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I have a grey dress that I’ve owned for about 6 years and still love so much. 

I swore if I ever found a dress with the same deep v in both the front and the back,

and the similar kimono bodice, that I would grab it!  

Who knew it would take so long to discover this style dress???


Well,one this one came up recently on (no longer available)  and I couldn’t help myself.  

I actually like it a lot, but would prefer it just a tad shorter for wearing with flats.

This was is marketed as a bathing suit cover up ,so isn’t the same quality of my beloved original in this style. 

The bottom isn’t hemmed , but has a serge stitch. . . Perfectly fine for a more casual flip-flop dress. 


This is the my original , much loved version.  


And a bonus winterized version.


I like that this is low cut, which allows for the addition of a colored tank. 

For this first styling, I paired it with mint , in the tank, pointed toe flats and earrings. 

Since, I am a modest dresser, it is fun to get this deep v-neck for added styling options with different pops of color in a tank.   I think this adds to the versatility of a dress, making it fresh each time I wear it.  

I will definitely try this next time with wedges.


Dear Readers, I have just a few days until we head to the Roanoke area for the state bowling tournament and I am trying to get things in gear to keep up the weight loss journey.  

My husband promised to replenish the cooler with as much ice as needed for me to bring yogurts, cheese, fruits and veggies to keep me on track for breakfast and lunches.  That will mean eating out for just dinners.  An easier thing to manage and keep on track.  

It’s one week into my 60 day push towards my 50th and losing this 15lbs and I am happy to report that I am 3lbs down.  


I am grateful that my son took the pressure off himself when practice bowling today and throwing it all kinds of fun ways and laughing.  

I am grateful for Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken ( the best in my family’s opinion) for an easy dinner with salad and veggies.

I am grateful that after having my sleep interrupted by a 4am alert on my husband’s phone, that I finally fell back asleep after 8am… now I won’t have to break my husband’s phone, lol.  

I am grateful for the funny Facebook Memory where last year I posted about how Women need their sleep that popped up in my feed today, allowing me to text it to DH and for his sweet apology and promise that he had removed himself from the newsletter that had sent the offending 4am post. 

I am grateful for my 19 year old very aware and compassionate son.  When leaving the bowling alley my youngest and I headed out the door ( in a hurry as it was cold in there today). We didn’t even notice my niece was still changing her shoes, but my Nico did and waited to walk out with her…. 


I love the look of coated jeans and  last year, kept dreaming of owning a pair.

The expense and being on a weight loss journey prevented me from indulging, but when I found them over the summer at a super cleaarence price I scored these leather looking skinnies!

Linking up with Watch What I’m Wearing and Monday Bloom


I paired them with my thrifted purple poncho , cashmere sweater and pointed toe sueded pumps! 

This look cost me a total of about $30 , not including the bracelets and necklace. 


Not the best pictures since they were taken at night, but I was very happy to finally rock these coated jeans. 

I was even happier at the fit, as I purchased them when I was 5lbs heavier and hadn’t tried them on since then. 

Now if I can only hold onto this weight loss and not gain any this week…


This houndtooth jacket was purchased last year from Burlington Coat Factory and is a favorite, as it is heavy and warm and even has a hood, which I used last night when the winds were whipping up after our movie. 

Dear Readers, I was so happy to finally wear these and really love them paired with the loose purple poncho. I wonder what else I can pair with them in the future.  I don’t own a lot of looser tops that would be appropriate as my new weight loss wardrobe concentrated on showing my new body shape.  

Have you tried leather looking bottoms , yet?  Do you intend to or is this a trend you are steering clear of?


I am grateful for a movie night and a chance to laugh as Tom  finieshed his training for the new job and the anticpation of next week when he begins the job full force.

I am grateful that my daughter came to me and discussed a struggle she is having and gave me the chance to comfort her, not something she does often as she is pretty self reliant.

I am grateful for the suppport of those who understand this shift in our lives and how important time is with our children before they spread their wings next year and go off to college and graduate schools.

I am grateful for a Sunday nap, as myhusband is getting better and I am now getting sick.

I am grateful that my dear husband made dinner

This was a very successful trip to Goodwill this week.  They had 50% off the weekly color as normal but also added 1/2 off all long sleeve tops and outerwear.   I headed to the long sleeve tops and found quite a few goodies… I spent my budget for the next few weeks so am holding some items back to post for next week…

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This vest never even made it out to the floor it was found hanging on a rack that was heading out to the racks.  What more could a woman want than crochet and a lace peplum.  – $3.99


This great pink LOFT cardigan was perfect for my petite height and a good addition as I have a lot of sweaters that are too long that I am going to be replacing…  $2.5o

IMG_3208   This cropped black sweater has no tag and I have wanted a black one for a while now, so snatched it up for $2.50

This skirt is a LOFT and was blue tagged and 50% off at $2.50.  I am in desperate need of replacing solid casual skirts due to the weight loss and my love of patterned tops.  IMG_3206

Grey Seersucker blazer by Liz Claiborne for $4.99 I had two seersucker blazers that no longer fit due to weight loss, have them in a pile of things to take to the tailor once I reach goal weight.  In the meantime this one will do nicely!


                                                                         LOFT skirt that really caught my eye because a few weeks ago I purchased the matching sweater to this.-$2.50  I will be featuring this tomorrow, so come check it out!  


This Calvin Klein dress was the first item I put in my cart  and only one of the two things I paid full price for(jacket was the other).  Just $6.99

Dear Readers, I really love thrifting and love that I can find so  many LOFT items or other favorite brands for such a low price point.  What is so great is that these items are all in new condition…  Any favorites among my finds for the week? What ‘s on your fashion wish list to get for Spring and Summer?  As always I appreciate and welcome all comments! 

 Come back tomorrow for the final look of the Movie Inspiration Week, Vertigo…  

Gratitude:   I am grateful that I have been doing so well with my food choices thanks to posting what I plan to eat the day before.  I am grateful for the wonderful weather and taking walks with my son.  I am grateful that I am back to myself after the 3 week illness, working out hard and sleep well.  I am grateful to be spending the day with my friend and her daughter and having a photo shoot for a budding almost 7 year old..

                                                                                                                          Food Journal

Breakfast: strawberry, banana smoothie

Lunch:  peanut butter & banana sandwich & green tea

Dinner: Chicken w/ mushrooms & onions & salad greens w/olive oil & Lt. italian dressing & green tea

Snacks: yogurt & watermelon 

This week on the You Look Fab Forum, some of us are getting together and doing a week long movie poster inspiration styling challenge.  It can be as loose of an interpretation as you wish… Monday’s poster was Raiders of the Last Ark

My interpretation is something I would wear in my real life and if you are a regular reader,  no surprise that it involves a dress… My first thought when I saw these photos, was it’s a good thing I just started using a self tanner! Remember to check out all the lovely ladies at the link up Visible Monday and My Greatest Hits


I thrifted this dress awhile back thinking it would be very versatile and multi seasonal.  I wore it once before , but scrapped the idea of layer ing this again as the sleeves are just too bulky even when you unroll it.. The material is rather stiff and unforgiving, I am hoping with a few more washes that it might help that.


The purse was is a bronze color and was given to me by a dear friend.  I thought the relaxed slouchiness was appropriate for this casual look.  The shoes are my recent Ebay purchase and are Franco Sartos.  I have to take a moment to comment about the effect these shoes had on my dear husband… He loved them and when I say loved, I mean couldn’t say enough and felt they were very sexy.  This makes me very happy because as I have been developing my style and realizing I want an edge to my normal ultra feminine looks , my husband has been complimenting and fully embracing those changes.  I would still be choosing this path, but sure helps that he loves it too!


Both the hat and my necklace were purchased in the Caymans.  I wear summer hats a lot to protect my face from sun damage so was thrilled to find a new one.   Just for fun I added my leopard scarf to the hat, which prompted my youngest to say, ” Whoaa Mom, you look like you are ready for a Safari!”  Too bad it was just to go outside for a photo  shoot.


My husband snuck this picture as I was walking, but turned out that I used it to show you the scarf which I left hanging instead of doubling around the  hat…

Dear Readers, I had fun with this inspiration.. Come back tomorrow for the Star Wars Inspiration… And as promised I will add my food choices for Monday(today) at the bottom of this posting.  But First the gratitude section, which I hope inspires you to find your own each day!  All comments are welcomed and appreciated…

Gratitude: I am grateful for a husband who pays such attention to the little details.  He even notices when I change blush colors !   I am grateful for my resolve to get back on track and the discipline needed to do so.  I am grateful to my older brother for just stopping by to say hi (he works long hours and rarely does so!).  I am continually grateful for the lessons of faith,  love and optimism my parents modeled for  me that carry me through the obstacles of life!  I am so grateful for the phone call from Ashley as she sounded so relaxed and calm, winding down her senior year and getting ready for her college graduation (she finally finished her community service this weekend which is the reason for her relaxation!)   

Monday’s Food Choices

Breakfast- Smoothie with yogurt, Sugar free French Vanilla Coffee Powder, banana and ice.

Lunch– I ate breakfast at 10am & didn’t feel hungry again until 2:30 so ate yogurt and grapes

Dinner– Leftover BBQ Chicken and salad greens with olive Oil & lt Italian W/green tea

Today I opted for a different smoothie as the frozen fruit one made me so cold yesterday, with just ice I was able to put the amount in to make it cold but not frozen…   I also planned my food out in the morning for the entire day as I knew what I was having for dinner and wanted to stay on track with my points which I did so, .Really proud of getting in all my daily goals including the two probiotics and green teas.. When I was sick these past weeks I was drinking way too many diet sodas!  Weigh In results on Wednesday!

So happy that my fever is gone.  I was a lot better today, once my sinus medication set in and provided headache relief!  Another rainy and cold day… so wishing for Spring, but wearing colors to help.  

IMG_2773A reminder of Yesterday’s look…


So you can see my carry over item is my yellow checkered jeans( bought for one size smaller than I currently am) , which really makes me want to get back to losing and get to my goal.  With  the holidays, the flu in January and my vacation in February, I have really gotten off track.   I had to think one step ahead of how to incorporate my dress for tomorrow’s weigh-in so thought this jacket would help me with that… Yesterday I mentioned my love of buying multiples and this top is a multiple of yesterdays look.  I really love this color combo…


Here is another time I wore the cobalt and yellow

Dear Readers, thanks for stopping by… Your comments are all appreciated and welcomed.  I hope you are all off to a wonderful week and taking time to remember the things you have to be grateful for. In fact I would love it you would share one thing ( or more if you like)  in your comments today.. 

Gratitude:  I am grateful to be feeling better.  I am grateful that I had a productive home schooling day even though it took longer than it should have (he was stalling).  I am grateful that I have a WW meeting in the morning and that I didn’t crave carbs today!  I am grateful that I had the energy to get the kitchen cleaned up and laundry put away.  

I have to say that while I really like water aerobics in deep water and finning(swimming with a kick-board and fins in several ways to promote all over body workout).  I had a membership to the YMCA and was there for three days a week and in the pool for about 21/2 hours each visit.  Unfortunately as a mother that involved a lot of work to provide that for myself and it got old pretty quick…If only I had a husband who was at home nights instead of out working…

So right before joining Weight Watchers, I happened to catch an infomercial on the Fluidity Ballet Bar program.  I loved what I saw from the very first moment, but refused to make an impulse decision on something with that price point.

Fluidity 4th Position: This classic ballet position integrates muscles to work together from head to toe. The Result? Integrated movement develops the long, lean, shapely muscles of a dancer’s body. Added bonus: a healthy dose of that balletic self-confidence and poise!

What made me decide to make the purchase:

1. Reviews on Facebook page that were very positive and most impressive and repeated review was that the workout could only be done every other day as the body needed a recovery day.

2. It reignited my love of ballet that was part of my early childhood

3. It is low impact and would not hurt my knee or sciatica.

4. I respect the program as it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates

5. I tested some of the moves with a chair for two weeks and saw the value.

6 It is an all over body workout and targeted my trouble spots.

7.  I can do it from home whenever I find the time

8. They offered a payment plan that made it much more affordable

Fluidity Fold Over: The answer to your prayers! Your lower back, seat and hamstrings coordinate to develop fluidity along the back of the body. The Result? A graceful curve in the lower back leads into a firmer, lifted seat; slimmer hips; and smooth muscle tone along the back of the thighs.

I religiously did the program for 3 days a week for one month before joining Weight Watchers. I did not change my eating habits and lost 8 pounds. The reviews were right I could not do it more than 3 days a week.  It kicked my butt each time.  I have finished the payments and have no regrets for making this purchase.  While I have neglected to do a regimented program, I have kept it up in my den and use it often, just not the full work out…

Fluidity Pull-Up: To every yin there's a yang! The perfect complement to the chaturanga push-up, the Fluidity Pull-Up strengthens the back of the shoulders, a must-do for the yoga devotee. The Result? This signature move renders the push-up bra extinct as it firms the pecs, develops muscular balance in the shoulders, and sculpts the upper arms.

So I now realize I have been saving this as my secret weapon… I am now at the end of the weight loss journey and those last pounds are the hardest to lose.  I am determined…So I am making the commitment to the full workout for 3 days a week. I don’t like embarrassing myself and do really well with accountability.  Now that I have put it out there to you, my dear readers, I have to commit…

The proof is not just in the scale moving, so I will track my measurements as well.  Since  I weigh in on Tuesdays, my week is going to start on Tuesdays.  So far this week I did it on Thursday and again this morning.  That means Monday will be day three for the first week!

I am not receiving any compensation for any recommendations made on my blog. 

So What is your favorite exercise program?  Comments are welcomed and appreciated!

I lost 1.2 lbs this week and I am satisfied with that.  They unrolled some a new 360 program today.  I was asked to come up with one small change for the week. I chose to make sure to get the two to three servings of dairy, as I have not been so great at that.

I have to start by saying I am loving the success I have had so far in my weight loss journey.  It feels like such a slow process and I was beginning to feel like I was going no where all the while pedaling super fast…


I think knowing a few people who have just recently had weight loss surgery and who are dropping massive amounts of weight at lightning speeds, while I feel like a snail barely moving along , has been part of the problem.

IMG_0808 Like most problems, they begin in our heads and are self created by our own faulty thinking.  It is foolish to look at someone who had surgery to lose life threatening amounts of weight and compare it to myself and the desire to get fit and yes healthy… pre-diabetic… We each have our own journey and although it may take me longer. I am having success.  After all I’ve dropped 4 and a half inches off my hips and a total of almost 19 inches…


Is there some faulty thinking happening in your life holding you back from even one second of happiness?  Want help on fixing your faulty thinking?  I highly recommend you head over to read about Byron Katie’s “The Work”   It really is as simple as she says, just four questions to ask yourself and to alter your life.  Please note that I offer you this information because I find it powerful in my life and am not receiving compensation in anyway from recommendations on my blog.

Dear Readers: Discovering Byron Katie a few years ago has been life altering for me and I hope you find her just as inspiring.  If you recognize faulty thinking and find benefit in this information, please share your experience.  Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated…

Linking up today with Real Girl Glam

Outfit Details– all remixed except for the dress and purse which were both recent thrift store purchases…

Gratitude; I am grateful for sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s!  I am grateful for the nap I took yesterday after waking up at 6 a. m…..I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with an old friend…

So,  last week I showed you my knee length coats and promised to finish this week with the shorter ones.   Here is a quick view of the ones I showed last week in case you missed them. 

Now on the ones you haven’t see before:

This first one I purchased and wore all the time last year.  That was when I was 34 pounds heavier… So adjustments had to be made: 

I just took the two buttons in the back and moved them over two inches and buttoned the sash piece back on which tightened it by quite a bit.

The next three are all the same coat in different colors. I bought them on clearance at the end of the season last year for just $26 each from QVC.  The first one is a merlot color. Sorry for the lighting as I was trying to get these photos done before a storm was blowing in… 

These coats are all too big now, but I adjusted the above  Merlot one, by taking it from a single breasted to a double breasted and love how it turned out.  My plan is to make the same back adjustment as above to these when I lose the additional 20lbs to my goal….

Here is the navy blue one which has not been altered yet…I really needed this basic color in the shorter coat, as I had no other neutral..

And just for emphasis to show what I am really dealing with…Just another challenge to contend  with in my weight loss journey…

No need to put this one on as it also is not altered, yet and that storm is coming in….

This last one was purchased last year from Sam’s Club and did not fit me.  I knew I wanted to lose weight and bought this in anticipation of doing so.. It is a Kenneth Cole and I love it.  The hat is a recent purchase from Walmart.  I love hats!

Maybe next year, I would like to add something in brown and maybe a hounds-tooth print.  I recently saw a Calvin Klein hounds-tooth at Macy’s that I fell in love with but too expensive and no need to make big purchases until I reach my goal size…

Gratitude- I am grateful for the silence of my phone today and the cessation of the political phone calls.  I am grateful for the right to vote  and to be a citizen of The United States Of America.  I am grateful for fuzzy warm blankets to cuddle up with on cold nights.  

Tomorrow I announce my first Challenge as a blogger!

Dear Readers, comments are welcomed and appreciated…

This week I didn’t get to exercise like I wanted to ,but did so some strength training which was quick each day.  I had a busy week getting ready for my daughter to come home and a busy weekend.

I am proud of solving a major problem in my weight loss journey.  You see, I have always had an issue with lunches, skipping  them and being ravenous by 3:oo pm.  In the beginning of my weight loss journey I was really good at doing lunches, but after the first 20lbs lost stopped doing well with that.  I need to create good habits for my personality and lifestyle.  Cooking lunches is never going to be my thing.  It did work in the beginning because I was so gung-ho but reality has set in…

So how did I resolve this issue? Easy, convenience foods that pack a punch.  Here is a sample of my new lunches:

I vary the fruit and switch from nuts to sunflower seeds.

And Now for my Weight Watcher Weigh in Results-    I lost 1.6   lbs this week! Weight Watcher total lost 25.4

Outfit Details

White Top- Taylor Marcs- Sam’s Club last year

Cobolt Skirt- Chadwicks- last year

Tassle Necklace- Avon-recent

Shoes- Payless- remixed and recent

Belt- from a Jacket I wore on “That Girl Post” and a neccessary addition as my weight loss made skirt waist loose.  Funniest thing ever because this skirt couldn’t even zip up when I got it and the lines were all wavy from being stretched.

I am having so much fun reaping the benefits of my total weight loss of  34   lbs.   So glad I started this blog at this time and can’t wait to see myself transition as I continue on my weight loss journey.

These are my first shots using my son’s great camera and with the help of my daughter as my photographer.  Once she got past waiting for the perfect face and just shot a bunch of photos things went well.  It was a family affair as both my 16 and 12 year old son’s were instrumental in getting the pictures from the camera through the editing process!  A huge success with support from all four of my children!

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