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I was very inspired by You Look Fab’s  Outfit Ensemble from Friday

And decided I just had to jump on board and try this one.  

I then decided I’ would like to to a few looks using these colors, so this week that’s my challenge…

Maybe not the entire week, but at least 3 days…

Here is the original: 

Ensemble: Olive and Black


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Black and white striped shirts are so versatile and this thrifted Jones New York is my favorite.

I think the solid arms on this shirt work really well with the Old Navy olive vest.  

My pants are Old Navy, Here…


We had a peak of Spring Today with temperatures near 70!

It was so nice to have a warmer sunny day….


I like this first attempt at the color ensemble and look forward to seeing what I find next…

Stop by tomorrow to see what I chose…

Dear Readers, It’s Confession Time!  

I’ve been feeling very stressed lately and resorted to stress eating and gaining weight…I have to do something NOW, as I am not about to have to go out and buy new bottoms when I have curated a wardrobe I love….

So, when a friend on Facebook said she was feeling the same, I got right into gear and started a Facebook group, 

Hampton Roads Getting Healthy Support Group

While I made it for my local area to encourage meetings and possibly walking groups to form, anyone who is looking for support to make changes to exercise and eating healthy, is welcome to join for support and to offer recipes, exercise and what is working for them, or just to ask for accountability or support when needed on this journey…

Join In ! 


I am grateful for a fun day with my friend!  She’s been out of town for months and it was so good to see her again. Looking forward to Spring and attending some fun events together!

I am grateful to a friend on Facebook, commenting that she was ready to get healthy, which motivated me to start the new Get Healthy Page….

I am grateful to my dear friend for jumping on board when I asked about going walking in the early morning hours before I begin my homeschool day…. We are starting tomorrow, Monday!

I am grateful that my daughter is back in Boston and that we accomplished our goal of making her costume, didn’t get pictures, but she promised me some later…

I am grateful that I am on my way to not just getting back on track to weight loss, but to maintain it and never regain! I am Driven!   Remember my 50th B’day is in September and I want this done before then!

It seems like Mondays are the hardest days…

Especially as a homeschooling mother of a teenager…


Today, I went very comfortable, cozy in polka dot leggings and layered tunic tops….

Flat riding boots finished off the comfy feel…

IMG_2662I added the pops of red, to boost my Monday mood..

Both the striped tunic and quilted vest are thrifted items.. 


The striped tunic wasn’t long enough to wear with leggings, so 

I added in an extra long t-shirt to make sure I had the proper derriere coverage necessary for leggings.. 

Besides wrangling a teenager to home-school, I spent the day planning out my new exercise and eating programs, as this lady is hell bent on getting back into shape.  I said before that I wanted to get to a healthy weight and a solid exercise routine to maintain before I reached 50, which happens in just 8 months… So time to get moving, as I’d like to be there long before Summer… I also went grocery shopping and picked up a few things to keep me on track…Tuna and celery to be exact, as another lunch option for the week… My goal is not only to lose the ten pounds I’ve gained back, but to lose a total of somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs.. I am going to gauge it by how my body feels as I get closer to those numbers… I tried the goal weight of 140 and it didn’t quite suit me , so going a little lower since that is the high end for my height.


Can I cheat and say I am grateful that this Monday is almost over?  

I am grateful for a beautiful seasonably warm and sunny day , which I thoroughly enjoyed on my walk to the store…

I am grateful for a trip to Goodwill on Sunday , in which I bought just two items pictured below..

I am grateful that I feel ready to face the weight and get this thing going… 

I am grateful that my smart son, thought to e-mail himself transcripts of his lesson and use his phone to write them, allowing me the computer to do my blog, so now I could care less how long he takes to do it!  

I am grateful for something to look forward to, tomorrow, with our first home-school parents night out.  


This cute dress for Summer…

I loved the Chevron design and the soft colors…


I can’t resist another Loft skirt…

 especially in the ‘swingy’ style that provides the movement I adore

because it  makes me feel spunky and sassy…

So Tuesday is my Weight Watcher meeting and Weigh In… I mentioned that I had gained over two pounds overnight and was surprised by that on Monday morning… For the weigh in I was up exactly one pound from the previous weigh in…So no complaints here…

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I have been very frustrated with this last part of the weight loss journey, as I had told myself I didn’t want to be as thin as I had been before I began gaining.  I see pictures and didn’ t like how thin my face was.  I am now a size 6 and in many brands, I can wear a size 4 as well.  So somebody please help me understand why that is the highest acceptable weight for my height?… Why when I used the Navy’s military BMI calculator that I was in the acceptable range, but just .3 away from obese? …this one asked for lots of measurements including your neck…I just want to be at a place where I feel healthy and that I can maintain for the rest of my life… 


Just needed to vent about that.. I do want to be more in the middle of the healthy requirements for my height and will do so, but had to get real and mad about the fact that I will be a size 4 by goal weight and be shopping for all new clothes… or mostly new bottoms…Quite  Frankly, I have been pouting… That ends today! 


I am going to kick it in to gear by joining the YMCA next week.  I loved the membership we had before and went three times a week doing all water exercizes and loving it… I did 2.5 to 3 hours in the pool three times a week… I am a lover of exercise, more so for strength training than cardio.  I have been doing well with strength training at home, but need the Y for the cardio because ,although I love exercize, I hate to sweat… so back to the pool I go…Should lose these last pounds pretty quickly…

IMG_0789Love this thrifted skirt and silhouette.  The top is by Chadwicks’ bought two years ago, back then diddn’t fit , but hey I prepared ahead for this weight loss… Shoes from Payless last year and Purse is by Liz Claiborne NY for QVC.  I would so wear skirts everday if that didn’t get boring fast and let’s face it , if you’ve been following my blog at all , you can tell I love to vary silhouettes.  

Dear Readers, I have really let my weight loss journey stall for more months than I care to confess, but am done pouting and ready to lose those last pounds and move on with it.  I am just so grateful to be where I am now and to have had the success and support to get this far! I appreciate the support I receive here from you all as well. Thank You!   I also want to thank those who commented about my missing my mother and sharing their own journeys of Dementia and Alzheimer’s! 


I am grateful to my niece for taking my photos today, trying to fit it in between the rain showers!

I am grateful for my WW meeting, leader and the contributions members make by sharing their stories .

I am grateful to my friend Sue, for the company and rides to meetings as well as being my partner in crime (thrifting) Going to miss you these next two weeks while you are out of town.

I am grateful to my daughter for her kindess to my niece and talking her through the Xbox game! 

I am grateful to my youngest for joining her and playing the game and even letting her win!!!

I am grateful to my husband who is home early tonight for asking me to join him in a Power Walk, which I am going to go do Right Now! ( Went for  an hour and felt great, perfect cooler temp!) 

 I fully earned my one pound weight gain this week…. In fact I was very active in self sabotage for the entire week… I actually went to the store three seperate days and bought 3 Musketeer Bars… I have no regrets about this small gain because the lessons I learned were worth the work it will take to get that pound back off…

This is not what I wore to my WW meeting,but It’s The Trend of the Month Link up , so head on over and check out all the ladies in their Maxi’s!  I thrifted this maxi today (Tuesday) from Goodwill for $6.99!  Also Linking up to What I wore Wednesday and Random Wednesday.


When I first began this weight loss journey, I was allowing myself room for a treat like the Weight Watcher Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar.  After I began the strength training I gave up allowing myself any treats… In fact to be honest I probably began undereating, causing this plateau… So once I had one candy bar, I wanted another one each day… I am proud that I only ate a thin sliver of the cheesecake I made my husband for Father’s Day….


So, here is the realization I had from this weeks, sugar attack.I ‘ve been on a DIET… That is not how I will ever succeed or maintain weight loss… Remember, I haven’t had huge problems with maintaining weight and in fact did WW after the birth of my youngest child and maintained it for over 6 years… I know what it takes to do so in a healthy way… I just have to do what I did back then… No more total deprivation!  It  will not work for long term success!  


Dear Readers, My stress this week was silly… I skipped a menstrual cycle for the first time in this aging process and it hit me like a ton of bricks… My body reacted by craving sugar…. that happens with stress!   I might have just allowed myself one candy bar if I hadn’t been depriving myself to maybe 3 times in the past 6 months…   So , lesson learned, no more Dieting…. It has to be a lifestyle change of keeping everything in balance... I say all the time that ” balance in all things works, going too far in one direction is what causes chaos..   ”  It’s one of the things I really want my children to grasp from me… 


Iam grateful for the lessons my father taught me to not beat myself up and to love myself and learn from mistakes.

I am grateful that I have self awareness and knowing  what motivates my actions

I am grateful to my oldest for unloading and reloading the dishwasher while I was out grocery shopping.

I am grateful to my niece for taking today’s photos…

I so wanted to go back to bed after I stepped on the scale and saw that I was up a pound... It’s par for the course during that wonderful time of the month… Last month it didn’t happen and I thought good, I’m ready for this chapter of my life to be over.. Unfortunately, this month is making up for it in water weight and bloating…


No worries, next week I’ll lose 2lbs… or so the pattern has been... Just so frustrating when I worked out like a maniac this week.  I did my Fluidity ballet bar workouts 5 days, used 8lb weights for a good circuit of exercises daily and ran on the trampoline(to protect my knee) every other day…


I chose a very casual look to match my depressed mood.  The skirt is Chaus via ebay(I own an identical one in a larger size and was thrilled to find this one!)  The mocha sweater( via Chadwicks, no longer available)  has a cute hood and purple in the print so I added the shoes and necklace in that shade.  I’ve had these ruffled ballet flats for a few year now and love them as they have a great sole and are by M. Patrick purchased at DSW on clearance.    Aigner purse was thrifted for just $4.  Jean Jacket was thrifted as well…


The purple heart is a charm I bought in NY when I had my store.  I went to BJ’s after my WW meeting and ordered prescription glasses and sunglasses.  I wear contacts when I go out,but prefer glasses for hanging out at home.  You are sure to see those in the future.  I was long overdue for glasses, but kept putting it off as unimportant since I only wore them at home.  I use to wear them to work as contacts are not always comfortable when I have sinus issues,  so I am looking forward to having a choice again!


I should have ironed this skirt, oops!

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Dear Readers, I am grateful that my weight gain was not more as in the past it has been up two pounds during my menstrual cycle… I am grateful to be getting new glasses.  I am grateful for my luck when thrifting today.  I am grateful that despite my mood and my lack of sleep(my husband has taken up snoring this week and woke me up 4 times!),  that I still pushed myself to workout this afternoon   I am grateful that my sinuses were much better today!  

Plans for the upcoming week is to continue the exercise, drinking lots of water, increase vegetables and proteins.  I didn’t have the Caprese Salad Tuesday night as life happened and I didn’t make it to the store until very late.  I had a baked potato with cheese as I had 12 points left for the day and that is comfort food for a stressful day! 

Wednesday’s Food Plan 

6-8 glasses of H20!!!!

Breakfast– 2 hard-boiled eggs & grapes  w/ 1% milk 

Lunch–  Baked Zucchini stuffed with Cherry tomatoes, mozz cheese, Ital Seasoning & Olive Oil w/ green tea

Snacks-  2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges, Apple, 1 Pc Dark Chocolate 

Dinner- Grilled Chicken Breast &  Yellow Squash, Tomotoes, Italian Seaoning & Parmesan Cheese Casserole w/ green tea 

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I find that I do much better staying on a healthy path if I keep my breakfasts and lunches rotating between a few tried and true favorites…So what exactly are those few options you may ask?  I am offering full disclosure of my journey so here is what works for me..


This shirt is not flatter to my midsection in this pose, but did not look like that in real life!!!

Smoothies– made with Greek Yogurt and Fruit.. I buy large bags of frozen fruit from BJ’s and Sam’s Club Typically Strawberries or a Tropical Fruit Variety.. To this I add Flaxseed meal and 1tbsp Olive Oil and either Truvia or Agave for sweetner.

Yogurt and Fruit– I don’t like the sour flavor of yogurt so opt for Yoplait Whips which are twice the points as other light versions, but the only way I can ingest it without if feeling like I am eating medicine and just tolerating it..  In addition I will have either a banana or grapes, or watermelon.

Hard boiled Eggs and Fruit

2-  Feta & Veggie Frittatas  and maybe a glass of milk.. On other days I opt for green tea and add fruit. I switch out the peppers and scallions for mushrooms and onions as I don’t like peppers…

Slice of Whole Wheat Bread, Peanut Butter topped with bannana and green tea.   Other Options here are Better than Peanut Butter or something I am wanting to try, but haven’t as of yet, Almond Butter…

Omelet w/mushrooms, onions, low fat cheese and fruit with green tea.  This is the least one I use as I only do so when I have pre cooked mushrooms and onions in the frig…


Since this is not a diet, (it is a lifestyle change), it is important to stay true to your own tastes and put in place real life things that  can become a new habit.  I prefer quick items for breakfast and that dictates my choices.  In my weight gaining years, I ate cereal for breakfast , my favorites were Raisin Bran or Wheat Chex.  Not terrible choices but I had to drop those options because I was eating double serving sizes , which ends up starting off the day with almost  half the amount of points WW recommends for me….I don’t miss it at all and feel that getting the probiotics, protein and fruit or vegetables is more valuable.


Gratitude:  I am grateful to my husband for telling me the story of a 13yr old boy in the news who killed himself after experiencing bullying at school(we are praying for his family and friends) and using it to thank me for homeschooling our youngest child and keeping him out of middle school… I am grateful for my own strength to push past all those naysayers  who questioned my resolve to home school.   I am grateful to my 17 yr old who found pictures on an old computer and saved them on a zip drive and shared his discovery with the rest of us(we had so much  fun going through the memories).   I am grateful that Connor found a book that interested him and read  without me having to tell him to(huge progress for a child who was falsely diagnosed with a reading disability!!!) 

Dear Readers, Any questions are comments are welcomed.  Next Monday I will write about lunches, so be sure to follow me if you aren’t doing so already!  I will continue daily with what I ate for each day…Wednesdays I will post my WW meeting results.  Thanks for your support and hope this inspires you to make even just one change for a healthier lifestyle.  Now off to exercise!!!!

Final thoughts, If I am aiming for Full Disclosure, I need to include my daily healthy guidelines some from WW some are my own (  I will not be going into the WW point system too much as I feel it is irresponsible since that number varies  depending on your age and weight and I am at the lowest end)  

Dairy- 2-3 servings

Fruits & Veggies- 4 -5

Protein- 2-3

Healthy oil-2tbs

Probiotics -2

Green Tea-2

H20- 6

Saturday’s meals Breakfast: Yogurt, Banana & Green Tea

Lunch: (on the run) 2 wedges Laughing Cow cheese wedges & Grapes

Afternoon Snack: Yogurt

Dinner-   Chicken wrap- made with 50 Calorie wheat tortilla by Smart Delicious and stuffed with Chiken, mushrooms onions. lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. (Note this torilla is small but I just fold it in half and stuff it full,not something I would eat in public!!!! LOL) I  Still had 5 points left and needed more vegetables,  so ate more salad greens with Lt Italian dressing & olive oil plus 2 pt dessert of  Newtons Fruit thins which are just 2 pts for 3 cookies…  Yeah stayed within my points and ate all the healthy guidelines!  

SundayMealsBreakfast:  Smoothie and today I added my green tea!

Lunch: Sharp Cheddar cheese stick , pre -cooked Fajita steak strips & apple 

Afternoon Snack- Newtons Thins & Milk

Dinner:  BBQ chicken w/ bacon, tomato & cheese- a  favorite of my family, I use to eat it as a sandwhich, but now just make it in individual corning ware… added olive oil to bbq sauce to get that in…   

My biggest problem in losing these final ten pounds is one hundred percent due to a carb addiction.  It is the thing that caused me to gain weight in the first place.  Back then I was in emotional pain from closing my store and my mother’s  dementia.  Now it’s stemming from the three weeks of not feeling well..  Who craves fruit, veggies and protein when they are having stomach bug or even when taste buds get messed up from sinus infection???


Didn’t bring sunglasses outside because it was 6:30pm….

No matter how much I tried to eat right these past few weeks the carbs have won out and all reason and doing what I know to be right has gone out the window… The problem with this is that once I indulge in one carb high meal for the day, my body craves more.  I successfully lost the weight because I filled myself up with yogurt , fruits, veggies and lean  protein… I did eat whole wheat pasta and whole wheat wraps and that was pretty much it for carbs as meal items.  I also allowed myself one WW 3 pt Dark chocolate Raspberry Ice cream bar almost every day…


Rocking my new purple leopard spotted jeans by Diane Gilman who has a huge variety of styles and a large following of women who own up  to 50 pairs!  I am on my way to that…. 

The thing is that when I was losing successfully  I ate at least 5 times a day, stayed within my points and lost an average of one pound per week.. I was never hungry and felt really good, vibrant and alive… Eating these carbs  lately is making me tired and I have been napping a lot… I have made excuses and been blaming this on my current changes due to menopause… Truth is like I said from the beginning of this journey it is about getting Mind, Body and Spirit all in alignment and balance…


So after eating banana bread for breakfast, I refuse to go down that path today… For lunch I had a yogurt and grapes (after a long nap).  For dinner I think I will cook up some chicken with mushrooms and onions for a wrap with lettuce tomato and cheese, leaving enough points for another yogurt… ( I am trying to eat two probiotics a day)  In order to curb this addiction I am going to hold myself accountable by becoming more transparent and divulge what I eat daily… Hope you will join me on this journey and if you are trying to eat healthier for either weight loss or just to be kinder to your body, comment and let us support each other in the journey!

The good news is that I have been exercising daily for the past four days and am really loving the feeling and am not just aiming to lose weight but increase my cardio  for my heart and tone up for my self esteem!  

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend!  If you read this entire post, thank you and I hope to bring some of you along on this journey with me!   Those last ten pounds aren’t going to know what hit them!  I am now in balance and have my head back on straight and a force to be reckoned with!  

I was suppose to go to my weigh in today, but didn’t make it due to sinus pressure headaches to the point of migraine level and nausea.  Waiting for this weather to change for relief!   My husband who never gets sick was hit with that stomach flu that my son and I dealt with last week.. He never gets sick, but this really hit hit hard.  


A reminder of the previous day’s look..


What I would have worn if I had made it to my WW meeting today… I would have worn tights as I was cold taking these photos, but didn’t feel like asking my son to hold on while I put them on.  He so graciously squeezed in photos for me,  despite his pressure with  so much make up homework from missing 4 days of school due to that darn stomach flu…


As you can see I opted to carry over the bright blue blazer , which I purchased on clearance from Chadwicks and is no longer available.  I have  worn this scarf a lot and happily it is still available Here.  The purse and dress are both thrifted.

Dear Readers, my posts today is just a quick uninspired one due to the intensity of my headache today.. Thanks for stopping by and remember I welcome and appreciate all comments.

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Gratitude:  I am grateful for a phone conversation with my younger brother today, I just love him so much!  I am grateful that my husband got sick before he left the house for work as he would have pushed himself to go and been throwing up during a long drive for a corporate meeting… I am grateful that my son is on top of his make up homework and focused on doing well.  I am grateful that my daughter is taking the rejection of her PHD application so well and has a Plan B in place.

I lost 2.2 lbs and that puts me exactly ten pounds from my goal weight.  I want to lose that as fast as I can to be past the weight loss stage and into the maintenance.  I wonder how much of it I can lose by the end of February?  I feel like December and January were a bust in my weight loss journey, but that is my own fault.

IMG_1908I have always said a weight loss success depends on getting body, mind and spirit all in alignment.  I have been missing the mind part these last few months.  I had been so miserable at my weight the entire time I was gaining.  It stands to reason that I would find some peace during the weight loss journey.  That is where i have been in my head.  Loving the changes that I see in my body. No longer feeling disgusted by it.  I  know it’s not exactly where I want to be , but it sure beats where I was!  Some day soon I’ll show you before pictures….


I was in a comfort zone and so proud of my progress, even though I  knew there was more work I wanted to do.  I got sloppy in tracking what I ate.  Don’t get me wrong I was doing it in my head, but that is not the best way and things sneak in easier… That wasn’t all, I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis.  I did it when I felt up to it. In all fairness having the flu and sinus issues in January didn’t help with both tracking or exercising.  I wan’t too alarmed because I did gain between Christmas and New Year’s but lost it from the flu.  I gained from PMS but knew that was fleeting and now I am down a pound from that.  


If I had been gaining I would have gotten back on track pretty quickly, but maintaining was not something to motivate me to change and do the things necessary to lose the final pounds.  I am totally focused and ready to kick it into gear and will be tracking and exercising for the next few weeks because I have the best motivation... We are most likely going on A trip to the Cayman Islands at the end of the month..  I have to put on a Bathing Suit!!! 

Dear Readers, I don’t care if I lose all of the last ten pounds by the end of the month, I just care that I do a lot of muscle and toning work and eat right.  Have any of you ever struggled to lose those final pounds?  Anyone else stall in their journey, liking the progress you made?   Any of you ever been to the Cayman’s and have recommendations?  

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Gratitude:  I am grateful to my hardworking husband whose sales success is making this trip possible.  I am grateful that even after a cancelled deal that took him out of the running , he became even  more determined and that he pulled it off on the final day!  I am grateful that I have my head back on straight and am ready to finish this journey.  

Yesterday was suppose to be weigh in day,but since I am still not at 100% I decided to save my energies for my anniversary instead.  This is what I intended to wear to Weight Watchers…


I have been wearing a lot of skinnys and jeggings lately, so thought it was time to switch it up to these olive bootcuts.  I purchased these in anticipation of my weight loss when they went on clearance via QVC for just $12.oo   I had these in three colors in  a larger size  before I began losing weight and loved them a lot.   I am glad that I had the forethought to order them in a few sizes smaller and my goal size.  They are moleskin and just feel so comfortable. I think this makes a great Mom on the Go look!


This top is a perfect example of versatility as it is short sleeve and cinches in with an empire waist.  I wore this when I was heavier and got a kick out of how loose the tie was and having to undo it and tighten it in order to wear it today.  I will wear this in the spring with black, khaki and olive shorts or capris.  This sweater is Talbots and was thrifted.  I love that it is knit and that it ties and hits at the empire detail of the shirt.


I haven’t been to a Weight Watcher meeting since the week before Christmas.  It will be good to get back on track.  I hope I feel well enough to work out soon, but am still congested and feeling worn out and having to nap. I am not surprised as I have seen how this flu has affected the other members of my family who began this two weeks before me. I have already said that i lost my 5lb holiday weight gain last week when I was so sick and had no appetite. According to my scale I am exactly back to the last official weigh in at WW.    I am now  looking at the last ten pounds of my weight loss journey and ready to get there and move on to learning maintenance.  Maintenance is a whole other phase in this journey and comes with it’s own hurdles. I know these last ten pounds will be the hardest to lose and am prepared to work hard to get there.

Dear Readers, if you have ever lost weight and have any advice to keeping my head on straight during these final pounds, I am all ears!   As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated!  

Gratitude-  I am grateful that I am back to my pre-holiday weight gain and that my appetite is coming back.  I am grateful that I am well enough to start back up with homeschooling.  I am grateful that the language arts unit is on a play from the French Revolution and has captured my son’s interest.   I am grateful that my seventeen year old son’s teachers are all being so helpful with the missed work from his absences due to the flu.  

My current prayer is that my daughter finds an internship in the next week.  She has had nothing but rejections and has a one week deadline to find one or she will not meet her graduation requirements…. Four years of working so hard and it comes down to something she doesn’t control…. 

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