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I began last week with the intention of doing a week of dresses and skirts

to boost my mood for these winter blues and stopped short for bowling day and  once our snow arrived..

To make up for that, I have two outfits…


I wore this Ann Taylor thrifted skirt over the weekend.

The key to success here is the fleece lined tights in navy.

The sequined sweatshirt by is rather thin, so I added another navy t-shirt underneath.

I finished off with a navy faux leather jacket by F21 and my boots from Ireland.


Not the best lighting in this photo,

but the best part of this outfit for me is the swingy skirt.

Movement in skirts are wonderful for boosting my mood and increasing my sassy side.


Now for what I wore Monday…

A thrifted dress and Old Navy Sweater…

I really do like thrifting dresses and skirts because the lower cost allows me to have more in this category.


I loved getting a chance to rock my burgundy knee high heeled boots.. 

I am glad my sciatica isn’t flared up which allowed me to sport heels.  

I like the ease of layering a sweater over a skirt rather than layering with a jacket or cardigan. 

Have you tried that with success yet? 

Dear Readers, since Tuesday is a make up Parent’s Night out , due to our snowfall,

I will be putting together another dress look for tomorrow.  

I wanted to wear a maxi styled for winter , but the wet snow and rain we’ve had changed that desire. 


I am grateful that my daughter is home and that she came with dinner requests. 

I am grateful that we are making progress on sewing her costume for the Anime Convention in Boston.  

I am grateful that  we are having so much fun making the costume and the memories we are building, not to mention the love my daughter feels in our support of her Anime interests…

I am grateful that my son will be coming home Friday, from VCU and will have a few days that overlap his sister’s break.

 I am grateful for the time alone with just my daughter and youngest, this is a first and she is spending so much time teaching him things and being a big sister…


After reading a new blog about the opening of a new Goodwill near me, I traveled the 30 minutes to it and was not at all disappointed. This was not just any Goodwill… It is 21,000 sq ft.  Read more at Got It At GoodWill.

Part of that store is an Outlet Store that sells by the pound, I will show the remainder of those purchases at another time. For now I will show you two bathrobes that were part of my $1.19 per pound lot. 


This is in brand new condition and by Sonoma.  I love these for after showering!


This Navy one by Croft and Barrow too was in brand new condition and is for my husband.  

The Following are all pieces  I found at the Retail Store


I have wanted a cropped jean jacket for a very long time!!!!

IMG_0385Yes I am a lover of animal print!  It is black and white with some blues and is by Ann Taylor


Banana Republic cardigan This is 50/50 Wool & Angora.  I really love printed cardigans as you will see…


In love with the browns and teal of this Ann Taylor Merino wool cardi!


Brown Zebra print by Loft in Pima Cotton finishes of the cardi’s


Loved the colors in this thin, almost sheer pull-0ver by IceBreaker, the tag also reads New Zealand Merino…

Check this out,  it is selling now on their website for a lot more than my mere$4.99!


Loft, dark brown pullover with lovely button detail at the shoulders…


Love this Red vest by Croft & Barrow as it is thinner (more figure flattering) and cinches in the back.


The five colors in this top will make it exremely versatile and is by Ziani  Couture. Only info I could find on brand is an address in New York and same sweater selling on Ebay for $21.00.. I paid $4.99


This Sheer tunic is perfect for summer evenings with shorts or capris


I was hoping for more shorts… These dark brown are by Jag. New,  this brand of bermuda’s runs for $59.00


I am loving this cute anchor top…

Dear Reader’s , No one else was looking at the winter clothes and the racks were packed full, so I concentrated on the printed sweaters I love,  and are expensive new…I would never be able to own this variety if I wasn’t thrifting them, so super happy.! Packing them away for now, but when you are a thrifter you can find wonderful things for all seasons at any time of the year.  Any favorites???   

I hope you all have  a Wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!  

Do You have anything special planned for the Father or Husband in your life?   

This is a recipe for Olive Garden’s Peaches and Cream Cheesecake, and my husband’s favorite.  I use to work for the O. G. and have been making this for him for 23 years now!!!!   A wonderful treat for my hardworking husband on Father’s Day!  


I am grateful for the rain that swept in late today and took temperatures from the high 90’s to mid 70’s!

I am grateful that Friday  is the last day of school for Nicholas and the last day of testing for homeschooling Connor!

I am grateful that the electricity flickered but did not go off during the fast moving storm and winds.

I am grateful that my sinus pressure headache subsided late in the day. 

I saw this concept in June’s Instyle Magazine and thought, I could do that!  You’ve gotta love inspiration, we need all the help we can get as bloggers to keep going each day…

Linking Up today with Style Elixer, so check out the other wonderful bloggers!

IMG_0366This was the quickest photo shoot ever!  It was cloudy and the thunder was rolling and lightening bolts were regularly filling the sky…Literally two seconds after this photo , the rain began!  


This look is mostly thrifted, except for the green wedges by Chadwicks (bought last year), the necklace from Ebay and the navy belt is from a corduroy skirt that no longer fits… The top is by Liz Claiborne, thrifted for just $2 from Goodwill and the skirt is one of my most recent purchases and is by Merona from Goodwill.  This purse is among one of my most favorite ones from thrifting and perfect for summer.  I’ve always loved the color green and am so happy it is in for this season!


I love these easy casual skirts for Summer, they are so comfortable and practical for My Mom On the Go lifestyle.  I wish I had more of these elastic easy waist ones… Maybe I could make a few???

Dear Readers, So this is Day two of my week of stripes.  I have to say , never having tried stripe on stripes before ,that I rather liked this and would do it again!  Come back tomorrow and see what I do next with stripes… It’s weigh in day on my journey to find my goal weight, which I keep changing my mind about.. more on that tomorrow!  Have you ever worn the Stripes on Stripes look?  Would you be willing to try it now??  


I am grateful that the testing to meet state requirements for homeschooling  is going well.  We are halfway through!  

I am grateful that the rain held out just long enough for me to get a few photos. 

I am grateful for the rain and the cooler temps, with less humidity

I am grateful that my husband was able to sleep in today and go to work later.

I am grateful to readers who take the time to leave comments that cheer me on in this blogging journey!

I am grateful that the Tornado Warning that we were under didn’t turn out to be anything, despite the fact that at one point it was heading directly toward my area! 

This was a very successful trip to Goodwill this week.  They had 50% off the weekly color as normal but also added 1/2 off all long sleeve tops and outerwear.   I headed to the long sleeve tops and found quite a few goodies… I spent my budget for the next few weeks so am holding some items back to post for next week…

Linking Up with Thrifter Thursday


This vest never even made it out to the floor it was found hanging on a rack that was heading out to the racks.  What more could a woman want than crochet and a lace peplum.  – $3.99


This great pink LOFT cardigan was perfect for my petite height and a good addition as I have a lot of sweaters that are too long that I am going to be replacing…  $2.5o

IMG_3208   This cropped black sweater has no tag and I have wanted a black one for a while now, so snatched it up for $2.50

This skirt is a LOFT and was blue tagged and 50% off at $2.50.  I am in desperate need of replacing solid casual skirts due to the weight loss and my love of patterned tops.  IMG_3206

Grey Seersucker blazer by Liz Claiborne for $4.99 I had two seersucker blazers that no longer fit due to weight loss, have them in a pile of things to take to the tailor once I reach goal weight.  In the meantime this one will do nicely!


                                                                         LOFT skirt that really caught my eye because a few weeks ago I purchased the matching sweater to this.-$2.50  I will be featuring this tomorrow, so come check it out!  


This Calvin Klein dress was the first item I put in my cart  and only one of the two things I paid full price for(jacket was the other).  Just $6.99

Dear Readers, I really love thrifting and love that I can find so  many LOFT items or other favorite brands for such a low price point.  What is so great is that these items are all in new condition…  Any favorites among my finds for the week? What ‘s on your fashion wish list to get for Spring and Summer?  As always I appreciate and welcome all comments! 

 Come back tomorrow for the final look of the Movie Inspiration Week, Vertigo…  

Gratitude:   I am grateful that I have been doing so well with my food choices thanks to posting what I plan to eat the day before.  I am grateful for the wonderful weather and taking walks with my son.  I am grateful that I am back to myself after the 3 week illness, working out hard and sleep well.  I am grateful to be spending the day with my friend and her daughter and having a photo shoot for a budding almost 7 year old..

                                                                                                                          Food Journal

Breakfast: strawberry, banana smoothie

Lunch:  peanut butter & banana sandwich & green tea

Dinner: Chicken w/ mushrooms & onions & salad greens w/olive oil & Lt. italian dressing & green tea

Snacks: yogurt & watermelon 

This week on the You Look Fab Forum, some of us are getting together and doing a week long movie poster inspiration styling challenge.  It can be as loose of an interpretation as you wish… Monday’s poster was Raiders of the Last Ark

My interpretation is something I would wear in my real life and if you are a regular reader,  no surprise that it involves a dress… My first thought when I saw these photos, was it’s a good thing I just started using a self tanner! Remember to check out all the lovely ladies at the link up Visible Monday and My Greatest Hits


I thrifted this dress awhile back thinking it would be very versatile and multi seasonal.  I wore it once before , but scrapped the idea of layer ing this again as the sleeves are just too bulky even when you unroll it.. The material is rather stiff and unforgiving, I am hoping with a few more washes that it might help that.


The purse was is a bronze color and was given to me by a dear friend.  I thought the relaxed slouchiness was appropriate for this casual look.  The shoes are my recent Ebay purchase and are Franco Sartos.  I have to take a moment to comment about the effect these shoes had on my dear husband… He loved them and when I say loved, I mean couldn’t say enough and felt they were very sexy.  This makes me very happy because as I have been developing my style and realizing I want an edge to my normal ultra feminine looks , my husband has been complimenting and fully embracing those changes.  I would still be choosing this path, but sure helps that he loves it too!


Both the hat and my necklace were purchased in the Caymans.  I wear summer hats a lot to protect my face from sun damage so was thrilled to find a new one.   Just for fun I added my leopard scarf to the hat, which prompted my youngest to say, ” Whoaa Mom, you look like you are ready for a Safari!”  Too bad it was just to go outside for a photo  shoot.


My husband snuck this picture as I was walking, but turned out that I used it to show you the scarf which I left hanging instead of doubling around the  hat…

Dear Readers, I had fun with this inspiration.. Come back tomorrow for the Star Wars Inspiration… And as promised I will add my food choices for Monday(today) at the bottom of this posting.  But First the gratitude section, which I hope inspires you to find your own each day!  All comments are welcomed and appreciated…

Gratitude: I am grateful for a husband who pays such attention to the little details.  He even notices when I change blush colors !   I am grateful for my resolve to get back on track and the discipline needed to do so.  I am grateful to my older brother for just stopping by to say hi (he works long hours and rarely does so!).  I am continually grateful for the lessons of faith,  love and optimism my parents modeled for  me that carry me through the obstacles of life!  I am so grateful for the phone call from Ashley as she sounded so relaxed and calm, winding down her senior year and getting ready for her college graduation (she finally finished her community service this weekend which is the reason for her relaxation!)   

Monday’s Food Choices

Breakfast- Smoothie with yogurt, Sugar free French Vanilla Coffee Powder, banana and ice.

Lunch– I ate breakfast at 10am & didn’t feel hungry again until 2:30 so ate yogurt and grapes

Dinner– Leftover BBQ Chicken and salad greens with olive Oil & lt Italian W/green tea

Today I opted for a different smoothie as the frozen fruit one made me so cold yesterday, with just ice I was able to put the amount in to make it cold but not frozen…   I also planned my food out in the morning for the entire day as I knew what I was having for dinner and wanted to stay on track with my points which I did so, .Really proud of getting in all my daily goals including the two probiotics and green teas.. When I was sick these past weeks I was drinking way too many diet sodas!  Weigh In results on Wednesday!

I was suppose to go to my weigh in today, but didn’t make it due to sinus pressure headaches to the point of migraine level and nausea.  Waiting for this weather to change for relief!   My husband who never gets sick was hit with that stomach flu that my son and I dealt with last week.. He never gets sick, but this really hit hit hard.  


A reminder of the previous day’s look..


What I would have worn if I had made it to my WW meeting today… I would have worn tights as I was cold taking these photos, but didn’t feel like asking my son to hold on while I put them on.  He so graciously squeezed in photos for me,  despite his pressure with  so much make up homework from missing 4 days of school due to that darn stomach flu…


As you can see I opted to carry over the bright blue blazer , which I purchased on clearance from Chadwicks and is no longer available.  I have  worn this scarf a lot and happily it is still available Here.  The purse and dress are both thrifted.

Dear Readers, my posts today is just a quick uninspired one due to the intensity of my headache today.. Thanks for stopping by and remember I welcome and appreciate all comments.

Linking up with What I wore Wednesaday,   Because Shannon Said So,   Rolled Up Pretty,   Style Elixer,  Wardrobe Wednesday

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a phone conversation with my younger brother today, I just love him so much!  I am grateful that my husband got sick before he left the house for work as he would have pushed himself to go and been throwing up during a long drive for a corporate meeting… I am grateful that my son is on top of his make up homework and focused on doing well.  I am grateful that my daughter is taking the rejection of her PHD application so well and has a Plan B in place.

Homeschooling got started late on Monday and a lack of sleep meant I needed a nap afterwards.  The result was no outfit photo before the light of the day was gone… So instead here are my thrift store finds from this weekend.

IMG_1886Introducing “Ruby” my dress form!  For spring and summer I love skirts and a cute top, so with my weight loss need to get started replacing all those that no longer fit.  What better than polk a dots to get me started?  This is by Jones New York Signature and was just $2.50

IMG_1889This trip I ended up with a few black and white items.  Not a bad thing since when I went to the mall after thriftiing I saw a lot of this color combo coming in for spring.  This sweater is Ann Taylor Loft for just $2.50.


Just wanted to add  a close up of the trim on the sweater…

IMG_1893A simple pleated skirt in black & white by Express for $2.50

IMG_1894Closeup on the skirt print….


This blazer was a last minute find as I was near the registers and saw a woman pick it out of the rack and put it back. Lucky for me.  I love it because it is by Kasper and a petite.  The half price blue tag special made this just $3.50!Pric


A simple light weight tunic top that I wanted to go with olive and orange capris for Spring and Summer. Priced at $2.50.

IMG_1899I couldn’t resist this purse for spring at just $4.00.


I decided to try a headless picture of What I wore since my hair and makeup weren’t done.. Sorry for the poor lighting..

I am wearing jean skinny’s my tobacco colored cowboy boots, black sweater, orange top & belt and scarf. Hibernating days are good, but I did take out the trash, collect wood from the woodpile and get the mail….

Dear Readers,  It was nice to go thrifting  after a month off, I hope you liked my Lucky Finds.  Any favorites?  

Tuesday is Weight In Day so wish me luck and I’ll fill you in on my results tomorrow.  Trying to push it out for the last ten pounds!

Gratitude:  Grateful that I took care of myself and took that nap, as I really don’t do well with a sleep deficit and 3-4 hours doesn’t work for me.  I am grateful that when we have a slow day homeschooling that Connor always makes it up by the end of the week and takes full responsibility without my having to push him.  I am grateful that my seventeen year old’s teacher called us and cleared up that he can still turn his makeup work in and change the report card grade (8 days missed from flu!).  

Since I began the week with such a bold color blocked look, I decided today to go in the complete opposite direction this time:

IMG_1541These neutrals definitely have a different feeling and I quite like it.  I have often said that I could never do a thirty by thirty challenge, as I could never restrict my shoe selections and in this season, my boots.  I wonder how many of my boots I will use in this challenge?  I suspect by the end of winter most of them will come out to play with these jeans…

IMG_1553I think this look demonstrates where I like to save money by thrifting and where I prefer to splurge  and spoil myself .  The lace top in this look and the Aigner purse are both thrifted from Goodwill for a total of just $6.50.  Those boots are ones I stalked for months and purchased last year on sale.   Most girls that live in the south like to have at least one boot in this style and I haven’t had a pair in probably 15 years when I wore out my previous ones…

IMG_1538This sweater is by Dennis Basso via QVC and more than I usually spend on sweaters, but I really loved it and spoiled myself on it.  Right now it is still clearanced  HERE, but only available in smaller sizes, check out the other colors it comes in! I wear a size 6 have a 38 inch chest if that helps and ordered mine in XS. As I mentioned before most QVC designers run larger….

I also chose to pair my mother’s pearls with this lace top for a romantic vibe and my gold bracelet and earrings.  The gold flower was also my mother’s and I just attached it to the pearl strand.

Dear Readers, a special note that I do not receive any compensation for my recommendations from anyone!  Today’s look is so different from the boldness of yesterday’s cobalt top.  I hope you come back tomorrow to see, yet another look with these fabulous colored jeans!


Well, the flu has hit my household so my gratitude is low today… I am grateful that I began this challenge and had a few post pre-written for today and tomorrow.  I am also grateful that my photos are done through Friday….I am grateful that my daughter and son seem to have very mild case and might not even be the full flu…(My daughter heads back to college on Wednesday)

As Always, your comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated…

I am so excited to show you my thrift store finds for this week.  I dd really well and am on cloud nine.  Yesterday I showed my new Jean jacket and thought it would be fun to show you an outfit I posted previously with the jean jacket that now needs a new home.

get-attachment (5)It just doesn’t fit me anymore and it’s time for it to go.  Here is yesterday’s look with my newly thrifted one from Salvation Army for just $4.99

IMG_0955I think you can see an obvious difference and my successful weight loss since beginning this blog….These photos were taken 11 weeks apart.  I am so glad that I decided to show these two looks together because it was a really fantastic wake up call for me to pause and see my success.  The weight has been coming off slower and I didn’t feel like the results were that dramatic.

Now, I am excited to show you my finds this week:

First is these wonderful booties in grey.  I have had so much fun with my black and brown ones and secretly have been dreaming of getting them in grey.  My husband loves them and the $4 price tag.


My favorite find for this week has to be this suede jacket.  It fits like a glove and I am overjoyed because I had purchased a leather one in this color and is too big and the wrong cut for my petite height.  Can you believe this was a mere $6.99? I would have to say this lucky find ranks up there with my Bass Penny Loafers.


Next are two fun skirts that are a little tight but will be perfect when I reach goal and for the spring.

I love the colors of this and the cut.  I loved this silhouette when I was thinner and can’t wait to be at goal and feel sassy in this….


Love the navy blue and white graphic print here and nothing better than a straight skirt. I love how casual this one is and look forward to rocking this one…


Last is this Ann Taylor black dress with a cute little tie-waist detail that stepped it up just  a bit.  This neckline is the higher than I currently wear, but there is a reason I wanted it this time.



These bubble necklaces I purchased from Ebay is the reason I didn’t mind the neckline on the above dress.  Can’t wait to find ways to style these delights..


Gratitude: I am grateful for my oldest son who cleaned up the kitchen.  I am grateful to my three youngest children who all thanked me profusely for cooking up  my BBQ chicken, bacon, cheddar with a slice of tomato sandwich…. I ate it without the bread…I am grateful that I listened to my gut and went into the JCPenney store to check for the shoes I ordered online and they cancelled, as I am now able to surprise my oldest son with the shoes he dreamed of and thought he was not going to get….

Dear Readers I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back to visit on Monday when I will show you pictures of what I wore to my husband’s Christmas Party!

Let’s start right away with weigh in information… After being immobile and sick with migraines and sinus pressure for four days, being too sick with a fever to attend last week’s meeting,  followed up with another week of sinus headaches and adding in PMS and swollen chest syndrome…, eating Thanksgiving Dinner and leftovers. I was prepared for the worse.  The worse meaning any weight gain, going up in any increment feels like a setback…According to my scale I lost about one pound, but the WW scale showed only a loss of .2 lbs… I am just grateful for no gain after these two weeks….Hoping these headaches go away soon…

Since I waited patiently and searched weekly for just the right red purse, I wanted another chance to use it.  What easier combination, than black and grey with just pops of red?  

I love how this combination turned out.  I found this striped top and the jumper thrifting.  So other than the scarf and boots, this outfit is mostly from Goodwill.

I think the plaid scarf and striped shirt also qualify for my new venture into pattern mixing.  I am like a little child wanting credit for my growth, hence the reason I point these things out.  This really is a fun journey and starting this blog is such a wonderful thing for me at this stage of my life…

This scarf is another one I purchased at my local grocery store last year for just $6.99.  I recently told my oldest son that for Christmas he could always pick me out a scarf.  He acknowledged that they really are everywhere and that it should be an easy task.  I can’t wait to see what he picks, as he has an artistic brain and is himself really into fashion.  Would it be silly to ask each of my four children for a scarf?  It really is an area where they can’t go wrong…

Linking up with Real Girl Glam, so go see the lovely ladies there…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for any weight loss after the past two weeks of not exercising and severe headaches…I am grateful for my father’s birthday yesterday and the opportunity to spend an entire day with him in my thoughts….

Outfit Detail

Top; thrifted $2.50

Dress: thrifted $3.50

Scarf; Kroger $6.99

Purse: thrifted $4.00

Boots: Kathy Van Zeeland from Qvc last year

As always, my Dear Readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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