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This black dress really is such a versatile piece in my closet, sad thinking it will most likely not work as I lose the final weight…


This is two days before I fly to the Cayman Islands and it is cold , windy and cloudy.  I posed for this picture feeling chilly and smiling to myself that I get a relief from this cold.  Winter is my least favorite season, although style wise it is my favorite..


When wearing a dress and feeling Sassy, no post would be complete without my favorite pose

Dear Readers. I have had so much fun showing you my new moto jacket.  I hope this jacket takes me well into spring as I love it so much.  I can’t wait to see how many other looks I can create with this as winter winds down and spring arrives.  Do any of you have a favorite transitional piece?

Gratitude:  I am so grateful that my seventeen year old son accepted responsibility for posting my blogs for me while I was  on vacation. 

I am grateful for all my readers who comment and let me know that someone is reading what I put forth.  I am grateful for the readers who don’t comment, but keep coming back often.  

I am grateful for a wonderful, fun vacation and quality time spent with my husband! 

I am grateful for my wonderfully responsible children who made it possible for us to relax on our vacation and grateful to come home and have Ashley home from college for Spring Break

I am grateful that I only gained one pound on vacation!!!!!!!

Pictures of my trip outfits and my hair cut  coming on Monday!


I lost 2.2 lbs and that puts me exactly ten pounds from my goal weight.  I want to lose that as fast as I can to be past the weight loss stage and into the maintenance.  I wonder how much of it I can lose by the end of February?  I feel like December and January were a bust in my weight loss journey, but that is my own fault.

IMG_1908I have always said a weight loss success depends on getting body, mind and spirit all in alignment.  I have been missing the mind part these last few months.  I had been so miserable at my weight the entire time I was gaining.  It stands to reason that I would find some peace during the weight loss journey.  That is where i have been in my head.  Loving the changes that I see in my body. No longer feeling disgusted by it.  I  know it’s not exactly where I want to be , but it sure beats where I was!  Some day soon I’ll show you before pictures….


I was in a comfort zone and so proud of my progress, even though I  knew there was more work I wanted to do.  I got sloppy in tracking what I ate.  Don’t get me wrong I was doing it in my head, but that is not the best way and things sneak in easier… That wasn’t all, I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis.  I did it when I felt up to it. In all fairness having the flu and sinus issues in January didn’t help with both tracking or exercising.  I wan’t too alarmed because I did gain between Christmas and New Year’s but lost it from the flu.  I gained from PMS but knew that was fleeting and now I am down a pound from that.  


If I had been gaining I would have gotten back on track pretty quickly, but maintaining was not something to motivate me to change and do the things necessary to lose the final pounds.  I am totally focused and ready to kick it into gear and will be tracking and exercising for the next few weeks because I have the best motivation... We are most likely going on A trip to the Cayman Islands at the end of the month..  I have to put on a Bathing Suit!!! 

Dear Readers, I don’t care if I lose all of the last ten pounds by the end of the month, I just care that I do a lot of muscle and toning work and eat right.  Have any of you ever struggled to lose those final pounds?  Anyone else stall in their journey, liking the progress you made?   Any of you ever been to the Cayman’s and have recommendations?  

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Gratitude:  I am grateful to my hardworking husband whose sales success is making this trip possible.  I am grateful that even after a cancelled deal that took him out of the running , he became even  more determined and that he pulled it off on the final day!  I am grateful that I have my head back on straight and am ready to finish this journey.  

With the cold and actually SNOWY DAY(remember not en every year occurrence here in Virginia Beach), and my MESSED UP SINUSES,  I opted not to do outfit photos.  Hope you enjoy this , though and come back tomorrow for another installment of my Red-Orange Skinny Jeans!  

I think as a woman you use to  either really like animal print or you steer completely away from it. That seems like it is changing and more women are getting braver o evn just dipping their toes into  it with accessories.   I didn’t like animal print so much when I was younger.  I had a leopard print sweater that my sister gave me and I wore it, but never really loved it.  I was given a beautiful silk blouse many years ago by my sister-in-law and although I didn’t wear it, I couldn’t  part ways with it either.  Glad now that I kept it as it is the one pictured below…

Then my forties hit and I guess you could say I got of f the fence and am now a full fledged animal print junkie… I am not a one trick pony either:   

Of Course there is The Big Cats Leopard and Cheetah


pinterest animal 3Pinterest- animal 1

get-attachment (96)Leopard coat

cheetah belt

Zebra Print:


IMG_0085get-attachment (33)IMG_0822



SnakeSkin and other Reptiles




Dear Readers, If I had to choose a favorite I would have to say that like everything in my world, it is subject to change.  If you had asked me last year my answer would have been leopard or cheetah.  Right now I have to say I am really partial to the zebra print.  I think it is the high contrast between the black and white that are so appealing to me right now.  Now time for you to chime in, do you like animal print and if so are you like me with a variety or is there one you really love and stick to?  Do you wear it in clothing or stick to using it for accessorizing?  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to my husband for surprising me yesterday afternoon with a new extended mantle he insisted we install before lighting a fire , after hanging the TV above the fireplace.  I am grateful for the added warmth of the fire  and the fun the boys had making s’mores.  I am grateful that after beginning Tom Sawyer today, that Connor seems interested enough to continue without me having to push too hard…I am grateful for the snow this morning(that didn’t stay,but left a light dusting for a little while) and the delight of Connor as he watched it falling and the text I received from Nicholas(17) while in study hall, as he was enjoying watching it as well.. I am grateful that the school allowed the phones this year as I enjoy getting texts from Nicholas when he is gone all day!  I am grateful for the teacher staff day and looking forward to spending the day with both younger boys…


Up until one year ago I didn’t own a scarf at all.  I had some I wore as belts or sashes,but none that wrapped around my neck or were used as an major accessory.  I bought my first scarf at my local grocery store of all places.  It was the red and black checked one above.  I was complimented a lot when I wore it, so I wore it quite often.  Each time I received many compliments and that was all it took for me to be totally hooked.  All of the scarves above are the beginning of my collection purchased last fall from my grocery store for just $6.99 each.

IMG_1280I saw these scarves on QVC and loved them, they also had them in yellow and cobalt blue and it was really hard to pick between these lovely colors…I love the texture on these.  These were $19.99 each and probably the most I’ve paid for a scarf.

IMG_1287Then spring hit and I found these three and the two below on Ebay.  I loved how inexpensively I could get them if I was just patient enough to wait for them to arrive from China.  I paid no more than $3.99 including shipping for each of these.


The polka dot one below is also from Ebay.  The other one is from Steinmart and I added it in the Spring as well because I was looking for something that had purple in the design.  This was a more expensive addition at $12.99


More additions from Ebay because of the price and the need for animal print.  The zebra print was purchased last winter and the leopard  this fall.


These two are both from Burlington Coat factory and were around the $12.00 price.  The colorful one I just received as a gift from my 12 year old son on Christmas.


These two are both sweater knit, something I went in search of recently.  I found these at a Dollar type store at my local mall that has items that are inexpensive.  They were $3 each.


The Navy one is a Liz Claiborne NY that I purchased on Clearance from QVC.  Even on clearance I still paid $19,99 for it, but have worn it so often that it was well worth it.  The other one I ordered after receiving a mail order catolog for Catolog  Favorites for $12.99.  This too is one I have gotten quite a bit of use out of.


Two more recent purchases from Ebay….


Christmas gift from my eldest son, purchased at H & M


Two more found on clearance at QVC purchased to go with my purple and brown coats, but I can wear them as a fashion accessory.  These have a boucle texture and are among my favorites.


And last are my new favorite Ruffle scarves which are all very recent purchases…


So, if you were counting that is a total of 29 scarfs accumulated in just one year!   I still have a wish list of scarves, like a polka dot one or a blue or gray and white striped one.   If I can find them on Ebay for $3.99 or less I will continue to feed my addiction, but think I need to limit myself to maybe one per month…. That sounds fair doesn’t it??? But then again I am an admitted addict and the Five & Below store has some solid color ones that I am missing….

Want to see how I store these scarves?  Please don’t be jealous, I use to own a store and this is a store display piece and I am so lucky to have it….


Just in case you think my rack looks full and I don’t have room to feed my addiction, here is what my dear friend gave me for Christmas and there is a set of two of them…


So Dear Readers, ease my mind and confess how many scarves are in your current collection.  If you have wanted to try scarves, but haven’t yet, just remember it can get addictive!  Hey, it sure beats my sugar addiction or carb addiction…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the experience of photographing all my scarves and being forced to take inventory and become aware that I need to slow down purchasing more.  I am grateful to be enjoying this stage in my weight loss journey.  I am grateful for the support of my family.

The very first time I wore this my 12 year old son took one look at me and exclaimed, “You look like a rock star’s girlfriend!”.  I wish everyone had a child like my Connor in their life….He is so good for my soul.  I always would tell the children “God said I bless you and gave me (their name).  I will never forget the day I said this and my third child who was about 10 at the time said, “And he saved the best for last”.   Such an unusual statement from one brother of his younger brother and a moment I will forever cherish.


Now, as for this jacket, I literally stalked it for months.  I love animal print and fell hard for this at first sight.  Being a woman who likes a bargain, I only hesitated in buying it immediately because I wanted a good deal.  Before anyone asks where I got it, I apologize, but it is no longer available….


I found it on the Metrostyle website and waited for a holiday when they e-mail me special discount codes and as soon as one came I ordered it right away.  It was worth the wait and is a favorite that makes me smile every time I wear it or even just see it in my closet.


Does anyone else love zebra print?  I now own zebra print:

v-neck t-shirt

Slingback Heels



I think that is enough and I will not buy any more in this print.  I have to have some limits for my animal prints or they could take over.   One of my life codes is “Everything in moderation, Balance, anything in excess is not healthy!” 

Gratitude:  I am grateful to my friend for taking me thrifting today and the fun we always have.  I am grateful for the growth and maturity of my adult children.  I am grateful for the new Weight Watcher 360 program and the concentration on all aspects of weight loss of mind, body, soul…

Linking up today with: Rolled Up Pretty, The Pleated Ploppy,  Raegun Ramblings. Please go see what some other bloggers are up to and not just in fashion…

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