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Today’s Challenge was Pinterest Inspiration 

and I had just recently pinned this Jennifer Aniston one.  



I adore her style and have quite often admire outfits on Pinterest.

It’s fun to actually put one together, finally…


I’ve had this scarf for a few seasons and love it against the all black background. 

If you are regular reader, you may notice I am not much for dressing all over in black.  

I quite often love all black looks but don’t feel like they are me, so having the purple scarf was 

just enough color to still feel like myself.

My Faux leather moto jacket , can be found here in several colors.  


I could have gone with a black purse, but

why would I when I own this fabulous Joy & Iman one?  

It comes in several colors, but I think this Purple one is incredible!  

One of the easiest ways to bump up a look is in a fabulous handbag and I think 

I have more than made up for my past of not carrying a purse. 

You see as a mother of four who spread her kids out 4 1/2 years apart, 

I carried a diaper bag around for many years and gave up a purse….

My Dear Husband put up with my lipsticks and Id in his pockets

on many a date night back in those days, lol 

Self Care

I think taking double dose of sinus meds and making it out to homeschool bowling counts as self care.

I had spent the past several days with headaches and actually am pinching myself that I had relief today… 

I also planned our next Parent’s Night Out Event and Let me tell you that is definitely self care as we all need those nights

and have come to look forward to it… 


I am beyond grateful that my son got out of his funk today and had a wonderful time bowling today, he even got a better score than he’s had all this season ….

I am grateful that my brother stopped by last night and I got to hug him before he went to coincidentally spend his birthday in Cancun for a work reward trip.  

I am grateful for a phone call with my son away at college and that he talked to his younger brother as well. 



Yesterday I began this “Take one, Pass it On Remix  Challenge”  created by blogger, Sarah with the above outfit. Today I kept the striped top to create  a new look.


Since I started the shootie with a skirt look this season and am loving it, I wanted another opportunity to rock it before Spring arrives! I also began pattern mixing this season as well.   Starting a blog has really opened up my playful side to fashion and that makes me very happy!  


Tomorrow’s outfit will be what I wear to my Weight Watcher meeting.  If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that I choose to wear a dress to those meetings for consistency in the weight of clothing, which can vary dramatically.  I actually have removed a sweater that took almost two pounds off the scale…

Dear Readers can you guess which item I will keep for tomorrow’s look? This challenge may get trickier as the weather is warming up to the 60’s this week…  What do you think of this challenge compared to the traditional 30 by 30 challenge where you restrict yourself to thirty clothing and shoe options to remix for a month?  I love this because I don’t have to restrict my shoe choices!   Come back tomorrow and see what I keep and what my choices are to keep for the following day.   If you want to join in the fun remember you can post looks on my Facebook page.  

Linking Up with Real Girl Glam, so head on over and see what others are wearing and talking about!  

Gratitude: Not feeling very grateful today, thought I had figured out a solution to a problem and was handed a curve ball that left me without any idea for another possible solution… I am an easy going problem solver and optimist, but every once in awhile I feel severely tested and broken… a rare occurrence but reality…  That was what how I originally felt until a reader left a comment which changed my entire outlook and to whom I am so grateful for the comment and letting me know that my blog is inspiring, as I have had a hole in my heart since closing my consignment store where i built up women and inspired them daily, which filled my spirit and made me soar.  So if you are a lurker and haven’t yet commented, I hope you take note and realize your words have great power!  


This black dress really is such a versatile piece in my closet, sad thinking it will most likely not work as I lose the final weight…


This is two days before I fly to the Cayman Islands and it is cold , windy and cloudy.  I posed for this picture feeling chilly and smiling to myself that I get a relief from this cold.  Winter is my least favorite season, although style wise it is my favorite..


When wearing a dress and feeling Sassy, no post would be complete without my favorite pose

Dear Readers. I have had so much fun showing you my new moto jacket.  I hope this jacket takes me well into spring as I love it so much.  I can’t wait to see how many other looks I can create with this as winter winds down and spring arrives.  Do any of you have a favorite transitional piece?

Gratitude:  I am so grateful that my seventeen year old son accepted responsibility for posting my blogs for me while I was  on vacation. 

I am grateful for all my readers who comment and let me know that someone is reading what I put forth.  I am grateful for the readers who don’t comment, but keep coming back often.  

I am grateful for a wonderful, fun vacation and quality time spent with my husband! 

I am grateful for my wonderfully responsible children who made it possible for us to relax on our vacation and grateful to come home and have Ashley home from college for Spring Break

I am grateful that I only gained one pound on vacation!!!!!!!

Pictures of my trip outfits and my hair cut  coming on Monday!

Well I am currently sunning at the Cayman Islands, but thought it would be fun to do a week’s worth of styling of my new moto jacket.  This makes my third one purchased this year!  

IMG_2135Make no mistake this hat is not worn for style, but necessity, as it was bitter cold and windy on the day I took these photos.  In fact I was wishing I had put on gloves too!  

IMG_2144I wore this outfit to the mall to check out Spring Fashions with a friend.  We spend five hours walking the mall , so I needed an outfit with comfortable , flat boots!

IMG_2152See my windswept hair and scarf, I wasn’t making it up, this hat was helping to keep me warm!

One thing I have been questioning about spring is how to keep the tough girl look going without boots or leather of faux leather jackets. 

My five hour trip to the mall may have revealed a solution... Vests, I saw several in different materials including faux leather that would work great over  a dress, t-shirt on tank top to give me that rocker edge.  I am happy about that because with just a few purchases I can be that sassy style that really feels like me.  Another thing I will have to add is some open toed booties as I only have ballet flats or wedges and that just won’t cut it.  Not that I don’t love those and will wear them as I do love to look very feminine, too!  Just need both options to fulfill me!

IMG_2154I couldn’t resist one more photo, as my husband took these and took a bunch.  I had a hard time narrowing it down… In fact I thanked him, but asked him not to take this many again as it makes my blogging work take up too much time.  He laughed and said, “Got it”

Gratitude:  Well of course I am grateful that I am in the Cayman’s enjoying watching my husband relaxing and not working!  I am also grateful that I have found a solution to my styling worries for warm weather(something comforting about having a plan!).  I am grateful to my children for being so wonderful and leaving me with no worries to enjoy my vacation.

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