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I love capris with  a loose top in hot weather. 

This top is actually looser than it appears, the wind was nice for the heat of 92 degrees, but of course with light weight fabric changed it’s appearance. 


In cleaning out my closet, I happened upon these capris ,

which did not fit me last Summer, but I tried them on and alas with 

my recent weight loss, they did and were not even tight, lol 

I love using a handbag or shoes to pop another color into an outfit,

hence the choice for my yellow one.  

I thought I would share my weight loss journey with Intermittent Fasting today! 

The most important thing to note about fasting is that it is not about deprivation, you must get in your calories during the eating window.  

I chose the 16: 8 version where you fast for 16 and eat for 8, I also extend it , by mixing it up daily sometimes fasting for 16-19 hours and adjusting the eating window to what equals 24 hours. My general fasting hours start at 6pm and eating at 10am. 

Lately I have changed it to 5pm and eating at 11am for 18 hours of fasting.   

Another important thing to note is that I drink more water than every before, 32 -48 ounces in the morning before eating and another 32-48 after dinner until a hour or so before bedtime.


This is a typical breakfast, notice the word break fast….

A yogurt/strawberry smoothie is great as some people have constipation with fasting.  

The Kiyani Sunrise is a supplement of super-foods for added nutritional benefits.  


I alternate with a smoothie with these ingredients blended with a frozen banana. 


I typically eat only two meals a day, but some days I add 

in apple, because I figure the added fiber is good and that whole

an apple a day comes to mind. 


This is one dinner I had last week of chicken with mushrooms, onions,

artichoke hearts , diced can tomatoes, cooked with Italian Seasoning 

and topped with Feta.   


I had this last night and was worried it wouldn’t be enough to hold me for 16 hours

but I lasted for 17 ,lol.   It will actually last me 3 nights as my family doesn’t like

eggplant.  It brings back memories of my father who loved it and made it a lot. 

IF is by far the easiest method I have found and has the added benefit of curbing all my cravings in addition to a clarity of mind and increased energy.   

Losing 11 pounds in 5 weeks, along with a few inches of loss has been encouraging as well, but truth be told the other benefits make this a method I will make it to a lifestyle!

If you want more information on Intermittent Fasting, I suggest starting with 

This Video from Dr. Fung and he has many others too.  

There is also a Facebook Group called : Intermittent Fasting for Women 


Have a Great Day and Thanks for Stopping By!  




I was so excited to get back to blogging and doing an Outfit Post that I 

Laid out my Look last night , including the jewelry, lol 

Check out this blog :

This look is very much my style for a few reasons, 

Color, Pattern, Cute Jeans and Wedges!  

Of course, I had to add in a layered necklace

look to finish off my maximal style!  

My shorter necklace is actually one my sister made, 

she made jewelry to sell and wear herself as a hobby. 

The Jeans are my favorite jean designer, Diane Gilman  ( I may be addicted) 

are a fun cropped flared version.   

I haven’t tried them with booties yet, but 

will in the future to extend their wear- ability . 

The Babydoll Tunic, I picked up from Jane  is a great style, fitted in the bust with

the empire waist and perfect flair to help camouflage the menopause tummy. 

I will be posting soon about my weight loss method that has resulted in 11 lbs 

and inches off in the past 5 weeks!  

I now have several of these wedges that I picked up over last few years

at TJMaxx by different makers.  I unfortunately have been stuck in 

flats this Summer after twisting my ankle at a Cemetery in July, 

when in Boston to say farewell to my husband’s Aunt Jane.  

*Note I took photos too early when sun was bright, was excited to get back to outfit post! 

As my past readers know I am really big on third completer pieces , 

and right now I am adoring these fun vests.

This one is one of the samples I have been trying out. 

In fact I am looking into selling these. 

I started an Amelia James clothing boutique business 6 months after my sister passed on, 

big mistake and never got it fully off the ground.  I have to sell my inventory and move on as I love the company and clothes , but not the mlm business culture . 

The good news is 

 it taught me was that I want to sell 3rd Completer Pieces!


I created this September Calendar for a group of Style Sisters for 

Facebook group that had not been very active to get us back to posting 

pictures and to hep me get back to blogging. 

I invite any of my readers to join in if they wish.

Please if you have not joined my

Versatile Style by Tracey Facebook Group

do so, and post pictures of your outfits!  




I love our homeschool bowling on Wednesday, but dressing for it is always about keeping warm! 

The bowlers are moving so they are fine, but us mother’s who watch are another story.  

It is so funny to head out the door with my son in shorts and short sleeves and myself always in pants, short sleeves and a cardigan or jacket in my hand.  

My tunic is actually one from the Amelia James line I sell. 

I have a huge wardrobe and won’t wear my line every day on the blog, 

but quite frankly I really love these new pieces so darn much!  

Every woman should own a great pair of boot-cut jeans and these are ones,

that I must wear with 3-4 inch heels,  are a girl’s best friend.  

If you read my blog, you probably already guessed that these are by 

Diane Gilman!   

I belted this Milan ( all of our Amelia James pieces are named after cities)

because as a petite I wanted to make my legs look as long as possible.

Proportions is the one thing blogging and taking photos taught me.

This can be worn as a dress as well when unbelted and I intend to style it

with black tights, ankle boots, and a leather jacket when temperatures cooperate. 

This may be too short for some women to wear as a dress, but the younger women love it!  

I have this $50  Milan in Size Small – 3x if anyone is interested you can email me @ and you can check out videos and albums

on my Facebook page to see other Amelia James styles, eventually, I will get a website together.  


I am grateful for getting back on track and not craving any sugar these last two days! 

I am grateful for homeschool bowling on HUMP DAY to break up the week. 

I am grateful my daughter is helping my son study and get ready for CLEP testing for Biology, 

I am grateful for this business and the community of supportive women and for finally answering the question, 

“What am I going to do when mothering minor children for 31 years comes to an end?”    






This weight gain in just a pain and I want to bust out and just conquer this weight loss, but the

struggle of losing weight after menopause is REAL!     

Check out the Link-up for other wonderful bloggers  

I have been doing some research on the success of intermittent fasting, where you do not have anything for 12-16 hours after your last meal the previous day. 

ideally, the goal is to go the 16 hrs for the sceince of it to work.   It seems to work well for men, but that always begs the question, will it be the same for women. 

I found this article and decided to heed the warning to do it every other day.   

After having green tea until 11am. I indulged in my go-to breakfast lately, 

Premier Protein Shake poured over ice into a nice glass as food should feel indulgent…

A banana every morning is my thing and has been most of my adult life.  

 Around 2:30pm  I opted for a full cup of plain greek yogurt with strawberries 

Rocking the protein and fruit for the day, but definitely, need to bump up some

vegetables for snack and dinner.   

Still near 80’s for us here in Virginia Beach!  

Styling one of my Amelia James Memphis Ruffle tops in burgundy with a black stripe. 

I love how figure flattering this top is and that I can style it for my boho loving self by adding a wonderful 

crotchet vest by Indigo Thread Company .   Lots of other options to style this with layers if our weather ever gets cooler!   

I have this wonderful top in several colors and sizes up to 4x, 

you can see them on my latest live sale video on my Facebook Page.   

Eventually I will get a shopping website, but for now you just claim it under the video by using the number and size 

and I can send you an invoice via paypal.   


I am grateful for my new found vigor and zest for getting this weight loss journey moving! 

 I am grateful for my sister’s Ipod Music to start me dancing in the mornings. 

I am grateful for the fun of reading , ” A Gentleman in Moscow” with my teen age homeschooler. 

I am grateful for this blog to turn to and for making me get dressed today instead of staying in my pj’s.  




The Push to get this 15lb Weight Gain is Now On!  

 I have Just two months from today to get myself back into shape 

after this menopausal weight gain…

I took before pics, this morning and I can clearly see the midsection gain and loss of my curves, 

which explains my current struggle in styling outfits.  


I will not be revealing the before pics by themselves, 

so hold on for the next 6o days when I do the reveal…

I am loving this as I am finally really motivated!  


Today, I went bowling yet again, as my son’s competition is next weekend 

and he is getting use to his new performance ball.

Today we  met up with his homeschooling group and an extra group lesson 

with his private coach, which helped him tremendously.

Another practice bowling day set for Thursday and then a private lesson on Friday.  

It’s a good thing we all like bowling and are enjoying this crazy week of so much of it!  


Upon my arrival to the bowling alley, I was met outside by an employee on a break who shouted, 

“I had shoes like that back in 19… I’m not gonna say when!  It would Shock You!”   

I laughed and said, “Yes, like all things they are back on trend!”  

Wearing my thrifted black and colbalt top paired with two pieces from of the very lightweight sweater,

which even has pockets…. and my linen jogger capris..   

I found this necklace at Walmart on clearance for just $3 and the purse is from Amazon , here

Dear Readers,  I could really use accountability for the 2 month countdown to lose this darn weight, so please chime in with a comment to cheer me on and help keep me motivated!!!!

 I’ll be putting more details out about my plan and course of action along the way. 

First Up is the Addition of Warm Lemon Water First thing in the Morning,

Why , you ask, Read this article for the benefits.  


I am so grateful that I’ve found the motivation that has seemed to allude me, despite my strong desire to get rid of the 15lbs  I’ve gained. 

I am grateful for having my niece this week and the fun we are all having going bowling and our one day we made it to the beach.

I am grateful for phone calls from my daughter who is back in Boston for graduate school. 

I am grateful for my friendships with the homeschooling mom’s and seeing them today, but also knowing I get to see them again for a Parent’s Night Out, Thursday!  

The hardest part of my weight gain is seeing it in photographs….

With Spring arriving and less layers I can see clearly what I haven’t wanted to face…

Linking up today with Turning Heads by Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

And with Style Elixir for Spring Outfits,  So go get inspired…


It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it is motivating me to exercise more.

After a week of sinus headaches and not exercising as much as I would have liked,

I am ready to kick this into gear.  

I took a walk today to get started, which is why I chose this outfit… 


It’s fun to add sparkle and a scarf to boyfriend jeans to make it more feminine. 

I like wearing scarves in Spring because once Summer hits our humidity makes that unappealing. 

I did a faux tuck today, which actually looked better and defined my waist. 


My boy-friend jeans are from last Spring and are by Just Fab. 

That makes two things from there since my  purse , a bucket bag for this year’s trend is my most recent purchase

I sporting brand new sneakers that I found on clearance at Target. 

I figured with my love of the Sporty Chic trend, that another pair would be helpful.

When you aren’t happy with your weight, shoes are a safe bet…

Dear Readers, On my walk I went to Burlington Coat Factory and tried on clothes, a big wake up call, so I came home from my walk and did a Fluidity ballet bar workout and a few other Pilates exercises. It was a full day of wake up calls with my weight gain as I tried on my soft pants from last year and they were tight.  Yep, I am very ready to kick this into full gear!  


I am grateful for my readers comments, they helped my day of facing my weight gain.

I am grateful that I joined the Get Your Pretty on Spring Challenge and am enjoying the private Facebook page where everyone is sharing their purchases and closet finds for the challenge. 

I am grateful that I had my wake up call and got right to working out!

 I am grateful that my husband agreed to go for a late night walk with me to really finish this day strong. 

I am grateful that despite not feeling well, that my home-schooler still managed to get his work done.

Today’s Inspiration is :

-"Young Girl Reading a Book on the Beach"  Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)  I wish I could even begin to incorporate this technique into my own.  It's been done by thousands, but I would still love it.  Maybe I'll try.

“Young Girl Reading a Book on the Beach”

When I looked at this one,

my first instincts were to create a look with grey and a denim jacket..

Linking up with Visible Monday, Go See What other  wonderful bloggers are up to…



I liked the muted shades in this shirt as yet another reflection 

of Picasso’s inspiration.


I love this classic denim jacket in the light wash , which I thrifted.

In fact, both of my denim jackets are thrifted….


Looking forward to losing a few more pounds and feeling better in these pants…

Well, my Dear Readers, I have lost a total of 7lbs these last two weeks and am definitely motivated bythat success to continue to my ultimate goal of losing another 20 to get below what I was when I stopped Weight Watchers…It’s only 5 lbs less, but I think I will be much happier to get there to 135 as my goal…The 140 never felt right to me… I just am so frustrated that I let myself gain so much back…I am determined to reach my goal of getting this under control by my 50th birthday in September and to never let it get out of control again…Maintenance really is the hardest part of the journey and I am very determined… Anyone who knows me will agree that I will win this battle once I put my mind to it.


 I am grateful for a second week of weight loss success…

I am grateful for a weekend of putting away my heavy coats and taking out and organizing my Spring/Summer items.

I am grateful for the fun of discovering St. Patrick’s Day hats for clearance at my grocery store, where I bought silly hats for the guys and a clover ball gap for me to wear, not just in March…

I am grateful for Spring temperatures and Sunshine.  

I am grateful for conversation with my daughter and hearing my stressed out Grad Student, planning to bake a cake from a partner for her group project since they had to schedule on her birthday to work on the project.. Baking is something my daughter loves to do and I know it will make for a break in her stressful schedule..

This new schedule of getting up early for my walks is starting to wear on me.

I know it’s just an adjustment period as I get use to new hours.  

I am hoping that by next week I can actually sleep until my alarm instead of waking up an hour earlier…

My Mood Dressing Tendency and wanting to spice things up produced today’s outfit choice


It was a very Windy Day, so much so I had to change which side of the tree I stood on..

I wanted to feel spunky today, so hence the skirted legging , leopard and red..

Heeled boots would have felt more sassy, but let’s face it, 

going to jump at Cloud 9 at age 49 is bound to have repercussions…

I don’t feel my age, but there are times…


Just for fun this was our first photo attempt and that’s with part of my hair pulled into a barrette…

I’ve had this silk leopard blouse forever and love it…It was actually a gift from my sister-in-law. 

I typically have worn more animal print in previous winters than I did this season, but not to worry I have leopard pointed toe flats new for Spring that I plan to wear a lot…


The outfit did it’s job today and did give me the feeling I was hoping for…

I have to say I am loving the skirted legging trend and can’t wait to show my second pair 

that has a patterned skirt… They are perfect for Spring!  

Mine are by Legacy via QVC and Here is their current offerings 

Dear Readers, I had another reality smack in the face today when I went to add my beloved Rachel Zoe red trench to this outfit for my walk to the store when it was pulled tight across my hip , so I wore it unbuttoned at the bottom.. 

This just motivates me more as I bought that trench in 3 colors for and plan to have them for a long time. No way I am not losing this extra now, 15lbs…


I am grateful that I managed my morning walk before the soreness set in.

I am grateful for a lazy day with my boys who both were worn out and sore from Cloud 9..It was a PJ day for them!

I am grateful for the fun of watching college basketball with my son this week as his team is in the A10 tournament. I should add I am grateful to learn more about a new sport that I don’t know much about.Another game tomorrow for a total of 3 this week.  

I am grateful for the extra motivation of my too tight trench today, it means I will stay the course over the weekend. 

I am grateful for a chance to make my sister-in-law smile when I call her and tell her I still have and love this blouse. 

I am grateful that Friday is a planned day off from morning walks and look forward to a day of rest. 

The plans for the day were to go bowling and then 

to head off to Cloud 9 for trampoline jumping…..

How does a Mom dress for that?  


Well this Mom, decided Old Navy Leggings and a F21 tunic were in order…

I initially had my socks tucked nicely so they didn’t show, but hurriedly put them on after 

Cloud 9 as we were all hungry and heading off for lunch…


I definitely need to get some more no-show socks, as Spring is on it’s way…

Time to pack away the boots and have fun with shoe variety, which after winter, 

I always look forward to doing. 

Of course, I then miss the boots by September…


Notice the grey rubber bracelet I forgot to take off from Cloud 9…

Dear Readers,

Imagine my delight at having dropped 2.5 pounds over the last four days of getting back on track?

It certainly made me very cautious when we went out to lunch after our trampoline jumping… I was quite hungry and Dear Readers, Chik Fil A sandwiches are my guilty pleasure… Even in weight loss mode I made that 11 point sandwich fit.  Today, I just couldn’t see undoing my good work of the week and seriously debated being very good and ordering the grilled chicken nuggets and fruit.. However I saw the 340 calorie option of the Grilled Cool Wrap and went with that instead.. I didn’t know the point value but guessed it was 7-8 and I was right it is 8 WW points.  

I had planned a very low 4 point dinner of chicken with sauteed mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach,  so well on track for the day.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make today…

One way I’ve been successful in eating right for the week is to prepare a large amount of the vegetables I mentioned in my dinner plans.. These four veggies:  mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach all mixed together are very versatile and make my meal planning for this week very easy…

I use it in 

Egg in A cup

Vegetable & Feta Frittatas 



Over diced Grilled Chicken 

Over diced Grilled Chicken with diced tomato and tomato sauce with ital seasoning.

Over SEEDs of Change brand Quinoa & Brown Rice ( I find this at BJ’s two servings per pk, 7 WW points) 

Having zero point items precooked really keeps me on track…

Other weeks I make zero point soup, which I do with zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, mushrooms and diced  canned tomatoes and of course the chicken stock.. I also add Italian Seasoning. 

Another zero point option I do up for a week to keep on track is by making my Father’s casserole of baking yellow squash in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, again with Italian dressing and Parmesan Cheese put on when I serve it.  I love this as an easy side dish for lunch or dinner and just add some form of protein to round it out.  


I am grateful for a fun day and getting exercise with our home-school group. 

I am grateful that my son home from college joined us for the fun.

I am grateful that my son’s migraine responded to meds and he had quick relief.

I am grateful that I am motivated to get back on track, as that is the key to success. 

I am so grateful to my parents for their investment in me and for teaching me to love myself and to keep positive. 

Another look with the color combo

Olive, Black and White….

And what a coincidence my friend and walking partner met me today, 

with a beautiful Talbots Olive Sweater she wondered if I’d like…


When it comes to black and white patterns in my wardrobe, my houndstooth skinny cords ,

have to be my favorite bottoms.


This sweater was meant to be worn open, but I belted it and think I might add 

a closure to it as it feels more cozy than when open.


It was nice to get out of boots and wear flats today..

Temperatures are back to normal for this time of year, 

in the 60’s and I am loving it!  

I have one more idea for a look with this color combo, coming up tomorrow…

Hint, It’s another black and white pattern????

Dear Readers, I am really focused and back on track to losing this unwanted gain. I am very happy about this as I would like to fit into my Spring bottoms and right now, that is not the case.  Having the right mindset and really being ready to get back to Healthy Living is half the battle.. If you aren’t ready to commit, you can not succeed.  

I chose Weight Watchers as my weight loss tool because of the accountability of weigh-ins and that I could manage my points in a way that no foods were ever off limit.  I highly recommend finding some way to be accountable in your weight loss or exercise journey… If joining my Facebook Support group is something that will keep you accountable by all means join and share your journey….

Getting Healthy Support

I loved my morning walk and am going again tomorrow.  There really is something great about being outdoors in the morning at a local park with others all doing the same as you are and seeing how cheerful everyone was.  The best part was that since it’s a hill (not really a mountain ,but hey we are at sea level so any elevation is good) we took part of our walk up a path and across the top of the hill before heading back down…That was fun and even better workout!  


I am grateful that I have a motivated walking partner who will do it daily.

I am grateful that I am hopeful that these morning walks will also help my insomnia, as exercise has in the past and with early mornings it’s bound to change.  

I am grateful for a wonderful outing with my son home from college and his confiding in me and trust that I respect him and know he is wise in his decisions.   

I am grateful that I raised a wonderful kindhearted, compassionate, giving  young man, who I know will treat the people  in his life well. 

I am grateful that homeschooling went well today. 

I am grateful that I bought a new Ninja blender today for my smoothies ( Can you believe after 3 years it broke last week). 

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