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The Power of Four….Weight Loss Tool

Posted on: December 11, 2013

Welcome to my first post without pictures… Such is the life of a real world blogger who suffered with a migraine all night and the next day… I could have searched for food related pics, but just didn’t have it in me. This topic is important and dear to my heart and I hope it helps someone, so posting as is…

I wanted to share with you my Dear Readers, a trick I used to propel me towards success in my weight loss journey.

It was a tool I dubbed, “The Power of Four” 

As someone who has dealt with hypoglycemia for most of my life, eating three meals a day just wouldn’t cut it. I needed to eat four to five  times a days.  As a Weight Watcher with 26 points , how was that going to be possible?  I succesfully lost 25bs on WWs before figuring out this magic formula that not only made me reach the final  illusive goal, but will be helpful in maintaing this for the remainder of my life.  

For those of you not on Weight Watchers this won’t make much sense, but I hope that by giving several examples I can help you see and perhaps you can find a way to apply it…..

The Power of Four plans begins with four points of mostly protein foods and in addition I add in fruits and vegetables to round it off and feel satieted. 

Breakfast Choices for Four Points

1/2 cup Greek Yogurt mixed with fruit for a smoothie

2 eggs mixed with veggies for an omelet

2 hardboiled eggs with a side of fruit

Thomas’s Mini Bagel with fruit

Detour Brand Protein Bar with fruit

My Favorite fruits for breakfast are a banana, grapes or cantelope 

Four Point Lunches and Snacks

1/4 cup sunflower seeds and fruit

2 Laughing Cow cheese triangles and fruit ( 3 points actually)

2 cheese triangles and cucumbers with lt Ital Seasoning

2 cheese triangles spread on 2 celery stalks (3pts)

2tbs Peanut Butter and an apple  or on celery (5 pts)

2 Mozzerella  or Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sticks and fruit

 Chicken over salad greens with lt Ital dressing

30z Chicken breast sauteeed with mushrooms and onions (my all time favorite 4 pt indulgence)

Turkey lunch meat, 1 sharp cheddar cheese stick and fruit or veggies

Baked zuchinni boats with 2pts of mozz and 2 tlbs olive oil, with italian seasonings and tomatoes

Yoplait whips yogurt- so awesome frozen

Microwave Popcorn

32 cheeze it crackers

7-10 tortilla chips

2 mini pks of Welch’s Fruit chews

I am not a fan of hummus but a serving of that with veggies is another option…

I usually have 3 of these choices by dinner leaving 8-10 points for dinner and a 4pt frozen Yoplait whip for a bedtime snack completing the 5 times a day eating plan.  I can also eat any of the breakfast choices at other times of the day as well. 

Dear Readers, for those not on WWs was this relatable to you?   If you are on WWs is this something useful to use in your arsenal of tools to success?


I am grateful for a day of sleeping on and off and finally getting rid of the migraine that began Monday night and last until after dinner time. 

I am grateful for a successful day for my husband and new information that makes this job even better! I prayed that he would have more success before the Holidays and be shown how great this job and company really are and both happened today! 

I am grateful that when I woke from my sleep and found that my son had a new santa hat on from a walk to the store with his sister and I went into her room and said, ” You jumped the gun!_”  while holding a santa hat I’d found her yesterday that had a tiara attached to it. Her priceless response was, “I only bought two so that can be Nicholas’s (my 18 year old) and her response of “SWEEET!” as I handed her the tiara one!  

I am grateful that my kids handled everything while I had a day off- I am truly blessed! 


2 Responses to "The Power of Four….Weight Loss Tool"

Good to hear you’re feeling better. I eat similar to you with 4-5 meals a day also. (I did ww online for awhile, but switched to counting calories to save the expense). I find my smaller meals keep me going all day so that I am not hungry and weak.

As a stay at home, homeschooling mother, i really look forward to my WW meetings. Counting calories works too, as does the smaller meals . Congrats on doing that for yourself!

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