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Mondays are so hard…

After a fun weekend neither my son or I want to buckle down and homeschool…

Lack of Sleep and These Crazy Sinuses Don’t Help…


I honestly didn’t even want to get dressed, but then I thought of this outfit combo and titling my post and found inspiration….


It wasn’t quite warm enough to wear this thin sweater tunic by itself, but I’m not sure I like the proportions of the jacket...


This side pose gives a better  view of why I am questioning the jacket choice….


I combined a dainty Sapphire pendant necklace with a more chunky necklace.  I love this Sapphire, a gift from my husband and use to wear it for only formal occassions, but like the idea of mixing it in here…

Dear Readers, Do you save your fine jewelry pieces for special occassions or wear them more often???

Have you heard that the Polar Vortex is going to be responsible for aggravating Allergies for those of us who suffer because the late snow meant trees that were suppose to flower early didn’t and that nature will have a telescope event where the trees all flower together causing huge rises in Pollen counts… And if that isn’t enough the extra moisture in the ground will great more mold spores…With March being so horrble for my sinuses, I am so no looking forward to this reality…


I am grateful that I found inspiration to get dressed as it always makes me feel better…

I am grateful that my oldest is focused on exercising for his health and began by going for a bike ride today

I am grateful that the Muscle Milk protein powder I bought is delicious when mixed with Almond Milk and a frozen banana…( some protein powders are barely palatable and I want to enjoy what I ingest, not take it like medicine).

I am grateful my young photographer was gracious and kind when I asked him to redo the photos as my necklace was askew in the first set…

I am grateful to my best friend and her understanding of me and her ability to always build me up when I need it. 


I am going to be totally honest and confess that I had a fun and very busy weekend and didn’t get any fashion shots…

Before I knew it was Sunday evening and I did a root touch up on my hair and finally showered at 6:30pm

So I decided to share my recent purchases ….

These are called Sophisticated Joggers

and are very lightweight, a perfect pant for Summer evenings..

This pair is made tighter than the others and the medium I normally wear pulls tight across my stomach..

I am in full workout mode and am hoping to lose another inch or so and am keeping these, knowing if that doesn’t happen that I can give them to a freind who is a size smaller than myself…

I actually bought four pairs thinking I would give one to my freind anyway…

In Command Cargo Joggers | FOREVER21 - 2000107120

These are just like my olive Cargo Joggers that I loved so much

I couldn’t help myself and got the khaki as well…

I bought the green ones in one size larger than my measured waist fearing that F21 made more for juniors might not work for my curvy hips, but I was wrong and they were loose, hoping they shrink when washing… 

I bought my measured size and they are a perfect fit…

Zip Pocket Sweatpants | FOREVER21 - 2000105862

These zippered Sweatpants are my favorite of the bunch and I wore them

this weekend for family bowling fun…

Hollywood Regency Joggers | FOREVER21 - 2000107522

I believe this is the style I bought in a navy print, if not they are the only ones I saw similar…

I am definitely done getting pants for this season, but really wanted some options other than jeans, linen or capris and ankle pants, so these fit the bill and complete my Spring Wardrobe….


I found these at and they come in three colors…

I have to say these are so cushy and super comfortable and a much needed walking shoe in my life…

I bought them in size 8 as they come in only whole sizes and I am a 71/2.


I bought a pair in black in size 7 for a friend and think the 7 is a better fit, in case anyone else wears a half size and wants to order them…

Dear Readers, I hope you had a fun filled weekend and are refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead! 

I know I am!


I am grateful for rediscovering our family love of bowling…

I am grateful that I found a pair of bowling shoes for me on Ebay, as those rentals add up..

I am grateful that my daughter has three days off in a row…

I am grateful that when taking my youngest shoe shopping, that he quickly decided instead of his normal dragging me to every store…

I am grateful for fun conversations with all my kids together.

I am grateful for wonderful friendships and the love they provide that makes the loss of my parents easier.





Well with cooler temperatures, I decided to take advantage and wear a moto jacket and boots, 

as all too soon I will be packing them away…


I think I am really loving this new cobalt purse, the color and shape are

a refeshing addition to my wardrobe…


I also haven’t worn this scarf much this season and love the beautful pinks and blues….


While I am really looking forward to warmer temps, I will definitely miss my boots …

I am,  however looking forward to my wedges, ballet flats and bare feet in heels…

A tough day with stomach issues, menstrual cramping and sinus pressure, a trifecta of non-fun…Somehow I muddled through and some days that’s just enough….I also had to watch the weight I lost earlier in the week disappear…

done complaining now onto: 


I am grateful that my 18 year old son told me that although he never comments on my purses, he felt the need to compliment this one as he likes the shape and color…..

I am grateful that my 18 year old opened himself his first checking account (he’s had a savings), I love all these small milestones that marks adulthood and responsibility… He also got an EZ Pass today for driving to work…

I am grateful that my youngest had a great time at a Minecraft Library event for teens last weekend and decided he wants to do more crafting with Perler beads… here are some fabulous examples from Pinterest… He wants to do some more complex ones as magnets and Chirstmas Ornaments….

I am grateful for Amazon’s wonderful selection on the Perler beads supplies and the ability to order online.

I am grateful that after a very scary night all is well… 11 pm news announced that there was a shooting on the road of my husband’s office and he was still there and not answering his phone or text…. My daughter was on the phone to the police and they were about to go by his office to check on him when he called…Apparently, he had put his phone out in his truck to charge… terrifying almost hour long ordeal…

With Mother Nature not Cooperating ,  I spent some time on Pinterest looking for Inspirations.

One thing I bought last year and loved, was my Olive Utility Vest…

I know there are so many more oppurtunities to style it, so came up with a few ideas…

atlantic pacific

I have a navy chevron dress that would look great like this!!!!!

Leopard + Sequins

Sparkles and leopard shoes, a great combination

Mixed polka dots, olive cargo vest, and statement necklace. Love!

I love Polka dots…

#Old #Florida #Green  #

I own an olive gingham blouse and tan booties…

Olive & Oak Studded Utility Vest (Online Only) available at #Nordstrom

I like the vibe of casual boyfriend’s and stripes with heels…

cargo vest and lace

I don’t have a lace skirt, but I do have a crotchet one that would be a great subsitute.

coral skirt, striped t-shirt, olive green old navy vest, booties

I love have a skirt in a brighter shade of orange and would wear sandals with this, but wouldn’t have thought of it without this pin…

Perhaps I should to a once a week challenge to wear my Olive Vest and see how many ways I can style it?

Here are Ways I’ve worn it before…

get-attachment (24)



I look forward to seeing how many ways I can wear this vest to show the true versatility of one piece.  I began this blog with very few clothes as I finished my weight loss journey and have built up a great wardrobe, so now I think I’ve reached a stage where I should live up to my blog name and begin showing the Versatility of Individual Pieces and may just make that a new weakly feature of my blog , beginning with this vest once our weather cooperates.

Dear Readers, I began this post earlier this week to keep as a back up and wouldn’t you know I needed one…I went bowling with the homeschool group after a restless night’s sleep and sneezing fits and came home and literally passed out til dinner time… So no outfit pics today!!!!

Such is the life of a homeschooling real mother!!!


I am grateful that I had this post put together and ready to go…

I am grateful that my son really enjoyed the meeting with homeschooling kids his age for bowling.

I am grateful that us mom’s enjoyed it as much as the kids..

I am grateful that we all agreed to do it again in 2 weeks…

I am grateful that my sneezing stopped and despite losing sleep my day was free of sinus issues.

I am grateful for a wonderful conversation with my 27 year old on adulthood and his feelings of loss of childhood wonderment… I told him my gratitude journaling on my blog has really brought that back and that I constently take moments to “pause” as say, ” Look where we are” of “Look what we’ve achieved”… I have those moments I want to recognize and really celebrate and take nothing for granted, a happy side effect of my father passing when I was just 13.   

I am grateful that our discussion led to applications he can see for his own life…

Yesterday I decided to Just Deal With What Is,

Winter Weather….

Today, I decided to Pretend It’s Spring 

with floral and light colors….


I loved a few outfits I’ ve seen pairing Navy with mint or teal like colors…

These jeans are a mix between deal and the lighter more mint shade in the bottom ombre, so thought they would work well for what I had imagined…


This navy floral has mint and a nice fuschia which defintiely speaks to the Spring vibe I was hoping to create…

Dear Readers, I gave my young photographer a break and allowed him to take the shots from the dry covered porch , as the rain lasted all day… It’s suppose to turn to snow later…. I hope if you , my dear reader are lucky enough to be enjoying Spring that you aren’t taking it for granted and for those like me are saying What Spring? , that you are finding fun ways to keep your spirits at least thinking of Spring…One way I’ve been doing that is looking up Spring outfit Inspirations on Pinterest… 

Here is the Pin that Inspired today’s outfit….

Mint & Floral Nice Combo


I am grateful that my husband called me in the middle of his work day, as we mostly text and hearing his voice is always better…

I am grateful that today was the best day to date for my sinuses since this all began on March 1st, no headache today and no taking two meds either… a real surprise on a rainy day!  

I am grateful to my oldest son for dropping off something to my best friend on his way to work.

I am grateful that my youngest spent the whole day excited, anticipating his bowling event with other teen homeschoolers for tomorrow (Weds.) 

I am grateful that I’ve lost a pound in the last two days and hope the scale continiues to move in that direction….

I don’t want to boo- hoo about our crazy freezing temps, so instead used it as an opportunity to wear

My mulit meida moto jacket , as I haven’t worn it as much as I’d have liked to this winter…

Although it was chilly, the sun was shining bright and there was little wind, which I’ll take any day over the cloudy, raining, sleeting and windy Sunday we went through or the snow and storm we are exepecting Tuesday…


I love this cobalt shade and have had a pair of black and cobalt print jeans, but so many times I wished they were solid for added versatility, so when I discovered these on a major clearance, I indulged myself…


You’ve seen this purse recently and I have to say it might quickly become a favorite.. the shape and color make me off the charts happy and not at all feeling blue about our extended winter temps..


It really was nice to wear this moto again because while Spring is slow to arrive, I know very well that our Spring will be short and before I know it I will be dealing with our scorching humid summers and having to pack up my moto jackets and boots.

Dear Readers, I know a lot of you are like me and awaiting the arrival of this much anticipated Spring and I hope you find ways to challenge yourself to keep your spirits up and deal with it in a positive light… It is what it is….


I am so grateful to my oldest son, a fashion conscious man who loves to share his stylle choices with me… He put together a look with a chambray shirt, jeans and a mocha and black striped cardigan that was just fabulous, but alas once again refuses to let me photograph him.  

I am grateful that my DD will have Saturday off and be able to attend a Cherry blossom festival, as her love of all things from Japan is still strong.  (having a Saturday off is a rare thing unless she requests it) 

I am grateful that after two days of Vertigo returning (milder episodes, but still nauseating) I had a day fee of it..

I am grateful to my mother and her beautiful example of optimism that I now cherish and remember when I start to let  silly things get me down. 

Well, coated jeans actually, but that didn’t sound nearly as edgie…

This outfit very much reflects my love of feminine with an edge looks and I almost wore more sexy caged sandals, but to be painfully honest, I had played around with pastel blue nail polish and was too lazy to change it… 

Linking up with Visible Monday


I bought this lace tunic top around Christmas time at Ross and gave my dear daughter a duplicate one in white.  It will get a lot of use this Summer, but it’s fun to wear it now when we had a tease of Spring temps…


Whenever I get the magic formula right,  of an outfit with femininity and a touch of edginess,  I always think and quite often use the phrase Ying/Yang, which is why my very astute husband gifted me with this necklace of mother of pearl and onyx.  It was quite fun to wear it knowing the meaning and connection.


I think even the leopard print on the purse was yet another touch of edgy to make up for the fact that I didn’t go with the caged sandals, which my dear husband would have preferred.


My pointed toe pumps are the Comfort plus line from Payless and their name really does fit them…

Dear Readers, I love date nights and the chance to indulge in something fun to wear.  What is your favmorite date night???  

We went to dinner at Fire and Vine and I had a fabulous chicken dish with Truflle Mac and Cheese, which I only ate a few bites of , but it was heavanly…  I would say this restaurant offers a fine dining experience but not a stuffy atmosphere .  Afterwards we went to a late showing of Divergent.  I have to say I really thought it was a great story line and acting and thoroughly enjoyed it..


I am grateful to have a DH who called me Friday afternnon with surprise dinner reservations!  

I am grateful for our bowling on Saturday with our two youngest boys, 18 and 14.  We use to go quite often,but hadn’t gone in a few years..We bowled 3 games and I was actually sore afterwards!!!!

I am grateful that I felt better and began exercising again…

I am grateful that I spent Sunday at a Kids Pallooza art event with a freind and her daughter and my husband and youngest.  

I am grateful that at the event, they had a room of local groups offering Summer Camps and am thrilled that my son is interested in the Triple R Ranch , an overnight weeklong camp….. He will have a wonderful time and it will be the first time away from us…

I am grateful to my DH for cutting up everything for our turkey and green salad dinner night when I had yet another incident of Vertigo (it had gone completely and came back last night, aaagh milder this time…) 

I am grateful that my DH also made me a wonderful Ameretto Sour with fresh squeeze orange juice like they make at Ruth Chris Steakhouse…

Happiness Factor is High for Today’s Outfit…

My sweet spot with outfits is a great blend of feminine flair with a twist or edge…

Linking up again with Heather for Green Week…


These F21 Cargo Jogger Style pants , paired with floral peplum sheer top and navy pumps are very much that ying/yang feeling that I love in outfits… 

I’ve mostly succeeded in this  quest with moto jackets and skirts or dresses and have not figured out how to get that juxatapostion of feminine with a twist for Spring and Summer, so I tend to switch to more bohemian looks during those seasons… 


I seriously couldn’t get over how much of a Spring I had in my step today, this first day of the new season.  

I wondered if this sporty bottom and feminine top and heels was too much and I was kidding myself, but as luck would have it I happened to see a woman with the exact same silhouette when I was out shopping today...


I love the olives, navy and orange in this sheer floral blouse, which is one of the few things that made it through my weight loss , as it had been tight on me before… It just has an elastic waist, so I added an olive belt for more waist definition.  


It really was nice to have a sunny 70 degree day and the chance to break out my Payless navy pumps again…I also love my orange Dooney purse and am so grateful to my dear freind who gifted it to me.  It really is more versatile than I first imagined…

Dear Readers, I think I am definitely feeling better although I have to say I was quite tired after my shopping and dinner outing with a friend today… I guess being sick for a few weeks means I have to expect that…. I’ve gained weight due to my sinus infection as I sat around because the head spins were no fun and I also craved foods I could taste with salt and sugar… I hope I can get back into weight loss mode and get rid of it and get back to exercising as my husband may get us a trip to St. Thomas in a few months and I’d like to be ready for bathing suit season… I really hope we get that trip as this is a place my husband went to while in the Navy and had such great adventures and has talked about for over 20 years…Remember my happiness tools, planning a vacation even one you don’t take still has it’s benefits… 

Dear Readers, are you ready for skimpier clothing and bathing suit season????  


I am grateful that I was able to spend time with my freind as we hadn’t seen each other in awhile! 

I am grateful that my youngest son connected with new kids to play Minecraft with and may have a chance to meet them soon… 

I am grateful that my husband is on his way home from Florida and will be home later tonight.(Thurs)

I am grateful that my exploring this new pants silhouette paid off as one never knows when ordering online and when being over 40 and shopping at F21…

Today is technically the first day of Spring, but our temps are not consistent with that.

We will have a brief 2 day period of near 70, which is more like it. before once again temps drop and even possibility of snow flurries…

Wearing green again today for Green Week with Heather!  


I chose a Spring version of Diane Gilman  jeans with white and green checks, along with a shutter pleated blouse by 

I have to confess I own these checkered jeans in yellow and red as well and wore them last year.  The reason I like them so much is that they are straight legs, have fake pockets in the front, so no bulk and are a pattern bottom.  I love adding patterns into my looks and having pants really allows me to extend plain tops and for more pattern mixing. 

The shoes prompted me to add in the blue jacket and purse….


A closer look of this fabulous blouse which I love so much I own it in coral and bought a white one for my daughter and gifted a purple checkered version to a friend… I’ve found them at Burlington Coat Factory, BJ’s and Chadwicks.


I am also debuting my new blue purse that I showed after I found it on 

I have to also mention I love these Aerosoles floral wedges I bought last year.  


I am grateful that I felt much better today and had more energy.

I am grateful that since I was feeling better I cooked up a big pot of chili and even hard boiled eggs.  

I am grateful that I watched Shark Tank recently and saw a local teeneager and ordered his product, which I hope to use to once and for all kick my diet soda addiction… You can see his product and wonderful presentation here…

I am grateful that my friend who moved to Florida will be visiting again in April!

I am grateful that we live in age with cell phones so my husband can text photos while he’s away…

I am grateful that my husband will be home tonight.

With my busy day and the tiredness I was feeling,  I didn’t get to do a St. Patrick’s Day Look…

Thanks to Heather for hosting a week long event for Wearing Green, I felt inspired!  


I opted to pay homeage to the colors of the Irish Flag and added in a white and orange striped top with my green paisley embossed skiny cords and my Metrostyle green leather jacket…


With two days of cold rain, I opted to wear a hat even though it was just a light drizzle at the time..


Every time I pair green and orange I end up thinking of a carrot!!!!

Dear Readers, I hope you all are having a happy HUMP Day and are making it through the week… This week feels like one I am just managing to endure…. I haven’t been sleeping well enough and just need sleep to function, with my husband out of town this week  it feels off as well..I am seriously considering heading to the doctor to just have my thyroid checked to be sure since I am having several of the symptoms and my mother did have that issue later in life..


I am grateful that my oldest son got his car fixed  and that it worked out that he didn’t miss any school since his professor ended up missing the day as well… Not happy that she missed it due to being sick…

I am grateful that my children like each other and that they have bonded despite the age differeneces.

I am grateful that my 18 year old is embracing his artistic side and just ordered a drawing tablet for himself, something he’s wanted, but never mentioned to me before.

I am grateful that the weekend temperatures are heading to 60 and up…Really wish it was 70’s but I will take what I can get…

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