to me.  Now that’s a true friend…  Love you Sue!

This completes week two of my blogging adventure and I am having so much fun!  I intend to have a weekend full of  family, friends and laughter.  I wish you all the same!

I have a blog post planned for Monday entitled, ” Living in Gratitude”.  Can’t wait to share my personal journey!

I never thought I would experiment with wide leg ankle pants, but these went on sale for a good price and I thought I should just give it a try.  Of course, I had to attempt this look in a bright pink color.  Why not, if I am doing this, might as well do it in a big way.    I think I always steered away from the idea of this because I thought my petite height wouldn’t let me pull this off.  I think it worked out and am glad I was brave enough to go for it. 

In the interest of total honesty between you my readers and myself, I have a confession to make.  These pants fit better before I lost over 20lbs and in fact are I have over 2 inches of spare room in the waist.  I love them and just really wanted a chance to photograph them before I have to put them aside.  Don’t know if my tailor can work magic to alter these when I get to my goal weight, but it doesn’t hurt to ask….

The good news is that when these pants went on an even lower clearance price I snatched them up in my goal weight size in a orange/coral color!

I am not sure what it is about sitting poses, but I really seem to like them.    Can you believe we were at 84 degrees with 94% humidity that made it feel really muggy yesterday?   I am so craving crisp fall weather.  We’ve had a few glimpses, but when will it be here to stay?

Outfit Details – bought this spring

Sweater– One I’ve owned for a long time

Shoes– Westies- Sears clearance last week

Purse– Olivia & Joy- thrifted

Necklace– locket that belonged to my grandmother

Bracelets– part of an Ebay lot of over 100 vintage bracelets

Earrings- gold hoops

This is such a bold look for me and I am so proud of myself for pulling it off!  Anyone else do a look that was a bold move on their part they want to share?

I am having so much fun with this blog and want to thank you for taking time to take a look around and support my efforts!  Tomorrow will be “MY LUCKY FINDS”.

I am 5’3” and I confess I love boots.  I also love tunics and this is a silhouette I have worn quite often.  After taking photos for my blog, I was horrified by the results.  Wearing a tunic and boot doesn’t allow for any strong vertical lines and accentuates horizontal lines, meaning my hips.  I can’t even begin to describe my horror at the thought of what I must have looked like in this silhouette last year when I was 25lbs heavier…

Here is my humiliating truth:                                                                                                                                             This is the way I planned to wear this outfit and even went out to a movie and took location shots for today’s blog.  As soon as I saw the photos, I stopped the shoot and was horrified.  I didn’t like it at all and felt like I had been making this mistake for a long time of long tunics and boots. This was the best of the worst look, sorry I stopped the shoot before I got a fully standing photo, but you can imagine.   So, the next day in an effort to look for other options, the following photos show my attempts to fix the problem.

Here I changed just the boots to see if creating a long line had the effect I was hoping it would.  I think this is a definite improvement.  So here is my next attempt to strive for greatness…

In this attempt I tucked in the shirt and put the boots back on to see if wearing a shorter top would solve my dilemma

This is better than my initial outfit, but I can see from looking at this one, that my future weight loss will help my view on  this tremendously.   And now for my final attempt:

In this one I imagined that having the bottoms the same color as the boot, might alleviate the dreaded cutting my legs short look the first one had.  I think this definitely helped.  In fact, this is probably my favorite of all the looks. I do like the one without the boots best, but since the point was to wear the boots, this is the way I will do it from now on.

So, has anyone else ever realized that their mirror didn’t show them the real truth? Can you imagine me asking my husband to take photos so I can get a real view of what I look like before we go out from now on?  I am so grateful for the photos and this journey of trying to find a better look.  Of course from my husband’s point of view, the problem will all be solved if I switched from flats to heels.  That probably has some merit, but I am a stay at home mom and have to figure out how to style my flats in a way I find flattering.   That is what this blog is for, finding a style that works for my real life and my body.  I survived my first humiliation and have opened myself up to the thoughts, of you my readers.

Outfit Details:

Jacket: black corduroy jean jacket style I purchased years ago and love!

Top: Recent purchase from QVC- Liz Claiborne New York

Jeggings:  HSN by DG2 (Diane Gillman) purchased last year

Purse:  Olivia & Joy– thrifted – didn’t know this brand but looked it up and wasn’t surprised that it was something special

Boots: Chadwicks– purchased last year and wore a lot!

Necklace- Samuel B (Silver and Saphire) purchased from QVC

So your turn, Any opinions on what look works best.  Any other advice for petites to look longer and leaner?  Please chime in!              

I had heard from other fashion bloggers about this phenomenon where they start getting attention for their outfits, as they become more conscious and better at putting things together.  Well, I was not at all prepared for my “That Girl” experience to happen so soon.  While waiting to go into the movie theater, I had to go to the restroom.  Upon exiting the restroom a woman got my attention from across the lobby and said, “I love your whole look!”  That was just the beginning as several more compliments came my way.  It was so much fun sitting with my husband and have  him watching the reactions I was getting.  I wish every woman could have a moment like this, and not just about her outfit,but about anything she puts an effort into.  Anyway,  I loved hearing the woman next to me,  after complimenting me, turn to her 21 year old daughter and declare she needed to go to TJMaxx to look for shoes.  I want to be a woman who inspires others.   It was so rewarding.

I have always loved looking nice and received compliments, but never to this level.  I once was complimented and then asked, “Aren’t you a stay at home mom?”  The implication was why did I dress up each time this mother had seen me.  I see that a lot,  that I break the secret code of SAHM’s and don’t conform to the jeans, plain shirts and tennis shoes mold.  While I want to inspire others and have along the way, I don’t want to make others feel less than.  I know I can not control how others perceive it, but I wish women would just be in celebration of others and not look for excuses to beat themselves up.   After my movie, while in the restroom,  It was just me and another girl dressed in a company logo t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes and no make-up.  She glanced up and saw our reflections, then her face reddened and she turned the water off, didn’t try her hands and scooted out of the bathroom as fast as she could. My heart ached for her.  I pray that she looked at herself and is now inspired to up her game, but did not use it to beat herself up.

In conclusion, as a stay at home mother, any chance I get to go out, I am going to dress nice!  It feels great!  Looking forward to fall and cooler weather to get to layer up and add in my boots!  Still warm at 80 degrees today!

Jacket: Motto from QVC- love it tied to show my waist,but today just left it open and tied sash into a bow in back.

Top: One World- recent Burlington Coat Factory- love silver circles on bodice that jingle

Jeggings: DG2 by Diane Gillman via HSN

Shoes- Payless online- Camera does not show the sparkled studs.  Ordered the ship to store and the woman at store gasped when she saw them and said they only had the white ones in-store.  Added an orthotic  for added comfort.

Purse: Avon

Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

Pictures by my very supportive Hubby, thank you!  Can’t wait to get a new camera soon.  Right now settling for his tablet…

Please Share my blog with friends and encourage them to become  followers.  As soon as I have 50 followers, I will start some give-aways!

Have you experienced your own “That Girl” moment?  


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