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The plans for the day were to go bowling and then 

to head off to Cloud 9 for trampoline jumping…..

How does a Mom dress for that?  


Well this Mom, decided Old Navy Leggings and a F21 tunic were in order…

I initially had my socks tucked nicely so they didn’t show, but hurriedly put them on after 

Cloud 9 as we were all hungry and heading off for lunch…


I definitely need to get some more no-show socks, as Spring is on it’s way…

Time to pack away the boots and have fun with shoe variety, which after winter, 

I always look forward to doing. 

Of course, I then miss the boots by September…


Notice the grey rubber bracelet I forgot to take off from Cloud 9…

Dear Readers,

Imagine my delight at having dropped 2.5 pounds over the last four days of getting back on track?

It certainly made me very cautious when we went out to lunch after our trampoline jumping… I was quite hungry and Dear Readers, Chik Fil A sandwiches are my guilty pleasure… Even in weight loss mode I made that 11 point sandwich fit.  Today, I just couldn’t see undoing my good work of the week and seriously debated being very good and ordering the grilled chicken nuggets and fruit.. However I saw the 340 calorie option of the Grilled Cool Wrap and went with that instead.. I didn’t know the point value but guessed it was 7-8 and I was right it is 8 WW points.  

I had planned a very low 4 point dinner of chicken with sauteed mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach,  so well on track for the day.

Which brings me to the point I wanted to make today…

One way I’ve been successful in eating right for the week is to prepare a large amount of the vegetables I mentioned in my dinner plans.. These four veggies:  mushrooms, onions, artichokes and spinach all mixed together are very versatile and make my meal planning for this week very easy…

I use it in 

Egg in A cup

Vegetable & Feta Frittatas 



Over diced Grilled Chicken 

Over diced Grilled Chicken with diced tomato and tomato sauce with ital seasoning.

Over SEEDs of Change brand Quinoa & Brown Rice ( I find this at BJ’s two servings per pk, 7 WW points) 

Having zero point items precooked really keeps me on track…

Other weeks I make zero point soup, which I do with zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, mushrooms and diced  canned tomatoes and of course the chicken stock.. I also add Italian Seasoning. 

Another zero point option I do up for a week to keep on track is by making my Father’s casserole of baking yellow squash in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, again with Italian dressing and Parmesan Cheese put on when I serve it.  I love this as an easy side dish for lunch or dinner and just add some form of protein to round it out.  


I am grateful for a fun day and getting exercise with our home-school group. 

I am grateful that my son home from college joined us for the fun.

I am grateful that my son’s migraine responded to meds and he had quick relief.

I am grateful that I am motivated to get back on track, as that is the key to success. 

I am so grateful to my parents for their investment in me and for teaching me to love myself and to keep positive. 


I am so lucky to have found, not just the best WW Leader Melissa, but a fantastic group of members.  We all have so much fun and laugh at our meetings.  It got me to thinking about Randy Pausch and the Last Lecture… ( A college professor who after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, delivered his last lecture at Carnegie Melon as a legacy to his young children)  He talks about being a Tigger or an Eeyore and striving to be a Tigger..  I think what makes my meeting so great is that there are a lot of  Tigger’s  in my meeting…


Randy moved close to me in  Chesapeake, VA to have his last special months with his family and he became a huge celebrity.  He was very vocal in pleading with the public not to reveal his condition around his young children,  as professionals had all cautioned to let them have their childhood until he became too sick to hide it any more.  I loved that there was so much compassion and his children’s welfare was respected.  I will never forget him and his Tigger/Eeyore reference.   He wrote a book and as an avid reader I can’t believe I am saying this but, I recommend highly watching the DVD instead…


I love my green bubble necklace and look forward to wearing it more this Spring/Summer!

As for my Weigh in, I lost 1.8 pounds.  This all happened in the last two days, when I exercised by doing the fluidity ballet bar, Yoga and stretching,but didn’t pick up weights or resistance bands.   So maybe I will try that again this week!  Exercise witht the weights for 5 days then two days before weigh in stop.   I don’t like that idea because I love feeling the weights in my hand and how strong it makes me feel… If I maintain the weight loss and can loss a pound or more each week this way, then maybe I have found the magic formula.. wish me luck in this experiment! 


This isn’t what I wore to my meeting,but I didn’t feel like taking photos today, so used pictures I had in reserve.  The top, vest and shoes are all thrifted pieces.   It’s funny how some days I have no thrifted items and others I group together…

Dear Readers, Did you see The Last Lecture?   If so, what made the biggest impression on you?  Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?  Do you see others in your life as one or the other?  If you haven’t done this before, it’s an interesting thing to ask as you go about your day, ” Is he or she a Tigger or an Eeyore? ”  or “Am I being a Tigger or an Eeyore today?”   I believe self evaluation is a good thing to embrace and leads to a  healthy mind ! Remember I subscribe to this journey being one of Mind, Body & Spirit!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for such a wonderful WW meeting and the opportunity to connect with a group of wonderful people!  I am grateful that my husband works so hard for our family(he had a crazy late night and was back up after only 4hours of sleep for a meeting).   I am grateful to my 17 year old for his thoughtful gesture that made my husband feel loved and appreciated ( My husband always drops a few pieces of candy into my son’s lunch.  This morning when he left for school he unlocked my husband’s vehicle and put candy and a note on his steering wheel, telling him to have a great day).   I am grateful for another thrifting adventure with a dear friend.  

Tuesday’s Food Choices

Breakfast:  Protein Bar & Banana -4pts 

Lunch:  celery & laughing cow cheese & sunflower seeds -7pts

Dinner- My Dad’s recipe for stuffed burger with stuffing and brown gravy (the ultimate comfort food)  10 pts 

This recipe is my 17 year old’s favorite & I just feel like making it for him (since he keeps asking) , to thank him for his incredible gesture to his father today…

Snack:   sunflower seeds

As I sit writing this post, I am using my new LG Lucid2 cell phone, my first smartphone… I know I am a little late to the party…I am listening to music I have downloaded specifically Bon Jovi’s “Have a NiceDay”….   


The song epitomizes my attitude towards these cold temperatures threatening to ruin Spring… So I answer back with brights,  Green and Pink!!!  These colors remind me of Izod and the preppy vibe!  


The stripes on this jacket look strange in the pictures, but this close-up shows them nicely..  This jacket is from Chadwicks and like most purchases was a clearance buy last year in preparation for my weight loss. The necklace is glass beads that I purchased last year at Steinmart.   My pink sunglasses were purchased on my Grand Cayman Vacation in February and answer my desire to embrace the statement sunglasses trend for Spring and Summer.   Would love a pair in turquoise in the future…


I so love my pink ballet flats by Aerosoles and the added femininity of the flower…I believe I achieved my goal to say “Have a Nice Day” to the cold temperatures and embrace the vibe of Spring! Can you believe we are getting one day near 80 degrees on Wednesday, then back to the 50’s on Thursday?????


I missed my Weight Watcher meeting today… Quite frankly I needed sleep more than I needed to weigh in… I have been working out hard and dealing with some stress and succeeded in making up for the much needed rest.. I didn’t wake up until almost 11am!!!  

Dear Readers, I hope you are all having a great week and thanks for stopping by!  I hope to have brightened your day! Do you ever use  music or fashion to brighten your day?  For me there is nothing better than  an impulsive solitary dance party or great colors in fashion to answer back to life’s stresses.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have my new smartphone and the fun I am having finding music that has meant so much to my life.  I am grateful that long ago I embraced the philosophy of  “putting my own oxygen mask on first”   and  that I chose sleep over my WW meeting today…  I am grateful to my husband for working so hard to get the bathroom finished before our daughter comes home.  

Tuesday’s Food Choices

Breakfast– Protein Bar and 1% milk

Lunch- laughing cow cheese & grapes ( more like a late afternoon snack with my sleeping in…) 

Dinner:  Chicken w/ sauteeed Onions and zuchini baked with cherry tomaotes, olive oil, ital seasoning & mozz cheese 

I so wanted to go back to bed after I stepped on the scale and saw that I was up a pound... It’s par for the course during that wonderful time of the month… Last month it didn’t happen and I thought good, I’m ready for this chapter of my life to be over.. Unfortunately, this month is making up for it in water weight and bloating…


No worries, next week I’ll lose 2lbs… or so the pattern has been... Just so frustrating when I worked out like a maniac this week.  I did my Fluidity ballet bar workouts 5 days, used 8lb weights for a good circuit of exercises daily and ran on the trampoline(to protect my knee) every other day…


I chose a very casual look to match my depressed mood.  The skirt is Chaus via ebay(I own an identical one in a larger size and was thrilled to find this one!)  The mocha sweater( via Chadwicks, no longer available)  has a cute hood and purple in the print so I added the shoes and necklace in that shade.  I’ve had these ruffled ballet flats for a few year now and love them as they have a great sole and are by M. Patrick purchased at DSW on clearance.    Aigner purse was thrifted for just $4.  Jean Jacket was thrifted as well…


The purple heart is a charm I bought in NY when I had my store.  I went to BJ’s after my WW meeting and ordered prescription glasses and sunglasses.  I wear contacts when I go out,but prefer glasses for hanging out at home.  You are sure to see those in the future.  I was long overdue for glasses, but kept putting it off as unimportant since I only wore them at home.  I use to wear them to work as contacts are not always comfortable when I have sinus issues,  so I am looking forward to having a choice again!


I should have ironed this skirt, oops!

Linking up with Random Wednesday & What I Wore Wednesday

Dear Readers, I am grateful that my weight gain was not more as in the past it has been up two pounds during my menstrual cycle… I am grateful to be getting new glasses.  I am grateful for my luck when thrifting today.  I am grateful that despite my mood and my lack of sleep(my husband has taken up snoring this week and woke me up 4 times!),  that I still pushed myself to workout this afternoon   I am grateful that my sinuses were much better today!  

Plans for the upcoming week is to continue the exercise, drinking lots of water, increase vegetables and proteins.  I didn’t have the Caprese Salad Tuesday night as life happened and I didn’t make it to the store until very late.  I had a baked potato with cheese as I had 12 points left for the day and that is comfort food for a stressful day! 

Wednesday’s Food Plan 

6-8 glasses of H20!!!!

Breakfast– 2 hard-boiled eggs & grapes  w/ 1% milk 

Lunch–  Baked Zucchini stuffed with Cherry tomatoes, mozz cheese, Ital Seasoning & Olive Oil w/ green tea

Snacks-  2 Laughing Cow cheese wedges, Apple, 1 Pc Dark Chocolate 

Dinner- Grilled Chicken Breast &  Yellow Squash, Tomotoes, Italian Seaoning & Parmesan Cheese Casserole w/ green tea 

This was yesterday’s look where I kept the striped top from the day before.  According to this challenge that means I had to choose a different item to keep for today’s look.  The choice here was easy as I wear a dress to Weight Watchers…


What easier choice than to keep the winter white moto jacket (my newest purchase and new love!)  to add to a dress that is one of the survivors of my weight loss.  The elastic empire waist made keeping this a possibility ! I purchased this dress two years ago from Burlington Coat Factory for just $14.99 and have to say I have gotten quite a bit of use out of it…


A peek of sunshine on  a rainy day, gave me opportunity for photos…

My Weight Watcher results are as expected since I came home from vacation and craved carbs and just couldn’t seem to stop myself.  My daughter was home for Spring Break and I didn’t do much exercise and if that wasn’t bad enough, I was feeling extremely emotional…The anniversary of my mother’s passing is coming up and the sadness that she never made it to my daughter’s high school graduation (something she wanted to do so badly) coupled with the sadness that she isn’t with me to share in the joy of her college graduation in two months, just saddened me and those carbs kept calling my name…. So I gained 2.4 lbs.  No worries I know how to get back on track and will do so immediately.  This is why I chose WW, for the accountability of having to publicly face the scale and reboot myself if I went off track. My leader said that carb attack is common after vacation and the alcohol on my trip probably helped to trigger this.


I’ve never been a big wearer of  leggings with dresses, but feel it is a great transitional look until the temperatures get warmer…

 Dear Readers, Here is where this challenge gets really interesting from my point of view…. I can’t choose the jacket tomorrow because this is the item I chose from yesterday…. I could choose the dress, but don’t wish to as it is just such a prominent piece and I don’t think it will look so different in a remix, besides the fact that I would prefer to wear pants tomorrow…   So just a few accessories left to choose, but not complaining as I am loving that I have to choose one item in which to be the jumping off point for the next day’s look.  Some direction is better than none on busy weeks… Also time to switch from the neutrals to some color!  


Gratitude:  I am grateful for my WW meeting and the wonderful group camaraderie.  I am grateful to a dear friend who reached out to me and offered her love and help.  I am grateful to a wonderful friend I made through WW who blessed me today with the gift of a DVF dress ( a dream of mine to own one)  and for the time spent together after our meeting.  I will post pictures on Saturday with “My Lucky Find’s “.  I am grateful for the nap I took today after only 3 hours of sleep last night.  I am grateful to my 17 year old for cooking dinner.  

Well, I fell off the wagon… I didn’t track the food I consumed, I ate carbs and sugar, I had a few drinks, I didn’t feel like exercising.  Basically I pushed all that I had hoped to do to stay on track to the wayside and just enjoyed the holiday season.  I think I over estimated how well I was doing and forgot the stress that extended family can cause.  I let it get to me and it sent me into a downward spiral that I couldn’t seem to stop.  So, bottom line I have gained five  pounds!


The lessons my father taught me to love myself and be my own best friend remain among the best gifts I have ever received in this life.  Even though he died when I was just thirteen, he has the power to pull me back from the brink every time.  He instilled it in me.  I don’t beat myself up, in fact I don’t even regret gaining the weight. Everyone else was on vacation in my house and so was I…


When you don’t waste time beating yourself up it leaves room for more productive choices.  I am really good at seeing a problem and just saying ok, dig in and fix it.  So, I know exactly how to turn this around.  Track what I eat, stay within my Weight Watcher Points, stay away from sugar, and EXERCISE.


In looking at my recent food choices I noticed that breakfast was the hardest.  I have loved having fruit and yogurt smoothies in the morning ,but am not at all interested during the cold weather…. Instead I have been eating cereal.  A BIG MISTAKE, as I eat two servings and with milk it adds up to 10 points of my allotted 26 for the day.. That compares to just 4 with my smoothies or even 7 if I have veggie fritattas and milk.  The problem is that the cereal (Wheat Chex) doesn’t keep me from being hungry for more than 2-3 hours.


So  I decided to give Oatmeal a try.  I have not liked it my entire life. but I needed a change, and something that was warm for these cold mornings.  I have to face the truth, that while I love the fritattas, I don’t always feel like making them up…  In order to make the oatmeal more appealing I decided to dice up an apple, add cinnamon and cook it in the microwave for three minutes.  I then added oatmeal and milk and taa daa!  What do you know?  I actually ate the entire bowl without  cringing... It’s never going to be a favorite of mine, but it solves a problem for the cold winter months. I am going to dice up a few apples and bake them with cinnamon in the oven instead of having to do that each morning….Oatmeal with apples keeps me feeling good for 4-5 hours!

I am determined to get back on track and lose these last pounds and learn how to maintain it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the walks with my father and the life lessons he taught me .  I am grateful that I was able to just let loose and have fun this holiday season.  I am grateful that I have Weight Watchers to turn to and get back on track!  I am grateful that if I had to get sick that it didn’t start until after the New Year’s festivities….

These photos were taken right before heading on our drive to the Beach house in NC for our New Year’s eve festivities.  So glad to have them since I was not feeling too well today!

Dear Readers, What life lessons are you the most grateful for from your parents or for that matter anyone in your life?  I would really love to hear your answers and any other comments are appreciated as well!  

I would greatly appreciate your votes….Circle of Mom’s Top 25

I found this red dress at Ross Dress for Less when I was searching for a dress to wear to the holiday party and couldn’t resist buying it.  After all it was only $17.99!


I love the polk -a- dots and the straight cut.  I couldn’t wait to wear my newly thrifted grey shooties, so out came the grey sweater.  I am not super fond of this sweater and think the ruffle detail takes away from the dress.  It ‘s the only grey sweater I own, so it will have to do…


I attempted button a few buttons and belting this look but really liked the cardigan open better.  I added the necklace since I ditched the belt and think it helps to elongate me.  I will have to think of another way to style this dress, as I really do love it a lot! I also love my red ruffle front coat:


This is what I wore yesterday to my WW meeting when I found out I lost 2.2 lbs for a total of 30lbs.  Those first 20lbs seemed to come of so easily and these last ten were so slow…. In reality, I lost about a pound a week and I am satisfied with that…I highly recommend WW and going to meetings if possible, I learn so much from other members…

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday, so head over and see the lovely ladies..

So dear readers any suggestions?  How would you style this dress differently? It is short sleeved and needs help winterizing it….

Gratitude:  I am grateful that if my son had to face dealing with the death of a school mate that it happened the way it has.  The school rallied around the daughter of his math teacher  who had brain cancer.  They sold pink ribbons, the chorus went to her house and sang, a larger group filled her backyard and sang Christmas Carols the day before she passed.  Our local tv station ran a story about her and had one of the Jonas Brothers call her.  She was in a fashion show for those with Cancer.  Her last days were one where she experienced an outpouring of love.  She passed on Monday.  Her mother, my son’t math teacher and his favorite ever teacher, had a statement read at school that said, “She ran the race and finished first straight into the arms of Jesus”.  That statement was the most comforting to my son and hearing his teacher’s words let him know she was ok.  The entire school is wearing pink today to honor her… They are scheduling a funeral for after school hours and searching for a church big enough…here is a you tube link and another one. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Becca Parcells.  

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