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This is the final day of this week’s challenge and I had just have to say it has been so much fun!  In fact, I may do this again on my own in the future.   I love doing challenges as it spices things up and gives focus to choosing an outfit and seems to really get those creative juices flowing.  

Now for the movie poster that influenced today’s outfit: 

Vertigo movie poster

I am not a huge Alfred Hithcock fan, so have to confess that I have not seen this movie.  I didn’t let that deter me since the colors were inspiration enough.   I should mention that the picture of this posture that was posted on You Look Fab for inspiration looked more red than orange.  It wasn’t til I went to put it in this post that I saw the difference.


If you saw yesterday’s post this skirt was one I thrifted this week and got so excited when I saw the circles, knowing I would use it for this challenge.   This is the sweater I had thrifted several weeks before that is from the same LOFT label with the black trim having the same circle pattern.  


With temperatures in the mid 80’s I felt inspired to remove the sweater…. I am working on getting these legs tanner using Jergens Natural Glow and this is after my second application.   With storms coming in today our temperatures are going to drop, so I actually might get to put together Spring Looks instead of Summer ones!!!


I must say that this week I have really kicked into serious workout mode and when I do this I commit!   I love the feeling of muscle burn and the natural high exercise gives me.  I am not just trying to lose weight, I want a toned body as I am a two and a half years away from turning the big 5-0 and want to embrace that milestone in top shape.

Dear Readers, I hope you have enjoyed this movie poster inspiration challenge.  Do you like to find things to inspire your outfits, have you ever tried it?  If not how about doing so?  You can start with a Painting,  A photo of nature, a beautifully decorated room, any object …

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a wonderful day spent with my friend and the lunch I am hoping for next week to catch up on neglected friendships.  I am grateful that Tom had some time off this afternoon and used it to get some things done around the house.  I am grateful that I have kicked into exercise mode and can’t wait to see the results!!! 

Food Journal

Notes: I use Nature’s Own Healthy White Wheat Bread that boasts more calcium as a glass of milk.  I also am switching from two yogurt servings a day to one and getting the other probiotic requirement from dark chocolate..  One piece of dark chocolate a day saves me 3 points from the yogurt and I get a piece of Chocolate everyday!!!!

Breakfast:  Omelet with Mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, italian seasoning and cheese w/green tea

Lunch:  Open Faced Sandwich – 2 Toast w/ slice of tomato topped with cheese – Broiled to melt the cheese  w/ green tea

Discovered Velveeta cheese slices for just 1 pt so use one on each toast for just 2 pts. Sometimes when items are doubled they can jump up an extra point, this one did not do so…

Snacks ;  Yogurt & Apple, 1pc  dark chocolate 

Dinner:  Grilled chicken salad w/olive oil & lt italian  (gotta use up that salad)


Check out the women linking up today at http://www.realgirlglam.comI started Weight Watchers in Mid- April and when I began I made these as a concrete way to see my progress. Little did I know that my twelve year old would become involved  and want to be the person who switched the stone as I lost weight.

I realized late last week that I had been going to WW ‘s for 26 weeks and had lost 25.4lbs.  That’s almost a pound per week!

Not sure about this weigh in as whenever it is “that time” each month… I tend to not lose…I don’t expect much, so will just go to my meeting and see.

Well the result of my weight in is I actually lost a pound.  I was pleasantly surprised.  We talked about exercise and about just sneaking in 10 minutes a day.  I go on the treadmill three times a week and also keep hand-weights and resistance bands near the couch and do those whenever I watch tv.  I love doing squats during commercials.  I have to say that having this blog and publicly discussing my weight loss journey helps to keep me more accountable.

Gratitude- I am grateful for the compassion of others. 

Outfit Details

Jacket-  Corduroy jacket I’ve had for a while

Skirt- Haute Blue

Grey Top- Glitterscape via ShopNBC

Shoes- Aerosoles Online

Belt- thrifted

Necklace- via Ebay

To Make Comments button is at the top of the post, I checked and couldn’t figure out any way to move it to the bottom.  Love hearing from you, my dear readers!  

This week I didn’t get to exercise like I wanted to ,but did so some strength training which was quick each day.  I had a busy week getting ready for my daughter to come home and a busy weekend.

I am proud of solving a major problem in my weight loss journey.  You see, I have always had an issue with lunches, skipping  them and being ravenous by 3:oo pm.  In the beginning of my weight loss journey I was really good at doing lunches, but after the first 20lbs lost stopped doing well with that.  I need to create good habits for my personality and lifestyle.  Cooking lunches is never going to be my thing.  It did work in the beginning because I was so gung-ho but reality has set in…

So how did I resolve this issue? Easy, convenience foods that pack a punch.  Here is a sample of my new lunches:

I vary the fruit and switch from nuts to sunflower seeds.

And Now for my Weight Watcher Weigh in Results-    I lost 1.6   lbs this week! Weight Watcher total lost 25.4

Outfit Details

White Top- Taylor Marcs- Sam’s Club last year

Cobolt Skirt- Chadwicks- last year

Tassle Necklace- Avon-recent

Shoes- Payless- remixed and recent

Belt- from a Jacket I wore on “That Girl Post” and a neccessary addition as my weight loss made skirt waist loose.  Funniest thing ever because this skirt couldn’t even zip up when I got it and the lines were all wavy from being stretched.

I am having so much fun reaping the benefits of my total weight loss of  34   lbs.   So glad I started this blog at this time and can’t wait to see myself transition as I continue on my weight loss journey.

These are my first shots using my son’s great camera and with the help of my daughter as my photographer.  Once she got past waiting for the perfect face and just shot a bunch of photos things went well.  It was a family affair as both my 16 and 12 year old son’s were instrumental in getting the pictures from the camera through the editing process!  A huge success with support from all four of my children!

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