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  When I was in my twenties i carried around a book called 

I also carried around it’s sister book

Both are available on Amazon….

I now have two  children in their twenties…

graduation 4

From Left to Right, my oldest Ryan 26, Ashley 22, youngest Connor 13, DH, Tom and Nicholas 17

I still have these books and will probably never part with them…I do however wish to introduce my  children to the wonderful world of getting together with friends or family and asking conversation starter questions.  

 I was happy when this week I went to A.C. Moore craft store and found this at their register


I have had so much fun asking these questions with my niece and children… We couldn’t stop asking questions and kept it going for a much longer time than I anticpated and for that reason I was inspired to share this experience with you My Dear Readers!  

So a New Feature for Saturdays on my blog is going to be 


So we begin right now with the first question…


My answer to this was : Kindness Matters 

I stopped in Burger King where there was a line ten deep and the manager was fumbling through the ordering process.  By the time he got to three people in front of me he had hit his stride and was executing it perfectly.  After he completed my order I said, ” For this not being your regular job, you got your groove on and nailed it!”  He was shocked but laughed and stared after me in amazement.  After getting my order and grabbing some napkins he made sure to get my attention and thanked me telling me to have a wonderful day.  

This is nothing new for me, I strive to acknowledge the efforts of cashiers or others in public service positions.  I love seeing people’s reactions and spreading kindness to the world.   I think I get as much happiness from doing it as the receiver gets. 

Your turn , My Dear Readers, Join in with your very own answer to this question and know that by doing so you will bring much delight to my heart and great conversations when I share them with my friends and family.  Come back and read what others say and share them with your family and friends if you are so inclined… The more of you who share the bigger and better this gets! 


Online shopping this week for some great deals!

I checked out JC Penney for their clearance bottoms and discovered these three skinnys to add to my casual lifestyle .


Black Coated Skinnys

On my wish list last Fall and never got them, but for $20 they are on their way to me! 


Metallic Skinny Jeans- Bronze  

I scored these for just $10, -what happens when sizing is limited and they have yours!


Foil Skinny Jeans

These were clearanced for just $15

For your information, JC Penney is having a Labor Day Weekend Sale of 20% off with Jcp card and 10% with other payment , good online or in-store. 


I found these on Amazon for $15.99

I like heels more than flats, but wanted to try these out without breaking the bank since I’m not sure how much I would wear them.  Many years ago, I had black oxfords when I was first married and I remember how much my husband hated them.  I  will use these for “Mom on the Go” looks.   My fear of not using them often, didn’t stop me from ordering them in pink as well….

Dear Readers, Keeping my fingers crossed that these pants all fit when they come in… I love the edginess I think these will add to my style that I have nailed with leather jackets and dresses .  Will be holding my breath until they arrive.  As for the shoes, I’ve had those for a few weeks and tried them on, and was suprised that they came with dust bags and shoelaces in two colors.  They are slippery right out of the box, so i will be scuffing them on the walkway before wearing these out. 

I hope You all Have a Wonderful Weekend and Continue Sharing your Gratitude comments with Me.! 


I am grateful that after sinus problems these last two days, my head is more clear,  as it is my last day with my niece.

I am grateful that the school fixed my son’s schedule and he now has excused blocks on each day. (the original had two on one day and none on the other) 

I am grateful that my son is  a senior this year and will not have to meet the new graduation requirements. 

I am grateful this is my last year with the public school system!  

I am grateful that my husband was able to run by the hospital and see his friend today! (his friend wanted a Dr Pepper, so a good sign!) 

I am grateful for my daughter  for cooking dinner Thursday and Friday when I wasn’t feeling well. 

I am grateful that this weekend marks the final days of  Tourist Season! 

Heather over at H&K Style Jourmey recently started a link up on Thursdays for Pinterest Inspirations, so I am going to join in and try to do this each week.  If you are a blogger, why not join in the Link Up. it isn’t just for outfit posts, it can be anything Inspired by Pinterest!   Either way head on over to Heather’s blog for some inspiration!   

Also linking up with LOOK WHAT I GOT, so join in the fun!

This week you will get a special treat because I was super excited to style my pink blazer and with the help of my niece took three outfit looks. You can see the origins of the original pins through my pinterest board


I added a leopard belt and nude heels and purse to  add interest and tone done these brigths. 

Hot pink blazer with blue dress

The Pinterest Inspiration


I kept the same purse and shoes here and like the effect. I haven’t worn this white dress as much as I wanted this summer. so figure I will find a way to work it more into Fall.

pink blazer

Like her pink flats.  I do own pink ballet flats, but preferred the pumps for my look. As a petite I tend to prefer heels. 


 My version is a very loose interpretation… I’ve had this dress and have never worn it, with the addition of spanx, I gained confidence to do so…

A Date Night look for the Future! 

Loading Image Preview

I love her use of animal print and pink, so reversed the jacket and dress in my version.  

Dear Readers, i chose to do three looks using all dresses as it was so easy and fun to do quick changes and have my niece photograph me, but there will be other looks with pants once cooler temps hit.  I love doing these Pinterst Inspirations and look forward to making this a more consistent feature of my blog.  So Dear Readers, i put forth the question, Do you like these posts????


I am grateful that I was able to rest , even though I couldn’t sleep as my sinuses were wreaking havoc again..

I am grateful that my niece wasn’t with me today since I wasn’t feeling well

I am grateful for my strong faith and strength it provides during stressful times

I am grateful that our friend has a wonderful sense of humor and a woman who loves him by his side, as he faces the challenges ahead to heal after falling and shattering the bones in both feet. 

I am really looking forward to Fall and layering again!  Since I recently purchased a pink blazer, I wanted to share with you some outfit inspirations I liked on Pinterest.  Come back tomorrow and I will show you some looks I put together using my pink blazer.  

--there you go Al w/ your pink blazer

Planning on wearing white jeans for Fall, so think this is a great option!

Hot pink blazer with blue dress

Cobalt is gonna still be big this season and I scored a dress in this shade yesterday!

Black & White Stripe Dress & Pink Blazer

Black and white with pink jacket can be accomplised in so many variations.

i love color blocking and bright pink blazers

Love pink and green together, reminds me of the Izod Lacoste colors popular in my childhood!

Super Pink Blazer. I want.

Another variation on the black and white with pink!

Simplemente cómodo y fashion

Similar to the first one,but this time with a chambray shirt!  

Bright yellow with fuchia color block

Not a jakcet ,but loved the yellow and pink together, have done these colors together before and it remains a favorite.

pink blazer cobalt blue pants pink flats

Another version with cobalt!  

Dear Readers, Have you added a colored blazer into your wardrobe?  I have cobalt and pink and can’t wait to mix them in anc create looks for Fall/Winter.  This wasn’t the post I planeed for the day, but after my terrible headache yesterday afternoon, and going to the hospital last night because our dear freind had an accident.  Please come by tomorrow and see three looks I put together with my Pink Blazer.  


I am grateful for the successful day my husband had at work, as this has been a tough month.

I am grateful that we went to the hopsital to support our friend

I am grateful for the relationship my husband has with this friend, (his girlfriend calls it a Bromance and my DH jokes,”he completes me!” 

I am grateful for my best friend and our two hour conversation this morning. 

I am grateful to my other friend for asking me to go to Lyle Lovettt concert tonight! 


My sassy side said if I am going to wear boyfriends, then I am going to do it in a Feminine way… Afer all I love being a woman!


I’d say a hot pink sweater and wedges with pink eylet material and a bow feminize these boyfriend jeans! 

Notice my sunburned legs from my vacation….


I have been getting a lot of use from my white Nine West purse!  

IMG_1537I purchased this new striped tank from the Gap store at the Outlet while in Nags Head.

Dear Readers, this is my last week with my niece as school starts next week… don’t know where the summer went. I feel like there are so many things I didn’t get to wear and feeling some pressure to put some looks together.  In fact I photographed 3 looks with my new hot pink blazer after finding inspiration on Pinterest and will be debuting them on Thursday.

 Is it just me or did Summer Fly by????

 At least we have warmer temps for another few weeks….


I am grateful that we had such beautiful weather for my walk to the craft store with my niece.

I am grateful that my niece took 4 sets of photos for me today.

I am grateful for my wonderful readers and your comments!

I am grateful for my thrifty daughter finding a cheaper online way to get Turtle Food.

I am grateful that my oldest started back to college today!

I am grateful that my daughter is studying for her GRE and preparing herself for subsituting (if only there wasn’t a nationwide shortage on TB testing right now) 

I am grateful that my youngest has agreed to finish reading a book this week before homeschooling begins ( a big deal for this child)

PS I will be grateful to any of my Dear Readers who wish to comment about their feelings of gratitude.  Won’t you chime in? 

When my husband came home, I was out taking these photos and he kept complimenting my outfit.  He couldn’t stop looking at me, so I suggested he take me out tonight (Sunday).  

Linking Up with Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing.


He Just loves these shoes!!!  


I love the crisp white skinny’s with my new hi-low sheer plaid top… Funny thing was my husband mentioned that he isn’t a fan of plaid, but the green and sheerness changed his mind on this one… 


The lighting wasn’t great for these photos… I don’t know if you can see it but there is an orange stripe running through the plaid and I like how the shoes bring it out.  I chose gold jewelry to match the hardware on my purse.  How lucky that I purchased this wonderful green purse last year with Green being so big for Fall???  

Dear Readers, I had a wonderful vacation, but didn’t take too many picutres… My Son took the camera on his trip to CA, so we had phones and my tablet… So glad my oldest took that trip and had a wonderful time going to a Karaoke fundraiser for a politician, a wine tasting in the Sonoma valley, visited San Fransico, a social event for 20 somethings at a science musuem, etc.  and may eventually move there…..He has a friend in Davis going to graduate school and the culture is so much better for my genius art brained son!  He is stiffled here. Even his wardrobe fits better  and he received lots of compliments while there.  Just wish it wasn’t all the way across the country, but I’ve known he has the traveling bug since he was a young teen. 


I am grateful to everyone who shared their gratitudes and hope you will continue to do so!

I am so grateful to my husband’s boss for providing us that beautiful beach house vacation!

I am grateful for the friends who joined us through the weekend

I am grateful for the fun in the sun and waking up daily to the beautiful picture windows looking onto the beach.

I am grateful to be home and that my oldest had such a great trip to CA.

I am grateful that my husband celebrated 7 years with this company while on this trip and that it was recognized by the company. 

I am grateful for my husband’s enthusiasm and compliments regarding my outfit that led to our movie night!

Please feel free to continue to share your own gratitude, I loved them!!!!!!

I wanted to share this with my Dear Readers who are Petites in hopes that they may find one trick they haven’t been aware of!

Today, I will be returning from my vacation and taking the weekend off from blogging, so hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll post vacation photos soon!

This Lucky Find Edition are all items I scored for my dear niece in my effort to support her love of fashion and as the self appointed Fairy Godmother of Accessories….


Old Navy Puffer Vest, her first one… I was delighted when she said she had admired one on her teacher and had wanted one!!!


She’s not much of a coat wearer, but when i showed her this online clearanced for $11.99 she perked up as she declared,

” those are my colors”  and promised she would wear this one…


F21 plaid jacket, right on trend for Fall!  In my book, jackets and sweaters are accessories in a child’s wardrobe and something an Aunt should help out with!


Wet Seal corduroy jacket, my friend told me if she didn’t want this I should keep it for myself… I am glad my niece liked it!


Red zippered cardigan.


Brown zippered cardigan with a hood, perfect for a ten year old..


F21 navy and burgundy striped cardi with navy skirt .  Good colors for this Fall!


Easy elastic skirt in colors I know she loves.


F21 orange striped shirt with button details at the shoulder  and on sleeves.


Plaid scarf


This was a sweater long scarf meant for outerwear, but since she loves infity scarfs , we turned it into one by sewing ends together…

Would do this again with any sweater type material ones!!!

I didn’t get to photograph the two pairs of boots I gave her, one were black riding boots with buckles and the other were short cowboy style in a light tan that she plans on wearing out!   So, I did good!

Dear Readers, I feel so blessed to be able to do this for my niece and love sharing fashion talk with her.  Is it bad that I would wear most of what I got her????  I was so happy with how the infinity scarf came together from a $ 2.00 scarf and will definitely be looking for others to create more of these for both myself and my niece.   The key is to find ones without fringe on the ends!! 


Ok, so this is the last day I am asking for you to take on the Gratitude list and make it your own!  Would love if you would humor me and write a comment of just one thing you are grateful for today!   It can be anything !  Come on help me keep this going!  I promise to take back over on Monday!!!

Thank You!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Fall this past months as I didn’t go thrifting ,  but looked ahead and made some Fall purchases while I was able to find some great items online clearance..  I love shopping off -Season!  

One of my recent purchase was a grey faux leather from Wilson’s on my Outlet Mall trip, which led to the following finds: :

Mint skinnies,grey jacket. Pretty combo

grey jacket over black top w/ white polka dot skirt & black tights.

grey jacket & yellow cardi

How to make your own Kate Middleton royal blue zara dress

Grey jacket, light blue gown for ladies

Look to try: white skirt, white lace top, grey jacket

Grey jacket style idea

Dear Readers, I know the majority show more of a blazer or boyfriend jacket, but for my petite height I prefer shorter jackets  and besides jacket are a great way for me to get that edge I am looking for.   Do you own a grey jacket ?  If so , did you find any new inspiration here or which one is your favorite?   Do you have a favorite color combo to wear with Grey?   My favorites and go to looks with grey would be to pair it with pink or burgundy! 

I’m on Vacation and will not be posting my daily Gratitudes!  I am grateful for making memories with my family !  Dear Readers, how about you inspire each other and post a comment below with something you are grateful for!  Would love to read those while on vacation!!!!

When you own both a shoe and purse in this wonderful bright green color, you need to find a skirt to match.. Well at least that’s what my brain told me!!   So when wanting something this specific thrifting was just not going to cut it… Time for EBAY!  


This Ralph Lauren cute A-line cut was just the thing I was dreaming of…


Oops, holding the purse backwards…. with taking three outfits in one day and a super hot one at that, something has to fall short!  


My hair was hating the terrible humidity on this day!

I bought this blue pendant charm at Michael’s craft store as I wanted something in the cobalt family.

Dear Readers, As a women who is not afraid to wear color, this outfit really felt so wonderful and would be something i would so want to repeat on a rainly or cloudy day to fight back!    Still enjoying my beach house vacation in Nags Head, NC.

Asking again for your help, with my Gratitude Section since I’ve prewritten these posts and will just be using my tablet to quickly post them daily…. Would love for you to share a comment of one thing you are grateful for today!

Chime in!  I am reading them and living them. My apologies for not replying, as my tablet covers up what I am typing with the key board and caused me too many typos. 

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